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Canon Llevule
(lore page)
Home City Vivec City
Location Andrano Ancestral Tomb
Race Dark Elf Gender Male
Health 15,000
39,959 (Within Andrano Ancestral Tomb/In Vivec City)
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Follower Divine Conundrum
Faction(s) Tribunal Temple, House Redoran
Canon Llevule

Canon Llevule is a Dark Elf canon of the Tribunal Temple. You must aid him in speaking to his ancestor on behalf of Vivec during the quest Divine Conundrum. Llevule also helps you stabilize Vivec during Divine Disaster, stopping him from dying and the city from being destroyed. In return, Vivec names him the new Archcanon in Divine Blessings.

Llevule can only be found after Divine Conundrum has been started. For that quest, he will be at Andrano Ancestral Tomb; for all other quests in Vivec's Divine Power questline, he will be found in Vivec's Palace or the Archcanon's Office. After Divine Blessings, he can be found in the Archcanon's Office, and, if talked to, will tell you he never realized how much work an archcanon has to do.

Related Quests[edit]


Divine Conundrum[edit]

As you approach the tomb, you'll hear him say to himself:

Canon Llevule: "I can't let Lord Vivec down …."
Canon Llevule: "Those monsters! It's too dangerous. What am I going to do?"

Speak to him and he'll ask:

"Did Canon Valasa send you? She did, didn't she! That means she made it to Seyda Neen. Vivec be praised!
Will you help me complete my mission? It would be sacrilege if I don't enter my family's tomb and make Lord Vivec's inquiries."
I'll help you enter the tomb and ask your questions.
"As the Saints declare, the Tribunal always provides. We'll need to be cautious, however. Daedra invaded the tomb. Makes it hard to talk to one's ancestors while monsters try to eat you!
I'll also need your help when we reach the summoning chamber."
What kind of help?
"Take this scroll with Lord Vivec's inquiries. While I summon forth my ancestor's spirit and concentrate on maintaining the connection, you must ask the questions. He insists we use the exact phrasing.
We can go inside when you're ready."
I'd like to ask a few questions before we enter the tomb.
"I've already lost precious time due to the Buoyant Armiger's wounds, but I suppose a few more moments won't make the volcano erupt or the moonlet fall from the sky or anything.
What else can I tell you, my friend?"
Why does Lord Vivec want you to contact your ancestor?
"I'm not quite sure and it wasn't my place to ask. When your Living God gives you a task, you say, "yes, me lord!"
The questions seem to involve the time before the Tribunal, which I assume is why we must ask them of my long-dead ancestor."
Tell me about your ancestor.
"Few of my contemporaries can boast of a luminary such as Farena Andrano occupying a prime branch upon their family tree.
Lady Farena studied at the feet of Sotha Sil and was counted among his companions before the Tribunal rose to power."
Who's Sotha Sil?
"Who's Sotha Sil? That's like asking who are Vivec and Almalexia! They are the Tribunal—the Living Gods of the Dunmer.
Sotha Sil is the architect of time and the binder of Oblivion. If you want to know more, we can talk after we've finished."
Tell me about the creatures in the tomb.
"Well, I can tell you why they weren't here the last time I paid my respects.
Canon Valasa thinks they're some kind of Daedra, determined to keep us from fulfilling Lord Vivec's will. Until you showed up, I wasn't sure what I was going to do."
I'm ready. Let's enter your family tomb./Never mind, let's head into the tomb./I'm ready. Let's enter the tomb.

If you skipped asking him questions, he'll say:

"We're really going to do this? I wish I knew how Daedra got into my family tomb, but I'm sure you can handle them. At least you know they're there. They ambushed poor Armiger Urnsi. Took her completely by surprise.
Follow me. I'll open the door."
All right.


"Before we go in there and face those monsters, I want you to know how much I appreciate your aid in this matter. Just don't lose the scroll that contains Lord Vivec's questions.
Now come! Let's call forth my ancestor. I'll open the tomb door."
Lead the way.

As the two of you enter the tomb:

Canon Llevule: "Follow me! But keep an eye out for those daedra."

Once inside the tomb:

Canon Llevule: "Careful! The creatures attacked as soon as we entered the Hall of Remembrance."
Canon Llevule: "This used to be such a peaceful place. I came here as a young acolyte to meditate."
Canon Llevule: "We're nearly there! Then we can summon my ancestor."
Llevule summoning his ancestor

Reach the summoning chamber and he'll exclaim:

Canon Llevule: "The summoning chamber! I'll call forth my ancestor, then you can ask Vivec's questions."

