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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Free Northpoint from the control of House Montclair.
Zone: Rivenspire
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Objective: Required for Cadwell's Almanac Northpoint — Infiltrate the besieged city of Northpoint and set it free.
Quest Giver: Skordo the Knife
Location(s): Northpoint
Prerequisite Quest: Northpoint in Peril
Next Quest: Puzzle of the Pass
Reward: House Dorell Cuirass of the Vampire's Cloak
1 Skill Point
Very High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Very High Experience XP
ID: 4972
Ellic Dorell has fallen under the spell of Lleraya Montclair
We found a way to sneak into the sealed city of Northpoint—a tunnel used by smugglers and black marketeers. Now we need to head inside and find a way to free the city from Lleraya Montclair's grasp.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Skordo the Knife.
  2. Get into the city and find a safe location.
  3. Find the rest of the team.
  4. Talk to Skordo at the safe house.
  5. Search the Inn.
  6. Find Lord Ellic Dorell.
  7. Find Lleraya Montclair.
  8. Break the spell and defeat Lleraya.
  9. Talk to Verandis Ravenwatch and Ellic Dorell.
  10. Report to Baron Alard Dorell.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Entering the City[edit]

Montclair forces guard the entrance to the sieged town

Speak with Skordo the Knife near Northpoint to hear about his plans to retake the city. As was discovered during the previous quest, a smuggler's tunnel leads straight into the heart of the town, and Skordo plans to use the key that you retrieved to infiltrate the sieged city. After you have finished speaking with Skordo, head to the tunnel that can be found underneath the lighthouse. As soon as you enter the city through the tunnel, Skordo will catch up with you, intent on helping you to procure a suitable base of operations:

Skordo the Knife: "Hold on. I'm coming with you. Let's check the buildings. There has to be one we can use as a safe location."

There are two buildings that are marked as potential candidates for a safe house. The one that is closest to your entry point turns out to be filled with recently killed civilians and is thus a poor choice, so make your way over to the second and somewhat further building and enter it. As soon as you enter the safe building, Skordo will head upstairs to check if the coast truly is clear. Follow him and speak with him to learn what your next step should be:

"Go on. Go find the rest of our assault team. I'll have this place all cozy like in no time!"
How will the others know where to gather?
"Because you're going to go back out there and let them know where we are. And see if you can figure out where Lleraya is hiding while you're at it.
I'll get the place settled and make sure we don't attract any unwanted visitors."
I'll head out and gather the others.
Protect Darien from waves of enemies at the cemetery

As per Skordo's suggestion, you should head back outside and locate the three missing members of your squad, Countess Tamrith, Baron Dorell and Darien Gautier. They are somewhat scattered across the city, but since all three of their locations are indicated by quest markers, they should be easy to find. Darien is located in the town's cemetery, which is somewhat southeast from the safe house. On your way there, you may encounter some of the undead creatures that now roam Northpoint's streets, so either run past them or fight your way through them. Shortly after you reach Darien, several waves of bloodfiends and, at the end, a gargoyle will attack you. Unlike the previously mentioned creatures prowling the streets, you actually need to kill all of those in order to rescue Darien and progress in this quest.

Countess Tamrith can be found hiding behind a house northwest from the cemetery. Unlike Darien, she is not in any immediate danger, and all you need to do to get her to move to the safe house is have a quick word with her. The same goes for Baron Dorell, who can be found in a building to the northeast from where you found Countess Tamrith. The building, as the Baron will tell you, is his son, Ellic Dorell's, office, and he was hoping to find him there. He only found his son's journal, however, and mentions that he will discuss some of its contents with you when you return to the safe house.

