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Chevalier Renald
(lore page)
Location Moongrave Fane
Race Imperial Gender Male
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Dragonguard
Chevalier Renald

Chevalier Renald is a chevalier-errant and member of the Dragonguard, who can be found in Moongrave Fane. There, his job is to prevent the Hollowfang Clan and his former ally Grundwulf from drinking the blood of the Dragon Sahrotnax, who has become trapped under a pile of rubble.

He claims to have once been the bodyguard of the Reman III and waits for a true successor to the Ruby Throne.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Dialogue[edit]

When you arrive in Moongrave Fane, you can overhear Renald arguing with some other people standing on the balcony above:

Chevalier Renald: "This is insanity, Grundwulf! Can't you see that these Hollowfangs spout nothing but hollow promises?"
Grundwulf: "Dragons are here, Renald! The world will end in fire before your fabled Emperor comes! If you won't act, I will!"
Nisaazda: "The Devourer has chosen, old bat! Do not trouble us again!"

You can then talk with Chevalier Renald:

"You must not have a fear of vampires to have wandered so close to this den of leeches. If you have quarrel with the Hollowfang Clan, know I am not your enemy.
In fact, I could use some of that bravery right now."

If you are a vampire, his greeting will be different.

"I can see you aren't kin to the leeches in this ruin, so I offer you this warning. I am here to tear the Hollowfang Clan down to its foundation. If you seek to join in their madness, I will end you just the same."
Who are the Hollowfang Clan?
"A clan of vampires with ambitions above their abilities. They convinced my dear comrade, Grundwulf, to help them capture a Dragon. They intend to drink its blood. Gain its power. If he goes through with this fool plan, it will be the end of him."
How so?
"It's hubris to believe any vampire could tame the power in a Dragon's blood. It could kill him.
I must get Grundwulf to see reason, but I can't do that with all these Hollowfangs in my way. I need a diversion. Perhaps you could help me with that?"
I'll do what I can.
"Then Chevalier Renald is in your debt.
There's a break in the wall to the west. Invade the Hollowfang stronghold and make for the temple. While you have their attention, I'll search for Grundwulf and rendezvous with you once you're inside."

You can then ask him some questions about himself and the situation:

Who are you?
"Hah. An old relic. Obsolete and awaiting purpose. Same as my comrade.
Grundwulf mistakes the return of the Dragons for a sign. Our call to action. The end of our exile. He forgets, it's not the Dragons whose return we've awaited."
That's a cryptic answer to a simple question.
"You have taken up my cause, so it is only fair to know whose banner you fight under. I am Renald, chevalier errant. Bodyguard to Reman III. A Dragonguard."
You're a member of the Dragonguard?
"The Dragonguard disbanded in disgrace. Many of its members sought glory in other pursuits, but for those of us who hoped for redemption: our failure to protect the Emperor was a mistake too great to rectify in one lifetime."
So you became vampires?
"That is how some, like Grundwulf, bought their time, but like our fractured order we've each had to find our own paths.
I am masterless, but I am no rogue. I am sworn to preserve his Empire until a true successor ascends to the throne."
What do you mean by "a true successor"?
"A ruler with Dragon blood in their veins. A Dragonborn emperor to take up the Amulet of Kings and unite all Tamriel under the protection of the Eight. One whose right to rule is unassailable.
This land won't know peace until then."
What's your relationship to Grundwulf?
"We have been brothers-in-arms for centuries, but the impetuousness of his youth hasn't faded. He's always been headstrong, but I've never seen him like this. Our long exile has taken a greater toll on him than I imagined."
Will he fight us over this disagreement?
"He may. Even without the Clan Mother goading him, Grundwulf will back his conviction with his blade. If it comes to that, I'll put him in his place. I'd rather wound his pride than witness his self-destruction."
And the Hollowfangs?
"They are parasites. Their only interest is stealing the power of things greater than themselves.
If any stand in our way, put these leeches to the sword without remorse."
What does Grundwulf hope to accomplish by drinking the Dragon's blood? / Is that why Grundwulf wants to drink the Dragon's blood? / What do they hope to accomplish by drinking the Dragon's blood?
"Nisaazda, the Hollowfang Clan Mother, has convinced Grundwulf that drinking the Dragon's blood will make him Dragonborn. If true, he could devour the souls of Dragons, rekindle the Dragonfires, and reforge Reman's Empire."
But you have doubts.
"There are no shortcuts to power. The Soulburst proved that. This is a desperate act of impatience and I fear the price of recklessness will be far too high.
No one knows what Dragon's blood could do to a vampire. Grundwulf can't see he's being used."
What do the Hollowfangs need him for?
"These vermin could never have hunted a Dragon without the skills of the Dragonguard. And now that he's captured their prize, they offer the first sip only because they fear the Dragon's power. The Devourer is nothing but a glorified poison taster."
"A title bestowed upon Grundwulf by the Hollowfangs: Devourer of Dragons. More insidious flattery Nisaazda uses to bend my comrade's ear. She's wormed so deeply that I have no choice but to cut her out."

