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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Root out the Veiled Heritance agent in Skywatch.
Zone: Auridon
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Objective: Required for Cadwell's Almanac Skywatch — Help Razum-dar defeat the Veiled Heritance at Skywatch.
Quest Giver: Captain Tendil, Royal Bodyguard - one of four
Location(s): Skywatch, Errinorne Isle
Prerequisite Quest: A Hostile Situation
Previous Quest: To Skywatch
Next Quest: Wearing the Veil
Reward: Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard Experience XP
ID: 4330
Anyone could be a Veiled Heritance agent …
I arrived in Skywatch to find a festival in honor of the High Kinlady Estre in full swing.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Razum-dar at Skywatch Manor.
  2. Find the Veiled Heritance recruiter in the Barbed Hook Tavern.
  3. Bring a guard's sword to the recruiter.
  4. Accept the recruiter's drink.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

A Message from Razum-dar[edit]

To begin this quest, you will receive a message to meet with Razum-dar in Skywatch Manor, either from one of the Royal Bodyguards found around the city:

"Fair day! I've been given instructions. Razum-dar needs to speak with you, at once."
What's wrong?
"Not sure. I have orders to send you to the royal manse at once."
All right. I'm on my way.

or from Captain Tendil at the city's main gate.

"It's great to meet you at the gate again. Just like the last time!"
Sorry, what?
"Oh, it's no trouble at all. Our mutual Khajiit friend said he was happy to meet you.
The Festival—the High Kinlady's veneration ceremony. It's all very exciting!"
Out mutual Khajiit friend? Razum-dar?
"Exactly! Up at the manse. He's eager to discuss all the things you'll do on your visit to Skywatch. Should be a lot of fun.
Enjoy your time in the city."
I'll head to the manse, then. I guess.
"Good luck. If you need us, the Marines have your back."

Skywatch Manor[edit]

A conversation between sisters-in-law

The manse can be found to east, on the top tier of the city, and is marked on your map by the marketplace vendor icon. Once inside, you will overhear Queen Ayrenn and High Kinlady Estre discussing the presence of the Veiled Heritance in the city.

High Kinlady Estre: "...can assure you, if the Veiled Heritance is in Skywatch, they will be found."
Queen Ayrenn: "I believe you, Estre. But the Royal Guard will aid in the search. This is non-negotiable."
High Kinlady Estre: "Very well. If you will excuse me, Your Majesty, I have much to do."
A Skywatch noble claims to know where to find Razum-dar.
Razum-dar reveals himself

After Estre leaves, a noble standing nearby will call you over.

"Looking for Razum-dar? Follow th—me."
Who are you?
"Just follow."

He will then walk away behind the stairs, his form will then shimmer, and he will reveal himself as Razum-dar. Talk with him to see why needs need your assistance.

"Perhaps now you recognize Razum-dar, yes?"
Why the disguise?
"Skywatch is a dangerous town —- today, of all days. You know of the festival? Estre's ceremony, yes?"
What's the ceremony about?
"To cement their relationship, the Queen plans to elevate Estre within the Thalmor. Everything must be perfect."
So what's the catch?
"The Heritance. Raz has word the Veil has fallen on Skywatch. They plan to attack the royalty, make a statement. We need someone to find the cell and snuff it out.
And by someone, Raz means you."
Of course.
"It is a pleasure working beside you, my friend.
Start at the Barbed Hook Tavern, down by the docks. Use the phrase, "The wine here is made with Alik'r grapes." Raz is certain that will get you somewhere."

Infiltrate the Veiled Heritance[edit]

Your new identity to infiltrate the Veiled Heritance

To assist you with your investigation, Razum-dar will have handed you his Earring of the Noble Altmer. It will automatically give you the appearance of the Skywatch Noble Razum-dar previously used. You will need to leave the manor and head to the Barbed Hook Tavern, which is south of the manor and down the stairs near the docks. Once inside the tavern, you will need to find the Veiled Heritance recruiter by giving them the passphrase, "I heard the wine here is made with Alik'r grapes."

While most of the people who can be asked will have no idea what you are talking about, the innkeeper, Caledeen, can point you in the right direction.

"What'll you have?"
I heard the wine here is made with Alik'r grapes.
"Hmm. Maybe you should talk to Palomir."
First impressions are important

Palomir can be found nearby, leaning against the staircase. He will have little to say to you until you tell him the passprhase.

"Ah! A patriot! Let me get a look at you."
I'm here to join the cause.
"You look about right. Stars, yes! You might be just the right type. We'll need to test you first.
If you've been around Skywatch at all today, you've seen the Royal Guard. Right?"
"They're in the way. End the threat they represent to our cause.
Return with a blade and we'll move on to the next step."

