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Elven Ruin:
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Quest Hub
Discoverable Yes
Completion Objective
Dungeon Yes
# of Zones 1
Skyshards 1
Ancestral Blademaster, Ancestral Icemaster, Ancestral Tempest, Ancestral Warrior
(Quest-specific): Advisor Norion, Colanwe
West of Phaer
Loading Screen
Inner Tanzelwil: To the Altmer, Tanzelwil is one of the most sacred sites on Auridon, combining the functions of temple to the Elven ancestors and mausoleum of the ancient kinlords. The High Elves cremate their dead and then bury the ashes in wall shrines.

Tanzelwil is a haunted elven ruin in southern Auridon, due west of the town of Phaer. The ruin is a traditional worship site for Altmer royalty, and one of Queen Ayrenn's stops on her grand tour of Auridon. The First Auridon Marines are here with the queen.

The ancestral spirits here are hostile until you destroy all the Corruption Stones that have been placed around the ruins.

There is a chest leaning against a boulder northeast of the road where the queen's carts are parked.

Related Quests[edit]


Priestess Langwe Quest Giver
Sergeant Farya
Sergeant Irinwen
Western Overlook


Tanzelwil Wayshrine

Tanzelwil Wayshrine is located east of Tanzelwil, on the road running between Tanzelwil and Phaer.


Entourage Camp[edit]

Approaching the ruins from the southeast along the main road will put you into the camp of the Queen's entourage. If you arrive here before visiting Vulkhel Guard, Firtorel will tell you that they are waiting for the Queen to arrive, and will encourage you to head to the city to see what all the fuss is about.

When you return later, the full entourage will have arrived, and Prince Naemon and High Kinlady Estre will be discussing the ancestral spirits that have suddenly become hostile. Further west along the path is a small altar where you will find Queen Ayrenn and Battlereeve Urcelmo during the related quest. Priestess Langwe can be found just to the south of the altar, investigating a corrupted stone which appeared at around the same time as the ancestral spirits became hostile.

A path leads from the altar west beneath two bridges to a small coastal overlook where Captain Henyon and a few more of the Queen's entourage can be found. A note is on the ground nearby, close to the stone bridge, which gives more information about the nature of the corruption stones.

Southern Ruins[edit]

The southern ruins are full of hostile ancestral spirits patrolling the path to the western ritual site. The Journal of Priestess Aranwen rests on an altar, while a Skyshard can be found to the southwest. During the quests, Priestess Aranwen herself can be found here, cornered by a previously-passive spirit known as Colanwe. One of the corruption stones will also be nearby. West of the ritual site and north of the skyshard is a second note, pondering how long it will take before the ancestral spirits become hostile after placing the corruption stones.

Northeastern Ruins[edit]

The northeastern ruins are similarly guarded. During the quests, one of the corruption stones can be found here, and Priestess Menaste cowers in the middle of the northern ritual site waiting for someone to defend her. To the south of the ritual site is an Aetherial Well which gives a 10% health bonus for 10 minutes. In a recess below the corruption stone and beside the main north-south path through the ruins, a note can be found, giving more details of the effects of the corruption stones.

Northwestern Ruins[edit]

Two more corruption stones can be found here, and on the south side of the middle terrace is a fourth note ordering the death of Priestess Langwe due to the power of her holy symbol. At the end of the related quests, Ayrenn, Urcelmo and Langwe can be found in the central ruin, along with a final corruption stone. Northwest of the entrance to Inner Tanzelwil is a final note informing the Veiled Heritance members who corrupted the ruins what will happen to them if they do not return.

Inner Tanzelwil[edit]

Inner Tanzelwil

Inner Tanzelwil can only be accessed during the related quest. Despite your efforts outside, the ancestral spirits within the ruins will still be hostile. There is not much of note in the first section aside from a few bookcases near the door to the second section. The Guardian Crystal which must be destroyed to open the door here may be bugged.

Beyond the door is a corridor that leads to the Ancestral Chamber.

Ancestral Chamber[edit]

The traitor Norion waits in the center of the final chamber. You will need to defeat him and the ancestral spirits he summons so the Queen can complete her ritual. Aside from a number of containers of Provisioning Ingredients there are no treasures of note in the chamber. A staircase behind the ritual altar leads to an exit which takes you back to the main entrance of the ruin.


  • The ancestral spirit enemies in the ruins become Neutral once the quest "Corruption Stones" is completed.
    • This only applies to the spirits above ground however, those encountered within the ruins during the quest "Rites of the Queen" will remain hostile.



A map of Inner Tanzelwil