After summoning his ancestor:

Farena Andrano: Hasn't my rest been disturbed enough by those filthy Daedra? Why do you summon me, descendent?
Canon Llevule: My Lord Vivec has inquiries that only you can answer, my lady. My companion will present them, with your permission.
Fareno Andrano: The Warrior-Poet? Very well, ask Vivec's questions.

After talking to the specter:

Canon Llevule: "I hope that's what Lord Vivec needed. Let's talk outside."

After helping him in the Ancestral Tomb:

"Thank you for helping me complete my task. Now I need to return to Vivec City. Have you been there? It's amazing! Ziggurats rising out of the water, the moonlet hanging in the sky above. You should meet me there so I can introduce you to Lord Vivec."
Did you understand what your ancestor told us?
"Just between us, I understood neither the questions asked nor the answers received. Not that I expected to. Some things aren't meant for mortal minds. That's another reason for you to come to Vivec City, to help me explain what my ancestor said."
I can help recount what happened here
"Excellent! I just need to make a quick stop in Seyda Neen to check on my original traveling companions. When you get to Vivec City, head right to the palace and I'll meet you there. I know that Lord Vivec will want to reward you for assisting me."
I'll meet you in Vivec City.
"I'll be along shortly. When you get to Vivec City, head directly for Lord Vivec's Palace. Once there, I'll make introductions and we can tell the Warrior-Poet everything we learned."
You said I could ask you more about the Tribunal after we finished your mission.
"Of course! As I said, the Tribunal consists of our three Living Gods—Vivec, Almalexia, and Sotha Sil. They lead us in spiritual matters and rule over Dunmer society as God-monarchs of the Dark Elves.
I serve Vivec, but honor the entire Tribunal."
Do all Dark Elves follow the Tribunal?
"Unfortunately, no. The Dunmer Houses bow to the Tribunal, but the savage Ashlanders refuse to acknowledge their divinity. The heretics never allowed themselves to be assimilated into the Great Houses. Instead, they hold to primitive superstitions."
"I'll be along shortly. When you get to Vivec City, head directly for Lord Vivec's Palace. Once there, I'll make introductions and we can tell the Warrior-Poet everything we've learned."

In Vivec's Palace you'll hear Canon Llevule introduce you to Vivec, despite the protestations of Archcanon Tarvus:

Canon Llevule: "This is the person who helped me at the tomb, my lord."
Archcanon Tarvus: "Lord Vivec, we don't need the help of this … outlander."
Vivec: "Oh hush, Archcanon Tarvus. Outlanders have their usefulness and this one intrigues me."
Archcanon Tarvus: "As you say. I'll be in my office if you need me."
Vivec: "Step forward, friend of Llevule, and let us speak."

Speak to him before speaking to Vivec and he'll add:

"My Lord Vivec wants to meet you. I know the honor might seem overwhelming, but try not to faint when His Holiness talks to you.
I speak from experience. I swooned and passed out the first time we met."

After Vivec asks you to speak to Tarvus about the ritual:

"Archcanon Tarvus carries the burden of Lord Vivec and the entire palace atop his shoulders. He'll serve as your guide in this undertaking for Lord Vivec.
And, if need be, you can always find me somewhere near the palace."

Divine Inquiries[edit]

Speaking with him before leaving the palace to talk to the Archcanon:

"You should really talk to the Archcanon. He knows much more about Lord Vivec's... situation... than I do."

After you speak to Tarvus, Llevule will be in his office:

"I couldn't help overhear what you and the Archcanon discussed. Good luck out there. The fate of Vvardenfell may depend on your actions in service to my lord Vivec."

Inside the palace, you'll overhear Llevule and Vivec speaking:

Canon Llevule: "My lord! Please! Let me send for aid. Perhaps one of the healers can help you."
Vivec: ""Pain is best tolerated in private," as I have written in the Thirty-Seventh Ballad."
Canon Llevule: "There must be something I can do."
Vivec: "You can call the Archcanon. He should hear the news our friend brings us."

Speaking to him after the quest is complete:

"You really got our investigation moving in the right direction! I know it's just a matter of time until Lord Vivec returns to his old self.
I suppose you'll want to talk to the Archcanon, though."

Divine Delusions[edit]

If you speak to him before heading to Ald'ruhn, he'll only say:

"An Ashlander? Could a heathen actually threaten one of the Tribunal? Such a thought makes my stomach hurt!"

