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Dolmens are locations where Molag Bal is attempting to latch onto Tamriel to drag it into Coldharbour. There are three in each zone, and ten in Cyrodiil. An active Dolmen can be seen and heard from quite some distance. Taking part in the battles at every Dolmen within your Alliance's zones will earn you an Achievement, and you will receive an additional Achievement if you complete every Dolmen in Tamriel. For information on the mechanics of Dolmens, see the page on Dark Anchors.

The Daedric text on the upright stones in the dolmens say "Coldharbour calls Nirn obeys", as in Exiled from Exile, Volume 7. The inner circle on the ground says "The slave must obey" and "Fall thrall to Bal". The outer circle says "Molag Bal is your master".

Although named as such, the Proving Grounds Dolmen in Craglorn is non-functioning and categorized as a Striking Locale. Similarly, the Unfinished Dolmen in Wrothgar is categorized as a Group Boss. Cloud Ruler Temple uses the Dolmen icon, but is categorized as an Explorable Location. Although the White-Gold Tower serves as one of Molag Bal's dolmens, it is categorized as a Group Dungeon.

Bruma was originally marked as a ON-mapicon-City.pngCity but was treated as a Dark Anchor. This was changed in Update 11 when Bruma became an Alliance War objective and its dolmen got its own map marker.

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