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Witness Mannimarco's descent into necromancy in a sealed ruin on Artaeum.
Zone: Summerset
Quest Giver: Ulliceta gra-Kogg or Cinucil
Location(s): Traitor's Vault
Reward: Staff of Forbidden Knowledge
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard
"You tattled didn't you? You're a greater fool than I thought."

Ulliceta, an apprentice studying under the Psijics, took a powerful seeing stone called the Eye of Remembrance to the forbidden Traitor's Vault. It may reveal the secrets hidden there.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Quest Stages[edit]

Half-Formed Understandings
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I should travel to Traitor's Vault to speak with Ulliceta.
Objective: Talk to Ulliceta
Latest start Ulliceta said there are library pedestals in this ruin which may react to the Eye of Remembrance, revealing the secrets of why this vault was sealed away. I should search for the first library pedestal and defeat any undead in my way.
Objective: Find the First Library Pedestal
I discovered a strange pedestal atop a bridge deeper in the ruins. Perhaps this is the library pedestal Ulliceta mentioned. I should use the Eye of Remembrance nearby and see if the pedestal reacts.
Objective: Use the Eye on the Bridge
When I used the Eye of Remembrance near the pedestal, I witnessed a memory of Vanus Galerion and Mannimarco. I can feel the eye drawing me deeper in the ruins. There must be more pedestals to find. I should keep looking.
Objective: Find the Next Library Pedestal
I found another library pedestal inside what may be a gathering hall, or a presentation chamber. I should use the Eye near the pedestal to reveal the next memory.
Objective: Use the Eye in the Presentation Chamber
The Eye of Remembrance draws me deeper in the ruin. The next library pedestal is close. I must find it.
Objective: Find the Next Library Pedestal
The pull of the Eye has led me to what appears to be a ruined laboratory. I should use the Eye to discover the next memory.
Objective: Use the Eye in the Laboratory
The pull of the Eye is stronger than ever. It feels like it is consciously directing me now, to what may be the memory that finally reveals why this library was sealed. I should see if I can find the fourth library pedestal.
Objective: Find the Fourth Library Pedestal
I've found what may be the last library pedestal in the ruins. I should use the Eye again. Perhaps I'll finally learn the truth about why the ruins were sealed.
Objective: Use the Eye outside the Sealed Hall
The Eye revealed what might have been the final confrontation between Mannimarco and Vanus Galerion. I should learn all I can, then continue on.
Objective: Observe the Scene
After defeating Vanus Galerion in the last memory I witnessed, Mannimarco departed for a sealed room. Though something horrible may wait inside, I feel the Eye drawing me on. I must enter the sealed room to learn why these ruins were sealed.
Objective: Enter Mannimarco's Secret Chamber
Mannimarco's sealed room likely contain horrors I have yet to discover. I should tread carefully as I search.
Objective: Search the Chamber
An undead creature rose from a tomb in the secret chamber—no doubt left here by Mannimarco and sealed in by the Psijic Order. Now that it has revealed itself, I must destroy it.
Objective: Kill Vessel of Worms
☑Finishes quest Ulliceta urged me to meet her outside. I should leave the vault and talk to her.
Objective: Talk to Ulliceta
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