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Mavos Siloreth
(lore page)
Location Othrenis
Race Chimer Gender Male
Health 39,959
63735 (Charred Ridge)
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Condition Spirit
Mavos Siloreth

Mavos Siloreth is a powerful Chimer mage buried at Othrenis. He was the one who first bound Balreth at Ash Mountain.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest Related Events[edit]

Wake the Dead[edit]

When you pray at the proper shrines, perform the proper rites and finally awaken the spirit of Mavos Siloreth, he will be annoyed by the disturbance.

Mavos Siloreth: "Who disturbs my rest?"

Speaking with Mavos:

"So you're the guar who raised me.
This had better be astonishingly important, or I'll do unspeakable things to your fleshy mortal form."
Balreth, the Brother of Strife is ravaging Stonefalls.
"The greatest mage of my era, and you wake me for something they could have read in a book?
It's pathetic, but clearly, I must aid my people again. No deathworms for you just yet."

Rending Flames[edit]

Before accepting the quest, if you stand near Mavos, he will say:

"My nightmares will be your playground, worm."
Mavos in life

He will be annoyed that Balreth is released, but will teach you how to bound the spirit:

"I knew skeletons weren't enough. I should have summoned some Daedra to protect this place.
Or a fire atronach. That would have been good."
Can you teach me how to bind Balreth?
"I don't remember how. Don't look at me that way, worm! I'm dead. Details fade over time.
If you want to learn. I'll conjure a vision of the past. That should show you."
What do you need from me?
"Ritual implements—a skull and a candle. Unless tomb robbers got them, look in the vaults to the east and west.
There's a puzzle lock on each one, and no, I don't remember the solution. Good luck with that."
I'll crack the puzzle and get the implements.

You can ask him further questions about the ritual:

"I can't perform the ritual without my implements. I don't even have hands to pick them up! That's annoying.
East and west tombs, candle and skull. And whatever you do, don't … um, do something. You know. That thing."
Couldn't you just tell me how you bound Balreth?
"Yes, I could, if I remembered. There's not much use for remembering once you're dead.
Don't pester me with questions, worm! I'm beginning to forget why I should care about the living."
Why are the candle and skull significant?
"They're deeply personal ritual items. I slaved for two weeks making that kwama-grease candle. And the skull belonged to my favorite apprentice.
Why? Because I said so."

Returning with the ritual items:

"Ah. You have the skull and candle. You want me to be impressed? You can gather small objects. Good for you.
Now stand back while I perform the ritual."
And if you're not successful?
"You doubt my skill? If it's any consolation, what's left of you won't take much effort to clean up.
Me, I'm a ghost already, so it hardly matters."
Very well. I'm ready.
"Good for you. Prepare yourself."

Within the vision of the past, you see a living Mavos Siloreth. If you speak to him before talking to Magister Enuse:

"Ah, good! Another apprentice! I thought you all were dead.
Why are you just standing there? Summon the guardians at once!"

If you speak to him after the magister tells you to summon the atronachs:

Mavos binding Balreth
"Light… the… flame… wells!

Once Blaze and Ragebinder are summoned:

"Excellent. The guardians are here. Time to bind this creature."
What do I do?
"Touch the altar! Balreth's power flows into the guardians. He should be bound... or he might explode.
Anyway, be prepared for anything, apprentice!"

If you speak to him again:

"I … can't hold him … much longer. Use the altar now!"

Returning from the vision:

"So that's what happened! I remember many mages dying, and there was something about a shield spell.
I grew weak holding him in place. There was a bright light. Everything fades after that."
Balreth's power was imbued into a pair of magecrafted guardians.
"Yes! In the here and now, the guardians must have been disrupted or destroyed.
So it's simple! Fix the guardians and they'll draw Balreth's power back into them. Then you can bind or kill Balreth."

