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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Defeat the undead army and rescue the Mane.
Zone: Greenshade
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Objective: Required for Cadwell's Almanac Driladan Pass — Help the Dominion defeat the undead army.
Quest Giver: Bodring, Estinan
Location(s): Driladan Pass, Old Merchant Caves
Prerequisite Quest: The Staff of Magnus
Previous Quest: Naemon's Return
Next Quest: Shades of Green
Reward: Vinedusk Staff
Very High Leveled Gold
Enter the Shadow Wood
An undead army surges through Driladan Pass and assaults Marbruk on the command of the Shade of Prince Naemon.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Search for the Mane.
  2. Find out the true intentions of the Shade.
  3. Close the Shadow Rifts.
  4. Defeat the Servant of Naemon.
  5. Talk to Indaenir.
  6. Talk to Bodring.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Driladan Pass has been overrun by undead and necromancers from the Veiled Heritance. The Khajiiti Mane, Akkhuz-ri, has brought an army to help in the fight alongside the Vinedusk Bosmer clan, but has been forced to take refuge in an old mine tunnel. Fight your way through the tunnel to find him. Also with him is a Bosmer who seems to have a special connection to nature, Indaenir. When you have cleared the path, the Mane will go back to Marbruk to reorganise the troops and retake the pass, while you go on with Indaenir who believes he can find a way to discover what is going on.

Indaenir discovers that most of the wildlife has fled the place, but the torchbugs remain: and he sends you to follow the torchbug to gather the skulls of three "fallen" Bosmer who broke the Green Pact in life, named Ollion, Ethril and Thraul. This place is also packed with necromancers and undead. Having gathered the skulls, head to the Stone Table, where Indaenir questions them to reveal that what was once Naemon has now become a shade-lich that seeks to corrupt the entire forest into something called the "Shadow Wood". You will have the choice to either release the souls of the fallen Bosmer, or condemn them to continued imprisonment - a choice which may be made separately for each one. (Ollion and Ethril seem genuinely repentant, while Thraul is completely unrepentant and in fact rejoices in the coming of the Shadow Wood, in which he believes the fallen dead will have their turn to judge those who condemned them.)

The Shadow Wood, in fact, has already been created and the Shade is trying to merge it with the "real" wood. Your next task is to find and close three rifts between the real wood and Shadow Wood, with Indaenir's assistance. All three are down in the great river-chasm (there is a path leading to stairs, just to the left of the Stone Table as you originally face it): two of them in caves off the northern and southern sides respectively near the eastern end: the third further west, in the open air. Indaenir closes the rifts, while you have to fight yet more undead and necromancers and protect him while he does so. The Shade of Naemon will taunt you as you close the first two: when you try to close the third, he says "You go too far. Now experience the Shadow Wood for yourself" and you are dragged into the shadow-world. Instead of skeletons and necromancers, you'll now be facing spriggans, imps and lurchers in a dark, sinister version of the world.

Indaenir, too, will appear ghostly. Talking to him suggests that you head for a place where the real and shadow worlds coincide: he suggests the Stone Table. The best way to get there is up the stairs out of the chasm at its eastern end, on the northern side, where you will have to fight a "Servant of Naemon". Defeat him, and you will be transported back to the real world (you won't be able to loot the Shadow's corpse, if it leaves one, because it will be left behind in the shadow version of the world). Indaenir suggests that you go back to Marbruk to report the news: it is now safe to head back over the bridge and through Driladan Pass, where Bodring will be waiting for you at the south end.

You'll learn, from Bodring, that the chances are that Naemon will be going for Hectahame, the legendary heart of Valenwood (you may also have learned of the importance of Hectahame in The Flooded Grove: however, there is corruption in other parts of Valenwood too, in Dread Vullain (quest: Right of Theft) and Verrant Morass (quest: The Blight of the Bosmer), and Indaenir has already gone to one of those places to deal with it. Choose either: whichever you go to, he will be there.


  • Three quests - Retaking the Pass (Driladan Pass), Right of Theft (Dread Vullain) and The Blight of the Bosmer (Verrant Morass) - are all part of the overarching meta-quest "Shades of Green", although you will not be assigned the latter until you complete ONE of these three, whereupon you will be assigned "Shades of Green" with one objective already completed and the other two still to do. If you follow the Zone Story in the correct order, "Retaking the Pass" will be the first one of the three encountered. Alternatively, if you somehow reach Hectahame before starting ANY of the three, then "Breaking the Ward" will ask you to choose ONE of the three places to go to.
    • The three are also mutually exclusive: while you're doing one of them, it will not be possible to start either of the other two. This is because, although technically the quest giver for each one is a different member of the Vinedusk Rangers, all three also involve Indaenir, and he can't be in three places at once.
    • All three are needed to unlock Hectahame itself.
  • The Mane and Indaenir won't exist in the tunnel, unlike the rest of their party, before starting the quest.
  • The skulls won't exist before starting the quest or reaching the related objective.
  • The shadow rifts and the skeletal mages tending them won't exist before starting the quest or reaching the related objective.
  • While displayed as a hint, talking to Indaenir while in the Shadow Wood is not mandatory to do in order to proceed with the quest.
  • The Veiled Heritants in the southern section of the pass, including the tunnel, are removed once the quest is completed.


  • Despite Indaenir telling you to follow the torchbug, it is removed from sight after he finishes talking with it. Besides, it is not needed to complete the objective as the individual skulls' locations are pinpointed on the map. ?
  • Closed shadow rifts will reappear after a few seconds. Closing the same one again won't count for the completion tally. ?
  • If you don't speak to Indaenir as part of the "hint" mentioned above, Indaenir appears twice next to you after defeating the Servant of Naemon. One of the versions will keep following you even after having spoken to him and parting ways. He will even persist after completing the quest and will repeatedly spam quest-proximity dialogue. ?
    • Logging out and logging back in resolves this problem.

Quest Stages[edit]

Retaking the Pass
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Objective: Find Mane Akkhuz-ri
Objective: Allow Akkhuz-ri and Indaenir to Speak
Objective: Talk to Indaenir
Objective: Meet Indaenir Outside
Hidden Objective: Wait for Indaenir
Objective: Find the Skull of Ethril
Hidden Objective: Skull of Ethril
Objective: Find the Skull of Ollion
Hidden Objective: Skull of Ollion
Objective: Find the Skull of Thraul
Objective: Take Skulls to Indaenir at Stone Table
Objective: Place Skulls on Table
Objective: Let Indaenir Confer with the Skulls
Objective: Talk to Skull of Ethril and decide her fate
Objective: Talk to Skull of Ollion and decide his fate
Objective: Talk to Skull of Thraul and decide his fate
Objective: Interrogate the Skulls with Indaenir
Hidden Objective: Western Shadow Rift
Objective: Close the Shadow Rifts
Hidden Objective: Northern Shadow Rift
Hidden Objective: Southern Shadow Rift
Objective: Defeat the Servant of Naemon
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