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House Redoran of Blacklight is one of the five Great Houses of Morrowind. They joined the Ebonheart Pact and provide the vast majority of the Dunmer's soldiers.

They are essentially a warrior clan, who live by the ideals of duty, gravity, and piety. Their loyalty is first to the Tribunal, second to Great House Redoran, and third to Family and Clan. Redoran prize duty, honor, and piety above all else. They are deeply linked with the Tribunal Temple, helping to enforce the Tribunal's will across Morrowind. High Councilor Meriath rules as the House's Archmaster.


Known Councilors

Named Members
Aerona Berendas
Aeyne Redoran
Alsal Redoran
Alurami Redoran
Belvin Redoran
Bidia Redoran
Captain Brivan
Captain Valec Doronil
Caretaker Arethan
Caretaker Urnsi
Commander Taldyn
Corporal Lliran
Councilor Dalarn
Councilor Dolvara
Councilor Eris
Defender Furen
Dethisam Berendas
Drelyth Hleran
Fenila Redoran
Fonari Redoran
General Gavryn Redoran
High Councilor Meriath
Hlenir Redoran
Idros Bereloth
Lleris Tharen
Miirist Redoran
Mondran Redoran
Orrnar Redoran
Ramalii Drimas
Retainer Lladrelo
Salen Redoran
Sergeant Aamrila
Sergeant Faldrus
Sergeant Hadril
Sergeant Maril
Surond Redoran
Tavya Releth
Tereri Redoran
Tifosi Falaal
Councilor Tredere Redoran
Valvesu Faveran
Vatola Telem
Vaveli Raledran
Veya Releth
Vindamea Redoran
Generic Members
Redoran Ancestor SpiritMorrowind
Redoran Archer
Redoran Blademaster
Redoran Defender
Redoran Knight
Redoran Sentinel
Redoran Slayer
Redoran Soldier
Redoran Stalwart
Redoran Templar

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