Searching for Survivors[edit]

Debate at the safe house
Tamrith heals an unconscious Darien, having knocked him out to administer the medicine without resistance

When you arrive at the safe house, you will find some members of the assault party, along with Gwendis, whom Verandis Ravenwatch sent to offer support, in the middle of a discussion:

Skordo: "Lleraya has been here all along? And your son didn't do a damn thing about it?"
Baron Dorell: "According to Ellic's journal, yes. He seems to have been infatuated with the woman. Didn't even get alarmed when she's started turning people into bloodfiends."
Skordo: "More bloodfiends? I hate this. Just give me something to hit already! But it does sound like your son betrayed Northpoint, Baron."
Gwendis: "It's the Remnant. It put Ellic under her spell. I'm surprised he was even able to write in his journal. Maybe that was his way of warning us..."

Speak with Skordo to learn that he wants you to check the inn, whence the Countess heard some noises coming, for survivors. The inn is locked, but as it so happens, Darien found the key before you saved him from the undead creatures at the cemetery. As such, you should head upstairs to retrieve the key from Countess Tamrith, who is tending to a rather subdued Darien. After acquiring the key (and, naturally, Arkay's praises) from the Countess, it is time for you to head back outside and make your way to the inn. Said inn is just north of the safe house and Baron Dorell, who acts as your follower during this portion of the quest, will accompany you there. First unlock the bar that blocks the inn's door and then head inside.

Apart from some Montclair-aligned vampires, the first floor of the inn is deserted. However, you will have more luck upstairs. At the top of a flight of stairs, you will find a locked trapdoor that leads to the attic, and through which you can speak with a survivor of the recent attack on the city. Understandably, the survivor, who turns out to be House Dorell's Blademaster, is not too keen on letting anyone into the attic or leaving its safety himself, but fortunately, Baron Dorell manages to convince him of your good intentions. Speak with the survivor, whose name is Qariar, to learn more about what happened:

What happened here?
"When Lleraya sealed the city and began turning people into bloodfiends, I used my sword to cut a path to this inn and led as many as I could to safety.
I was forced to kill friends who turned into monsters, but I was able to save some of our people."
What is Lleraya doing in Northpoint?
"It started innocently enough. She had Lord Ellic call a gathering at the square. Then she addressed the crowd, saying how the blessing of Montclair would soon be upon us. That we would join her. Love her.
Then people started turning all around us."
This needs to end. Where can I find Lleraya?
"Lady Lleraya has taken Dorell Manor as her own. But I have a key. Take it. Save as many of our people as you can.
And be aware that Lord Ellic is still with her. He was alive when I last saw him, but completely under Lleraya's influence."

Confrontation at Dorell Manor[edit]

Uncanny happenings at Dorell Manor

Once you have finished your conversation with Blademaster Qariar, you need to head to Dorell Manor, which is to the southeast from the inn. Use the key that Qariar gave you to unlock the door and then head inside, where you will witness a disturbing scene. Surviving nobles are partying near the lifeless bodies of their deceased peers while a thick fog covers the entirety of the manor's interior. Sitting on a throne and looking as though everything is perfectly fine is Lord Ellic Dorell, with whom you will need to talk next.

As momentarily becomes clear, Lord Ellic has been completely enthralled by Lleraya, who has twisted his mind into believing that he and his fellows are actually being blessed by her. He invites you, whom Lleraya has evidently been expecting, to join him in the "celebration" and will readily tell you that you may find her upstairs when you ask him about her whereabouts.

When you reach Lleraya herself, you will find that things are somewhat different from what you may have expected. Instead of attacking her on sight, you are forced to engage in conversation with her, at which point it becomes clear that her magic is starting to take its toll on you:

"Let me take a look at you. So you're the one who dispatched my father's pet Argonian? Well done, by the way. Well done. I'm so glad you're here. I was becoming dreadfully bored with Ellic and the rest of these silly nobles."
Tell me why I shouldn't just kill you.
"Isn't it fascinating? You want to strike me, but your weapon hangs loosely at your side. I wonder why that is? Oh, I know! It's because I will it. This is my world now. I feel your desire to please me, and I can use it to make you do as I wish."
What are you doing to the nobles?
"You believe the nobles are in danger? You want to save them? How sweet! They love me. They have given themselves to me. Thanks to the Remnant, I am their god. And now I also have you, the hero that Verandis presumed to use against my father and me."
I'm going to stop you.
"You're trying to resist me? Oh, what sport we shall have! But first, I have duties to perform. Come, join me downstairs. We must attend the celebration. Perhaps I'll even honor you with the first dance—before you try to kill me."
Verandis comes to your rescue

