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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Discover why the Khajiiti Embassy project has been stalled.
Zone: Grahtwood
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Objective: Required for Cadwell's Almanac Elden Root — You need to quell unrest in the city of Elden Root.
Quest Giver: King Camoran Aeradan, Maenlin, Elusara-la
Location(s): Elden Root, The Middens
Previous Quest: The Great Tree or Trouble at the Tree
Next Quest: Fit to Rule
Reward: Ear of the Queen
Very High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: 2769
Unrest in the city of Elden Root
All is not well in Elden Root. The Khajiit lack an embassy, which is the cause of tensions in the capital city of the Aldmeri Dominion.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Prince Naemon in the Elden Root Throne Room.
  2. Talk to Ambassador Tarinwe in the Altmer Embassy.
  3. Find a way to get inside the storeroom.
  4. Examine the supplies.
  5. Talk to Prince Naemon.
  6. Search the ruins for evidence of the workers.
  7. Talk to Azareth.
  8. Meet Azareth outside the Middens.
  9. Arrest the traitor.
  10. Talk to King Camoran Aeradan.
  11. Talk to Prince Naemon.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

According to King Camoran Aeradan, Queen Ayrenn promised to build an embassy for the Khajiit last year, but no embassy has been built. He suggests you ask Prince Naemon why the Altmer didn't build the embassy:

"How are you at building embassies?
You see, Queen Ayrenn promised one would be built for the Khajiit, as a gesture of goodwill. But now a year has passed, and there's still no Khajiit Embassy. This has led to no end of headaches."
What has caused the delay?
"Good question. You wish to serve the Camoran throne? You can start by asking Prince Naemon why his people aren't fulfilling their promises. He's the one who seems to have the entire Elden Tree lodged up his flue.
I can say that. I'm the king."
I'll ask Prince Naemon.

Prince Naemon is standing in front of the southern table in the Elden Root Throne Room. He says Ambassador Tarinwe of the Altmer Embassy was supposed to handle everything. However, he is still upset that you killed his wife:

"Yes? Quickly, now. Don't leave your mouth to hang agape."
King Camoran Aeradan says there are some problems with the Khajiit embassy.
"That again? My sister ... Queen Ayrenn foolishly committed to build the Khajiit an embassy, months ago. Everything was to be handled through Ambassador Tarinwe at the Altmer Embassy"
Why has it been delayed?
"No. You don't get to question me. Not after you slew High Kinlady Estre.
Do you think I'm one to have a chat with the person who killed my wife? That we'll break out the sylph-mead and share a good laugh?"
[Persuade] I think Queen Ayrenn trusts you to put the Dominion's interests before your own.
"Hmph. I suppose that's my burden.
Very well. I won't give you the satisfaction of doubting my loyalty. You were asking after the Khajiit?"
Yes. What could have delayed their embassy's construction?
"Ask a stonemason. I have to prepare for the ratification ceremony before Queen Ayrenn's arrival. I can't be troubled with such minor issues.
If you care to pursue the matter, speak with Ambassador Tarinwe at the Altmer Embassy."
She gave me little choice.
"Then I shall return the favor. Address all further inquiries on the matter to Ambassador Tarinwe.
Good day."

If you persuaded him, then the benefits are not apparently obvious, as Naemon sends you to the Ambassador either way. But persuading Naemon allows you to ask Naemon about his opinions:

What's a ratification ceremony?
"An archaic Wood Elf ritual. If she dances to their tune, Queen Ayrenn will be recognized by the heavens as a worthy candidate for emperor of Tamriel.
Rubbish, if you ask me."
With all that's happening, why did Queen Ayrenn offer to build the Khajiit an embassy?
"To promote harmony, she'd tell you. The same reason she picked this bizarre tree city as the Dominion's capital. She wants every member of the Dominion to feel as if they're equal."
You disagree with Queen Ayrenn's plans?
"Oh, we do need to be unified against our enemies. And having a High Elf in charge is paramount to our success. But do we really need all this coddling?
The ratification ceremony, the business with the embassy ... more problems due to "harmony"

The Altmer Embassy[edit]

The embassy is south of the entrance to Elden Root. Exit the grant-oak, and follow the path to the right. Go up the stairs and past the Aldmeri Dominion banners. Ambassador Tarinwe is in the center building. As you draw close to the entrance, you see some disgruntled Khajiit in a stand-off with two Aldmeri Dominion soldiers.

