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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Head to the Boralis mountains and find a way through the Shrouded Pass.
Zone: Rivenspire
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Objective: Required for Cadwell's Almanac The Doomcrag — Ascend the mountain and put an end to Baron Montclair.
Quest Giver: Baron Alard Dorell in Northpoint;
Count Verandis Ravenwatch near the Staging Grounds Wayshrine
Location(s): Shrouded Pass
Prerequisite Quest: The Liberation of Northpoint
Next Quest: The Lightless Remnant
Reward: Ayleid Greatsword
Very High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Very High Experience
One of the puzzles found in the Shrouded Pass
We put an end to Reezal-Jul and Lleraya. Now we need to deal with Baron Montclair. But to reach Montclair in his citadel atop the Doomcrag, we first need to find a way through the Shrouded Pass.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Meet Verandis Ravenwatch at the foot of the Doomcrag.
  2. Reach the first portal chamber.
  3. Reach the second portal chamber.
  4. Talk to Baron Dorell.
  5. Talk to Verandis Ravenwatch.

The Ascend Begins[edit]

When in an Ayleid ruin, do as the Ayleid spirits

You can either accept this quest from Baron Alard Dorell immediately after you finish the previous quest in Northpoint, or from Count Verandis Ravenwatch, who can be found near the Staging Grounds Wayshrine.

It's tempting to try and reach the Staging Grounds via Crestshade Wayshrine, but the correct approach is to follow the coast from Northpoint Wayshrine. Swimming can be avoided by crossing over sunken paths and Ayleid debris, passing by Veawend Ede (Magnus' Gift set crafting location).

When you talk to Verandis, he will tell you that Baron Montclair is atop the Doomcrag and that he has activated the ruins' ancient Ayleid defenses. He needs you to find a way to the first portal to allow the troops to start their ascend while he finishes his translation of the Ayleid text that you helped him to retrieve from the Lorkrata Ruins. As you move up the hill, you will encounter Baron Dorell and Countess Eselde Tamrith debating which way to ascend. Baron Dorell recommends ascending the path, while Countess Tamrith recommends going through the Ayleid Ruins.

If you enter the Ayleid Ruin, you will encounter Skordo, who will help you defeat the Guardian Construct in the next room. Proceed up the stairs to the first puzzle room, where Countess Tamrith will catch up with you. Activate the switch, which causes Ayleid spirits to appear and kneel on certain Star Panels. Since it is possible to interact with the panels at the same moment as the spirits do, the easiest way to "solve" the puzzle is by following each spirit that appears and interact with the panel that they walk to. For completeness's sake, the correct order to trigger the Star Panels is as follows: The Ritual, The Warrior, The Mage, The Tower and lastly The Shadow. This will release the barrier to the next room. Go up the stairs to the west and back outside to the Shrouded Pass.

Climb the pass to the first portal chamber's entrance. Enter the chamber and activate the portal. Verandis will be the first person to emerge from the portal and you should speak with him to learn about your next step:

What should I do next?
"As out troops emerge from the portal and take up position outside, you need to make your way to the second portal chamber. Once you activate that portal, we can get the troops that much closer to the top of the Doomcrag."
Then what happens?
"Let's not get ahead of ourselves. We must step through each door we come upon in turn. For now, you need to reach the second portal chamber."
"Go on. The second portal chamber should be on the third level. I want to make sure this portal is stable and then I'll follow after you."

As per Verandis's suggestion, you should head back outside and make your way to the second portal chamber. There is a lore book near a skeleton at the base of some nearby stairs, which you may want to collect if you have not added this book to your collection yet. Cross one of the bridges to the west (Darien Gautier is standing on the southern bridge) and go past the Guardian Gargoyle outside the Chamber of the Stone Guardian.

Ayleid Riddles[edit]

Onwards and upwards

Verandis will join you inside and will tell you to find a way to lower the barrier. Examine the four (non-reanimated) statues around the room. Verandis will translate each plaque to determine which season it represents. Talk to the Stone Guardian, who will pose you a few riddles to test whether you are worthy of moving deeper into the Doomcrag. The riddles and their answers are as follows:

  • "Tell, me, what is the time of dawning? Of birth and nourishing Rain?"
Larelleis. (Ayleid word for spring)
  • "A time of light and joy and abundant growth. Long hot days give way to short, hot nights?"
Wenayasille. (Ayleid word for summer)
  • "An end comes to all things. And like dusk comes before the night, this cycle comes before the gray of iron death?"
Morilatta. (Ayleid word for autumn)
  • "What is the season of iron gray? What is the cycle in which the world finally dies, at least for a time?"
Angalayond. (Ayleid word for winter)

After you have correctly answered all four riddles, the barrier will fall and you will be able to enter Ceynaril. Proceed into the chamber and activate the second portal, from which Baron Dorell and several soldiers will promptly emerge. Talk to the Baron and he will tell you to speak with Verandis to see if everything is ready. Talk to Verandis to complete the quest and to receive your reward, which consists of an Ayleid Greatsword and some leveled gold:

"Once again, you succeeded at the task set before you. Well done, my friend."
I think everyone is here. The pass is ours.
"A battle won, but the war rages on. We must reach the Lightless Remnant and destroy it. But Montclair will grow more desperate the closer we get to that cursed relic. Are you ready, my friend? Once more into the breach?"


  • You can use the portals to return to the base of the Doomcrag near Staging Grounds Wayshrine.
  • While Varlasel can be entered beforehand, the Guardian Construct will only be present inside after starting the quest.
    • The same applies for the Guardian Gargoyle later on near the entrance to the second portal chamber.
  • Prior to starting the quest, the magical barriers in Varlasel won't be present, allowing free passage. The switch in the room can also be used before the quest to make the spirits appear. Starting the quest makes the barriers appear, forcing to complete the puzzle to proceed.
  • Standing against the barrier in the second portal chamber will make your character flinch and take very minimal damage that regenerates right away.

Quest Stages[edit]

Puzzle of the Pass
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I need to go to the Shrouded Pass and meet up with Count Verandis Ravenwatch.
Objective: Meet Verandis Ravenwatch
Montclair triggered ancient wards and awakened Ayleid defenders within the ruins. I need to find a way to reach the first portal chamber so I can open a path for our troops to acend.
Objective: Activate the First Portal Chamber
I opened the first portal and Verandis has emerged from it. Now I should speak to Verandis and see what he wants me to do next.
Objective: Talk to Verandis Ravenwatch
A second portal chamber is supposed to be located higher up, on the third level of the pass. I need to make my way there and open the second portal.
Objective: Activate the Second Portal Chamber
Objective Hint: Talk to the Stone Guardian
I opened the second portal. Baron Dorell was the first one through. I should speak to him.
Objective: Talk to Baron Dorell
Finishes quest☑ We've gathered at the base of the Doomcrag and are ready to make our final assault against Baron Montclair. I should speak to Verandis and see if he has any final words before we begin.
Objective: Talk to Verandis Ravenwatch.
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