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Countess Eselde Tamrith
Home City Shornhelm
Race Breton Gender Female
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) House Tamrith
Countess Eselde Tamrith

Countess Eselde Tamrith is a Breton and the current head of House Tamrith, one of the three main houses ruling over Rivenspire. She has a sister named Janeve who is part of the Shornhelm Guard.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Shornhelm Divided[edit]

Enter the Shornhelm Chapel and you'll find the Countess, Baron Alard Dorell, and Count Verandis Ravenwatch in a heated discussion:

Baron Alard Dorell: "You sent the Guard west? To chase a rumor? We need those troops to protect Shornhelm!"
Countess Eselde Tamrith: "Only some of them, Baron. My father would have done the same. Captain Janeve will discover the truth and report back."
Count Verandis Ravenwatch: "Countess, Baron, please. We must remain focused. As long as Montclair controls the upper city, the whole region remains at risk."
Baron Alard Dorell: "How can we trust you, Count Ravenwatch? Your friendship with Montclair is well known. What did you offer those captains to betray us?"
Countess Eselde Tamrith: "I care for the Count even less than you, Baron, but he hasn't done anything to warrant such accusations—yet."
Baron Alard Dorell: "We must end this debate and take action! Make an example of the two traitors and retake the upper city! How can the two of you not see that?"
Count Verandis Ravenwatch: "I do not disagree, Baron, but we need to proceed with caution. There is more to this situation than meets the eye."
Count Verandis Ravenwatch: "I know I make you both nervous. Perhaps we should continue this after our blood has cooled."
Countess Eselde Tamrith: "Mind your tempers, gentlemen. We have a visitor. Come forward, friend, and state your business."
Baron Alard Dorell: "Bah! You both try my patience. I can almost understand what drove Montclair to abandon our triumvirate."

Speak to her and she'll say:

"I returned to Shornhelm after my father's death to find a city divided and our land in peril. Baron Dorell means well, but he'd rather rush forward than take a moment to examine the path ahead.
But what brings you to Rivenspire, friend?"
I'm here to help.
"Of course. The Light provides, as always.
Baron Montclair is … changed. We need to find out what has driven him to this perilous course of action. A letter, a journal—we need something to give us more insight into why he has betrayed us."
Baron Dorell mentioned something about traitors?
"Two Shornhelm Guard officers. They defected to Montclair's side and helped him take over the upper city.
Look for Orlozag gra-Yarzol and Juberic Gane. Perhaps you can deal with these traitors and discover Montclair's motivations. Baron Dorell can tell you more."
Was Montclair always this ambitious?
"Ambitious? I suppose he was no more or less so than any house noble. My father never liked the man, though.
But to change so drastically? To put innocent people in harm's way? I pray for the wisdom to understand our foe."
Do you think Montclair seriously wants to start a war?
"I suppose he hopes we will surrender and agree to his terms. But that's not going to happen. Neither House Tamrith nor House Dorell will give in to such outrageous demands.
And I know the High King won't allow such treachery to go unpunished."
Do you and Baron Dorell argue a lot?
"The Baron sees me as a child and I find him to be a pompous ass, Light grant me patience!
I know that he wants to appear strong. In control. But we need to peer into the shadows and determine what has led to Montclair's bold actions."
Who is Verandis Ravenwatch?
"House Ravenwatch is an old Rivenspire family. As for Verandis, I do not like the man.
Be that as it may, and despite his long friendship with Montclair, the Count seems genuine in his willingness to help. He cares deeply about our people."

Speaking to her again before you hunt down the traitors:

"The way to the upper city is through the gate next to this chapel.
After you deal with the traitors and find something that explains Baron Montclair's actions, please come directly back to us."

Speak to her before Dorell after investigating the upper city and she'll say:

"Alard means well, though he'd be happy to burn down an entire house rather than oil a squeaky hinge.
Still, he is a brilliant strategist. Let him know what you learned in the upper city."

After speaking to the Baron, Eselde will speak up with indignation:

Countess Eselde Tamrith: "This Reezal-Jul seized nobles! Such brazen acts must not be tolerated, Baron!"
Baron Alard Dorell: "Indeed. It is time to act, Countess. No more talk. No more debate."
Countess Eselde Tamrith: "How can we walk in the Light if we leave innocent townsfolk to languish … wait, are you agreeing with me?"
Baron Alard Dorell: "Don't look so shocked, Eselde. It was bound to happen eventually. Our friend will go to the Mews to free the hostages and stop the reinforcements while we assault the upper city. A two-pronged approach."
Countess Eselde Tamrith: "Well, all right then. Baron, if you would. Give the command and rally the Shornhelm Guard."
Baron Alard Dorell: "It will be my pleasure! It's time to show those Montclair cowards what it means to betray the people of Rivenspire."
Countess Eselde Tamrith: "One moment, friend. I may know something about the Fevered Mews."