Divine Intervention[edit]

If you speak to him before starting the quest, he'll say:

"You should talk to the Archcanon. I think Lord Vivec is running out of time."

If you speak to him before leaving the palace to speak to Barilzar, he'll comment:

"Barilzar will figure something out. He's brilliant and quite capable, despite his bizarre behavior."

You can also ask him for a recap:

Remind me what's been happening around here again.
"Of course, outlander. Anything to assist you in your sacred mission.
A mysterious force assaults Lord Vivec, stealing his energy and putting all of Vvardenfell in terrible danger. You agreed to help put an end to this attack."
Do we know the source of this mysterious assault?
"Not precisely. Your investigations on Vivec's behalf point to the Ashlander Chodala as the likely suspect. He claims to be the Nerevarine and wields Sotha Sil's tool. It's a staff Chodala calls Sunna'rah and we think it's the source of his power."
Sotha Sil created something to hurt Vivec?
"No. I'm sure that was never the intention of the Father of Mysteries.
Chodala somehow modified the tool to turn it into a weapon. Whatever he's doing to steal Vivec's divine energy, he seems to be able to draw on some of the Warrior-Poet's power."

Divine Disaster[edit]

"What happened here? Where's the Archcanon."
"By the Three, Lord Vivec looks terrible! Where's Archcanon Tarvus? He always seems to know what to do in situations like this."
The Archcanon is really Barbas. He tricked us all and now Vivec's energy is nearly depleted.
"Barbas? The Daedric hound? Wait, wait, I don't understand any of this. But if Lord Vivec's energy has been depleted, then the moonlet … Red Mountain ….
My gods, all of Vvardenfell is in danger!"
There must be something we can do.
"If only there was a way to give Lord Vivec some energy—wait, that's it! A Blessing Stone! Find the Overseer and retrieve another stone from the construction site.
Oh please, hurry! I've never seen Lord Vivec in such a desperate state!"
I'll talk to the Overseer and get another Blessing Stone.
"I expect the Overseer's near the unfinished cantons, watching out for looters. When people panic, they're capable of anything. And with all the chaos going on outside, the Overseer closed the construction site.
Get her key and bring back a stone."
Why are people in a panic?
"A few moments ago, Red Mountain erupted and the moonlet above the city dropped dangerously low in the sky. I assume that was when Lord Vivec's energy was depleted. If we don't find a way to restore some of his power and soon, Vvardenfell is doomed."
What about Barbas?
"I'm not sure … but our first priority must be to restore some of the Lord Vivec's energy. After that, he can tell us what we need to do next.
Did Barbas give any indication as to why he did this to Lord Vivec?"
I'm not completely sure but it seemed to have something to do with Clockwork City.
"Sotha Sil's private domain? It's said that the place holds the secret to re-making Nirn … I suppose that would interest Barbas and his master, Clavicus Vile.
But Clockwork City can wait. The moonlet hanging above us? Not so much."
What are you going to do while I retrieve the Blessing Stone?
"Someone has to take care of Lord Vivec. I'll make the preparations necessary to return the power in the Blessing Stone to him. I'm really operating above my station here. I'm not the Archcanon, after all.
Then again, neither was Tarvus, I suppose."

Speaking to him again:

"You need to get the key to the construction site from the Overseer or you won't be able to get the Blessing Stone.
The energy in the stone won't fully restore Lord Vivec, but it should allow him to keep Vvardenfell safe for a while longer."
Where can I find the Overseer?

Return with the Blessing Stone and you'll hear him say:

Canon Llevule: "You've returned! It sounds like the city is falling apart out there, so there isn't much time!"
"Were you able to get another Blessing Stone? We need to restore some of Lord Vivec's energy before the moonlet falls out of the sky!"
I retrieved the Blessing Stone.
"Perfect! I can feel Lord Vivec's essence inside it! I hope I remember how to do this. You'd better stand back—just in case."
All right.

Llevule moves to the receptacle at the foot of the bed and places the stone there:

Canon Llevule: "Hang on, Lord Vivec …."
Vivec: "Sweet energy … like a sip of water … for a thirsty man …."
"Oh, thank the Three! Lord Vivec looks better already. Of course, the Blessing Stone is only a temporary measure. We still need to determine what to do about Barbas and the stolen energy."
I'm ready to do whatever I can.
"As Lord Vivec has written, "The bravest heart never falters." You are truly Vivec's champion.
I didn't know if the Blessing Stone was going to work, but I appreciate your help. Now go and talk to Lord Vivec. I'm sure he has a plan to share with us."