Enter the embassy building. Tarinwe is upstairs. She will be rude until you mention you are working for Prince Naemon:

"I suppose a wanderer like you wouldn't know what "busy" looks like.
I will demonstrate. Feel free to observe. Quietly, and from a distance."
Prince Naemon said I should speak with you.
"Forgive my manners! There's so much to do in preparing for Queen Ayrenn's ratification ceremony. Tempers fray, as I'm sure you can understand.
But if Prince Naemon sent you, it must be important. What can I do for you?"
Why isn't the Khajiit Embassy constructed yet?
"Why would Prince Naemon care about that? If they're too lazy to build their own embassy, can't they afford an inn?"
Prince Naemon says it was your responsibility.
"Well, I ... of course I ordered it done! I hired some Wood Elves to excavate the stone, and set aside supplies for Khajiit to use.
It isn't my fault if the locals couldn't do their jobs!"
Where are the supplies?
"Check our storeroom. The Khajiit didn't even bother to pick up the supplies!
In the meantime, I'm off to locate Prince Naemon. If he didn't send you here with his blessing, I'll see you face Dominion justice."

True to her word, she runs off: "We'll see what Prince Naemon thinks of your impertinent question!"

The Storeroom[edit]

The storeroom is to the right of the Altmer Embassy and is guarded by Corporal Malin. He won't let anyone in without written orders from the ambassador:

"That's far enough. The storeroom is off limites. Ambassador Tarinwe's orders."
Ambassador Tarinwe sent me to inspect the storeroom.
"She did? That's different, then. Show me her orders and I'll stand aside."
She didn't give me any orders.
"Then I can't let you inside. Her instructions were very specific--no one gets in without her written permission. I'm to remain at my post until relieved.
Except in an emergency, of course."
What kind of emergency?
"The Khajiit could riot. That would be bad, very bad.
Or a fire, of course. But the chances of that happening are slim."

Unfortunately, with you around, those slim chances are not very slim and you can make your own emergency, provided it's one of the two Malin fears. Alternatively, you could intimidate him:

[Intimidate] If you don't step aside, you're going to have an emergency.
"I ….
What? Did you hear that? I could've sworn it was my captain, calling me away."

Once inside the storeroom, search the food sack and the supply crate. The supplies are useless.

When you leave the storeroom, Naemon runs up to you and confronts you:

"I'd expected you would solve problems at the embassy, not cause them! Do you realize what's happening out here?
Never mind. Explain what you were doing in that storeroom."
Ambassador Tarinwe told me to search the storeroom
"Why would she do that? Oh, never mind.
Well? What did you find?"
The supplies reserved for the Khajiit are useless.
"Typical bureaucratic corruption. I expected better of the ambassador.
No matter, supplies can be replaced. What about the Khajiit embassy? Did she say why construction hasn't begun?"
She said she hired a local work crew to collect stone from the nearby ruins.
"What do you mean, "collect stone?" That should have happened months ago. They should be ready to build it!
I'll talk to the ambassador myself. Put the fear of the Dominion into her."
The ambassador said she was heading to look for you.
"Hmph. I'm surprised we didn't pass each other on the road.
Get to those ruins and find that work crew. I want to know why they haven't done their jobs. I won't have Queen Ayrenn's word impugned by someone else's incompetence."

The Ruins[edit]

The work crew are in the ruins to the north of the Altmer Embassy. Search the body of the Wood Elf Worker and the broken cart. Both were hit repeatedly with an axe.

