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Location The Valley of Blades
Race Redguard Gender Female
Health 39959
100 (during Valley of Blades)
Reaction Friendly

Kasura, a Redguard, is Sai Sahan's friend and a former instructor at the Abbey of Blades. She taught the art of "body, blade and brilliance" to students in the Valley of Blades and was present when Molag Bal's minions razed the Abbey; however, she sustained only minor injuries.

After Sai Sahan and the other companions retrieved the Ring of Stendarr (which Sahan used to lock away the Amulet of Kings), she began work rebuilding the Abbey, along with Sahan and Lyris Titanborn.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Dialogue[edit]

Valley of Blades[edit]

You first encounter Kasura after Sai find her injured within the ruins of her abbey.

Kasura: "Sai Sahan! Intruders … cultists … they attacked the abbey. So many of my students have fallen …."
Sai Sahan: "The abbey is in ruins, Kasura! How could they …?"
Kasura: "A gigantic beast … like nothing I've ever seen! The cultists … they're opening rifts to Oblivion!"
Sai Sahan: "Save your strength, Kasura. We will make them pay, I promise you!"
Lyris Titanborn: "What do you think? Trap?"
Abnur Tharn: "It's only a trap if you don't know about it. I assume everything is a trap. Therefore, it's a challenge."

If you try and talk with her, she will wave off your concern.

"I'll recover. Just find the intruders and make them pay!"

After you destroy the sigils, Kasura will announce an unwelcome visitor.

Kasura: "Sai, the Titan returns!"
Mannimarco: "Ah, Sai Sahan and company, at last! My pet has been waiting for you."

If you speak to her here, she says:

"There is no time! Kill the Titan!"

Once the titan is defeated, you can talk with Kasura.

"Well fought! Sai Sahan travels with worthy companions."
Are you injured?
"My injuries are not serious. What are a few more scars to an old warrior? Scars have the virtue of reminding us that our past is real. My students, and my home, have not fared half so well.
I'm glad to see you, but curious why you are here."
We've come for the ring. Is it safe?
"They did not find the Ring of Stendarr's Mercy. But now that the King of Worms knows you are here, it is only a matter of time before he launches another attack."
Then we must collect the ring and leave quickly.
"Indeed. Atop the eastern stair is the secret entrance to the Ancestral Crypt. The ring is within."
Let's go.

Kasura will then lead you to an entrance into the crypt.

Kasura: "Follow me. The hidden entrance will not be obvious."
Lyris Titanborn: "Why would a crypt need a secret entrance?"
Abnur Tharn: "It's a wonder there's an unplundered crypt in all of Skyrim! You Nords could learn a thing or two from the builders of Hammerfell."
Sai Sahan: "Perhaps Hammerfell could also teach Nibenay the virtue of good manners."

Upon arrival at the crypt:

Kasura: "Here we are. Watch your step as you descend."

When you talk with her inside the crypt she comments:

"This place always makes me think of unfulfilled dreams: endless echoes of past lives, countless books unwritten, countless songs unsung. I hope that when I finally come to rest here, it is at the end of a life well-lived."

Speaking with her after taking the ring:

"The ring is yours. Guard it well. I must return to my students to begin the long task of rebuilding."
Kasura, will you come with us?
"Thank you, but I cannot leave the Valley of Blades. I must bury the dead and tend to the wounded."
I must return with the ring, but perhaps Sai Sahan and the others can help.

After talking with Kasura, Mannimarco will announce himself and after a standoff, he will begin to summon the dead ancestors. After defeating Divad Hunding:

Kasura: "Sai, look out! He's raiding Ra Abah!"

When the dead have been defeated.

Sai Sahan: "Rest in peace, honored dead."
Kasura: "I swear on the souls of my ancesters [sic], I will avenge Mannimarco's blasphemy!"

If you talk with her before leaving, she will say:

"May the blessings of Stendarr go with you, my friends."

After you have spoken with Sai Sahan, Lyris and Abnur will stay behind to help Kasura.

