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Prince Naemon
(lore page)
Location Vulkhel Guard, Tanzelwil, Elden Root
Race High Elf Gender Male
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Prince Naemon

Prince Naemon is a High Elf noble and the younger brother of Queen Ayrenn. Originally named heir to the throne of Alinor after Ayrenn's sudden disappearance, when his sister returned after years of absence, she was crowned instead. He currently lives as a high-ranking noble with his wife, High Kinlady Estre.

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Related Quests[edit]


Before starting Ensuring Security, he is found at the manor in Vulkhel Guard, talking to his wife. If you disturb him there, he says:

"Bit busy here, if you don't mind?"

Quest-Related Events[edit]


A Hostile Situation[edit]

High Kinlady Estre and Prince Naemon in Vulkhel Guard

He can be found outside the manor, along with his wife. Before you have defeated the Veiled Heritance traitor, he will say:

"I'm sorry, I was just speaking with the High Kinlady. And now you've interrupted us. Excuse us, please?"

After you saved the queen, he will be more friendly:

"I suppose congratulations are in order."
Who are you?
"I'm Prince Naemon. Ayrenn's brother, husband to Kinlady Estre."
What do you think of the Queen's goals here?
"I'm relieved she's finally come to her senses! A woman of royal blood, doing who-knows-what in the wilds? Ridiculous."

To Tanzelwil[edit]

Arriving at the ruins of Tanzelwil, you will have the opportunity to speak to him.

"Hmm. You look familiar. Have we met before?"
The Queen asked me to meet her here.
"Ah! Vulkhel Guard, of course. Welcome to Tanzelwil. Perhaps you'll get through to Her Majesty where we could not."

This completes the quest for some gold. He can immediately give you the next quest.

In the Name of the Queen[edit]

He will greet you with:

"Oh, it's you. How droll to you see you again, all the way out here."

He will ask you to find his sister who is preparing to perform a ceremonial rite as passage in becoming queen:

"We came here to honor our ancestors, and now they seem bloody well determined to kill us!"

If you did not exit the conversation after the previous quest, he'll say instead:

"Queen's favorite, I'm glad you're here. We came to Tanzelwil to honor the spirits of our ancestors, and now they seem bloody well determined to kill us all!"
Why would your ancestors try to kill you?
"An excellent question, for which I have no answer.
My dear sister, your Queen, brought us here to perform a ceremonial ritual. It's a bit of political theater, really. Gain the blessings of the dead and all that rubbish."
Is the Queen in any danger?
"If danger doesn't find her, she'll seek it out and invite it home to dinner.
She's in the ruins just ahead, conspiring with the Battlereeve. They're determined to complete the ceremony. Do be a loyal subject and see that she survives. Won't you?"
I'll see what I can do.

After agreeing to seek out the Queen, you can ask Naemon some more questions about court life and the ceremonial rituals for a new ruler.

"I swear, it's like being home for New Life Festival. The family's been drinking since noon, and everyone wants you dead."
Who are these people? / Who are all these people here?
"Oh, you know how it is. In the waters off the island, there are great sea beasts. Smaller creatures cling to their sides, eating the scraps they leave behind.
It's just the same with nobility on land."
Why does the Queen have to do these rituals?
"Tradition! Whenever a new monarch takes the throne, there are endless rituals and ceremonies.
I myself was more than halfway through the eighty-eight days of liturgical chanting required to take the throne. Then my dear sister returned."
You were going to take the throne before the Queen returned?
"Oh yes. When our father King Hidellith, may he reign in glory, passed away she was slated to begin the ceremonies. But then she left. Just … poof. Gone, before she even entered the Sapiarch's Labyrinth."
Is that another ceremonial duty?
"Just so. And so it fell to me to spend the requisite three thousand five hundred and fifty-five days studying Altmeri custom and ceremoniarchy.
Ahem. But I digress."


The Great Tree[edit]

After receiving orders from Queen Ayrenn to head to Elden Root in Grahtwood, Prince Naemon arrived at Firsthold Castle to speak to Ayrenn about the news he received about his wife's demise:

Prince Naemon: "My Queen. How may I further the Dominion's goals today?"
Queen Ayrenn: "Little brother. You're here."
Prince Naemon: "You only call me that when you've done something you regret. Or expect to regret."
Queen Ayrenn: "Naemon... then what have they told you?"
Prince Naemon: "When you snatched father's crown for yourself, you never once called me 'little brother'. Did you know that?"
Queen Ayrenn: "Please, I must know."
Prince Naemon: "I heard you declared my wife a traitor, that you ordered Estre's death. Well, she's gone now. Isn't she."
Queen Ayrenn: "Little brother... I would have told you myself, if I could."
Prince Naemon: "No regrets, dear sister. You did what must be done, for the glory of the Dominion. How could there be shame in that?"

