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Tormented Spire
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Quest Hub
Discoverable Yes
Completion Objective
Flamespinner, Flame Atronach, Sadal, Sadal's Bone Flayer, Sadal's Ravager, Sadal's Warrior, Vanguard Assassin, Vanguard Cryomancer, Vanguard Duelist, Vanguard Incendiary, Scamp
East of Kragenmoor
Loading Screen
This jagged volcanic pinnacle towers over the granite ridge that divides Stonefalls from Deshaan. Dormant for generations, the Tormented Spire has recently rumbled back to life, spewing smoke and sending the Dark Elves of Varanis scrambling for shelter.
Summit: High in the clouds of ash and smoke is the summit of the Tormented Spire, where among splintered crags and quake-shattered walls one can clearly see how the peak earned its name.
Tormented Spire

Tormented Spire is a large active volcano with a cave in southern Stonefalls, east of Kragenmoor. It serves as the ancient prison of one of the Brothers of Strife, Sadal.

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