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Help imprison the spirit of an evil Altmer.
Zone: Auridon
Faction: Undaunted
Quest Giver: Keeper Cirion
Location(s): The Banished Cells I
Next Quest: The Plan
Concurrent Quest: Pledge: Banished Cells I
Reward: Blessing of the Keepers of the Tormentor
1 Skill Point
Very High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Very High
ID: 4107
The Keepers binding High Kinlord Rilis
The Banished Cells have been overrun by Daedra. They have set free the immortal High Kinlord Rilis, an evil being of great magical power. I have agreed to help Keeper Cirion, the warden of the Banished Cells, deal with this crisis.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Find Keeper Areldur.
  2. Find Keeper Voranil.
  3. Find Keeper Imiril.
  4. Talk to Keeper Cirion.
  5. Bind High Kinlord Rilis.
  6. Talk to Keeper Cirion.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Enter The Banished Cells I, and speak to Keeper Cirion after fighting off the daedra to begin this quest.

"Well met. I thank you for the assistance, but this place is teeming with Daedra. You should leave if you value your life."
Who are you?
"I am Keeper Cirion, warden of the Banished Cells. The Daedra have helped my prisoner, High Kinlord Rilis XII, to escape his prison. Rilis is an immortal phantom who wields powerful magic—you should return to the surface and warn Tamriel."
I can help you.
"You're serious? I have mentioned the swarms of Daedra have I not? There are...if you're willing to risk your life, there are other keepers who may need help. I imagine the High Kinlord sent more against us than the banekin who harangued me."
I will find the other keepers.

He explains that the keepers are bound to guard the prison and asks you to help the ones you find. You can ask him about the cells, the High Kinlord, and the keepers. He mentions that Areldur is probably the closest to the entrance.

The First Keeper[edit]

Keeper Areldur is rescued

The quest directs you to find Keeper Areldur. She is trapped in a medium-sized room, guarded by the wraith-like Cell Haunter. Defeating the Cell Haunter completes this part of the quest.

Keeper Cirion walks up to her, and they talk.

Cirion: "Areldur! You live!"
Areldur: "I do, though I've seen better days. The High Kinlord's power has grown. He would not have been able to escape our predecessors as he has escaped us today. We need to go after him."
Cirion: "Stay down, Keeper, you're injured. If the others yet live, we should find them—then deal with Rilis, if we can. He has already escaped. I will not suffer further dishonor by losing lives to him."
Areldur: "You're ever the optimist. An Altmer should not fear the end, Cirion. I would give the lives of all four of us to stop Rilis. The High Kinlord will rend Tamriel apart if he gets to the surface. And it will be our fault."
Cirion: "There is a difference between fearing death and throwing your life away, Areldur. As long as I lead the Keepers, you will do neither. If the others live, we'll find them."

If you talk to Keeper Cirion about your next move, he says he and Areldur will come up with a plan to contain Rilis while you help Keeper Voranil.

The Second Keeper[edit]

"He's not the model of well-being, but he lives."

Keeper Voranil is in charge of the next area. You need to find him and help him. Unfortunately before you find him, in the large open area with Ayleid-style buttons around it, you hear the High Kinlord warn you, and a group of banekin and a clannfear, Shadowrend, appear in the center.

"What delightful folly is this? The Keepers have enlisted an outsider to face me? You fools have fallen so low. There are easier ways to prove your bravery, mortal. Turn back, or you'll share the Keepers' fate."—High Kinlord Rilis XII

Defeat the Daedra, then continue into the cells. Defeat Angata the Clannfear Handler, and Keeper Cirion will run up to Keeper Voranil.

Cirion: "It's Voranil! Areldur, see to him."
Areldur: "By the Empyrean Light! Let's hope he lives."
Cirion: "Has he been slain?"
Areldur: "He's not the model of well-being, but he lives. Are you satisfied, Cirion? I'm eager to pursue the High Kinlord."
Cirion: "Patience, Areldur. I need you to heal him. And Imiril is still unaccounted for. We'll need her to face Rilis."

If you speak to Cirion again, he will say that he has begun to formulate "a spell to handle Rilis," but it will require Imiril, who is in the most danger as she guards the area closest to Rilis' prison—a large binding stone.

The Third Keeper[edit]

The three Keepers found

Defeat the Skeletal Destroyer in the next large room. Areldur and a now healed Voranil run over to Keeper Imiril, followed by Cirion.