As soon as the conversation with Lleraya, who promptly disappears downstairs, is over, you will need to return to the stairs that you just ascended. On your way there, you will see several magical projections of Verandis Ravenwatch, who warns you of the danger that you are in and guides you to the basement. Upon reaching the Manor's basement, you will see some bloodfiends near an anomaly that looks exactly like the tears in the veil that Lleraya had cast over the Lorkrata Ruins. As per Verandis's suggestion, you should interact with the tear in order to see through Lleraya's illusion and gain a chance to fight her:

Count Verandis Ravenwatch: "The veil is a powerful illusion. But just as at Lorkrata, you can manipulate its power using a tear. You have entered the veil. Now, find Lleraya and finish this!"

Lleraya can be found awaiting you on the ground floor of the manor, where she will attack you as soon as you get too close to her. She is an elite enemy, and will occasionally try to use her victims' essence to her advantage. Whenever you see magical orbs floating towards her, you need to destroy them in order to prevent her from gaining strength from them, but otherwise, this fight has no special mechanics. Once Lleraya has been defeated, another projection of Verandis will appear. Speak with the Count to learn that the veil will soon dissipate altogether and that, once that happens, you should be able to see all the previously enthralled nobles - many of whom have died at Lleraya's hands - again.

This is indeed the case, and you should talk to Ellic Dorell as soon as he appears after the veil has disappeared. Ellic insists that he does not remember anything of what happened after he let Lleraya into Northpoint, but even so, he agrees to take responsibility for what happened. Follow him outside, where his father chides him for what happened to Northpoint. Once the Baron has finished talking, you should speak with him to finish the quest and to receive your reward, which consists of a House Dorell Cuirass of the Vampire's Cloak and some leveled gold:

Ellic Dorell atones for his mistakes
"You may not believe this, but that wasn't how I wanted our reunion to play out. But laws were broken. People died. I can't ignore our laws.
Not even to save my son."
Is this really the proper response? He was under a spell.
"I left Ellic in charge. The safety of Northpoint was his responsibility! Someone has to answer for the deaths he caused this day.
If I was in his position, I would expect the same treatment."
Hasn't Lleraya paid for these crimes? She was controlling his mind.
"Lleraya paid, and for that I thank you. But Ellic wasn't under a spell when he welcomed her into Northpoint.
That was his choice. I won't leave him here to make the same mistake again."
You're right. Because of him, innocent people died.
"I appreciate the support. I also thank you for making that witch, Lleraya, pay for her crimes.
When we march on Montclair for a final time, I need to leave someone more responsible in charge of the city."
Verandis wants us to bring the army to Shrouded Pass.
"Shrouded Pass? That means Montclair is in the Doomcrag! Then the time has come to strike down the traitor and restore peace to our shores!
But first, I want to thank you for helping the people of Northpoint. I won't forget your bravery."


  • Despite Skordo mentioning early on the importance of maintaining the Montclair disguise, you are not provided one and the forces in the city are hostile the moment you exit the lighthouse.
  • It's possible to continue knocking on the attic door after Qariar as come out, to no effect.
  • Lleraya won't exist upstairs until after talking with Ellic.
  • Exiting and re-entering the castle after using the tear will make the purple filter disappear.
  • The wooden bar over the castle doors reappears after exiting.
  • The scene of Ellic's arrest replays upon walking away and returning to the fountain.


  • Darien's scripted dialogue when he is upstairs in the manor is not heard while the subtitles are displayed. ?
  • The interaction prompt to unlock the inn is misplaced, requiring to look at the stone steps instead of the door. Looking at the door gives the greyed out prompt to enter the inn instead. (In both 1st and 3rd person) ?

