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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Infiltrate the Veiled Heritance.
Zone: Auridon
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Objective: Required for Cadwell's Almanac Skywatch — Help Razum-dar defeat the Veiled Heritance at Skywatch.
Quest Giver: Palomir
Location(s): Errinorne Isle
Prerequisite Quest: Lifting the Veil
Next Quest: The Veil Falls
Reward: High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: High Experience
ID: 4331
Palomir has some tests for you
I've been taken to the secret island stronghold of the Veiled Heritance. If I can pass their trials, I may be able to discover the true leader behind the Veil.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Solve the riddles at the Trial of Intelligence.
  2. Run around the Veiled Isle for the Trial of Endurance.
  3. Defeat the other recruits at the Trial of Strength.
  4. Talk to Alandare.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

The black soul gem with which you have pledged your soul

The Earring of Altmer Nobility that Razum-dar loaned you is still successfully hiding your identity. After you have pledged your "soul" to the Veiled Queen and her cause, your recruiter, Palomir, will explain that you have more trials to complete before you are officially made an officer.

"You're a lucky recruit. The Veiled Queen herself will be making a speech in support of the cause. You'll be able to see her firsthand!
Assuming you survive the trials."
If I survive?
"Before you lies three trials —- endurance, intelligence, and strength. A Heritance officer must embody all three of these virtues or they're no officer.
I recruited you. Don't fail me."
I won't. Which test comes first?
"Intelligence. Ohmonir proctors the test, just up the path from here. Go."

Trial of Intelligence[edit]

Ohmonir and the Trial of Intelligence

Ohmonir, to the east, is in charge of the first test. He will ask you two riddles to test your intelligence.

"You've come to test your mind? Learn if you have what it takes?"
Yes, I'm ready.
"The test is simple. I will give you a riddle. You choose from the items on these tables. One of them is the correct answer. Choose wrong? Face the consequences."

If you choose the correct item, he will set you another riddle.

"You have chosen wisely. Are you ready for another question?"
Yes. Go on.
"Answer this correctly and our business is done."

He asks another random riddle.

Once you pick the correct item, he will congratulate you and send you to the next trial.

"Well done! You've proven you have a well-honed mind."
What's next, then?
"Now you must prove your heart's endurance. Speak to Varustante and she will begin your trial."

Possible riddles are [verification needed — rest of riddles are on NPC page]:

Riddle Answer
Two bodies have I, two joined into one,

The more I stand still the faster I run.
I flip on my head, Some watch me with dread.
What am I?

I'm always smiling, but I never laugh.

I once loved life, from cat to calf.
I'm always staring, but I cannot see.
I once held secrets, those given to me.
What am I?

My life is measured in hours,

I serve by being devoured.
Thin, I am quick,
Fat, I am slow,
What am I?

Friend to soldiers, guardsmen, and mercs.

Scarred from battle, unbowed by hurt.
I always face forward when battle is joined.
When on the march, I watch from behind.
What am I?

I attend every battle.

I attend every duel.
My tooth is sharp.
My swing is cruel.
What am I?

When young, I'm sweet in the sun.

When middle-aged,I'm the life of the party.
When old, I'm worth my weight in gold.
When I'm gone, everyone laments my absence.

I have lots to say but never speak,

I open but you cannot walk through me,
I have a spine but no bones.


Trial of Endurance[edit]

Varustante—Proctor of the Trial of Endurance

Varustante, to the north of Ohmonir, will test the endurance of your heart and body.

"Here for the Trial of Endurance? This is a race around the island, mind. Not a casual stroll. Think you can handle it?"
I can handle this.
"On my mark, magical pillars will appear on a set path. Follow the markers and keep to your feet
Oh, and 'ware the imps. Little bastards have sharp teeth. Ready?"
I'm ready. [Start Race]
Race around the island obstacle course

You need to run around the island within the two-minute time limit. Blue flames and beams of light will represent the markers near which you need to run for it to count. Skills or items that improve your speed, such as Rapid Maneuver or speed potions, are recommended. Also, try to avoid the imps, as they can slow you down. If you fail to make it back in time, just talk to Varustante to retry the trial.

When you have made it back within the time limit, talk to Varustante to complete the Trial of Endurance.

"An impressive time. You've passed the Veil's trial of endurance."
What's next?
"Alandare proctors your final trial —- the trial of strength. Get going."

Trial of Strength[edit]

Alandare—Proctor of the Trial of Strength

Alandare and the last trial are east of Varustante, just outside the ruins.

"You guessed the old man's riddles and ran a little race. Good for you. Ready for a real challenge?"
How do I prove my strength?
"You fight. Every officer under the Veil needs to know how to fight. Behind me is the combat ring. You'll go up against other officer candidates."
I'll be fighting other recruits?
"I don't want to hear moaning. We've a long road to walk before we remove that heretic Ayrenn.
The Veiled Queen deserves only the best. So we only take the best."
I'm ready.
"We'll see. Head up the stairs, join the melee. If you survive, you're in.
Prepare yourself."
The Trial of Strength

Head up the stairs to the makeshift fighting ring where the other potential officer recruits are waiting. Most will be waiting atop the ruin walls and will jump down when you initiate combat. Your opponents include Initiate Soldiers, Cutthroats, Ice Masters, and Deadeyes. Once they have all been defeated, you can return to Alandare.

"Good work. You're tougher than you look."
Thanks. I think.
"I get to welcome you beneath the Veil. Do your damnedest to make the Veiled Queen proud."

Talk with her some more and she will set you to your first task, introducing yourself to the Veiled Council.


  • None of the quest-related NPCs except for Palomir exist on the island before starting the quest.
  • Killing Veiled Heritance members on the island while undercover with them has no negative impact for the completion of the quest.
  • When asking Ohmonir to repeat the riddles, he will for some reason add an extra line, remove one or even phrase the riddle in a different way entirely depending on the riddle you received.
  • The hourglass riddle also appeared in Arena and Oblivion.
  • If you leave the island, you can return by activating the boat located at the eastern end of Skywatch docks here.

Quest Stages[edit]

Wearing the Veil
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
For my first trial, I must prove my intelligence. I should speak to Ohmonir to begin this trial.
Objective: Talk to Ohmonir
This is the riddle I need to solve by selecting the proper item.
Objective: Select Your Answer
Fails quest☒ (If you chose the wrong item)
Objective: You Chose Poorly
I should talk to Ohmonir.
Objective: Talk to Ohmonir
This is the riddle I need to solve by selecting the proper item.
Objective: Select Your Answer
I have answered the riddles. I should speak to Ohmonir and find out what I need to do next.
Objective: Talk to Ohmonir
My next trial is one of endurance. I need to speak to Varustante to begin the test.
Objective: Talk to Varustante
Why am I reading my journal when I should be running a race?
Objective: Complete the Race
Hidden Objective: Finish the Race
Objective Hint: Reach Next Marker
I completed the test of endurance. I should speak to Varustante now.
Objective: Talk to Varustante
The final trial isa [sic] test of strength. I need to speak to Alandare to begin the test.
Objective: Talk to Alandare
This final test pits me against other recruits. I need to defeat the other initiates to prove my worth to the Veil.
Objective: Defeat the Other Initiates
Finishes quest☑ I completed my final trial. I should talk to Alandare and find out what happens next.
Objective: Talk to Alandare
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