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This article is about the bone colossus. For the Chimer legate, see Legate Sadal.

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(lore page)
Location Tormented Spire
Species Bone Colossus
Health (?) Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 1.png
Reaction Hostile

Sadal is one of the Brothers of Strife, a bone colossus with magical fire attacks. He was created out of desperation by Chimer wizards in the First Era. Sadal became a menace to Stonefalls, and was ultimately imprisoned within the Tormented Spire.

In life, Sadal was an ancient Chimer general during the Battle of Red Mountain in the First Era. With Stonefalls occupied by the Nedes and the Chimer army cut off from reinforcements, grim prospects awaited the army. Sadal and his brother Balreth, along with a small force of elite troops and sorcerers, decided to retreat to an ancient Daedric ruin. It was here that they sacrificed themselves and became the Brothers of Strife. They transformed themselves into powerful bone colossi. Although their sacrifice ended the war, the brothers went on a bloody rampage, killing both Nede and Chimer alike. Sadal was ultimately defeated and imprisoned within the Tormented Spire.

Before his great sacrifice, Legate Sadal worried about the consequences of their actions. He was afraid of what was to come. Would he be remembered as the savior of the Chimer, or as a monster? When you finally meet him all these years after his glorious transformation, you'll find that the caring soul of the Chimer legate has hollowed away, leaving nothing but a malicious, bloodthirsty shell of his former self. Hungering for his flames to burn the region of Stonefalls to ash, Sadal has become the very thing he feared he would become. He also appears to be the more destructive of the two brothers. Unlike Balreth, Sadal addresses you. He speaks to you, arrogant and full of malice, eager to burn down the whole of Morrowind.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

The Brothers Will Rise[edit]

After traveling back to the past at the Brothers of Strife, you will play the part of reenacting the creation of the Brothers of Strife. After collecting the hearts of Nedes and Daedric essences, the Chimer sorcerers will use it as part of the ritual to sacrifice Balreth and Sadal to create the Brothers of Strife. Once praying at the ritual altar, the brothers will transform into the very monstrosities they are.

During the ritual, the brothers will be binded by magicka and then transform into flaming bone colossi:

Sorcerer Turoni: "For the Chimer! For Veloth!"

Opening the Portal[edit]

While you're undertaking Levissi Gilvayn's trial to retrieve the Focus Stone , you'll spot a red projection of Sadal near the stone being binded by the Chimer projections.

Sadal's Final Defeat[edit]

Confronting Sadal

When you first enter Sadal's prison, you'll hear Sadal's familiar, yet foreign voice as he acknowledges your presence, then subsequently burns the Indoril Vanguard to a crisp:

Tanval Indoril: "Hold the portal. We don't want to be trapped here."
Sadal: "Weaklings. You think to enter my realm?"
Holgunn: "Pretty confident, isn't he?"
Sadal: "Burn! Burn in flames."
Tanval Indoril: "Get clear."
Walks-in-Ash: "Those poor creatures. May their souls find soft mud-wallows."

Sadal taunts you as you approach his dwelling.

Sadal: "Fire will consume you."
Sadal: "The Nedes are nought but dust and ash. Now you will join them."

Sadal rises from the lava river:

Sadal: "Scorch and melt."
Sadal: "Stonefalls will burn."

Tanval will begin channeling the power of the Coral Heart in preparation to destroy Sadal's ward of flame.

Tanval Indoril: "Stand clear of the flames."
Tanval Indoril: "The Coral Heart can break his shield. Defend me."
Sadal: "Ha ha ha ha ha! Foolish mortal!"
Sadal: "Taste the flames of Oblivion."

After Tanval disables Sadal's ward for the first time, Sadal will be vulnerable for a frontal assault:

Tanval Indoril: "Now! Forward the Pact!"
Holgunn: "Ysgramor!"
(lore page)
Location Tormented Spire
Species Bone Colossus
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Condition Spirit
Sadal's spirit

After sufficient damage, Sadal regains his flaming ward after the first phase:

Tanval Indoril: "Fall back. I need a moment to rest."
Holgunn: "Cut those skeletons down. Don't let them reach Tanval."

Tanval breaks Sadal's shield again, which leads to another charge:

Tanval Indoril: "Glory for the Pact!"
Walks-in-Ash: "The storm breaks. Let the lightning strike."

Sadal will then regenerate his ward, which prompts Tanval to sacrifice himself to bring down the ward:

Tanval Indoril: "Fall back!"
Tanval Indoril: "He's too powerful. We'll never break him."
Tanval Indoril: "Finish it. Finish what we started."
Holgunn: "Tanval! What are you doing?"

After Sadal's physical form is defeated for a final time, and his spirit is vulnerable, Walks-in-Ash commands you to summon the guardians of the Tormented Spire. They will seal Sadal for good.

Walks-in-Ash: "Summon the guardians."


Sadal will stomp one of his feet and summon a five-pronged gout of flame. Stand between the flames as they surge forward while you fight to avoid being scorched.

Throughout the first half of the fight, Sadal is shrouded in a ward of flame. Tanval Indoril can break the ward with the power of the Coral Heart, but Sadal sends skeletons to interfere. You need to defend Tanval from wave after wave of Sadal's skeletal minions.

Soon enough, Tanval will be ready to break the ward, and focuses the magic of the Heart on Sadal. While the ward is down, you need to hit Sadal with all you've got. Eventually, Sadal's ward, and his entire health bar, regenerate. You must repeat the cycle of defending Tanval from skeletons while he channels the power of the Coral Heart once more.

After the second round of breaking the ward and hitting the Brother not working, Tanval decides on a different approach. Using the full power of the Coral Heart and all of the magicka he can muster, he charges Sadal, breaking the fiery ward permanently at the cost of his own life.

Along with his fire-blossom stomp ability, Sadal possesses several abilities. Occasionally, he will roar as a large aoe crawls out from under him, which explodes in a burst of flames once it reaches its perimeter. He will also swipe at you with his claws.