Kasura: "The damage is great, but if you had not arrived when you did, there would be nothing left to rebuild. Be safe in the coming days, my friends. I look forward to your return."
Sai Sahan: "The Abbey of Blades will rise from these ashes. If I survive the dark path we must walk, I will return to help Kasura shape a new generation of blademasters."
Lyris Titanborn: "A noble goal, Sai. Perhaps I'll join you. For now, we should see to the survivors."
Abnur Tharn: "You continue to surprise me, Sahan. And just when I thought I had you figured out."
Sai Sahan: "You can never know me, Tharn. In the Book of Circles, Divad wrote that the greatest warriors suffers his pain in silence, for he knows that an open oven bakes no bread."
Abnur Tharn: "My great grandfather Knavus Tharn put it another way: better to keep your silence and be thought an imbecile, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt!"

Before you go into the portal, you can speak to her before she leaves the tomb:

"It is not safe for you here. Go quickly, and walk in the light."

The Dragonguard's Legacy[edit]


You will meet Kasura either in an inn or library talking to Hinzuur, or reading the Sealed Letter. As you approach you may hear her mutter "The glyphs hold the key …."

If you haven't completed Valley of Blades and you met her without getting the quest first, she will greet you with:

"I have trained many honorable warriors, wayfarer. As I look upon your stance, your eyes, the set of your shoulders ….
Yes, I see it clearly. You are the one who will aid me with this most important task."
What task do you need my help with?
"A former student requires my assistance, but I cannot do what is necessary on my own.
You have heard that Dragons threaten Elsweyr? We seek the wisdom of the ancient Dragonguard who once hunted them nearly to extinction."

If you haven't completed Valley of Blades and you get the quest from Hinzuur or from the Crown Store:

"Ah, you received my summons.
Hmm. The set of your shoulders, that look in your eyes …. Yes, I see I chose well. You will aid me with this most important task."
This has something to do with the Dragonguard?
"Quite correct. A former student requires my assistance, but I cannot do what is necessary on my own.
Fighting the Dragons that plague Elsweyr seems an impossible task, but the Dragonguard once successfully hunted them. We seek their wisdom."

If you have completed Valley of Blades, she'll greet you with:

"It is good to see you again, warrior. I want to thank you once more for protecting our abbey the night that Mannimarco attacked. The fire of my gratitude still burns bright.
Ah, but I digress. I have need of your aid once more."
This has something to do with the Dragonguard?
"Quite correct. A former student requires my assistance, but I cannot do what is necessary on my own.
Fighting the Dragons that plague Elsweyr seems an impossible task, but the Dragonguard once successfully hunted them. We seek their wisdom."

The next lines will be random:

  • And you hope to find this wisdom in a tomb?
"Tombs. I will search one, you the other—using this Dragonguard seal.
The seal will activate three glyphs which, in turn, will reveal the entrance to the tomb. Between the two of us, I pray we find the wisdom my student requires. Will you help me?"
  • And where do you hope to uncover the Dragonguard's wisdom?
"In their tombs. I'll search one, you the other— using this Dragonguard seal.
The seal will activate three glyphs that will reveal the entrance to the tomb. Between the both of us, I pray we find the wisdom my student seeks. Will you help me?"

Her dialogue will then continue as usual:

I'll take the seal and help you. How do I find these glyphs?
Aldmeri Dominion "Find the three glyphs in Tanzelwil. Let me mark their locations on your map, along with where I think the hidden tomb lies.
I prepared notes as well. Feel free to take them with you."

Daggerfall Covenant "Find the three glyphs in the Shrieking Scar. Let me mark the locations on your map, along with where I think the hidden tomb lies.
I prepared notes as well. Feel free to take them with you."

Ebonheart Pact "Find the three glyphs in Othrenis. Let me mark the locations on your map, along with where I think the hidden tomb lies.
I prepared notes as well. Feel free to take them with you."
How did you become an expert on the Dragonguard?
"Expert? Far from it. I started looking into the history to help my former student.
The recent Dragonguard were defenders of the Emperor, but according to legend, in the distant past they hunted Dragons nearly to extinction."
Where are the Dragonguard now?
"When the last emperor of the Reman Dynasty was assassinated, the Dragonguard were disbanded. Various emperors in the intervening years have formed their own versions to add legitimacy to their rule, but they were never the same."
Tell me more about the Dragonguard seal.
"It's an heirloom my former student provided. It contains a minor enchantment that reveals hidden glyphs. I imagine it was once used as a way to pass along secret information. Now we will use it to find the hidden Dragonguard tombs."
Who is your former student and where are they now?
"We can discuss that later. Right now, we have our own tasks to accomplish.
Remember, the Dragons are already loose in Elsweyr. Just know that my former student seeks a way to fight those great beasts before the damage they inflict cannot be undone."