Azareth, a Vinedusk Ranger, appears:

"Saw you standing over the body of a dead Wood Elf. Nearly put an arrow in your throat.
Good thing I recognize you."
Who are you? What are you doing here?
"Azareth, Vinedusk Ranger. We work directly for King Camoran Aeradan. Saw you earlier, in the throne room.
The king had his suspicions about the missing work crew, and asked me to look into it. Seems we both have a stake in this."
How much do you know about what's going on?
"I know enough. Khajiit are owed an embassy. They're angry the High Elves are dragging their feet to build it.
Seemed like politics, until a dozen stonemasons vanished without a trace. The king sent me to find out why."
Why did the king send you?
"Before the Dominion, King Camoran Aeradan nearly lost a civil war. I came to see if the missing stonemasons were targeted by the Blacksap Rebellion.
But Blacksap would've displayed the bodies, not left them as food for hoarvor"
I just want to know who's behind this/Then who did this?
"The king suspects Ambassador Tarinwe has been up to no good. Little things, some of her associations. But he can't accuse his allies of undermining the whole Alliance.
So he sent me to deal with it."
Deal with it how?
"Ambassador Tarinwe used criminals to smuggle supplies ... never directly, but enough for us to notice. I'm not saying she had these stonemasons killed, but I'd like to ask her myself.
Problem is, there's nothing we can do while she's in the Altmer Embassy."
Ambassador Tarinwe left the Altmer Embassy earlier, after I questioned her.
"If she left the embassy, she knows someone's on to her. She'll go to ground, try to flee ... have someone smuggle her out of Grahtwood. We should probably stop her.
Meet me by the Middens, at the base of the Elden Tree. I'll be there shortly."
All right. I'll meet you there.

The Middens[edit]

The Middens are at the base of the grant-oak, east of the ruins.

When you arrive, Azareth will run up to meet you:

"They call this place the Middens because it's where all the refuse ends up. We clear them out now and again, but they always come back.
Necessary evil, I'm told."
Are you certain Ambassador Tarinwe is inside?
"Spoke with someone I trust. She's definitely here.
We should get moving. We're not far behind her."
What's the plan if we find her?
"Capture her. Bring her in for questioning. Find proof she's behind this so Prince Naemon doesn't explode with outrage.
Huh. Never thought I'd hunt a High Elf ambassador."
What can we expect to find in the Middens?
"Smugglers, skooma ddicts, and more than a few criminals. They keep to themselves, but sometimes they band together to repel outsiders.
Kind of like a filthier version of the Dominion.
How do you recommend we proceed?
"Our goal is to find Ambassador Tarinwe before she buys passage out of Grahtwood. Staying in the shadows, avoiding unnecessary conflict ... that's what I'd do.
But there's a lot of ground to search. I'll follow your lead."

The ambassador is in the pit, the last area to search. She is in a tent in the northeast corner of the room. Once you start the attack, she will cover as you attack her two guards.

Azareth:"You're coming with me."
Ambassador Tarinwe:"Why? Where are you taking me?"
Azareth:"To King Camoran Aeradan where you'll answer for your crimes against the Dominion."
Ambassador Tarinwe:"He'll have me killed and served for dinner."
Azareth:"Only if you're proven guilty. And if you are, none of us could stomach it."

Return to the Elden Root Throne Room and talk to King Camoran:

"You've returned. What have you learned of the Khajiit Embassy?"
Ambassador Tarinwe conspired against the Dominion.
"Oh, good. Nothing I enjoy more than talk of conspiracy. Did the ambassador have a manifesto? They usually have manifestos.
No matter. I trust you resolved it?"
I captured Ambassador Tarinwe.
"Splendid. I'll allow you the honor of informing Prince Naemon.
Why not tell him the duly selected High Elf ambassador was working against the very Dominion she pledged to support? I'll sit in my throne and try not to gloat."

When you talk to Prince Naemon, he will be even more bitter than before:

"I heard what you said to the king. Ambassador Tarinwe, a traitor; my wife's killer, a loyal servant; and I, Queen Ayrenn's representative in Elden Root, required to thank you for your efforts.
Very well. I'll provide no reason to question my duty to the Dominion."
What will happen to Ambassador Tarinwe?
"We'll interrogate Ambassador Tarinwe until we know the extent of her treason. Then she'll die, as all traitors must.
But no matter. Your efficiency in resolving this matter was commendable, and the Dominion rewards its servants."

With this, the quest will complete and you will earn the Ear of the Queen and some gold.


