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Shadow of Boethiah
(lore page)
Location Eidolon's Hollow, Dragonstar Arena
Race Daedric Prince Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Shadow of Boethiah

Boethiah is the daedric prince of deceit, conspiracy, and secret plots of murder. She has played a part in forming the Maulborn, as Meram Vox died in an attempt to bring her the Judgement of Saint Veloth. The Shadow of Boethiah is an avatar of Boethiah that appeared to Uviril Vox. In Abamath, she speaks through an Animus Geode to help you keep Mauloch from entering Tamriel.

She also manifests herself at various places in Tamriel as Aspera, including Aspera the Forgotten in Eidolon's Hollow, Aspera Giant-Friend at Cradlecrush, and Aspera Arena-Friend in the Dragonstar Arena, a contest held by Boethiah herself.

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Quest-Related Events[edit]

Motive for Heresy[edit]

When speaking to Urili Vox:

Urili Vox: "False gods. False justice. Meram was right. The Daedric Princes must return. And blood must flow!"
Urili Vox: "Let them die. Let them rot. Let them feel my pain. No false gods can stop me!"
Shadow of Boethiah: "Yes, Urili, yes. Let your plague spread across the land as your rage fills you and makes you strong. But you need Veloth's hammer. You must take it for your own."
Urili Vox: "The Judgement? That's what my son sought to possess. Yes! It will be mine! And with Judgement in my hand, the Tribunal shall fall!"
Shadow of Boethiah: "Go. Gather your followers. Spread your plague. Wield the hammer. With it, you can devour living souls and unleash your true power!"
Urili Vox: "Heh heh. You think to hide from me, intruder?"
Urili Vox: "I. See. You. Heh. Heh heh."


The Animus Geode that Boethiah speaks through in Abamath

In Abamath, Boethiah speaks through the Animus Geode:

"Greetings, mortal."
What are you?
"I speak through this object, not from it, mortal.
That troll-herder Mauloch must not invade this realm. The pathetic worms in the cave beyond must be destroyed. You must stop their foolish rituals."
I intend to, but the way is blocked by a barrier.
"This object is called an Animus Geode. The Cult imbued it with a curse. When attuned to a door, it can only be destroyed by the release of a soul.
Feed the Animus Geode a soul and it will shatter, clearing your path. Arithiel's soul will do nicely."
Why Arithiel? What has she done?
"She betrayed her people and joined the Worm Cult. Only after she was forced to murder her own family did she question her choice.
Her word is worthless, but her soul... feed it to this gem, and rid yourself of the traitor."
I don't want to kill her.
"This is not about what you want, but what I need. This stone drinks souls, and its thirst is strong.
Take the geode in your hand. Sacrifice her soul to clear your path."
Who, or what, are you?/Who are you to ask me to kill her?
"Many mortals call me Boethiah.
Sate the geode's thirst with Arithiel's soul, and I will grant you a boon, for a time, to aid in your battle with the Worm Cult."
What must I do?
"Use the Animus Geode to absorb her soul and it will dispel the barrier. The Worm Cult is of no interest to me for the moment, but Mauloch cannot be allowed to invade Nirn.
We have history, Mauloch and I. It would amuse me to see his plan destroyed."



  • The delve of Knife Ear Grotto formerly had a shrine to Boethiah, depicting the prince's male form, but it has since been removed from the game.
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