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Location Moongrave Fane
Race Khajiit Gender Female
Health Normal1,010,391Veteran(?)
Normal2,020,782Veteran(?) (Combined with Grundwulf)
Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 3.png
Reaction Varies
Other Information
Faction(s) Hollowfang Clan
Condition Vampire

Nisaazda is the Khajiit Clan Mother of the vampiric Hollowfang Clan, who have come to Moongrave Fane to take the power within for themselves. The Khajiit vampire has manipulated Grundwulf of the Dragonguard, playing on his desires for a true Dragonborn to take the throne of Cyrodiil and sort out the mess that Tamriel is in.

Related Quests[edit]

Skills and Abilities[edit]

Nisaazda summoning her blood creatures
Blood Bolt
Corpuscle Cannonade
Impregnable Corpulence
Summon Sangiin's Thirst

Quest-Related Events[edit]

When you first enter Moongrave Fane, you may overhear Nisaazda giving Chevalier Renald an ultimatum, before she heads further into the ruins:

Chevalier Renald: "This is insanity, Grundwulf! Can't you see that these Hollowfangs spout nothing but hollow promises?"
Grundwulf: "Dragons are here, Renald! The world will end in fire before your fabled Emperor comes! If you won't act, I will!"
Nisaazda: "The Devourer has chosen, old bat! Do not trouble us again!"

The following dialogue is in chronological order but is unsorted. It occurs throughout the dungeon:

Nisaazda: "Renald is slippery, but Nisaazda will catch him in time. You will not be so lucky."

Hollowfang Beastmaster: "There are many holes through which a rat can scurry here. Keep on guard."
Chevalier Renald: "I've had enough wading through you leeches."
Hollowfang Assassin: "Nisaazda, they are coming!"
Chevalier Renald: "The Dragon lies beneath that temple. I can smell its blood on the air. Push through!"
Nisaazda: "That's far enough, old bat!"
Chevalier Renald: "Out of my way, leech. I have more pressing concerns than ending your life."
Chevalier Renald: "Surrender, Nisaazda, or are you going to fight us all?."
Nisaazda: "This one won't have to."
Nisaazda: "You've already lost your friend, next your life!"
Chevalier Renald: "I've skinned many a dragon. A cat will not be trouble."
Chevalier Renald: "Cats aren't the only ones who toy with their prey."
Nisaazda: "This one has no fear of your sword, old bat. She is too swift."
Nisaazda: "Nisaazda will feed you to her weakest warriors!"
Chevalier Renald: "Such a menacing kitten."

When Renald confronts Grundwulf, Nisaazda will attack the chevalier while he is distracted:

Chevalier Renald: "You were always the stronger swordsman, Grundwulf, but not the better one."
Grundwulf: "Damn you, Renald! We can end it all! The empire can be reborn! Right here!"
Chevalier Renald: "Whatever you become through this madness, it will not be Emperor."
Grundwulf: "Then do it, Renald! I'd rather to die with blade in hand, than go back to that honorless life of yours!"
<Nisaazda then appears and attacks Chevalier Renald.>
Nisaazda: "You hesitated, old bat."
Grundwulf: "I didn't need help."
Nisaazda: "We have no more time for this. His allies are here."
Nisaazda: "Nisaazda will exact a debt of blood owed for her clan!"
Grundwulf: "
Before facing the players
Nisaazda: "The Devourer will claim the Dragon's power and drive them from our lands."
Combat dialogue
Nisaazda: "Vengeance for her brood!"
Nisaazda: "Our blood flows as one!"
Nisaazda: "Our power felled a Dragon. How could you compare?"
Nisaazda: "You'll follow Renald to your death!"
Nisaazda: "Show them your power, Devourer!"

When Nisaazda is summoning Sangiin's Thirst:

Nisaazda: "Nisaazda grants you the strength of shadows!"
Nisaazda: "Sanguine spirit, take form and feast!"
Group wipe
Nisaazda: "At least, you've whet the Devourer's appetite."
Nisaazda: "Simple ones. It's the Dragons you should be fighting."
Nisaazda: "Now, Grundwulf! Only your destiny remains!"
Nisaazda: "We were right to choose you as Devourer."
Nisaazda: "No more distractions. Our moment draws near."
When players activate a hemohelot
Nisaazda: "You dare hurl your filthy blood at Nisaazda? Grundwulf! Bleed them dry!"
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