It is not necessary to kill a guard to retrieve a sword. Find one of the Royal Guards stationed around Skywatch and ask them for their sword —- though initially they will be uncooperative. You will have three ways of getting it from them:

I'm working for the Queen. And I can pay.[000BribeBribe Gold]
"Hmm? Oh, I remember seeing you around. Here. Just take care of it."
[Intimidate] Listen, I really need this blade. And you do not want to cross me right now.
"Hold on, hold on! Just take it.
I'm here to guard the Queen, not fight every maniac in the street."
[Persuade] Trust me. I'm under cover, working with agents of the Queen.
"Hmm? Oh, I remember seeing you around.
Here. Just take care of it."

An alternate way to get a sword is to ignore the guards completely and talk with Razum-dar, who will hand one over.

"This one is surprised you have returned so soon. Have you made contact with the Heritance?"
I made contact, but they want me to kill a guard for his sword.
"Truly? Hmm. Well, we don't want you doing that. After all, Royal Guards are so expensive to train. And the paperwork for murdering a member of the Queen's entourage ... tsk."
So what do I do?
"Well it just so happens Raz has a blade that should satisfy your new friend. This one has been dueling with the Queen's men since we got to Skywatch.
Anything to avoid Urcelmo's strategy meetings."

Once you have the Royal Blade in hand, return to Palomir in the tavern.

"I'm impressed. As I expected, you're not just recruit material. You could be an officer.
Let's drink a toast to your health!"

Once you share in the toast, your vision will fade to black ...

A Cut Above[edit]

"Repeat after me. I pledge my life and soul to the Heritance and the Veiled Queen."

You awaken in an unknown place near a dock. Palomir will be waiting for you nearby, having brought you to the island to start your initiation as an officer of the Veiled Heritance.

"Welcome to the Veiled Isle. You're just off the coast of Skywatch. Our own private training ground.
You've been chosen to join. A cut above —- an officer of the Veiled Heritance."
I'm ready. What do I have to do?
"You can see the black soul gem here. Place your hand on it. Good. You can come and go all you want. But first—you take the oath.
Be sure you want this. You commit your immortal soul with this pledge."
My soul, huh? I'm ready. Go ahead.
"Repeat after me. I pledge my life and soul to the Heritance and the Veiled Queen."
[Lie] I pledge my life and soul to the Heritance and the Veiled Queen.
"You've passed the first test of your initiation. Congratulations."

After pledging your possibly missing soul to the Veiled Queen, you will have completed your first test and successfully infiltrated the Veiled Heritance. Continue talking with Palomir to begin the other tests of initiation.


  • Queen Ayrenn, Estre and Razum-dar won't exist in the manor before starting the quest.
  • Palomir won't exist in the tavern before starting the quest or reaching the related objective.
  • Maldetuile will still consider you a lowborn, even while wearing the Earring of the Noble Altmer.
  • Quest markers will continue to appear over the dead-end NPCs in the tavern you've already talked to.
  • The royal guard you obtain the sword from will still have it at their side after the interaction is over.
  • The "Location Discovered" for Errinorne Isle is not displayed when getting there via getting drugged.


Quest Stages[edit]

Lifting the Veil
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Razum-dar wants me to meet him at the royal manse.
Objective: Find Razum-dar
A Skywatch noble wants to speak to me about something or another.
Objective: Speak to the Noble
The Skywatch noble claims to know where I can find Razum-dar. I should follow him.
Objective: Follow the Noble
The Skywatch noble transformed into Razum-dar. Something must be going on here. I should speak to Razum-dar and find out more.
Objective: Talk to Razum-dar
Raz told me about a tavern where the Veiled Heritance has been recruiting new members. I should use his disguise and head there.
Objective: Enter the Barbed Hook Tavern
I'm inside the tavern. Now I need to find the Heritance recruiter.
Objective: Find the Veiled Heritance Recruiter
To prove I'm really interested in joining the Veil, I've been asked to obtain a sword from a Royal Guard.
Objective: Obtain a Sword From the Royal Guard
I've got the blade I need to prove myself to Palomir. Now to return to the recruiter.
Objective: Return to Palomir
It worked. I have been recruited into the Veiled Heritance. Now for a toast.
Objective: Drink...
What? I was drugged. I should speak to Palomir and get some answers.
Objective: Talk to Palomir
Finishes quest☑ I passed my first test with the Heritance. I need to talk to Palomir once more to continue my initiation.
Objective: Talk to Palomir
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