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Race to stop Veya Releth from doing something unforgivable.
Zone: Vvardenfell
Objective: Balmora — Help locate the Redoran councilor's missing daughter.
Quest Giver: Veya Releth
Location(s): Balmora, Hlormaren Stronghold, Redoran Kinhouse, Redoran Garrison
Prerequisite Quest: A Purposeful Writ
Reward: Veya's Axe of the Defiler
Morag Tong Body Tattoo
Morag Tong Face Tattoo
1 Skill Point
Average Leveled Gold
Naryu's Confidant Achievement
XP Gain: Standard Experience
"Veya, daughter. I'm so sorry. I never meant for any of this to happen."
Veya thinks we should go and find Vatola Telem's squad that's scouting the old fort outside of Balmora. She said the fort's overrun with cultists and we need to reach the soldiers before anything happens to them.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Meet Veya at Hlormaren Stronghold.
  2. Search around the stronghold for Redoran soldiers.
  3. Enter the stronghold and continue the search.
  4. Talk to Vatola Telem.
  5. Get a cell key and return to Vatola.
  6. Go back to Balmora to find Veya.
  7. Tell Naryu what's happened.
  8. Search the Redoran Kinhouse for Veya.
  9. Update Naryu on what you found.
  10. Meet Naryu at the Redoran Garrison.
  11. Search for Captain Brivan at the Garrison.
  12. Confront Captain Brivan.
  13. Talk to Naryu.
  14. Stop Veya.
  15. Speak with High Councilor Meriath.
  16. Help Naryu decide what to do about Veya.
  17. Return to Balmora and meet up with Naryu in the basement cellar safehouse.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

To Hlormaren stronghold[edit]

After completing A Purposeful Writ, Veya will go right into the next quest:

"So which soldiers are we talking about? I know most of the people my brother used to work with.
Eyewitnesses are better than notes in the House Registry—provided I can actually get them to talk to me."
Vatola Telem's squad. They're scouting the old fort. But I really think we should wait for Naryu.
"There's no time to waste. That fort's near the cave where I was hiding. Last time I was there, the fort was crawling with cultists.
We need to find them before Vatola and his soldiers wind up sacrificed to some Daedric Prince."
A few more moments—
"Will get Vatola and his soldiers killed! I know the process. Turning in a writ can take hours, maybe even an entire day! I'll leave Naryu a note. She can meet us at the fort.
I'm going. Either come with me or get out of my way."
All right. I'll help you find the Redoran soldiers.
"Let me gather my gear and write a note for Naryu. I'll meet you near the Hlormaren Stronghold.
The more I think about it, the more convinced I am that we'll learn who's responsible for Ulran's death soon. Then blood will flow."
"Blood will flow?" Don't you need a writ to kill someone?
"As far as I'm concerned, rules got my brother killed. They don't apply to me anymore.
Besides, to find the soldiers we're probably going to have to carve a path through those cultists. The Morag Tong won't care about that."
I thought Naryu was responsible for your actions?
"That's what the handbook says. Look, I know what Naryu's done for me. To keep me safe. I appreciate that.
But this is about what they did to my brother. Nothing else matters. Not Naryu. Not you. And certainly not me."
Don't force me to choose between you and Naryu.
"No … never. You and Naryu aren't my enemies. I just need to get justice for Ulran. Otherwise his death will be the first of many.
We have to be able to resist laws that make no sense or get people hurt without being afraid of getting exiled."
Do you know Vatola Telem?
"I know Vatola. He's a typical Redoran soldier. Loyal to a fault. Always spouting nonsense about house and honor above all.
He was devoted to my brother, though. Ulran considered him to be one of his best."
Why didn't Vatola stand up for Ulran at his trial?
"Ulran had a habit of putting the needs of others ahead of his own. He probably told Vatola and his soldiers to remain quiet. Decided to take responsibility and save them any heartache.
I hope these soldiers remember that when we find them."

Go to the fort and find an agitated Veya:

"You're here. I'm here. The damn cultists are here. You know who isn't here? Vatola and his squad!
They're probably hiding. Or dead. They better not be dead."
Have you seen Naryu yet?
"Naryu's probably busy clearing her writ and we don't have time to wait.
This opportunity to learn more about what happened to Ulran won't last much longer. We need to find that squad of soldiers."
We should really wait for Naryu before we do anything rash.
"Fine. You wait for Naryu. I'm going to go and find those soldiers."
All right, we'll handle this your way. Any idea where we should look for the soldiers?