Quest Stages[edit]

The Liberation of Northpoint
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
The smuggler's tunnel is located in a cave beneath the lighthouse. Skordo suggests we enter the tunnel one at a time so as not to draw any suspicion.
Objective: Enter the Smugglers' Tunnel
I need to find a building somewhere in Northpoint where we can set up a safe base of operations while we work to liberate the city.
Objective: Find a Safe Location
We found a safe building to use as our base of operations in Northpoint. I should talk to Skordo and find out what he thinks we should do next.
Objective: Talk to Skordo
I need to search the city and find Baron Dorell, Countess Tamrith, and Darien. They were supposed to follow after us. Once I locate them, I need to lead them back to the safe house.
Objective: Find the Rest of Your Assault Team
Hidden Objective: Search for Members of Your Assault Team
I found all of the members of the assault team and sent them to the safe house. Now I should return there so we can plan our next steps.
Objective: Return to the Safe House
Everyone seems to have made it to the safe house. I should talk to Skordo and find out what's going on.
Objective: Talk to Skordo
Skordo wants to find the source of the sounds the Countess heard coming from the inn. Luckily, Darien acquired the key while he was exploring the city. I need to go upstairs and get the key.
Objective: Collect the Inn Key
I have the key that unlocks the inn. Now I need to go to the inn and see what's waiting inside. If it's survivors, I need to send them back to the safe house. If it's Lleraya, I have to kill her before she can use her magic to charm me.
Objective: Unlock the Inn
Baron Dorell and I have made it into the inn. Now we need to search the building and see if we can find either Lleraya or any Northpoint survivors.
Objective: Search the Inn
The Baron and I found Northpoint survivors hiding in the inn's attic. One of them emerged to speak to us. I should talk to him.
Objective: Talk to Qariar
Now that I know Lleraya occupies Dorell Manor and I have a key, I need to go to the manor house and slip inside.
Objective: Unlock Dorell Manor
Before I confront Lleraya, I should locate Lord Ellic Dorell and make sure he's still alive.
Objective: Find Lord Ellic Dorell
I located Lord Ellic Dorell. I should talk to him and see if he can tell me what's going on in here.
Objective: Talk to Lord Ellic Dorell
Lord Ellic has definitely gone mad, but at least he was able to tell me that Lleraya is upstairs. I should go up there and find her.
Objective: Find Lleraya Upstairs
Verandis appeared to warn me that I was succumbing to Lleraya's spell. He said she's using a veil, like the one she cast at Lorkrata. I need to head into the basement and see if I can find a way to break her spell.
Objective: Break Lleraya's Spell
I was able to use a tear in Lleraya's veil to break free from her spell and see beyond the illusion. Now I need to deal with Lleraya while I have the chance.
Objective: Defeat Lady Lleraya
Now that Lleraya has been defeated, Verandis has appeared before me as a magical projection. I should talk to him and see what he suggests I do next.
Objective: Talk to Verandis Ravenwatch
The illusion of the veil has fallen and the nobles are once again visible in the manor. I should talk to Lord Ellic Dorell and see if everyone is all right.
Objective: Exit Dorell Manor
I need to leave Dorell Manor and find Baron Dorell and the others.
Objective: Talk to Baron Alard Dorell
Baron Dorell is dealing with his son, Ellic. When he's finished, I should talk to the Baron and let him know what Verandis told me.
Objective: Talk to Baron Alard Dorell
Finishes quest☑ I need to let Baron Dorell know what happened inside the manor. And I need to pass along the orders that Verandis projected to me.
Objective: Talk to Baron Alard Dorell
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  • Not all Journal Entries may appear in your journal; which entries appear and which entries do not depends on the manner in which the quest is done.
  • Stages are not always in order of progress. This is usually the case with quests that have multiple possible outcomes or quests where certain tasks may be done in any order. Some stages may therefore repeat objectives seen in other stages.