Speaking with him after the quest is complete:

"The Blessing Stone has helped, but Lord Vivec remains in a precarious state. You should talk to him and determine what else we can do."

Divine Restoration[edit]

"I'll stay with Lord Vivec. Do what I can to help him and alleviate his suffering.
Some might consider it heresy to seek assistance from a Daedric Prince, but if it restores Lord Vivec then it can't be too wrong."
Lord Vivec said I could ask you some questions.
"He did? Well, of course I'm happy to help in any way I can. I suppose I know a few things about this terrible situation.
But we really must hurry. The energy provided by the Blessing Stone won't last very long."
Lord Vivec mentioned the Clockwork City's wards.
"Oh yes. Not only did Sotha Sil hide his greatest creation, he also protected it with powerful wards designed to keep Daedric entities from entering it.
Barbas and his master will need to neutralize the defenses before they can step foot inside."
Tell me more about the Clockwork City.
"I only know what I've heard. I've never visited the city myself.
Sotha Sil built the place as a miniature representation of the world, but with more cogs and gears than you usually find in nature. He called it his "forge of the future.""
Forge of the future?
"A figure of speech, perhaps. Sotha Sil believes he can reshape the world from within his city of brass tunnels and domes, but who knows what that even means?
Certainly, Barbas thinks the place is important. Why else would he go to all this trouble?"
Tell me more about Barbas.
"The shapeshifter? He's as tricky as his master, Clavicus Vile. I've heard he usually appears as a dog or a scamp named Creeper.
I never realized the Archcanon wasn't actually Tarvus anymore. If I'd been more observant, I could have stopped this."
And who's Clavicus Vile?
"Clavicus Vile is the Daedric Prince of Trickery. He loves to make bargains with mortals—especially deals that lean in his favor. As far as Daedric Princes go, he's not one of the nice ones.
Even so, to go after Lord Vivec like this, such audacity!"
Is it really that unusual for Vivec to seek advice from Azura?
"The Lady of Twilight deals in magic and prophecy. She has a long relationship with our people. But we also see her as weaker than the Tribunal and beneath consideration.
For Vivec to reach out to her is unprecedented."
But isn't Azura a god?
"Careful, outlander. Heresy isn't tolerated in Morrowind. Some revere Azura as the Anticipation of Sotha Sil, so a degree of veneration is permitted. But for one of the Tribunal to suggest seeking her counsel—that's unheard of!"

After your adventures in the Clockwork City, you'll return to Vivec's Private Chambers:

"Thank the Three, you've returned! Lord Vivec can't hang on much longer. Please, you have to help him!"

Vivec will ask you to use the power of the staff again. Llevule will caution:

Canon Llevule: "Oh, do be careful!"
Canon Llevule: "Praise Vivec, his energy is restored!"
"That was … that was truly amazing! You saved Lord Vivec! And Vvardenfell! And all of Morrowind!
I don't know what to say. Thank you, my friend. Thank you so very, very much."
Vivec naming Llevule his new Archcanon

Divine Blessings[edit]

Before leaving Vivec's chambers to start the ceremony, he'll say:

"Who knew what we were getting into when we met at my ancestral tomb, eh, my friend?
I'm just sorry that poor Archcanon Tarvus is no longer with us. I mean the real one. Not the Daedric hound. He really was a good man. And an excellent priest."

At the ceremony, Lord Vivec will call the canon to receive his blessing:

Vivec: "Canon Llevule, kneel before me!"
Canon Llevule: "Was that—? Did Lord Vivec summon me?"
Vivec: "Archcanon Tarvus served us well until his death. But when I was most in need of assistance, Canon Llevule rose to the occasion. Now rise once more—as Archcanon Llevule!"
Archcanon Llevule: "My lord … I'm not worthy! But I shall endeavor to become so. Thank you. And I can't wait to inform my ancestors!"

Before leaving the ceremony, he'll tell you:

"Archcanon? I don't think I'll ever get used to that.
Still, it's been a grand adventure, hasn't it, my friend? I suppose if I could survive everything that happened, I can certainly serve as the high priest to Lord Vivec! How hard could it be?"

After Divine Blessings, you can find him in the Archcanon's Office.

"I don't think I'll ever get used to being the archcanon"
"Blessings of the Tribunal to you, my friend."
"I never realized there was so much for an Archcanon to do. I really must study!"