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The Ayleid Crown of Nenalata is an ancient Ayleid artifact. Its appearance varies, sometimes appearing as a lightweight Moonstone helm, sometimes as a simple crown. It can be distinguished from other Ayleid crowns by a royal glyph emblazoned upon it. Superficial enchantments grant the wearer spell reflection and increased skill at Alteration and Conjuration magic, although the true potential of the crown is seemingly much greater. It is an immensely valuable treasure.


The crown was traditionally worn by the king of the Ayleid city-state of Nenalata, a Daedraphile settlement at the mouth of the Silverfish River in Cyrodiil. The city-state is famed for being the longest-lasting Ayleid outpost within Cyrodiil's borders, due largely to their allegiance to the Alessian Empire. The crown's final bearer was Laloriaran Dynar, the so-called Last King of the Ayleids, who inherited it from his father some time before 1E 331. It had seemingly left his possession by the time he was imprisoned in Coldharbour in 1E 484.[1]

By 2E 582, the crown had come into the possession of the Aldmeri Dominion. However, the crown was stolen by a Bosmer man who was apparently practicing the Rite of Theft. He traded it back to the Dominion for a song, confounding the Altmer. The crown was brought to a secure vault in the newly-built city of Marbruk in Greenshade for safekeeping, alongside various other Ayleid artifacts.[2]

In 3E 433, the crown was purchased by an Imperial scholar of the Ayleids named Herminia Cinna. An Altmer collector named Umbacano desired to buy the crown from her, planning to use it in the throne room of Nenalata to transform himself into the King of Nenalata and lead a rebirth of Ayleid civilization. Rightly fearing Umbacano's ulterior motives, Cinna refused to sell, instead hoping to trick him into accepting the Crown of Lindai. Umbacano sent the Hero of Kvatch to steal the crown from Cinna's house in the Imperial City, although it is unknown if the Hero went through with this or recovered the other crown instead. Regardless, Umbacano was killed later that year during an expedition to Nenalata.[3]


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