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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Retrieve Mavos' personal effects to view a vision of the past.
Zone: Stonefalls
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Objective: Required for Cadwell's Almanac Othrenis — Find Mavos' tomb and wake him.
Quest Giver: Mavos Siloreth
Location(s): Othrenis, Charred Ridge
Prerequisite Quest: Wake the Dead
Next Quest: To Ash Mountain
Reward: Ancient Warden's Greaves
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard Experience
Mavos Siloreth binds Balreth
I've awakened the spirit of an ancient Dark Elf scribe named Mavos Siloreth. Mavos's spirit can't remember how he bound Balreth in the original ceremony. To help me, he's going to perform a ritual and show me a vision of the past.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Collect the candle and skull by completing two shrine puzzles.
  2. Close the daedric portals.
  3. Summon the guardians.
  4. Return to Mavos by activating the altar.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Continue your conversation from the previous quest.

"I knew skeletons weren't enough. I should have summoned some Daedra to protect this place.
Or a fire atronach. That would have been good."
Can you teach me how to bind Balreth?
"I don't remember how. Don't look at me that way, worm! I'm dead. Details fade over time.
If you want to learn. I'll conjure a vision of the past. That should show you."
What do you need from me?
"Ritual implements—a skull and a candle. Unless tomb raiders got them, look in the vaults to the east and west.
There's a puzzle lock on each one, and no, I don't remember the solution. Good luck with that."
I'll crack the puzzle and get the implements.

Mavos agrees to perform a ritual allowing you to see how he bound Balreth in the past. First, you need to gather a kwama-grease candle and a skull.

The solution to the skull shrine's puzzle. The glow of the shrines on the ground should match the color of the lights emitted from the pillars.

Puzzle Solutions[edit]

For both items, you will need to match the shrines to the columns of light behind them.

Collect the Candle[edit]

The candle lies on the west side of the west side of the necropolis. Starting from the left, interact with the first shrine twice to make the flame orange, the middle shrine twice for yellow, and the right shrine once for blue. The order of interaction does not matter. You should now be able to open the chest to get a kwama-grease candle.

Collect the Skull[edit]

The skull is on the east end of the necropolis. The left and right shrines need to be set to yellow, and the middle to blue. The chest should open, and you can retrieve the skull.

Close the three portals

Watch Mavos in the Past[edit]

Return to Mavos with the skull and candle. He is not impressed, but he begins the ritual, and you are transported into his memory.

"Ah. You have the skull and candle. You want me to be impressed? You can gather small objects. Good for you.
Now stand back while I perform the ritual."
And if you're not successful?
"You doubt my skill? If it's any consolation, what's left of you won't take much effort to clean up.
Me, I'm a ghost already, so it hardly matters."
Very well. I'm ready.
"Good for you. Prepare yourself."

Mavos casts a spell which shows you a vision of the past. You'll find yourself at a Daedric shrine festooned with banners bearing Boethiah's sigil.

Head down the stairs and to the east to find Acolyte Hedyn.

"Balreth is too powerful. Portals everywhere. We're doomed.
Who are you? Where did you come from?"
Never mind that. What's going on?
"We're trying to restrain Balreth but Daedric portals keep opening. Those of us who've survived Balreth are being pulled down by cursed scamps."
How can the portals be closed?
"Take what's in this pouch, throw it in the portals. I was supposed to but my coming death prevents me.
Find Magister Enuse when you're done. She should be north of here."

The Acolyte tells you that they tried to restrain Balreth, but Daedric portals keep opening. Scamps from the portals are killing those who survive Balreth. He gives you a pouch which will allow you to close the Daedric portals and tells you to find Magister Enuse once all three portals are closed.

Magister Enuse is located north of the Northern Portal.

"You're not my acolyte. Where did you come from?"
I'm here to help. I've closed the portals.
"Very brave, acolyte. Now, listen. Mavos can't last much longer. He gained control of two powerful guardian atronachs.
They should be able to hold even Balreth. Ragebinder and Blaze. Go to the braziers. Summon them, and let this day be done."

The magister tells you Mavos gained control of two guardian atronachs, Ragebinder and Blaze, who should be strong enough to hold Balreth.

Summon the guardians to help Mavos bind Balreth

Interacting with the brazier at the eastern well summons Ragebinder, and the western brazier summons Blaze. Both atronachs join Mavos. Once they are summoned, talk to Mavos.

"Excellent. The guardians are here. Time to bind this creature."
What do I do?
"Touch the altar! Balreth's power flows into the guardians. He should be bound ... or he might explode.
Anyway, be prepared for anything, apprentice!"

Use the Altar of Binding, and the vision of the past fades. Mavos now remembers how to bind Balreth. You need to fix the guardians, which will draw Balreth's power allowing you to bind or kill him.

"So that's what happened! I remember many mages dying, and there was something about a shield spell.
I grew weak holding him in place. Then there was a bright light. Everything fades after that."
Balreth's power was imbued into a pair of magecrafted guardians.
"Yes! In the here and now, the guardians must have been disrupted or destroyed.
So it's simple! Fix the guardians and they'll draw Balreth's power back into them. Then you can bind or kill Balreth."

With that, the quest is finished.

Quest Stages[edit]

Rending Flames
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Mavos' ritual requires two items: a skull and a candle. These items are locked in chests to the east and west. I need to solve a puzzle at each chest to obtain them.
Objective: Collect Candle
Objective: Collect Skull
I have the candle and the skull. I must return to Mavos to enter the vision
Objective: Talk to Mavos
It appears I'm in a vision of the past. I should speak to the Ebonheart Acolyte near me to find out what's happening here.
Objective: Talk to the Acolyte
In the Ash Mountain of the past, Balreth summoned Daedric portals. The acolyte I spoke to gave me a pouch of silver stones. Throwing these into the portals will close them.
Objective: Shut Southern Daedric Portal
Objective: Shut Western Daedric Portal
Objective: Shut Northern Daedric Portal
I closed the portals. Now I must speak to Magister Enuse. In Ash Mountain's past, he was studying to the north.
Objective: Talk to Magister Enuse
Magister Enuse wants me to summon ritual guardians at a pair of flame wells. These magical anchorheads are located southeast and southwest of Mavos's altar.
Objective: Summon a Guardian at the Western Flame Well
Objective: Summon a Guardian at the Eastern Flame Well
I summoned the guardians, just as Magister Enuse instructed. Now I should speak with Mavos.
Objective: Talk to Mavos
Mavos needs me to make contact with the altar to complete the ritual. He's confident the spell will work, but he isn't confident that we'll survive.
Objective: Use the Altar
Finishes quest☑ There was a large explosion before I was sent back to the present. This must be how Mavos died. I must talk to him.
Objective: Talk to Mavos
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