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This article is about the god. For the city of the same name, see Vivec City.

(lore page)
Home City Vivec City
Location Vivec's Palace
Race Chimer/Dunmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Vivec in a weakened state

Vivec is the Warrior-Poet of Almsivi and the Guardian God-King of Vvardenfell. He is worshipped as a living god by the settled Dunmer. Vivec can be encountered at his Palace in Vivec City.

You will be tasked with acting as Vivec's eyes and ears as part of Morrowind's main quest.

Related Quests[edit]


Divine Blessings[edit]

"You have done much for me and for Vvardenfell. But as the warrior says, "Do not think the battle is over when the enemy is dead. The hearts and minds of the people must also be won."
I must ask you for one more service."
What do you need me to do?
"Gratitude is its own reward," I once told the crowds in Ebonheart. But I've found that some of my followers appreciate something more tangible.
Help me reward those who aided in the saving of Vvardenfell so we can reassure my people."
How can I help you reward people?
"To start, retrieve the Archcanon's Signet from the Hall of Wisdom. It is time to appoint a new head priest. I shall gather my people and meet you at my statue on the central canton.
It shall be a glorious ceremony, my friend!"

Once you have retrieved the Signet, leave the Archcanon's Office and head west to the other end of the canton to meet Vivec for the ceremony. As you approach, Vivec will be talking to the crowd ("Rejoice! You cursed the darkness, with good reason. Now Praise the return of the light!") Speak to him to start the ceremony.

"The eyes and ears of the Warrior-Poet returns! And just in time for the gathering crowd!
Were you able to locate the Archcanon's Signet?"
Yes, I have the signet right here.
"Continue to guard it, for it represents not only my loyal servant Tarvus but also the past and future of my priesthood.
And take this as well. To aid you in your next task."
What's in this bag?
"You have been my eyes and ears in the world. Now be my hands. Within that modest sack resides gifts for my faithful servants. Blessings from me, though I would have you deliver them.
You served me in adversity. Now join me in celebration!"
What do you want me to do?
"As I call forth my faithful, reach into the sack and give them the first thing you find. They shall hear my words of praise and gratitude, while it shall be your hand that rewards them.
Are you ready, friend of Vivec?"
I'm ready.

At the end of the ceremony:

"You come before me with an empty sack, but have no fear. As I have written, "treat your enemies well and your friends even better." Know that I consider you to be a very good friend.
Will you accept the honor I am about to bestow upon you?"
I accept, Lord Vivec.
"Then let it be known that from this moment forth, you shall be called Champion of Vivec! And along with my thanks, take this modest reward.
I foresee even greater achievements in your future, but for now be content to be the hero of Morrowind!"

After completing the quest, he will say "The Warrior-Poet shall write of your deeds in story and song, my friend. You will be remembered for your service to Vvardenfell. Now go, see the wonders of our great land. There are others who need your help, of that I'm certain." when spoken to again.

Back at his palace, you can talk to Vivec and he will say one of the following:

  • "I thought you might be Archcanon Llevule. He's been very busy since we last spoke. I'm afraid Barbas's impersonation of our poor Tarvus did not extend to keeping the temple books in order. Our records are in shambles!"
  • "One crisis ends and another begins. Such is life on this rock we call Nirn. Nothing to concern yourself with, my friend. At least, not at the moment."
  • "I usually don't discuss my works-in-progress, but I know I can trust your discretion. I am currently composing a poem about how friendship endures through hardship. With so many songs about war and betrayal, we need more that speak to compassion."
  • "Did you notice that I haven't moved Baar Dau back to its original position. It's in no danger of falling, thanks to you, but as I wrote in the Ballad of Red Mountain, "All actions have consequences and pose some risk." Best to leave it alone."


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