Areldur: "Over there, Voranil! We've found her."
Voranil: "I see her. Let's hope she lives. We'll need her before the day is done."
Areldur: "She's going to be fine, with a little restoration magic. We should be considering how to handle the High Kinlord."
Voranil: "Even if we defeat him, how do we contain him? He's already escaped once.
If we could control Daedric magic perhaps this wouldn't have happened. What do you think, Cirion? Fight fire with fire?"
Cirion: "Stay your tongue, Vorandil. You insult your lineage my even thinking it. Does the High Kindlord's fate appeal to you so?
"We will go with my plan and divide his essence among us. He can't escape his prison if he's not whole."

Voranil suggests Daedric magic, but Cirion chastises him for this "sacrilegious" suggestion. Cirion insists on his plan of splitting Rilis' soul, dividing it among the Keepers.

The Kinlord's Prison[edit]

Talk to Keeper Cirion. They had previously trapped Rilis' soul inside a single binding stone, but now the Keepers will split his soul, then rebind him to four separate binding stones. He gives you the most difficult task—find Rilis and defeat him.

First, you need to get his attention by securing the binding stone that originally held him. In the last large room, there is an orange crystal in the center. Defeat the Daedra around it, and Rilis will stride out and greet the Keepers.

Rilis: "Is that you, Cirion? I don't know how you defeated those banekin, but I'll be glad to send more. Ah. It's the outsiders. So the Keepers are afraid to face me. Very well. You'll die in their stead. I'm going to enjoy this!"
The High Kinlord taunts the Keepers

He charges into battle as soon as he finishes talking and wields a two-handed sword. Defeat him, and the Keepers run down the stairs.

Rilis, now a spirit, addresses you and the Keepers from his crystal.

Rilis: "You think you've beaten me? How amusing. Haven't you noticed that the pact I've made protects me from death?"
Cirion: "Ignore his words, Keepers. Begin the preparations."
Voranil: "I'm not confident this will work, Cirion!"
Rilis: "Ha ha ha! What are you lot doing? Oh, I do so love to see magic. Is that what this is? This isn't as grand as the spells I learn from the Daedra, but I don't expect much from mortal Altmer. Remember, children—you'll never keep me here of your own accord. Not when the Daedra fight for me. Perhaps you'd fare better if you had Daedra on your side! Ha ha ha!"
Cirion: "His madness nears delirium. Ignore him, Keepers. Bind the High Kinlord!"

As the Keepers work, they form three new crystals: one purple (Imiril), one white (Voranil), and one red (Areldur). At Cirion's command, they all chant together, and a golden light flows up from the original orange binding crystal.

The Keepers, together: "By the Light Empyrean, the Keepers of the Banished Cells hereby condemn Rilis XII to imprisonment unending."
Rilis: "Oh, my. It looks like you've won. Old Rilis' days of freedom are over, it seems."
Imiril: "I thought you said this bastard wouldn't be able to speak."
Cirion: "He shouldn't be able to achieve coherent thought. We'll have to watch him carefully."

Talk to Keeper Cirion. He knows the new prison isn't perfect: Rilis shouldn't be able to think, let alone speak. He promises to ensure that Rilis never escapes, and he gives you a reward. Unfortunately, the other Keepers don't seem to share Cirion's optimism.

Quest Stages[edit]

Banishing the Banished
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Objective: Talk to Keeper Cirion for more information
Objective: Find the first Keeper
Objective: Find Keeper Areldur
Areldur is free. I should search for the next Keeper.
Objective: Find the Second Keeper
Objective: Find Keeper Voranil
I must search for the last Keeper.
Objective: Find the Third Keeper
Objective: Find Keeper Imiril
With all of the Keepers free, I should speak with Keeper Cirion.
Objective: Speak with Keeper Cirion
Keeper Cirion would like me to mount an assault against Rilis' Binding Stone Prison to goad him into a battle.
Objective: Search for Rilis' Binding Stone Prison
Objective: Kill the Daedra around Rilis' Binding Stone Prison
Objective: Kill High Kinlord Rilis
Objective: Wait for the Keepers to Bind High Kinlord Rilis
☑Finishes quest High Kinlord Rilis has been imprisoned and control of the Cells has been returned to the Keepers. I must speak with Keeper Cirion.
Objective: Talk to Keeper Cirion
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