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This page lists all the cities in Elder Scrolls Online.

Aldmeri Dominion[edit]



  • ON-mapicon-City.png Elden Root — A city in eastern-central Valenwood, in the Grahtwood region, and the capital city of the Aldmeri Dominion. (map)


Khenarthi's Roost[edit]

Malabal Tor[edit]

Reaper's March[edit]

Daggerfall Covenant[edit]

Alik'r Desert[edit]



  • ON-mapicon-City.png Camlorn — A city in north-central Glenumbra. (map)
  • ON-mapicon-City.png Daggerfall — The largest city in Glenumbra, located at the southwestern end of the peninsula. (map)


  • ON-mapicon-City.png Northpoint — The primary city of House Dorell, located in northeastern Rivenspire. (map)
  • ON-mapicon-City.png Shornhelm — The capital city of Rivenspire, located in the center of the region. (map)


  • Wayrest — The capital city of the Daggerfall Covenant, located in southern Stormhaven. (map)

Stros M'Kai[edit]

Ebonheart Pact[edit]


  • ON-mapicon-City.png Mournhold — A city on Morrowind's southern mainland, in the Deshaan region. (map)


The Rift[edit]





  • ON-mapicon-City.png GideonBlackwood — A city located in Blackwood, on the Black Marsh side of the border. (map)
  • ON-mapicon-City.png LeyawiinBlackwood — A city located in Blackwood, on the Cyrodiil side of the border. (map)

Clockwork CityClockwork City[edit]

  • ON-mapicon-City.png Brass FortressClockwork City — A city built by Sotha Sil that serves as the main settlement and hub of the Clockwork City. (map)



  • ON-mapicon-Lighthouse (Group).png Elinhir — A major city situated in eastern Craglorn. (map)


  • ON-mapicon-AvA Town.png Bruma — A city in northern Cyrodiil, south of Fort Dragonclaw. (map)
  • ON-mapicon-City.png Cheydinhal — A city in eastern Cyrodiil, southeast of Arrius Keep. (map)

FargraveThe Deadlands[edit]

The Gold CoastDark Brotherhood[edit]

  • ON-mapicon-City.png AnvilDark Brotherhood — A major settlement on the Gold Coast of Cyrodiil. (map)
  • ON-mapicon-City.png KvatchDark Brotherhood — A major settlement in the eastern highlands of the Gold Coast. (map)

Hew's BaneThieves Guild[edit]

High IsleHigh Isle[edit]

  • ON-mapicon-City.png Gonfalon BayHigh Isle — A city located on High Isle, on the southern end of the island. (map)


  • ON-mapicon-Town.png VastyrFiresong — A port city located on Galen, on the southern end of the island. (map)


  • ON-mapicon-City.png LilmothMurkmire — A city found on the coast of Oliis Bay in southeastern Murkmire. (map)

Northern ElsweyrElsweyr[edit]

  • ON-mapicon-City.png RimmenElsweyr — A city in the northeast corner of Northern Elsweyr. (map)

Southern ElsweyrDragonhold[edit]

The ReachMarkarth[edit]

  • MarkarthMarkarth — A Dwemer city that is inhabited by the Reachfolk. (map)


  • ON-mapicon-City.png AlinorSummerset — A city found in the southwestern part of Summerset. (map)

Telvanni PeninsulaNecrom[edit]

  • ON-mapicon-Mushroom Tower.png Ald IsraNecrom — A Telvanni settlement located on the western coast of the Fungal Lowlands, south of Kemel-Ze. (map)
  • ON-mapicon-City.png NecromNecrom — A city located on the northeastern edge of the Telvanni Peninsula. (map)


  • ON-mapicon-City.png BalmoraMorrowind — A city found in the West Gash region of Vvardenfell. (map)
  • ON-mapicon-City.png Sadrith MoraMorrowind — A city found in the Azura's Coast region of northeastern Vvardenfell. (map)
  • ON-mapicon-City.png Vivec CityMorrowind — The largest city on Vvardenfell and the home of Vivec. (map)

Western SkyrimGreymoor[edit]

  • ON-mapicon-City.png SolitudeGreymoor — A city that serves as the capital of Haafingar and hub of the Western Skyrim. (map)

West Weald[edit]

  • ON-mapicon-City.png SkingradGold Road — A Colovian city located in the West Weald. (map)


  • ON-mapicon-City.png OrsiniumOrsinium — The largest city in Wrothgar, and the home of King Kurog. (map)


  • Each alliance in the game has a starter city and a capital city located in the base game zones. Starter cities often have prologue quests and transport to DLC zones, while Capital cities have undaunted enclaves. The cities are:
  • Aldmeri Dominion Vulkhel Guard (starter), Elden Root (capital)
  • Daggerfall Covenant Daggerfall (starter), Wayrest (capital)
  • Ebonheart Pact Davon's Watch (starter), Mournhold (capital)