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Learn how to harvest Dragon Rheum.
Zone: Southern Elsweyr
Quest Giver: Dahfnar
Location(s): Dragonguard Sanctum, South Dragonscour, North Dragonscour
Reward: Southern Elsweyr Reward Chest
High Leveled Gold
Ability to harvest Dragon Rheum from dead dragons
XP Gain: High Experience XP
ID: 6453
Find horse bones at Dragonscours
A man named Dahfnar recently arrived at the Dragonguard Sanctum, claiming we should be gathering ingredients from Dragon corpses on our hunts.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Find horse bones at either of Southern Elsweyr's Dragonscours and collect Dragon saliva.
  2. Return to Dahfnar and read his list.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

This quest only becomes available after obtaining the Reforging the Dragonguard achievement, which can be earned by completing 20 Dragonguard quests.

You can find Dahfnar on the third level of the Dragonguard Sanctum. He tells you about the excellent alchemical properties of dragon saliva, which he wants you to collect. If you're going to be slaying dragons, you should know where to find the best parts of the dragon and how to harvest them. To this end, he also tells you that dragons like to eat horses. He tells you to head over to one of Southern Elsweyr's Dragonscours and collect some Saliva Covered Bones.

You can find horse bones at either of the Dragonscours, at any location within them. Collect your sample and head back to the sanctum. You don't have to kill a dragon for this quest, you just need to collect saliva from the bones. When you return to the sanctum, Dahfnar will have written a list of useful dragon parts, and tells you to read it. Do as he says and talk to him afterwards. He'll reward you for the bones, and for being willing to learn. Following the completion of this quest, dragon enemies will begin to drop Dragon Rheum.

Quest Stages[edit]

The Good Bits
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Dahfnar asked me to get him some Dragon spit and told me I could find it on the bones of some of their recent meals. I should search Dragon attack sites in Elsweyr for any leftovers.
Objective: Gather Saliva-Covered Bones
I recovered saliva-covered bones from a Dragon's kill. I should return the bones to Dahfnar at the Dragonguard Sanctum.
Objective: Talk to Dahfnar
Dahfnar made me a list of useful Dragon parts he wants me to harvest on future hunts. I should look it over.
Objective: Read Dahfnar's Scroll
Finishes quest☑ I read Dahfnar's list of the good bits. I should see if there's anything else he needs from me before I go.
Objective: Talk to Dahfnar
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