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Keeper Imiril
Location The Banished Cells I
The Banished Cells II
Race Altmer Gender Female
Health Normal1683986Veteran3007499 Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 3.png
Reaction Friendly (I); Hostile (II)
Keeper Imiril, during the end of Banished Cells I
A hostile, corrupted Imiril in Banished Cells II
Imiril's spirit

Keeper Imiril is an Altmer and a member of the group tasked with keeping High Kinlord Rilis' spirit inside The Banished Cells I. At some point after defeating Rilis, they form a pact with High Kinlord Rilis, and serve as a boss of The Banished Cells II. After defeating her in Banished Cells II, there is a small chance that she will drop Firetooth, a unique item in the Jailbreaker item set.

Related Quests[edit]

Skills and Abilities[edit]

As a boss type enemy, Keeper Imiril is immune to all crowd control effects.

A basic attack that does moderate physical damage. If taunted the boss will be forced to use this attack on the tank only.
The boss summons orbs of magic that bounce around the room, dealing moderate magical damage over time as indicated by a red circle.
Summon Dark Daedra
The boss disappears and summons five Banekin to attack the party. The next time the boss does this she will summon four Winged Twilights, and the next time she will summon three Clannfear. These should be killed quickly to simplify the fight.
Daedric Blast
After summoning the creatures, the boss will reappear and cast an explosion around herself that does high magical damage around herself as indicated by a red circle.

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Banishing the Banished[edit]

After High Kinlord Rilis' body has been destroyed, his spirit will project itself from his crystal to taunt the keepers.

Rilis: "You think you've beaten me? How amusing. Haven't you noticed that the pact I've made protects me from death?"
Cirion: "Ignore his words, Keepers. Begin the preparations."
Voranil: "I'm not confident this will work, Cirion!"
Rilis: "Ha ha ha! What are you lot doing? Oh, I do so love to see magic. Is that what this is? This isn't as grand as the spells I learn from the Daedra, but I don't expect much from mortal Altmer. Remember, children—you'll never keep me here of your own accord. Not when the Daedra fight for me. Perhaps you'd fare better if you had Daedra on your side! Ha ha ha!"
Cirion: "His madness nears delirium. Ignore him, Keepers. Bind the High Kinlord!"
<The Keepers started the ritual, channeling Rilis' powers away from him. The High Kinlord is engulfed in a beam of golden light, he flails about but still mocks them.
Rilis: "Oh, my. It looks like you've won. Old Rilis' days of freedom are over, it seems."
<Rilis' spirit disappears.>
Imiril: "I thought you said this bastard wouldn't be able to speak."
Cirion: "He shouldn't be able to achieve coherent thought. We'll have to watch him carefully."

You can speak with her after she and the other Keepers have finished binding Rilis, in which case she says:

"By Aetherius, we barely managed to contain that lunatic!
Voranil might be right. If these binding stones don't hold, we may need to take drastic action to defeat Rilis. Even if it means making a Daedric pact."

Even though she does not leave after the completion of the quest, it is no longer possible to speak with her at that point.

The Plan[edit]

When beginning combat:

Keeper Imiril: "Your blood will temper my thirst, your bones will end my famine!"

Group wipe:

Keeper Imiril: "We'll use your blood to paint the walls!"
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