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An active artifact spawn location, behind the gate of Mnem

Artifact Spawns are various unmarked locations within Cyrodiil where Daedric Artifacts spawn. They are visually distinctive, as each location has a circle of spikes protruding from the ground and a group of three golden saints guarding the area. If an artifact is in a specific spawn location, it will be indicated by a rift with a ray of light shining down on the artifact. A total of 21 of these locations can be found throughout Cyrodiil.

Volendrung will only spawn in the locations closest to each faction's Border Keeps; for each faction, 1 of these spawn points is behind their scroll gates, while the other 2 can be found close outside. The weapon is inclined to spawn closer to the Border Keep, with the area behind the scroll gate being the most likely spawn location. The artifact spawns found in the inner area of the map were added in PTS patch v5.0.1 to allow for multiple Volendrungs to be up at once for testing purposes, and can be ignored.


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