  • A large amount of NPCs won't exist at the embassy, including Ambassador Tarinwe, before starting the quest.
  • The Wood Elf worker and his cart won't exist in the ruins before starting the quest or reaching the related objective.
  • The Middens are accessible before starting the quest, but Ambassador Tarinwe will already appear inside, though she cannot be spoken to. Other quest-only NPCs won't be there if accessed earlier however, such as Galdilin or even Tarinwe's bodyguard Falion.
  • The Veiled Heritance enemies in the Middens become Neutral after Ambassador Tarinwe is arrested.


  • After exiting the storeroom, Corporal Malin will appear twice on the embassy grounds, with one version of him looking at the other one tied up on the floor. ?

Quest Stages[edit]

The Honor of the Queen
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I've been asked to personally deliver a message to the Wood Elf King Camoran Aeradan in the hope he can help resolve the matter.
Objective: Talk to King Camoran Aeradan
Latest start King Camoran Aeradan says the discontent lies with Queen Ayrenn's pledge of assistance to build the embassy, none of which has been forthcoming. He directed me to speak with Prince Naemon to find out why.
Objective: Talk to Prince Naemon
Prince Naemon wanted little to do with me. He said I should speak with Ambassador Tarinwe about the delay.
Objective: Go to the Altmer Embassy
Objective: Talk to Ambassador Tarinwe
Ambassador Tarinwe assured me she's ordered the Khajiit supplied and their embassy built. She said I should verify the goods she set aside are still in the Altmer Embassy storeroom.
Objective: Investigate Storeroom
Hidden Objective: Talk to Corporal Malin
Hidden Objective: Distract the Storeroom Guard
Ambassador Tarinwe assured me she's ordered the Khajiit supplied and their embassy built. Now that I'm in the Altmer Embassy storeroom, I should search for supplies set aside for the Khajiit.
Objective: Search Food Sack
Objective: Search Supply Crate
The supplies for the Khajiit Embassy were unusable. I should continue my investigation of Ambassador Tarinwe.
Hidden Objective: Talk to Prince Naemon
Objective: Return to the Altmer Embassy
Ambassador Tarinwe hired local workers to provide stone for the Khajiit Embassy. Prince Naemon wants me to find them at the site of some nearby ruins and learn why there's such a delay.
Objective: Go to the Ancient Ruins
I should search the ruins for the work party.
Objective: Search the Ancient Ruins
The work party was ambushed! As I determined this was no accident, I was approached by a Wood Elf. It seems he wishes to speak with me.
Objective: Talk to Azareth
Azareth, a Vinedusk Ranger loyal to King Camoran Aeradan, believes Ambassador Tarinwe may have ordered the attack on the work party before fleeing to the Middens. He asked me to meet him there.
Objective: Find the Middens Entrance
Azareth was waiting for me at the Middens. I should see if he has any more information about Ambassador Tarinwe.
Objective: Talk to Azareth
Azareth was waiting for me at the Middens. It seems Ambassador Tarinwe was seen here not long ago. We should enter the Middens and track her down.
Objective: Enter the Middens
Azareth believes Ambassador Tarinwe is attempting to smuggle herself out of Grahtwood. We should search for her in the Middens and capture her.
Objective: Search the Middens for Ambassador Tarinwe
Hidden Objective: Search Lower Den
Hidden Objective: Search the Pit
Hidden Objective: Search Upper Lair
Objective: Capture Ambassador Tarinwe
I captured Ambassador Tarinwe. Azareth will bring her back to Elden Root. I should head to the throne room and inform King Camoran Aeradan of what happened.
Objective: Return to Elden Root
I should head to the throne room and inform King Camoran Aeradan of what happened in the Middens.
Objective: Return to the Elden Root Throne Room
I should inform King Camoran Aeradan of what happened in the Middens.
Objective: Talk to King Camoran Aeradan
King Camoran Aeradan seems relieved this matter has been resolved. The king also mentioned Prince Naemon wishes to have a word with me. I should speak with him and see what he wants.
Objective: Talk to Prince Naemon
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  • Not all Journal Entries may appear in your journal; which entries appear and which entries do not depends on the manner in which the quest is done.
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