Speak to her and she'll say:

"The Fevered Mews … I haven't thought about that place since I was a child."
What can you tell me about the Fevered Mews?
"It's a ravine beyond the upper city. It's been sealed off for years. They used to send the ill and infirm there. Those afflicted with the plague, Khajiit fever, Argonian leprosy—things like that. But that was a long time ago."
[Persuade] Can you remember any details that might help me?
"It's a dank old place. Oh! I remember now.
The sewers! You can sneak through the old sewer tunnel. It leads to right near the entrance of the Fevered Mews."
Any idea what I might find in there?
"The ravine is riddled with small caves, as I recall.
There's an even older section, an ancient ruin. If this Argonian is using a portal to bring reinforcements into the city, I suspect those ruins would make a proper staging ground."

Free the hostages and the upper city will be liberated. Enter Shornhelm Castle and you'll find the countess among the audience for High King Emeric:

"While you were gone, we liberated the upper city. House Montclair's hold on Shornhelm has been shattered."

If you spoke to High King Emeric but haven't turned in the quest yet, she will say:

"The Light has shown us the way. It has restored Shornhelm and it will see us through to the ultimate defeat of Baron Montclair."

Dream-Walk Into Darkness[edit]

After you speak to the king, she'll say:

"Baron Dorell can be so reckless. I fear that his approach will lead Rivenspire down a dangerous path.
Of course, his style of leadership hardly matters if we can't put a stop to Baron Montclair."
What will you do now?
"I sent my sister Janeve to investigate reports of trouble in the west. She's a captain in the Shornhelm Guard, you know.
I'm worried, though. She hasn't sent a report in quite some time. If the High King can spare me, I might ride out to meet her."
Have you received any reports from Captain Janeve?
"She's always been rather lackadaisical about filing reports, but we did receive word that she had set up a camp for refugees. It's obvious something terrible is going on out there.
I want to make sure she's all right."
Are you and your sister close?
"Not as close as we were. When I went to study in Stormhaven, Janeve joined the Guard. We don't always see eye to eye, but we are sisters.
I'm sure she's fine, but I wish I could get her to send dispatches on a regular basis."

The Blood-Splattered Shield[edit]

She is standing in the middle of Camp Tamrith next to Captain Janeve and Darien Gautier. Speak to her before speaking to the captain and she'll tell you:

"I had to see this with my own eyes. These refugees tell a savage tale."

After speaking to her sister:

"My sister thinks I don't trust her, but she's always been my shield and my sword. She has things here well in hand.
Janeve wants to resume the hunt for Reezal-Jul, but not before she's certain this camp is secure."

Return from an errand for the captain, and you'll find the camp has been attacked. Eselde will be tending to the injured:

"We didn't even have a moment's warning. By Arkay, the vampires. They struck so fast."
I don't see Captain Janeve or Darien.
"When the vampires attacked, Janeve and Darien charged right into the thick of the battle. I lost sight of them since I stayed to defend the camp, but I could hear Janeve calling out orders.Perhaps some of the guards saw what happened after that."
I'll talk to the guards.
"Here, take these healing poultices. You might as well help me tend to the soldiers while you're talking to them. I'd appreciate it, and so will they.
After that, find my sister. She has a tendency to get into trouble when I'm not right beside her."

If spoken to again, she'll say:

"I'm sure one of the soldiers saw where my sister got to. She couldn't have disappeared into thin air now, could she?"

After you delivered the poultices and ask the soldiers for clues to finding Janeve, she will say:

"I hope the soldiers were able to give you some indication as to the whereabouts of my sister.
We could certainly use her around here. She's always so calm under pressure. Please, find her for me."

In Shadowfate Cavern while pursuing Reezal-Jul:

Countess Eselde Tamrith: "If you hurt my sister, I'll kill you myself!"
Reezal-Jul: "Feast, my children! Feast on bones and blood!"
Reezal-Jul: "Arise, my children! Attack!"
Countess Eselde Tamrith: "Where's my sister? Where is she?"

Finding her sister:

Countess Eselde Tamrith: "Thank the Light! Janeve, my sister. You're alive!"
Countess Eselde Tamrith: "Wait … what happened to …? No, no! Not you, Janeve! Not you!"
Captain Janeve: "What? Where am I? Sister? What has he done to me? What … what have I done?"
Countess Eselde Tamrith: "Janeve. Oh, Janeve. We'll figure this out. Just stay calm."
Countess Eselde Tamrith: "Please. I need your assistance."

