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Location Old Merchant Caves; Arenthia; Rawl'kha
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Aldmeri Dominion
Mane Akkhuz-ri

Akkhuz-ri is the current Mane of the Khajiit people circa 2E 582.

Akkhuz-ri wearing the Mane's helmet

Related Quests[edit]


Retaking the Pass[edit]

Striking at the Heart[edit]

Stonefire Machinations[edit]

During the quest, you must defeat a possessed Akkhuz-ri.

Mane Akkhuz-ri: "I grow weary of your meddling. Prepare to die!"
Mane Akkhuz-ri: "Darkness awaits you!"
Mane Akkhuz-ri: "Come forth, children of the dark moon!"

After defeating the Mane:

Mane Akkhuz-ri: "Please... I can't take any more."
Dark Mane: "This one knew the vessel was weak."
Dark Mane: "The Tharn will be displeased."
Dark Mane: "End this flesh before you. It is not fit to breathe."
Dark Mane: "We will meet again."

Speak with Akkhuz-ri:

"Bright moons, you have saved Akkhuz-ri. Drove out the evil that was corrupting his soul. Thanks to you, Akkhuz-ri is free."
You're well now? You've done some terrible things.
"It was not this one that did those things. He... he remembers. The screams, the anger, the blood... Akkhuz-ri remembers. He was ridden, controlled by an ancient evil. We call it the Dark Mane."
The Dark Mane?
"This one thought it was a tale. A story told to cubs. But then, he thought the same about the Dro-m'Athra. The Dark Mane was the leader of our people in ancient times, but he fell. He was cast out of the Moon's light, to walk forever in darkness."
It left this place. Do you know where it went?
"This one remembers it talking to Javad Tharn... speaking of dark treachery. Visiting places throughout the March. But no, Akkhuz-ri does not know where it went. Please, we should leave this place."
Yes, let's go. Just know I'll be watching you.

To Rawl'kha[edit]

When the quest begins, the Mane will step down from his position. He feels that he can never atone for what he did when he was possessed by the Dark Mane.

Mane Akkhuz-ri: "This one cannot comprehend... all of this by his hand?"
Mane Akkhuz-ri: "Akkhuz-ri... this one should have fought harder. Fought aginst the darkness. But he was weak."
Mane Akkhuz-ri: "This one is no longer fit to wear the Mane. That much is clear now. All must be told of his decision."

The First Step[edit]

"This one is humbled to stand before the Moon Hallowed. You have done so much for Akkhuz-ri's people... more than he has done in some time, he thinks."
How are you, Mane?
"You speak falsely. As this one said at Arenthia, Akkhuz-ri is the Mane no more. The touch of darkness, the stain of Javad Tharn's creature, remains. He can never atone for what he did."
It's good of you to be here to support the Champions, then.
"This one has known Shazah and Khali since they were cubs, since their days at the temple. They are strong, proud women. Our people will be in good hands, whoever walks the Two Moons Path."
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