After the quest:

"You've learned what I once knew. Once again, Mavos Siloreth's brilliance will bind Balreth. Where would the mages of this age be without me?
Now stop meddling with my eternal rest."

The Death of Balreth[edit]

Mavos will appear at the peak of Ash Mountain during this quest, curious to see how this will turn out. Seeing as how you've awakened him from a very long slumber and can't go back to sleep, he figures he might as well watch.

"Well, I see that my considerable investment in you wasn't a total waste."
"Our meeting at Othrenis left me curious and frustratingly conscious. Can you really imprison Balreth?
Death has given me a certain … perspective. And, of course, I have time to indulge my curiosity."
The portal is open. Do you have any other advice?
"Balreth's attacks have cost him power. You should defeat him while he's weak.
Right now, I feel him moving in the caldera of the volcano, gathering strength from the lava flows there."
So we need to keep Balreth away from the lava.
"Yes, though I doubt it will be easy. If he reaches a lava pool, Balreth will regain strength.
There was something else. Ah! Don't let him light you on fire. Yes, that's something you should avoid."
Anything else?
"As you've seen, scamps love the fire and magical energy Balreth exudes. Be ready to deal with more of them below.
Once we've destroyed his fiery shell, we'll be able to bind him again. This time, it will be for all eternity."
Thank you, Mavos.

Speaking with him after his free advice:

"Being dead, I have a certain immunity to Balreth's power.
I'm keenly interested to see what happens in the next few minutes."

After being summoned for the last time to bind Balreth within Ash Mountain, Ragebinder and Blaze turn on you. Before they have the chance to burn you and Garyn to a crisp, the spirit of Mavos Siloreth, appears to save you.

Garyn Indoril: "You did it! The guardians are here! What are they waiting for?"
Ragebinder: "What will you do now, worms?"
Blaze: "Mortals, burn in my flames unending!"
Mavos Siloreth: "Daedra! Hear me! Return to your purpose."
Mavos Siloreth: "Balreth cannot walk the world of mortals. You must cage him again!"
Ragebinder: "We obey."
Blaze: "Forgive us, mortal master."
Mavos Siloreth: "Fulfill your ancient vows. Imprison Balreth!"

After Balreth is imprisoned, you must speak to him:

"You've done well, for a mortal."
Mavos! Is it finished?
"You've seen it yourself. Balreth, the Brother of Strife, is forever imprisoned. He's shackled to Ash Mountain.
You did this. You did what took countless mages many attempts and failures. For a mortal, you're quite an impressive sort."
Thanks, Mavos.
"Yes! You should thank me! You couldn't have done it without me. And you are welcome.
Now go. Get out of here. This is no place for the living."
Take care, Mavos.

Speaking with him after this exchange:

"Get going. This is no place for the living. Balreth is caged forever … thanks to you."

Opening the Portal[edit]

After completing Levisii Gilvayn's trial, you will meet Mavos once again to complete the final test to retrieve the final Focus Stone:

"You again?"
Well met, Mavos.
"Again I find myself talking to you. Very well.
As you've already seen, completing a complex spell requires precision. Controlling the ebb and flow of Magicka is the heart of spellcraft."
What do I do this time?
"The cave behind you holds the final Focus Stone. To reach it, you must understand the ebb and flow of magic.
You represent all living mortals here. Try not to embarrass yourself."
Can you send me back down to the caldera? (You get sent back to the ground.)

Speaking to him again:

"My continued presence in your realm burdens my soul. Complete your task, mortal."

Returning with the Focus Stone

"Your results?"
I have the final stone.
"So you do. Unlike the grandmaster, you've proven you can act with planning, patience, and courage.
Now with our aid, you can reforge Sadal's bindings."
What do I need to do?
"We'll return to the caldera. Place the foci around the caldera platform. Then the other mages and I will take it from there."
I'm ready, Mavos. Let's go.

He and his colleagues will return together to open the portal to Sadal's prison once you've retrieved and placed all three Focus Stones.