Speak with the Countess.

"Janeve … my sister … Reezal-Jul afflicted her with his blood-curse. She's becoming a … a vampire.
Vampires are evil. Totally, utterly evil. But by Arkay, this is my sister!"
What do you want to do?
"I wish there was another way, but I must be strong. Vampires are unholy. Evil. I can't let my sister become one of those … monsters! She has to die. It will be a mercy.
Please, talk to Janeve. Try to comfort her while I pray over my decision."

Speaking to her again, she will say:

"I hate this, but there's no other way. By the Light, my sister must die with honor before the evil completely overwhelms her.
Oh, Arkay, grant me the strength to do what must be done."

If you choose to spare Captain Janeve:

"This decision will come back to haunt us. Mark my words. Let's just get out of this vile cave and let the Light guide our path."

Leaving the cavern, you meet her, Gwendis and Darien, and optionally Janeve by the river. If you decided to spare Janeve's life, the Countess is not very happy to see you:

"Pray that your decision to save my … sister … wasn't a mistake. I shall look to Arkay for tolerance, but I'm not sure I'll ever accept that this vampire is really Janeve."
With Reezal-Jul dead, the refugees should be safe now.
"Yes, our work here is done. Now we must turn our attention to the traitorous Baron Montclair.
But before we go, know that I am grateful you saved my sister. I just hope that your mercy doesn't turn out to be a terrible mistake."

Once you've started The Concealing Veil, she'll remark:

"You have given me much to consider. Unfortunately, I fear such thoughts may keep me up at night."

If you chose to kill her sister:

"The deed is done. My sister died with dignity and honor, still in the holy light of blessed Arkay.
We can grieve later. Right now, we still have a war to win."
With Reezal-Jul dead, the refugees should be safe now.
"Yes, I think our work here is done. Now we must turn our attention to Baron Montclair. That traitor needs to be dealt with.
But before we go, know that I appreciate all that you have done. My sister died in the Light, thanks to you."

Northpoint in Peril[edit]

Countess Tamrith in Northpoint

Inside the farm house where she and Skordo the Knife have taken in several Northpoint Farmer refugees, you can find the countess yet again:

"May the Light bathe and bless these people. May it guide their way and grant peace to those they have lost."
Should the leader of House Tamrith really be a part of this mission?
"I promised to serve the people of Rivenspire, my friend. That doesn't mean I get to sit in a tower and make others take all the risks.
Besides, these poor farmers are in need of a healer, and that just happens to be one of my specialities."
Have you learned anything since you've been out here?
"Not much, I'm afraid. The soldiers we captured won't give up any secrets, but we do know they are totally committed to Lleraya Montclair.
Darien went out to see if he could learn more. He's been gone for a long time and I'm starting to get worried."
I'll try to find Darien.
"I'd appreciate that. Look toward the eastern farmsteads. Montclair's forces seem to be concentrated in that area, so it stands to reason that Darien would be curious about what they're doing there.
Just be careful. And don't give away our presence."

After getting the key from Captain Lagra, Gwendis will lead you to the group. Speak to the countess and she'll say:

"I find it hard to believe that Baron Dorell allowed a smuggler to dig a tunnel into his city—and right under his very nose!
Still, it is our good fortune that this tunnel exists. The Light truly shines on those who need it."

The Liberation of Northpoint[edit]

Outside the city, before the operation:

"I find it hard to believe that Baron Dorell allowed a smuggler to dig a tunnel into his city—and right under his very nose!
Still, it is our good fortune that this tunnel exists. The Light truly shines on those who need it."

You find her inside Northpoint, hiding from the Montclair troops.

"Letting a noble woman wander alone through a city full of vampires and bloodfiends. What was Skordo thinking?"
His plan needs a little work. But we did find a safe location. Chirane Manor, near the inn.
"Arkay guides our way, as usual. Are … are they all like this? The people of Northpoint? Did Lleraya turn them all into … these vile creaures?"
I haven't found anyone who wasn't turned. At least not yet.
"May the Light watch over them, praise Arkay. I can't believe that sweet Lleraya would do something like this to our people. What could have driven her to such horrors? I'll head to the manor and meet you there."

She speaks aloud.

Countess Eselde Tamrith: "Gather the others and let's meet at the manor. We have plans to make and I fear our time grows short, the Light preserve us."