After speaking to his sister, he leaves in a hurry.

If you try to talk to speak in the throne room in Elden Root before completing the quest, he'll dismiss you:

"I am busy with matters of state. Go trouble someone else."

The Honor of the Queen[edit]

If you received the quest from Maelin or Elusara-la and before speaking to King Camoran:

"I have nothing to say to you."

After you are sent to talk to him, he will be forced to speak with you:

"Yes? Quickly, now. Don't leave your mouth to hang agape."
King Camoran Aeradan says there are some problems with the Khajiit embassy.
"That again? My sister … Queen Ayrenn foolishly committed to build the Khajiit an embassy, months ago. Everything was to be handled through Ambassador Tarinwe at the Altmer Embassy."
Why has it been delayed?
"No. You don't get to question me. Not after you slew High Kinlady Estre. Do you think I'm one to have a chat with the person who killed my wife? That we'll break out the sylph-mead and share a good laugh?"
[Persuade] I think Queen Ayrenn trusts you to put the Dominion's interests before your own.
"Hmph. I suppose that's my burden. Very well. I won't give you the satisfaction of doubting my loyalty. You were asking after the Khajiit?"
Yes. What could have delayed their embassy's construction?

If you were able to persuade him to talk a bit longer:

"Ask a stonemason. I have to prepare for the ratification ceremony before Queen Ayrenn's arrival. I can't be troubled with such minor issues. If you care to pursue the matter, speak with Ambassador Tarinwe at the Altmer Embassy."
What's a ratification ceremony?
"An archaic Wood Elf ritual. If she dances to their tune, Queen Ayrenn will be recognized by the heavens as a worthy candidate for emperor of Tamriel.
Rubbish, if you ask me."
Why did Queen Ayrenn offer to build the Khajiit an embassy? / With all that's happening, why did Queen Ayrenn offer to build the Khajiit an embassy?
"To promote harmony, she'd tell you. The same reason she picked this bizarre tree city as the Dominion's capital. She wants every member of the Dominion to feel as though they're equal."
You disagree with Queen Ayrenn's plans?
"Oh, we do need to be unified against our enemies. And having a High Elf in charge is paramount to our success. But do we really need all this coddling?
The ratification ceremony, the business with the embassy … more problems due to "harmony.""
She gave me little choice.
"Then I shall return the favor. Address all further inquiries on the matter to Ambassador Tarinwe.
Good day."

After you have investigated the Storeroom and are on your way out, Naemon will stop you:

Prince Naemon : "Where is the guard? And what are you doing here?"

Speak to him and he'll say:

"I'd expected you would solve problems at the embassy, not cause them! Do you realize what's happening out here?
Never mind. Explain what you were doing in that storeroom."
Ambassador Tarinwe told me to search the storeroom.
"Why would she do that? Oh, never mind.
Well? What did you find?"
The supplies reserved for the Khajiit are useless.
"Typical bureaucratic corruption. I expected better of the ambassador.
No matter, supplies can be replaced. What about the Khajiit embassy? Did she say why construction hasn't begun?"
She said she hired a local work crew to collect stone from the nearby ruins.
"What do you mean, 'collect stone?' That should have happened months ago. They should be ready to build it!
I'll talk to the ambassador myself. Put the fear of the Dominion into her."
The ambassador said she was heading to look for you.
"Hmph. I'm surprised we didn't pass each other on the road.
Get to those ruins and find that work crew. I want to know why they haven't done their jobs. I won't have Queen Ayrenn's word impugned by someone else's incompetence."

Speak to him again and he'll say:

"The ratification ceremony is taking all of my time. Now I have to clean Ambassador Tarinwe's mess?
We should have brought stonemasons from the Summerset Isles. Dependable, unlike these local work crews."

After discovering Tarinwe's treachery, back in the Throne Room he'll tell you:

"I heard what you said to the king. Ambassador Tarinwe, a traitor; my wife's killer, a loyal servant; and I, Queen Ayrenn's representative in Elden Root, required to thank you for your efforts.
Very well. I'll provide no reason to question my duty to the Dominion."
What will happen to Ambassador Tarinwe?
"We'll interrogate Ambassador Tarinwe until we know the extent of her treason. Then she'll die, as all traitors must.
But no matter. Your efficiency in resolving this matter was commendable, and the Dominion rewards its servants."