After you make your way through the side passage and deal with the courtyard full of Hollowfangs playing with a Sliding Stone, Chevalier Renald will show up:

Chevalier Renald: "You made quick work of them."
Chevalier Renald: "Don't let the gate trouble you. I'll pass through and open it from the other side."

He then turns into mist and appears on the other side of the gate.

Chevalier Renald: "There's no mechanism. Khajiit and their tricks. Look for a hidden switch. I'll try to catch up to Grundwulf."

Renald then heads in his own direction.

Once you have dealt with the sentinel guarding the entrance to the temple, you can meet up with Chevalier Renald:

Chevalier Renald: "I'm glad those gates didn't keep you long."
Chevalier Renald: "Though from the sound of things you had greater obstacles to overcome."

You can then ask him more questions, about the various players in this story and the upcoming obstacles:

"I heard that commotion from halfway across the temple. Nisaazda managed to get that giant sentinel moving after all. She's more dangerous than I gave her credit."
What can you tell me about Nisaazda?
"Hmph. There is little of worth. Nisaazda leads the Hollowfang Clan, though they seem more like a cult to me. Her motives are as blunt as her wit. She desires power, and promises it to her followers for their loyalty."
Why would Grundwulf join her?
"She's simply telling him what he wants to hear. Subterfuge was never Grundwulf's strong suit. That is the crux of the problem, it seems. He longs for the days before the fall. When there was no need to hide and glory was measured in Dragon blood."
What are you hiding from?
"We count our enemies among those who conspired to cut down Reman, and the Potentate. Many Dragonguard met their end by a knife in the dark. The rest of us donned our own cloaks and daggers. It is not a life of honor, but necessity. That chafes some."
The Potentate's been gone for a while now.
"Even if those assassins have lost their interest in us, those who covet the Ruby Throne will not welcome the return of the Dragonborn. When a true successor is finally found, we must be ready for the usurpers."
What is this place? The sentinels seem like part of the ruins.
"The Hollowfang's lair. They call it Moongrave Fane. Part of the old Khajiiti moon-faiths. Though these ruins are far older than their bloodline, I assure you. Why this temple needed such guardians? I can't say. The cat-men always warred in my time."
Any idea what lies ahead?
"There are many more parasites and their stone sentinels in this temple. Hardly a threat compared to what you've already overcome. With one exception: a vicious looking Pahmar-raht prowling around."
"Khajiit furstock. They walk and talk like the rest of us, but stand twice as tall. Like a Giant with claws and fangs. And armor. And a brain.
I have never encountered one who was a vampire, but Pahmar-raht are dangerous enough without undeath."
How can we avoid it?
"I'll have no difficulty getting around him.
You, I fear, will have to go through. I'll say a prayer for you."
Did you find Grundwulf?
"Not yet. Grundwulf's conspicuous, but these ruins are expansive. I need to find him. Quickly. I mean no offense, but I can do better on my own.
If I can't get through to him, however, I'm going to need your strength to put an end to this."
You mean kill him?
"I fear I may have already lost my battle-brother, but I shudder to think of what effect the Dragon blood could have on him. Even if it goes as he plans, Grundwulf isn't fit for the Ruby Throne. He is a warrior many would envy, but no emperor."
Could you really kill your friend?
"My duty to the Empire is greater than any bonds of friendship. I've given my pride, my honor, and my life to safeguard it. If Grundwulf imperils what we've sworn to protect, he is my enemy."

Once Renald reaches Grundwulf and confront him, before getting ambushed by Nisaazda:

Chevalier Renald: "You were always the stronger swordsman, Grundwulf, but not the better one."
Grundwulf: "Damn you, Renald! We can end it all! The empire can be reborn! Right here!"
Chevalier Renald: "Whatever you become through this madness, it will not be Emperor."
Grundwulf: "Then do it, Renald! I'd rather to die with blade in hand, then go back to that honorless life of yours."

Nisaazda will then intervene, attacking Renald.

Nisaazda: "You hesitated, old bat."
Grundwulf: "I didn't need help."
Nisaazda: "We have no more time for this. His allies are here."

After Nisaazda is defeated(?):

Chevalier Renald: "At least I outlived that accursed cat."
Chevalier Renald: "Is Grundwulf …?"
Chevalier Renald: "No. The fool's gone for the Dragon. You've got to stop him."

Before engaging Grundwulf for the last time:

"Ugh. Whatever that witch did to her blade, it's working. This wound won't fade easily. She's robbed me of my friend and the strength to stop him myself.
Much as it galls my pride, you must go on without me. Stop Grundwulf however you can."
Are you going to be alright?
"Nisaazda's blade cut deep. If I were one of her lesser curs, I'd have both feet in the grave.
Don't worry about me. It's Grundwulf you should be concerned about."
What was Grundwulf doing with his voice? Magic?
"He was shouting the Dragon language, thu'um they call it. It is magic, in a sense, but not like any you'd learn in the Mages Guild. Dragonguard learn the words to better know our enemy, but Grundwulf is of the rare breed who can speak it as they do."
But he's not Dragonborn?
"They are not one in the same. Though I cannot say if drinking the Dragon's blood will affect his talent and I don't care to find out.
Go. Stop him. If we survive this, I'll answer your questions."

