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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Make your way to the top of the Tormented Spire.
Zone: Stonefalls
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Objective: Required for Cadwell's Almanac Tormented Spire — Stop Tanval from unleashing the second Brother of Strife.
Quest Giver: Holgunn
Location(s): Tormented Spire
Prerequisite Quest: Saving the Son
Previous Quest: To the Tormented Spire
Next Quest: Opening the Portal
Reward: High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: High Experience
Dispel the Wards
Tanval Indoril is inside the Tormented Spire working to unleash the Brother of Strife. Tanval's Vanguard holds the approach. If we don't stop Tanval, he'll unleash Sadal and destroy Stonefalls.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Holgunn.
  2. Lower the first set of wards.
  3. Find Walks-in-Ash.
  4. Lower the second set of wards.
  5. Talk to Tanval Indoril.
  6. Get the key from Flamespinner and lower the final ward.
  7. Talk to Tanval.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Into the Spire[edit]

At the foot of the Tormented Spire, you can find and speak with Holgunn One-Eye. He will tell you that Walks-in-Ash followed close behind Tanval when he first entered the spire, and managed to get a few troops into the mountain. The wards snapped shortly after she entered.

You need to lower the wards so Holgunn and his men can get in. Once you've lowered the left and right wards, you can enter the Tormented Spire and find Walks-in-Ash so you see what she knows about Tanval's plan. Head northeast, dealing with the Vanguard troops as you see fit. You can find her kneeling behind a Daedric archway, concealing herself from the Vanguard.

More Wards[edit]

Walks-In-Ash will tell you that she knows of two more wards in the way of your ascent. Both are ahead of you on the way up the spire and located within Daedric ruins. The Southern ruins are closest. Make your way past the Vanguard and enter the Southern ruins. Near the ward is an ancient guardian of the Tormented Spire: Hatewarden. Defeat Hatewarden and lower the southern ruins ward.

The Northern Ruins are on the other side of the mountain. Keep running north, past the ritual performed by several vanguards and the warded off passageway. Enter the ruins and defeat the guardian Brimstone so you can lower the northern ruins ward.

Find the Commanders[edit]

When you've lowered both wards, you will need to find the Pact commanders. Exit the Northern ruins and take a right at the giant burned up tree just outside the ruins. The red mist that once blocked the way is now gone since the wards have been deactivated. Head through that Daedric passageway and make your way onto the cliff overlooking the volcano's caldera. Tanval Indoril is there, wounded and surrounded by your commanders. Speak with Tanval and ask him why he's hurt.
Tanval says that he was injured by Daedra summoned by Sadal the moment he entered the premises. He's lucky to be alive. Tanval can't control Sadal, even with the Coral Heart in his possession. He regrets his outburst, and wants to help you rebind Sadal. However, there's one final ward blocking the way to Sadal's prison.

Another Ward[edit]

You need to enter the Caldera Ruins and take down the Shadow Ward within. The key to the ruins is held by an ancient guardian named Flamespinner, a giant Spider Daedra. You need to use the summoning bowl in the center of the caldera to bring her to the Tormented Spire, and defeat her for her key. The key given to you by the grandmaster of House Dres won't work on the ruins.

Once you have defeated Flamespinner, use her key to open the Caldera Ruins on the far west side of the caldera. You will have passed by it on your way to the center. It's a large Daedric door, just like the Northern and Southern ruins.
Within the Caldera ruins lies the Shadow Ward. Within the ward's holding chamber are many moving fountains of shadow, which will send you to the top of the stairs when you touch them. Avoid the shadow fountains and lower the final ward, then talk to Tanval Indoril outside the Caldera ruins for a fair sum of gold and your next quest.

Quest Stages[edit]

Climbing the Spire
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I need to lower the wards at the entrance to the Tormented Spire.
Objective: Lower the Atronach Ward
Objective Hint: Right Ward
Objective: Lower the Ritual Ward
Objective Hint: Left Ward
With the wards down, I can enter the spire and begin the long climb to the top.
Objective: Enter Tormented Spire
Walks-in-Ash managed to sneak onto the Spire after Tanval. She and her troops were cut off when the wards went back up. I need to find her and learn what I can about Tanval's plan.
Objective: Talk to Walks-in-Ash
Walks-in-Ash told me about a series of ancient wards that still block out path up the mountainside. Each one is beneath a Daedric ruin, and each one must be lowered before the Pact soldiers can reach the top.
Objective: Enter the Southern Ruins
I've found the first ward on the approach to the spire. We'll need to lower it before we can continue.
Objective: Lower the Southern Ruins Ward
I must lower the next ward on the approach to the spire.
Objective: Leave the Southern Ruins
I must lower the next ward on the approach to the spire.
Objective: Find the Northern Ruins
The northern pagoda leads to an underground room, which holds the crystal powering the second ward. I can use the House Dres key to enter the room and disable the ward.
Objective: Enter the Northern Ruins
I need to remove the crystal powering the second ward from the ruins beneath the northern pagoda.
Objective: Lower the Northern Ruins Ward
Hidden Objective: Leave the Northern Ruins
Holgunn and Walks-in-Ash have taken most of the Tormented Spire. I should find them near the volcano's caldera.
Objective: Find the Pact Commanders
I've found Tanval. I should ask him why he's injured.
Objective: Talk to Tanval Indoril
The key to lowering the final ward keeping us from Sadal lies in the grasp of a powerful Daedra. I must slay her and claim the key.
Objective: Kill the Daedra and Collect Her Key
Objective Hint: Use the Summoning Bowl
Objective Hint: I can use the summoning bowl on the spire to summon Flamespinner
The caldera ruins contain the final ward preventing us from confronting the Brother of Strife.
Objective: Enter the Caldera Ruins
One ward stands between the Pact and the second Brother of Strife.
Objective: Lower the Caldera Ruins Ward
Hidden Objective: Leave the Caldera Ruins
Finishes quest☑ The final ward has been lowered. We should be able to enter the prison holding the second Brother of Strife.
Objective: Talk to Tanval Indoril
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