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Captain Sarandil
Home City Marbruk
Race High Elf Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Captain Sarandil

Captain Sarandil is a High Elf member of the Marbruk City Guard tasked with guarding the Staff of Magnus.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest Related Events[edit]

The Staff of Magnus[edit]

When you arrive in Marbruk, you'll find Sarandil visiting Mendreval at her stall, Pact-Wise Leatherworks.

"Hail, chosen of the queen. We have been expecting you."
What do you need?
"Queen Ayrenn sent a missive detailing your arrival and orders. You are here to secure the Staff of Magnus."
Where is it?
"Safe, in our vault below the city. We have guarded it day and night. When you are ready, I shall show you into the vault."
All right, let's go.

If you have not spoken to Ayrenn about the staff, you can ask Sarandil:

The Staff of Magnus?
"They say it belonged to Magnus, the God of Magic, though no one knows its origins precisely.
As to what it does, it suppresses magic, and therefore is a cherished and highly protected artifact."

Sarandil leads you to the Mages Guild (Marbruk) hall. On the way he tells you have the Altmer have managed to bring civility to the jungle:

Captain Sarandil: "If you would follow me."
Captain Sarandil: "As you can see, our artisans have built some small amount of civilization amidst this barbaric wilderness."
Captain Sarandil: "Marbruk will soon be a jewel of the Dominion in this backward territory."
Captain Sarandil: "As one would expect, we have encountered scattered protests. Nonsense about 'protecting the trees'."
Captain Sarandil: "The local Bosmer are disorganized and flighty. Such outbursts usually fizzle out of their own accord."
Captain Sarandil: "Ah, the Mages Guild. If you would follow me inside."

Once inside, he continues the tour and lecture:

Captain Sarandil: "Behold, the Mages Guild. The paint is still fresh. A marvelous addition to the city.
Captain Sarandil: "Work remains, of course, but one does what one must on the fringes of the Dominion.
Captain Sarandil: "The vault is below. Follow me."

Inside the Primary Vault he'll ask you to examine some of the collection:

Captain Sarandil: "This vault holds many rare plants that no longer exist in the Summerset Isles. Do take a closer look. I am no scholar of botany, but I know something about our specimens."

As you examine each specimen, he'll remark on it's character:

  • Roland's Tear - "Alchemists pay a dear price for this plant. It will be the jewel of the royal gardens."
  • Crimson Nirnroot - "Crimson Nirnroot. We thought it was a Nord tall-tale."
  • Gleamblossom - "We found these in a Valenwood cave, of all places."
  • Domica Redwort - "We have been trying to transplant this unusual variety of Redwort plant into Summerset for some time."

Speak to him and he'll tell you:

"Valenwood's soil is, not surprisingly, very fertile. These specimens are bound for the royal gardens."
Let's move on.

Sarandil will unlock the door to the Relic Room:

Captain Sarandil: "This room holds Ayleid relics uncovered across Valenwood. Interesting, aren't they?
We've removed any dormant traps, that we know of, so feel free to examine them more closely. I will answer any questions you have about them."

As with the previous room, Sarandil will comment as you view the items in the room:

  • Racuvar Bala - "Scholars believe this relic was broken into pieces when it fell from the heavens. They believe there may be others in Hectahame, the legendary center of Valenwood."
  • Gandra-Lye - "The tree-gifts. We're not actually sure what it does."
  • Crown of Nenalata - "This helm is actually from our own collection, but one of our Bosmer … allies … stole it, and then returned it in exchange for a song."

Speak to him and he'll say:

"Our ancestors have left traces of their civilization across Tamriel. If we follow Queen Ayrenn, our empire will one day rival theirs."
Let's move on.

Sarandil will then unlock the Inner Vault. Once inside, he'll announce:

Captain Sarandil: "Behold. The Staff of Magnus."

If you speak to him before examining the staff, he'll tell you:

"Here is the Staff of Magnus. As you can see, we have kept it quite well protected."

As you go to examine the staff, a small explosion occurs and the staff vanishes:

Captain Sarandil: "What? What happened? Where is it?"

He will reveal that Vicereeve Pelidil was the last person to visit the vault:

"By the shining trees of Aldmeris. We have been burgled, but how?"
That staff was an illusion. Where's the real one?
"I know not! We have guarded the vault day and night. I placed the staff myself."
Has anyone else entered the vault?
"No. The vault is off limits to all but … wait. Vicereeve Pelidil recently toured the vault."
Why was he here?
"The queen's business, or so he stated. The staff was present before his visit, but I did not check after he left."
Do you think the vicereeve stole the Staff of Magnus?
"Unthinkable, yet … what other conclusion can we draw? Such illusionary magic is beyond the ken of a common thief.
To the surface. I must question the watch."
I'll meet you there.

Return to the Mages Guild ground floor and you'll see Sarandil questioning two Dominion Soliders:

"None have entered the vault save you and the vicereeve. I have confirmed it."
Where is Vicereeve Pelidil now?
"He departed into the wilderness. He said he had orders from the queen to bring Naemon's body. He did not return.
He was always foolishly devoted to the prince. I pray nothing has happened to the prince's body, too."
What do you suspect?
"The Staff of Magnus is an extremely powerful object. There's no telling what wickedness he could achieve, if he desired it.
Rest assured, he would not have accessed the vault if we'd had any suspicion of his loyalty. Someone must inform the queen."

If you got the quest from Ayrenn, you can say:

I'll handle it.

After telling Sarandil you'll find and speak with Ayrenn, Herald Fisalie will conveniently appear and announce the Queen's arrival. Speak to Sarandil again and he'll say:

"I will gather an immediate accounting of events from those on duty. You had best give the news to the queen."

Otherwise, you'll complete the quest with Sarandil:

We cannot wait for the queen. We must act now.
"I should have expected such initiative from the queen's chosen. Tracking down Vicereeve Pelidil will take time. That is my responsibility as the Staff of Magnus disappeared on my watch.
I will keep the queen apprised of our actions."

After the quest, he'll say:

"These are uncertain times. Without our queen to guide us, we would be lost. I pray our enemies don't get their way."

Naemon's Return[edit]

Inside the Queen's Residence in Marbruk, Sarandil will enter after you finish speaking to Queen Ayrenn: If you have not completed Retaking the Pass, Captain Sarandil will enter and deliver his news:

Captain Sarandil: "Your Majesty! The undead are massing at Driladan Pass! A lich lord commands them, and he wears the royal crest…."
Queen Ayrenn: "Naemon, then…I must beg your indulgence…I cannot speak just now."
Queen Ayrenn: "Please, speak to him at once."

Speaking to him to receive the quest:

"So it is true then? Prince Naemon has been raised from the dead and now seeks vengeance by corrupting Valenwood?
Gods help us! That makes this even more difficult. And with the undead already outside the city gates, we must act now."
Prince Naemon is leading them?
"No, the lich-lord … er, Naemon was commanding the dead earlier, but he since departed the area.
Before anyone can go after him though, we must first drive the undead back from the city gates."
What can I do to help?
"You should make haste to Driladan Pass. I am certain they will be grateful for your assistance. Look for Scout Catannie just outside the city gates. She's helping to coordinate our defenses.
I'll remain here in case the queen needs anything."
I'll go look for Catannie then.

Speaking to him again:

"May the light of Aldmeris guide you and may this whole nightmare be put to rest quickly … and with the least possible suffering."