After defeating Grundwulf for the last time:

"Dragons. Monsters within and without. Their blood is only fit for the dirt."
At least there's no chance of others following Grundwulf's example.
"There will always be some who are willing to choose risk over reason, but for now this threat has passed.
Take this, along with my gratitude."

After completing the quest:

"I have lost another comrade today, but I have gained many more. It has been my honor to fight alongside you."
What will you do now?
"Mourn Grundwulf with my other battle-brothers and return to my vigil over the Empire. For the few of us still loyal to the throne, our watch is never over."
How many of you are there?
"Too few for our troubles. It takes a resolute spirit to give everything for a cause. We shed our old skins and arose reborn in the service of his Empire and the coiled-king. I'll shed this skin as well, when it's time for a new beginning."
You mean you'll take a new identity, or were you speaking literally?
"Hah. I've said too much already. Draw your own conclusions and if you speak of this encounter, embellish as you like.
Our role is to fade into myth and shadow now, but our order has long since gained immortality that will outstrip our own."
How so?
"When our order splintered it spread many seeds. Many took root and grew into something new.
I'm just old bark on a withered stump, but I take comfort among the trees."
I'd like to know more about Grundwulf.
"He was a man worth remembering. Bold, honorable, a man of his word. Grundwulf was never meant for a life of subterfuge and secrets. His biggest regret was failing to die for Reman and carrying the shame of the Dragonguard's failures gnawed at him."
What was he doing with his voice? It resembled the Dragon's.
"He was speaking the language of the Dragons. He had the Voice as the Nords call it. It's a rare talent among mortals. Where you or I could crudely ape the sounds and call it language, he could shout the thu'um as they do and reshape the world."
How is that possible?
"I only know that it's possible and there are some who study the thu'um. The hermits of High Hrothgar did not share their secrets with me, and if the greybeards told Grundwulf the truth during his time with them, he never chose to share it with us."
Who are the Greybeards?
"An order of monks, I'd call them. Recluses who sit at the Throat of the World and practice shouting at the heavens. I sought them out to gain this power for the Dragonguard, but they refused, save for one. A young man, new to the order: Grundwulf."
What made him different?
"As I said, he was never meant for a life of seclusion. The glory of slaying Dragons alongside the Emperor was more than enough to convince him to abandon the ascetic lifestyle.
He was quick to distinguish himself among our ranks. I'll miss him."
That Dragon seemed to know you.
"Sahrotnax baited the Dragonguard into many forays. He'd burn great swathes of Cyrodiil and force us to pursue him into unfavorable territory. Many died attempting to kill that elusive wyrm, but he always managed to escape. Not this time, at least."
What was the "war for freedom" he mentioned?
"Men have long been made slaves by Elves and Dragons alike, but we cast off those chains over many battles—many centuries—and established our own Empire. The greatest of them all. Reman's dream. The one that the Three Banners threatens to sunder."

The following dialogue is in chronological order but is unsorted. It occurs throughout the dungeon:

Hollowfang Beastmaster: "There are many holes through which a rat can scurry here. Keep on guard."
Chevalier Renald: "I've had enough wading through you leeches."
Hollowfang Assassin: "Nisaazda, they are coming!"
Chevalier Renald: "The Dragon lies beneath that temple. I can smell its blood on the air. Push through!"
Nisaazda: "That's far enough, old bat!"
Chevalier Renald: "Out of my way, leech. I have more pressing concerns than ending your life."
Chevalier Renald: "Surrender, Nisaazda, or are you going to fight us all?."
Nisaazda: "This one won't have to."
Nisaazda: "You've already lost your friend, next your life!"
Chevalier Renald: "I've skinned many a dragon. A cat will not be trouble."
Chevalier Renald: "Cats aren't the only ones who toy with their prey."
Nisaazda: "This one has no fear of your sword, old bat. She is too swift."
Nisaazda: "Nisaazda will feed you to her weakest warriors!"
Chevalier Renald: "Such a menacing kitten."

Once Grundwulf is killed by Sahrotnax[verification needed — see talk page], Chevalier Renald will arrive to have words with the dragon:

Chevalier Renald: "I failed you, old friend. You deserved a better death."
Sahrotnax: "No kind words for me, Renald?"
Chevalier Renald: "Still your tongue, wyrm. Your death is the one good thing to come to this."
Sahrotnax: "I go knowing the war for freedom only brought you ruin."
Chevalier Renald: "Void take you."
Sahrotnax: "My suffering ends here. Yours will linger long after."


  • It is implied that he may be a Tsaesci.