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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Wake a powerful mage to help contain Balreth.
Zone: Stonefalls
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Objective: Required for Cadwell's Almanac Othrenis — Find Mavos' tomb and wake him.
Quest Giver: Onuja
Location(s): Othrenis
Previous Quest: Mystery of Othrenis
Next Quest: Rending Flames
Reward: Low Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Low Experience
Pray at the shrines to awaken a Chimer mage
An Argonian named Onuja has come to Othrenis. He wants to know how to rebind the Brother of Strife. He's hoping to contact the spirit of Mavos Siloreth, an ancient Dunmer scribe buried in the area.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Onuja to begin the quest
  2. Chant at the Shrines of Veneration and Rejuvenation
  3. Talk to Onuja
  4. Chant at the central brazier
  5. Survive the ghosts
  6. Talk to Onuja
  7. Talk to Mavos Siloreth

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Just outside Othrenis, there crouches an Argonian named Onuja. He can't get into the necropolis himself, as he fears the various skeletons (mostly archers and warriors), and so asks the player to go in his stead. He believes Othrenis contains knowledge that will aid in the recapture of Balreth. To gain this knowledge, the spirit of a powerful mage must be summoned. Onuja insists humility is paramount in this exercise.

"'Just read some old runes,' he said. He didn't mention how ... active the dead are here."
What can I do to help?
"You're the sun on my scales. Your answer lies with Mavos Siloreth. He bound the Brother of Strife long ago.
We need his knowledge, but a highborn like him could be ... um, difficult."
How do we make Mavos cooperate?
"Oh, you can't make a highborn serve! You need flattery. If we're properly respectful, he may appear.
My scrolls say there's a shrine on the east rise and one on the west. Honor him at both. Then meet me at the center of Othrenis."
I'll do this.

Chant at the Two Shrines[edit]

First, the player must go to the Shrines of Veneration and Reverence, and chant at each. The Shrine of Veneration is to the east of the entrance; the Shrine of Reverence to the west. Chanting is done simply by activating the shrines. Once completed, talk to Onuja again.

"By my egg! You startled me. Please, no more.
Were you very humble as you sought the honor of Mavos' presence?"
Yes. What's the next step, Onuja?
"It's time. Honor Mavos at this brazier in the center of Othrenis."
"By the way, the dead may want your blood for daring to disturb a highborn. I'll just wait over here until you're done."
Activate the central brazier

Chant at the Central Brazier[edit]

Now the player must honor Mavos at the large brazier in the center of Othrenis. Onuja warns that "the dead may want your blood" for disturbing a highborn, which in fact means the player will be attacked by three ghosts as soon as they finish the chant. As soon as the player is done chanting, Mavos can be heard yelling "Who disturbs my rest?" and the ghosts will attack. They do so one at a time, so it isn't an overwhelming swarm.

With all three ghosts defeated, return Onuja, who will declare that Mavos has returned.

"You make it look easy. At least, what I saw when I wasn't hiding and squealing like a hatchling.
I know I'm not brave. But did you hear his voice? Mavos has returned."
Great. Where can I find him?
"He's important, so he gets the important-looking tomb. It's the largest crypt in the necropolis.
I'll ... uh ... be gathering my notes. Don't wait for me.

Talk to Mavos Siloreth[edit]

Mavos' tomb is the largest crypt, directly opposite the entrance to the necropolis and up two flights of stairs. After he's threatened the player's mortal form, inform him that Balreth has risen to earn his ire. He'll agree that he must help. Here, the quest is completed and, after a little more dialogue, Rending Flames begins.

"So you're the guar who raised me.
This had better be astonishingly important, or I'll do unspeakable things to your fleshy mortal form."
Balreth, the Brother of Strife, is ravaging Stonefalls.
"The greatest mage of my era, and you wake me for something they could have read in a book?
It's pathetic, but clearly I must aid my people again. No deathworms for you just yet."


Quest Stages[edit]

Wake the Dead
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I agreed to help Onuja contact Mavos. I must chant at the shrines on the eastern and western rises of Othrenis.
Objective: Chant at Shrine of Veneration
Objective: Chant at Shrine of Reverence
I've honored the memory of Mavos at the two shrines in Othrenis. I must find and speak to Onuja the scholar, who waits for me at the center of the burial ground.
Objective: Talk to Onuja
Onuja has instructed me to chant once more at the central Othrenis brazier. This will rouse the dead, who will try to kill me for disturbing the rest of a highborn Dark Elf.
Objective: Chant at Central Brazier
The dead of Othrenis have awakened, and they thirst for my blood! If I'm to speak with Mavos, I must defeat them.
Objective: Survive the Anger of the Dead
The spirits of Othrenis have been satisfied. I should be able to find Mavos now. I should speak to Onuja and find Mavos' grave.
Objective: Talk to Onuja
Finishes quest☑ Onuja has told me Mavos is buried in the large tomb in the southern part of Othrenis. I should be able to speak to Mavos there.
Objective: Talk to Mavos Siloreth
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