You meet her again at the Manor, tending to Darien, who is not very enthusiastic about it. Speaking to her, she says:

"Darien can't talk right now. I gave him something to relieve his pain. And to quiet him down for a little while.
The man does love the sound of his own voice."
What did you give him?
"The end of my staff, right to the side of his head. Best way to quickly quiet a delirious soldier.
He was making enough noise to give away our presence, and I was in no mood to fight a horde of those creatures."
Did you find a key while you were bandaging him up?
"A key? Yes. He was holding onto it rather tightly. I had to pry it from his grip before I could tend to his injuries.
Is it important?"
It's the key to the inn.
"Arkay provides, bless us all! I heard sounds coming from the inn as I made my way here. Now we can get inside and see what's in there.
I hope it's the survivors of this terrible disaster. I'd hate to think that Lleraya turned or killed them all."

If you speak with her again after she has given you the key, she will comment on Darien's condition:

"Go. I need to remain and tend to Darien.
He claimed the bloodfiends bit him, but I found nothing but bruises and shallow scratches on his body. I see no signs of the vampire's curse, but I want to watch him to make sure he's all right."

Defeat Lady Lleraya Montclair at Dorell Manor and Baron Alard Dorell will sentence his son, Lord Ellic Dorell. The countess feels the father's treatment is not justified:

"The Baron can be a harsh man, but I always thought him to be fair and even-handed. To throw his own son in the dungeon for crimes he doesn't remember—that may be extreme, even for Alard."

If you speak with her after talking to Baron Dorell but before finishing the quest, she will say:

"I will pray for poor Ellic. And for Alard, as well. Perhaps Arkay will grant them peace."

Before leaving for the Doomcrag, she'll remark:

"Arkay preserve us! I don't relish the idea of climbing that cursed peak. But if that's where Montclair hides, then the Doomcrag is where we must go."

Puzzle of the Pass[edit]

Once you reach the pass, you'll find the countess arguing with Baron Dorell on the route to take:

Baron Alard Dorell: "The large door straight ahead. Clearly, that's the main entrance. That's the way we should proceed."
Countess Eselde Tamrith: "This door is closer. It could provide a shorter path. Perhaps fewer bloodfiends to contend with."
Baron Alard Dorell: "I'd rather cut through the enemies I can see than walk blindly into something I can't. The ruins might be full of traps!"
Countess Eselde Tamrith: "My dear Baron, you have an annoying habit of never listening to a word I say. You'll do as you please. As usual."

Speak to her, and she'll say:

"I pray to the Light that we have the will and the strength to end the threat of Baron Montclair."
I need to reach the first portal chamber.
"I think the nearby door leads up to the next level of this ancient ruin. It has to be safer than trying to run that gauntlet of skeletons, as the Baron suggests.
Skordo has already gone inside to scout out the path."

At the puzzle, you'll find the countess already there:

Countess Eselde Tamrith: "What a strange chamber. Look at the tiles on the floor. I wonder if this is an Ayleid device to operate the barriers?"
"I always loved puzzles as a child. I just hope we don't get struck by lightning if we make an incorrect decision."
What's happening outside?
"Baron Dorell is pushing the troops forward.
Honestly, I'm surprised he didn't just charge in when we got here. I'm certain he believes he can take the Doomcrag on his own. We'd just get in his way."
Do you know anything about the Doomcrag?
"Only stories. It was once a great Ayleid city. It must have been glorious in its day.
But when I was growing up, all the tales spoke of a haunted, looming spire. If you must know, the thought of going up there sends shivers down my spine."

Activate the switch and a number of Ayleid Spirits will appear and walk to the tiles on the floor:

Countess Eselde Tamrith: "Look! Something's happening! Can you see them? The Ayleid spirits? Watch which tiles they go to."

As you start to activate the tiles:

Countess Eselde Tamrith: "Each tile is marked with a constellation! Perhaps if we repeat the actions of the spirits, we can open the barrier that blocks our way."

Get the sequence right...

Countess Eselde Tamrith: "You did it! The barrier has disappeared! We can move on and try to find the portal chamber now."

Speaking to her again:

"What a clever device! When you pressed the tiles in the correct order, the barriers disappeared.
There appear to be two exits from this chamber. I imagine they both lead to the same place. Go ahead. I want to look around a bit before I join you."

