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Real name: Jonathan Ellis. Yes, "JLE" is my real life initials.

Age: 30

Place: Manchester, England

Occupation: Professional musician (classical, piano).

I got into sending corrections in to the UESP (and later doing it on the Wiki, when it became a Wiki) originally because I got annoyed at it stating, for instance, that a certain person was standing east of a certain location when they were in fact west of it. Call me an anal-retentive no-life gimbo if you want ;-)

Mind you, whenever I play a game for which there's an internet website, I somehow seem to find myself contributing, whether I particularly intended it that way or not - although the Morrowind Redesign Project is the first time I've found myself on the website for a commercial game, previous experience having been with internet-distributed freeware or free-to-play games. For instance, writer of large monsters/items/artifacts patch for the roguelike "Angband" (1998-2000), play-tester for a 770-point update/expansion to the original "Adventure" (2002-3), Kingdom of Loathing Development Testing Team Member (2005-)... And I don't even consider myself a geek and wouldn't know a code bug if it bit me on the backside.