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AvA Towns are the occupied towns in Cyrodiil which are under the control of one of the three Alliances. Each town has three PvP objective flags, all of which must be captured to gain control of the town for your alliance. The towns also act as quest hubs for a number of repeatable PvE quests in the area; if your alliance does not control the town, it may be more difficult to reach the quest givers.

Every town has a fortified building on the edge of the settlement which acts as a safe house and Transitus Network node for the controlling alliance, and can also be selected as a respawn point after dying a PvP-based death. These safe houses are guarded by NPC soldiers of the controlling alliance. Additionally, the controlling alliance of each town has access to a special quartermaster who sells Epic-quality set items. The Bruma Quartermaster primarily sells items from medium armor sets, the Cropsford Quartermaster primarily sells light armor set items, and the Vlastarus Quartermaster primarily sells items from heavy armor sets.

To claim a town, the attackers need to capture the three objective flags in the settlement by holding them for a short period of time, after defeating the attendant NPC alliance soldiers. One of the flags, on the outskirts of the town, has no NPC guards; the second, near the quartermaster, has two; while the third, in the center of the settlement, has three. Once a town is claimed, NPCs of the controlling faction will appear by the latter two flags to help guard them. Note that it is possible for an attacking alliance to gain control of a portion of the flags of the settlement, and come back for the rest later; however, any killed guards will respawn if left too long, which will automatically revert the flags they were stationed at to their own alliance.



  • The town capture feature was added with Update 11. Prior to this, these towns were Explorable Locations which granted Experience on discovery.
  • The town safe houses were redesigned and added to the Transitus Network in Update 20, and can now be entered from the outside.
  • If the nearby keep is owned by a different alliance to the one that controls the town, NPC soldiers from the keep may be found on the roads around the town, occasionally getting into combat with the NPC defenders at the flags.