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Type Ruin
Continent Tamriel
Province Cyrodiil
Region Nibenay Valley
Appears in Oblivion
The throne room of Nenalata
Farewell to Nenalata music box

Nenalata is an Ayleid ruin located on the eastern shore of the Niben Bay at the mouth of the Silverfish River.[1] It was the last Ayleid city in Cyrodiil during the First Era, lasting three centuries after the Fall of White Gold Tower.[2]


During the Alessian Slave Rebellion Nenalata's king allied his city with the rebels, believing that the uprising would prove successful. While this strategic move would save the city from destruction, human rule soon brought about many difficult changes. Nenalata, economically heavily dependent on slave labor, was forced to switch to a slave-less society after the emancipation of humans in Cyrodiil. Another strenuous adjustment was the imposition of Empress Alessia's new pantheon, the Eight Divines, in place of the city's previous deity Meridia.[3][4]

Several years after his city's subjugation by the Alessian Empire, Nenalata's king passed on leaving the crown to his son Laloriaran Dynar. The new king inherited a kingdom in turmoil, its subjects terrified by the swift rise of the militant anti-elven Alessian Order. The Order's accession marked the beginning of a long era of elven persecution. Sometime later in the year 1E 361, the Order staged a coup d'etat in the Imperial City. The new puppet emperor soon installed the Alessian Doctrines as the empire's official religion. The king, seeing what was soon to come, pledged undying loyalty to the emperor, and once again Nenalata was spared.[3][4]

As the decades went on, Cyrodiil's Ayleid city-states collapsed one by one at the hand of the brutal order. Eventually every other city had fallen, and the Order turned its full attention towards Nenalata. Soon the Nenalatans were faced with a final ultimatum by the emperor, abandon their home and leave Cyrodiil forever, or be slaughtered. The city split between two factions, those who wanted to take the emperor's offer and evacuate and those who desired to stay and defend their home. The two sides debated on a course of action, but were unable to reach a consensus. With a heavy heart, King Dynar soon made the decision to vacate the city, taking all who would listen and began the exodus from their ancestral home to the lands of the Direnni Hegemony.[nb 1] Shortly afterwards the Alessian Army arrived at Nenalata and massacred all who chose to stay behind.[3][4][5]

The Ayleids' journey to their destination proved long and arduous and many died along the way. But when the survivors finally arrived in High Rock, they were welcomed with open arms by the Direnni. The Ayleid refugees soon began the task of building a new home for themselves, selecting a small island in the center of Bangkorai's Halcyon Lake. After displacing a group of Orcs who resided in the area, they were ready to initiate construction. A new city in the image of Nenalata quickly arose in the middle of the lake and was named Bisnensel.[3][6]

In the late Third Era, millennia later, the tale of Nenalata and its final king attracted the attention of two rival scholars of Ayleid history, Herminia Cinna and Umbacano. In the year 3E 433 Cinna was able to acquire Nenalata's royal crown. Umbacano, who was planning an expedition to Nenalata, hired the Hero of Kvatch to obtain the crown. Cinna, who was uneasy with Umbacano's seemingly unhealthy obsession with the Ayleids, refused to part with the crown, instead suggesting the Hero recover the crown of Nenalata's ancient rival Lindai. Which option the Hero chose is unknown however. Regardless, Umbacano did embark on his expedition, and upon reaching Nenalata's throne room proclaimed himself King of the Ayleids. This decision proved fatal for Umbacano, but the exact details of his death are uncertain.[7]