After opening all the portals, she'll be on standby with Darien in the makeshift camp:

"It seems that some of my loyal subjects have become dissatisfied with my leadership. Think that I have been blinded by the Light that shines so brightly around me.
Well, to Oblivion with them! To Oblivion with him! I don't have time for this now."
What do you mean?
"There are certain...individuals...who question our faith and our loyalties. Who question how we can rule the realm while we are blinded by the Light.
The Light does not blind me! The Light illuminates my way!"
You're right. We need to remain focused.
"Of course I'm right! I'm glad you understand the noble purpose that drives me.
We still have to get into the Doomcrag and destroy the Lightless Remnant. Our only hope is to continue to trust in the Light. We must not lose sight of that."
Every opinion helps us see things more clearly.
"Not when those opinions confuse the issues and muddy the waters. The Light watches over us and protects us. My troops cling to that knowledge with every fiber over their being.
I won't take that belief away from them."

The Lightless Remnant[edit]

Inside Ceynaril where the team has gathered for the final push to the Doomcrag, Darien can be found with Countess Tamrith where they have been having a disagreement.

"Do you believe that man? And to think, I thought him to be dashing and heroic! But enough of such matters. You aren't here to discuss my personal life.
Tell me, what news from Count Ravenwatch? Are we ready to march against Montclair?"
Verandis wants the troops to stay here and guard our flank.
"And as a little girl I wanted a pet guar I could decorate with ribbons and call Penelope. But we don't always get what we want. Especially in war.
The Light has guided us this far. It is not done with us yet."
So you're not going to do as Verandis asks?
"I thought I made that clear. The Count has been an invaluable ally, but he is not in charge of this expedition. My troops have served us well. They deserve to see this through to the end.
Tell the Count that we're going with him to Doomcrag."
May the Light shine upon you.
"It always does, my friend, it always does.
Arkay will lead us to victory this day. Of that, I have no doubt."

Speaking with her again:

"Baron Montclair must pay for his crimes. I plan to see to it. Personally.
I shall gather my troops and prepare to ascend the Doomcrag."

Inside the Doomcrag, the countess will arrive:

Count Verandis Ravenwatch: "You should have heeded my warning, Baron. This is no place for you."
Countess Eselde Tamrith: "You would deny our moment of glory, Count? The Light shines on us this day!"
Count Verandis Ravenwatch: "There is no light here, Countess. Only darkness and death."
Countess Eselde Tamrith: "Arkay protect us! What is that?"
Count Verandis Ravenwatch: "Baron Montclair. He's here."
Baron Alard Dorell: "Troops! On my command!"

After you defeat the first wave, Montclair will take Gwendis and the nobles higher up into the Doomcrag.

Speaking to Tamrith before speaking with Darien after Verandis sacrifices himself to save Rivenspire:

"I'm glad the Light saw fit to guide you back to us, my friend. If not for you and Verandis, we all would have died in there.
The Count's name will be remembered. I promise you that."

Darien will then start to marshal the survivors to move out.

Darien Gautier: "All right, everyone. Let's gather up our injured and get out of here."
Countess Eselde Tamrith: "Darien's right. There's nothing left for us here. We need to return to the High King and let him know what happened."
Baron Alard Dorell: "Mage, we need a portal. To Shornhelm, if you please."
Northpoint Defender: "Of course, Baron. Only take a moment."
<Portal created>
Northpoint Defender: "The portal to Shornhelm is open, my lord."

The Crown of Shornhelm[edit]

Back in Shornhelm, the countess will be among the king's audience:

If you haven't started the quest yet, she will say:

"The time has come to crown a ruler of Rivenspire. The Light shines on us all, but a nation need a single leader to look up to."
Queen Eselde of Shornhelm

Otherwise when you start the quest:

"It's a miracle that we survived and triumphed over Montclair. Thanks, in no small part, to my steady leadership.
May Arkay grant the High King the wisdom to see that I am the best choice to lead Rivenspire."
You think the High King should crown you as Queen of Shornhelm?
"I do. Baron Dorell is a good man, but he can be dangerously short-tempered and is far too quick to act.
Shornhelm has had enough impetuous rulers in its history. We need a thoughtful ruler who truly has the people's best interests at heart."
What will be your first priority if you're crowned queen?
"Helping the people of Rivenspire recover. So many of the kingdom's subjects have been displaced. So many have lost loved ones.
We must do what we can to restore the people's faith and get their lives back to at least a semblance of normalcy."

If the countess become Queen,

"Thank you for your faith in me. I will do all that I can to prove I deserve this honor. And you. You will always be welcome in Shornhelm."

If Baron Alard Dorell becomes King,

"I respect your decision, and that of the High King, of course. I will do all I can to support King Alard.
I do worry about his militaristic tendencies, though."


  • If she is crowned the queen of Shornhelm, her name will change to "Queen Eselde".