Fit to Rule[edit]

If you continue to converse, he'll start the next quest for you:

"Ambassador Tarinwe's betrayal could not have been more absolute. She knew the details of the ratification ceremony, which puts Queen Ayrenn at risk.
It's my sister's own fault. She thought to appease the Silvenar and the Mane by agreeing to this foolish process."
What do you mean?
"The ratification ceremony ends with the Orrery, an ancient device beneath Elden Root. It will divine Queen Ayrenn's capacity to become empress, or somesuch.
But Ambassador Tarinwe assisted in the preparations. I must assume she tried to sabotage the proceedings."
Will you cancel the ceremony?
"Doing so would make Queen Ayrenn look weak. No, we must proceed.
You've proven your competence, so I'll ask you to speak with Meleras. He's an expert on the Orrery and knows what must be done. Quite pleasant, once you grow accustomed to the smell."
I'll speak with Meleras.

You can continue to ask him questions:

"The preparations for this ratification ceremony seem endless. But I'm up to the task."
Why can't Queen Ayrenn delay the ceremony?
"She asked how she could prove herself their rightful leader. The Silvenar suggested the Orrery nonsense, and the Mane agreed.
Of course, neither will be present to see it, yet my sister is held to her pledge. How unexpected."
Why aren't they here?
"Khajiiti political excuses are impossible to discern. I know the Mane will not be present, and that's all I care to know.
As for the Silvenar, he died on Khenarthi's Roost. Thought he could negotiate with the filthy Sea Elves."
Will any of Queen Ayrenn's allies witness the ceremony?
"King Camoran Aeradan. It's beneath his city, so there's no turning him away.
And myself, of course."

The Orrery of Elden Root[edit]

After you spoke to Meleras:

"Queen Ayrenn has finally arrived. Just in time for the ratification ceremony to begin.
I'm sure she will commend you for your efforts."

Enter the Orrery and you'll hear Naemon and Ayrenn discussing the upcoming event:

Queen Ayrenn: "Little brother, you shouldn't be here for this. Daraneth warned us of the dangers."
Prince Naemon: "I won't turn my back on family. My place is in your shadow, as it has always been."
Queen Ayrenn: "I know this can't be easy for you."
Prince Naemon: "On the contrary. Today the Dominion shall see why a High Elf is fit to lead all of Tamriel."
Queen Ayrenn: "I used to despise your certainty. But today it's … reassuring, oddly enough."
Prince Naemon: "Apology accepted."

Speak to him and he'll share his doubts:

"An Ayleid artifact, supposedly touched by the gods, will proclaim my sister worthy of becoming the empress of Tamriel.
But this changes little. There are those who will always question her right to rule."

After speaking to Daraneth, she'll start preparing the machine:

Prince Naemon: "So this pile of moss and rubble determines the next emperor."
King Camoran Aeradan: "The Orrery is ancient. Show some respect."
Queen Ayrenn: "It's magnificent."
Daraneth: "Nearly there, your majesties, Your Highness!"

Activate the Orrery with the help of Conservator Daraneth. Before completing it, you can still talk to him:

"Hmph. It has its own archaic charm, I'll admit."
Prince Naemon
Location The Orrery
Species Ogrim
Health 133844 Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 1.png
Reaction Hostile
Other Information
Faction(s) Veiled Heritance
Prince Naemon as an Ogrim

Once you've used the heart to start the Orrery, Naemon will step forward:

Prince Naemon: "And now the Ayleid deathtrap will tell us if we have an emperor in our midst. Truly, a momentous day!"
Queen Ayrenn: "Naemon, now is not the time."
Prince Naemon: "Ayrenn, there's always time to protect you from yourself. For how could I let you risk your life in this contraption without testing it first, dear sister?"

Naemon casts a hold spell on all the occupants of the space. He then steps into the device himself:

Prince Naemon: "It's incredible … I can see the White-Gold Tower! I …. No! What's happening to me? Arrgh!"
Prince Naemon: "No! You tricked me, sister! It's your fault!"

Naemon emerges from the device as a gigantic Ogrim:

Prince Naemon: "Vermin, all of you! I'll kill you all!"

Defeat him and he'll fade away:

Prince Naemon: "No! The tower … it's fading. What have I …."


Prince Naemon is resurrected as a lich by Vicereeve Pelidil in Greenshade. You'll fight the Shade of Naemon in Hectahame.

God of Schemes[edit]

Prince Naemon in Heart's Grief
Naemon in Heart's Grief, after being released

If you have completed the Greenshade questline, Prince Naemon will be in Heart's Grief, trapped behind a frozen barrier.

"Please! Please! I can't breathe! I can't … breathe! Let me out!"
After all you did, why should I care?
"I am the rightful king! I am the rightful ruler of the Isles! Let me out of here! Let me out of here that I might take my place …."

If you choose to release him, he will cry out before being frozen into a statue of solid ice.

Prince Naemon: "Not like this! No! No!"

Old Life Observance[edit]

The spirit of Prince Naemon

After his death, the spirit of Prince Naemon may return from Aetherius and appear to you during the New Life Festival event quest Old Life Observance when you perform a remembrance ceremony at one of the Old Life shrines.