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This article is about the creature. For the item set, see Grundwulf (set).

Location Moongrave Fane
Race Nord Gender Male
Health Normal1,010,391Veteran(?) Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 3.png
Reaction Friendly → Hostile
Other Information
Faction(s) Dragonguard (formerly)
Hollowfang Clan
Condition Vampire
NormalTrophy: Grundwulf (image)

Grundwulf is a Nord member of the Dragonguard who can be found in Moongrave Fane. There, he allied with the Fane's denizens, the vampiric Hollowfang Clan, and plots to drink the blood of the Dragon Sahrotnax. He hopes that doing so will result in him becoming Dragonborn, making him the rightful heir to the throne of Cyrodiil. Friend and fellow Dragonguard Chevalier Renald seeks to convince Grundwulf to turn away from the Hollowfang Clan.

He initially fights alongside the Hollowfang Clanmother, Nisaazda. He uses the Thu'um in battle, having been trained by the Greybeards in his youth. At the end of the battle, she will die but Grundwulf survives, living for one more battle.

The Devourer
Location Moongrave Fane: Moonlight's Mausoleum
Race Nord Gender Male
Health Normal1894484Veteran(?)
Veteran(?) (hard mode)
Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 3.png
Reaction Friendly → Hostile
Other Information
Condition Vampire
VeteranGrundwulf set helmet, Bust: Grundwulf (image)
Grundwulf, empowered by Dragon blood

Following Nisaazda's death, Grundwulf is weakened in your first encounter, and he will descend towards the site of Sahrotnax's crash-landing. There, he will complete the ritual, draining the dragon and becoming empowered by its blood.

He will begin the fight by summoning Coagulants, and later on summon Hemoncoli and Hollowfang Clan members to aid him. During the battle, Sahrotnax will also try to attack him with fire breath.

Related Quests[edit]

Skills and Abilities[edit]

Unrelenting Force

Quest-Related Dialogue[edit]

When you arrive in Moongrave Fane, you can overhear Renald arguing with some other people:

Chevalier Renald: "This is insanity, Grundwulf! Can't you see that these Hollowfangs spout nothing but hollow promises?"
Grundwulf: "Dragons are here, Renald! The world will end in fire before your fabeled [sic] Emperor comes! If you won't act, I will!"
Nisaazda: "The Devourer has chosen, old bat! Do not trouble us again!"

When you finally catch up to Nisaazda and Grundwulf near Sahrotnax's resting place, Chevalier Renald will confront Grundwulf.

Chevalier Renald: "You were always the stronger swordsman, Grundwulf, but not the better one."
Grundwulf: "Damn you, Renald! We can end it all! The empire can be reborn! Right here!"
Chevalier Renald: "Whatever you become through this madness, it will not be Emperor."
Grundwulf: "Then do it, Renald! I'd rather to die with blade in hand, then go back to that honorless life of yours."
<Nisaazda then appears and attacks Chevalier Renald.>
Nisaazda: "You hesitated, old bat."
Grundwulf: "I didn't need help."
Nisaazda: "We have no more time for this. His allies are here."
Nisaazda: "Nisaazda will exact a debt of blood owed for her clan!"
Grundwulf: "You're owed that much."

When engaged:

Grundwulf: "You won't rob me of this."
Grundwulf: "I'll bury you with him. Be honored."

After Nisaazda is killed, Grundwulf will head towards Sahrotnax. When you catch up to him, he will attempt to drink the dragon's blood:

Grundwulf: "Mark this day. When I bleed this dragon dry, the Empire will be made whole."
Sahrotnax: "You are an ant trying to shoulder the world."
Hollowfang Beastmaster: "Protect the Devourer. Avenge Nisaazda!"
Hollowfang Dire-Maw: "Soon the Devourer will consume you all!"

During the final battle Grundwulf will attempt to drink Sahrotnax's blood. As it turns out, he's bitten off more than he can chew.

Grundwulf: "I can feel it! Haha—ah!"
Sahrotnax: "Bloated tick. You've drunk to bursting."
Combat Dialogue

During the first fight: Engaging:

Nisaazda: "Renald could have tasted the Dragon's blood, if he'd have listened."
Grundwulf: "I'll bury you with him. Be honored."

When Nisaazda's summoning is interrupted:

Nisaazda: "You dare hurl your filthy blood at Nisaazda? Grundwulf! Bleed them dry!"
Grundwulf: "I was already planning on it."

Group wipe:

Entering combat during the final fight:

Grundwulf: "Bleed for me!"

He speaks when Sahrotnax uses Dying Breath:

Sahrotnax: "Shrink from the flames like the vermin you are!"
Grundwulf: "Is that all the fight you've got left, Dragon?"
Sahrotnax: "Feel my blood within you, leech."
Grundwulf: "Breathe your last you damn beast!"
Grundwulf: "Put out the fire in my veins!"
Sahrotnax: "Let the wretch burn! I want to see him suffer."
Grundwulf: "Quench this fire!"
Sahrotnax: "Everywhere you turn, the flames will be waiting!"

When Grundwulf is near death:

Grundwulf: "Off with your playthings!"
Grundwulf: "The Empire must endure!"