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(lore page)
Location Zazaradi's Quarry and Mine
New Moon Fortress
Path of Pride
Doomstone Keep
Species Dragon
Health 17,439,212
3,821,103 (when friendly)
Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 3.png
Reaction Varies
Other Information
Faction(s) Order of the New Moon

Laatvulon is a powerful Dragon and the leader of the Order of the New Moon. He is the ancient enemy of Nahfahlaar. The Dragonguard called him the Black Beast, as he has a fearsome nature and ravenous appetite.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Uneasy Alliances[edit]

When you and Aeliah Renmus finally find Yahgrondu, Laatvulon is trying to convince Yahgrondu to swear his allegiance to Laatvulon.

Laatvulon: "Join me, brother. My master's power is limitless and he will share it with his devoted."
Yahgrondu: "I will die before I bow to you or your master, Laatvulon."
Laatvulon: "If you insist."
Aeliah Renmus: "Laatvulon! And the other Dragon ... is that Yahgrondu?"

As you descend through the mine, you can hear Laatvulon again.

Laatvulon: "You asked for this, Yahgrondu!"

Laatvulon kills Yahgrondu before you can reach him. When he notices your intrusion, Laatvulon commands Ra'khajin to raise Yahgrondu's corpse.

Laatvulon: "Intruders. Worthless pests. Deal with them, Ra'khajin."
Ra'khajin: "With pleasure, my master! Rise, Yahgrondu. Demonstrate your loyalty!"
Aeliah Renmus: "He's turning Yahgrondu into some sort of monster! We have to stop him!"
Ra'khajin: "Persistent fools! Soon all of Elsweyr will bow to my master. You will serve Laatvulon—if not in life, then in death!"

Order of the New Moon[edit]


Laatvulon is seen again in the New Moon Fortress, where he is carrying out a ceremony.

Joorahmaar: "You promised us power, Laatvulon."
Laatvulon: "And you shall have it, my brother."
Laatvulon: "The New Moon will rise above, and all who obey shall rise with it!"
Laatvulon: "Relinquish your strength to the aeonstone! Offer your power to our noble cause!"
Laatvulon: "Your power is mine. Los dii!"
Caska: "This doesn't look good."

When you disrupt the ritual:

Laatvulon: "Who dares disrupt our ritual?"
Laatvulon: "Krii volaanne! Kill them all!"

When you escape through the door behind you, he calls out to his minions.

Laatvulon: "Find them! Do not let them escape!"

As you escape the fortress, he taunts you.

Laatvulon: "This fortress will be your grave!"

He calls out to you while you run through the cave.

Laatvulon: "Do not think you can elude me!"

Laatvulon will use frost breath on you when you reach the ravine.

Laatvulon: "Feel my freezing might!"
Laatvulon: "Fo Krah Diin!"

When you've finally escaped:

Laatvulon: "Where are you, little hunter?"
Caska: "Good, you made it. I think we lost them for now."

The Pride of Alkosh[edit]

Laatvulon summons frosty skeletons

When you enter the cave area in the Walk of Ancient Kings, Laatvulon acknowledges your presence.

Laatvulon: "You seek the mask? Very well. My champion awaits."

He summons frosty boneflayers, skeletal archers and skeletal warriors to face you on your way up the hill.

When Ra'khajin is at around 85% health:

Ra'khajin: "Laatvulon, help me!"
Laatvulon: "I am with you, my champion!"

Ra'khajin disappears, and Laatvulon circles around the Mask of Alkosh's resting place, breathing frost. Ra'khajin reappears after Laatvulon reclaims his perch on top of the hourglass.

At around 60% health:

Ra'khajin: "Master, lend me your power!"
Laatvulon: "Suleyki hin!"

Ra'khajin disappears again so Laatvulon can aid him.

At around 40% health:

Ra'khajin: "It can't end like this! Laatvulon!"
Laatvulon: "Very well."

Ra'khajin disappears again so Laatvulon can aid him.

At 30% health, Laatvulon forsakes his priest.

Laatvulon: "You are no champion, Ra'khajin."

After Ra'khajin is dead, Laatvulon turns to face you.

Laatvulon: "I will have to kill you myself."

Suddenly, Nahfahlaar swoops in.

Nahfahlaar: "Laatvulon!"
Nahfahlaar: "Your fight is with me!"
Laatvulon: "A challenge? Very well, brother. Let us end this."

He flies off after Nahfahlaar.

The Dragonguard[edit]

Laatvulon in combat

During the final battle of Doomstone Keep, Nahfahlaar will taunt Laatvulon during battle:

Nahfahlaar: "The time has come, Laatvulon. Our battle shall end here."
Laatvulon: "I know not how these mortals revived you, but they shall not do so again!"
Nahfahlaar: "I am your foe! You shall face me."
Nahfahlaar: "Have you no more corpses to call upon, Laatvulon?"
Laatvulon: "I need only my own might to defeat you!"
Laatvulon: "Now, little Mask Bearer. Let us see how you handle my true might!"
Nahfahlaar: "Our father's power strengthens me! I will not be so easily defeated."
Laatvulon: "We shall see about that!"
Nahfahlaar: "You should have stayed in that pit!"
Laatvulon: "Why fight, brother? You cannot hope to win!"
Laatvulon: "Enough of this!"
Laatvulon: "I should have killed you long ago, Mask Bearer!"
Nahfahlaar: "I will burn you till naught but ash remains!"
Laatvulon: "Mey! You have no hope of defeating me!"
Laatvulon: "The rule of Dragons cannot be stopped!"
Laatvulon: "You think you can win? I am unslaad! You cannot end me!"
Nahfahlaar: "Your life ends here. Pruzah wundunne!"

Defeat Laatvulon and you'll hear:

Laatvulon: "A hollow victory, mask-bearer. The New Moon … shall rise …."
Nahfahlaar: "Well fought, Dragonguard. Laatvulon is slain. Now I shall ensure that nothing remains."

Skills and Abilities[edit]

Laatvulon can summon frozen Boneflayers, Skeletal Soldiers and Skeletal Archers. During The Dragonguard, he summons Skeletal Berserkers and Frozen Colossi.

Bursting Fireball
Unrelenting Force


  • His name translates to "Last-Dark-Spirit" or "Last-Night" in the dragon language.


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