Once you pick up Kasura's Notes next to her, another dialogue option will be available:

"Once you determine the nature of the three glyphs, you can use that knowledge to reveal the entrance to the tomb.
Feel free to consult my notes. They should help if you run into any problems."
I have some questions about what you need me to do.
"I'll answer what I can, but understand that my knowledge is based mostly on theory and conjecture.
We seek hidden glyphs that will help us open Dragonguard tombs. At least, that is my hope."
And what do the glyphs do exactly?
"A series of glyphs act as a sort of key to the tomb they are connected to. The seal will identify which glyphs to use to reveal the entrance to the tomb.
At least, that's what my research indicates."
And why do you need my help with this?
"There are two tombs nearby. While you find a way to enter one, I will attempt to enter the second. This way, we will accomplish twice the work in half the time."
What do you expect to find inside these tombs?
"Historical documents would be good. The more we can learn about the Dragonguard and how they hunted, the better chance we'll stand against the Dragons.
If we're lucky, we may even come upon one of the legendary Dragonguard weapons."

Once you've entered the Dragonguard Tomb and recovered the map, she can be found nearby with some horses, Peri and Pivott. Kasura will call out to you as you approach:

Kasura: "Ah, there you are."

You can then show her the map she found, which is similar to her own findings:

"It appears you were as successful as I. Did your tombs contain anything of note?"
Yes, I found a map to a Dragonguard sanctuary.
"Interesting. I found a similar map, but to a different location. This might be exactly what my former student was hoping for.
Will you come with me to the Abbey of Blades?"
Have not completed the Valley of Blades:
Have completed the Valley of Blades:
The Abbey of Blades?
"It is my home and heart, where I have had the privilege of training many fine blademasters.
My most accomplished student will meet us there. We can give him the maps to both sanctuaries and let him decide on the next course of action."
But wasn't the abbey destroyed by Mannimarco?
"The damage was mostly superficial, though there is still much work to do to fully restore the abbey.
My most accomplished student will meet us there. We can give him the maps to both sanctuaries and he can decide on the next course of action."
You're being rather secretive about this former student.
"I think it best if my student introduces himself in his own way. Here, you should carry both maps and present them to him yourself.
Come, I acquired horses to speed us on our journey."
Very well. Let's ride to the Abbey of Blades.

After agreeing to travel with her to the Abbey, she will exclaim:

Kasura: "We can depart for the Abbey of Blades as soon as you're ready."

She will wait for you to mount Peri to ride to the Valley of Blades. If you talk to her before leaving she will assure you:

"Have no fear. The horse knows the way to the abbey as well as I. We can depart whenever you're ready."

Once you arrive at the Valley of Blades, she'll be waiting for you beside her mount. She will then beckon you to follow her to the Abbey. Kasura will talk about it as she runs:

Kasura: "Follow me, warrior. I find the view from this approach most inspiring."
Kasura: "Behold, my home and heart. The Abbey of Blades."
Kasura: "Many blademasters earned their titles on these hallowed grounds."

She will then stop at the entrance:

Kasura: "My student waits inside. I think he'll be pleased to receive the maps you carry."

Or if you haven't met Sai Sahan before.

Kasura: "My student waits inside. I'm sure the maps we found will prove useful to his endeavors."

If you talk to her before heading in:

"Efforts to rebuild the abbey are well underway. One day soon, we'll restore its former glory.
But you should head inside. My student awaits you."

After speaking to Sai Sahan, he will send you to Kasura for training with the grappling bow. She can be found drilling some of her students:

"Warrior. Did Sai Sahan find the maps as interesting as I expected?"
Yes, he's studying them now. He suggested I talk with you about the grappling bow.
"Ah, yes, the grappling bow. A most useful device.
Like someone combined a crossbow with a grappling hook. Loose it at a grappling point and the chain retracts to drag you toward it."
Sai said the ancient Dragonguard made use of this device.
"So we believe. The device requires incredible skill, however. So far none of my students have mastered it.
Why don't you give it a try? Gather the grappling bow from behind the statue next to the stables, then return here to begin your training."
All right, I'll gather the grappling bow and give it a try.
"I expected you to rise to the challenge. You'll find the grappling bow behind the statue near the stables."
Can you tell me about the grappling bow?
"Well, I can certainly tell you what Sai has told me.
When the Dragonguard hunted Dragons, they each crafted their own grappling bow. This one was found in a Dragonguard's grave."
What did the Dragonguard use the grappling bow for?
"Dragons fly, Dragonguard do not. Instead, the Dragonguard utilized the grappling bow to reach higher ground.
At least, they did so whenever high points were available."
Can we use the grappling bow against Elsweyr's Dragons?
"I don't think any of us will have time to train to that level. With a little practice, however, it could serve as a means for achieving out of reach places. I think that's the best we can hope for in this particular instance."

Once you've retrieved the bow and returned to her:

"Ready to train with the grappling bow?"
Yes, I'm ready.
"Use the grappling bow to get up to the roof of the training hall and light the brazier you find there. That will demonstrate your innate skill with the device.
After that, talk to Sai and see if he's ready to decipher the maps."
All right, I'll light the brazier and then speak to Sai.
"Start on the ledge of the building behind us. Merely follow the grappling points until you reach the roof of the training hall.
Good luck, warrior. And please, try not to injure yourself."

Before heading out to find the temples with Sai, Kasura will wish you luck:

"Be careful on your journey, warrior. And may Leki guide your path."

Once you have returned from searching the Dragonguard sanctuaries, you can tell her about what you found:

"The warrior returns. Was your search of the Dragonguard sanctuaries successful?"
We learned of a Dragonguard weapon called the Horn of Ja'darri. It's a powerful Dragonhorn.'
"A Dragonhorn? I have heard of such relics in stories and legends."
This one has unique powers, but it was stolen by a Dragon.
"Stolen by a Dragon? Well, Sai Sahan has always enjoyed a good challenge. How will you find this creature?"
A journal contained a map to its lair. It lies in Southern Elsweyr.
"A long way to go, but such a relic is what Sai was hoping to find when he set forth upon this path.
May Leki watch over you, warrior. You and Sai both."
Thank you, Kasura.

She will then direct you to Sai Sahan: "Sai wishes to speak to you. There are plans to make before your next journey."

The Horn of Ja'darri[edit]

"May Tava watch over you on this journey, warrior. And may you and Sai return to us alive and well."
Why don't you come with us, Kasura?
"I'm afraid that would be unwise. My duty is to the Abbey of Blades. I cannot leave it undefended for any length of time."
But you left the abbey to search for the Dragonguard tombs.
"And Sai Sahan remained here to watch over things in my place. One of us must remain, and since Sai cannot, it must be me.
I wish you good luck and good hunting, warrior. May Leki guide your steps."

You'll need to speak to her once you've returned from Vahlokzin's Lair:

"It is good to see you hale and whole, warrior. But … where is Sai? Did something happen?"
Sai is fine. We defeated Vahlokzin and retrieved the Horn of Ja'darri.
"You found the Dragonhorn? By Leki's perfect blade, that is good news.
Thank you, warrior. You did far more than help Sai Sahan recover the wisdom of the Dragonguard. Because of your efforts, he finally has a way to combat this Dragon invasion."
Sai should be along shortly.
"As an instructor at the Abbey of Blades, I cannot follow Sai into battle.
I know that my students will rally warriors to his cause. He has a way of bringing out the best in others."

After you've spoken to Sai and finished the quest:

"You're always welcome to explore the Valley of Blades, but please try your best to not disturb our students. Their training is hard and rigorous. It requires their full attention."
What's next for you, Kasura?
"I will continue to watch over the Abbey of Blades, as best as I am able.
There are many students who wish to learn the ways of the blademaster. As long as there's strength in these old bones, I will do my best to teach them."
So your days of hunting Dragonguard secrets are over?
"I would say so. I was happy to help Sai prepare for his own battle, but I cannot join him in that fight.
However, Sai is a strong warrior and a fine leader. He'll be able to rally allies to his cause, of that I have no doubt."

If you've completed the quest Valley of Blades, you can ask her:

Are you worried about another attack on the abbey?
"I will not deny it. Mannimarco's attack left more scars on this abbey than the eye can see.
But this is my home, my heart. I will do what I can to restore the Abbey of Blades to its former glory, even if it takes the rest of my life."