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Keeper Voranil
Location The Banished Cells I
The Banished Cells II
Race Altmer Gender Male
Health Normal833573Veteran(?) Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 2.png
Reaction Friendly (I) Hostile (II)
Keeper Voranil in Banished Cells I
Voranil guarding a crystal in Banished Cells II
Voranil's spirit

Keeper Voranil is an Altmer and a member of the group tasked with keeping High Kinlord Rilis' spirit inside The Banished Cells I. At some point after defeating Rilis, they form a pact with High Kinlord Rilis, and serve as a boss of The Banished Cells II.

Related Quests[edit]


Banishing the Banished[edit]

Once Areldur is freed:

Areldur: "Over there, Voranil! We've found her."
Voranil: "I see her. Let's hope she lives. We'll need her before the day is done."
Areldur: "She's going to be fine, with a little restoration magic. We should be considering how to handle the High Kinlord."
Voranil: "Even if we defeat him, how do we contain him? He's already escaped once."
"If we could control Daedric magic perhaps this wouldn't have happened. What do you think, Cirion? Fight fire with fire?"
Cirion: "Stay your tongue, Voranil. You insult your lineage my even thinking it. Does the High Kindlord's fate appeal to you so?
We will go with my plan and divide his essence among us. He can't escape his prison if he's not whole."

After High Kinlord Rilis' body has been destroyed, his spirit will project itself from his crystal to taunt the keepers.

Rilis: "You think you've beaten me? How amusing. Haven't you noticed that the pact I've made protects me from death?"
Cirion: "Ignore his words, Keepers. Begin the preparations."
Voranil: "I'm not confident this will work, Cirion!"
Rilis: "Ha ha ha! What are you lot doing? Oh, I do so love to see magic. Is that what this is? This isn't as grand as the spells I learn from the Daedra, but I don't expect much from mortal Altmer. Remember, children—you'll never keep me here of your own accord. Not when the Daedra fight for me. Perhaps you'd fare better if you had Daedra on your side! Ha ha ha!"
Cirion: "His madness nears delirium. Ignore him, Keepers. Bind the High Kinlord!"
<The Keepers started the ritual, channeling Rilis' powers away from him. The High Kinlord is engulfed in a beam of golden light, he flails about but still mocks them.
Rilis: "Oh, my. It looks like you've won. Old Rilis' days of freedom are over, it seems."
<Rilis' spirit disappears.>
Imiril: "I thought you said this bastard wouldn't be able to speak."
Cirion: "He shouldn't be able to achieve coherent thought. We'll have to watch him carefully."

Speaking with him before the quest is complete:


Speaking with him after the quest:


The Plan[edit]

Engaging him in combat:

Keeper Voranil: "I'll see you dead before you harm this stone!"

Group wipe:

Keeper Voranil: "(?)"

The spirits of the other keepers will appear.

Keeper Imiril: "On your feet, Keeper."
Keeper Cirion: "Imiril? My fellow Keepers? You are free? Did I succeed?"
Keeper Voranil: "Thanks to you, the Keeper's Oath is fulfilled."
Keeper Areldur: "We are free from Daedric corruption. We should have heeded your warnings."
Keeper Cirion: "I remember …."
'Keeper Cirion: "Where is Rilis?"
Keeper Areldur: "Banished from this realm. With hope, all the way to Oblivion."
Keeper Voranil: "Your sacrifice ensures he will never return."
Keeper Cirion: "What happens now?"
Keeper Imiril: "We can lay our burdens down. Say your goodbys to those who aided us. You'll be leaving them, soon."

The others keepers walk into a portal of light, and Keeper Cirion remains.

Keeper Cirion: "Thank you, my friends. For everything."
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Skills and Abilities[edit]

Berserker Frenzy
Essence Siphon
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