(The response is the same as the next question's)

You know the area. Any idea where we should look for the Redoran soldiers?
"Their orders were to scout the old stronghold. I suggest we search along the outskirts and see if we can pick up their trail."
"We need to find those soldiers. I won't let this chance get away from us."

You have to find three clues: Bedroll, Redoran Officer's Sword, and several Redoran corpses including that of Corporal Darvel. As you look for clues, she'll comment:

Veya Releth: "A bedroll, still wrapped and ready to use. Standard issue for a Redoran soldier."
Veya Releth: "A Redoran officer's sword. No Redoran soldier would leave that behind willingly."
Veya Releth: "Corporal Darvel … I knew him. But the others, they're civilians. They must have taken Telem's soldiers inside."
"We've got to get inside the stronghold. The Three only know what the cultists have planned for my brother's soldiers.
Ulran wouldn't want them to wind up sacrificed for the glory of a crazed Daedric Prince."

Try to enter the fortress and the door will not open:

Veya Releth: "Locked! Figures. Let's see if one of these damn cultists has a key."

Cut your way through cultists until you find one with a key:

Veya Releth: "There we go. Let's get inside and find the others before it's too late."


Veya Releth: "Let's find the soldiers and get out of here before these stupid cultists realize what's happening."

Veya will run ahead. Suddenly you'll hear:

Vatola Telem: "Who's there? We won't let you take us without a fight! Wait—Veya, is that you?"
Veya Releth: "Thank the Three, you're all still alive!"

Speak to Vatola, who'll tell you to get a key to free him:

"I'm not sure what you and Veya are doing here, but let us out. Then we can return Veya to her father. Councilor Eris has been terribly worried since she disappeared."
First, we want to know what happened to Ulran.
"This isn't the time or the place to have that discussion.
Get the key to this cage and then we can find a private place to talk."
Any idea where I can find the key to your cage?
"One of the cultists carries the key. I don't think he's too far away. We hear him patrolling around every so often.
Free us and I'll tell you whatever you want to know. You have my word as a Redoran and as an officer."

Go to find the key and Veya will stay behind:

Veya Releth: "You find the key. Me and Vatola, we're going to have a little chat while we're waiting."
Vatola Telem: "Veya, I'm just trying to protect you …."
Veya Releth: "From what? The truth? Oh, please! I want to know who did this to my brother."

Deal with Curate Skaliz and you'll hear from elsewhere in the fort:

Vatola Telem: "Veya, wait! You can't leave us like this!"

After you recover the key and return to the cells, Vatola will inform you that Veya has fled to Balmora:

"I knew I shouldn't have told Veya the truth. I just made everything worse. Please, let us out of here. We have to stop Veya before she does something she'll regret."
Where's Veya? Tell me what happened.
"I told her what she wanted to hear. I was with Captain Ulran the day everything happened. I was commanded to lure the Ashlanders to town and set up a situation for Ulran to deal with."
What kind of situation?
"My orders were to invite the Ashlanders to Balmora to trade, send some local toughs to instigate a commotion, and then get Ulran to investigate. It was just supposed to be a loyalty test. Who expected Ulran to kill his own soldier to save a savage?"
You said you were following orders? Who gave these orders?
"Captain Brivan, though he was still a lieutenant at the time. As soon as I explained all this to Veya, her face turned dark and she stormed out of here. I think she's going to Balmora to kill him! You need to let me out so I can warn the captain!"
Here's the key, but I want you to stay out of this. I'll deal with Veya. [Vatola goes free]
"Thank you. Now get to Balmora and stop Veya before she does something she'll regret."
You led Ulran into a trap and sent Veya off in a foul temper. I'm just going to leave you here. [Keep Vatola trapped]
"How dare you! When House Redoran hears about this, you're going to regret your actions!"

You get to choose how to deal with Vatola, but regardless of your choice, you'll find Veya goes on a rampage in the following scenes.

Back to Balmora[edit]

As you approach the gates of Balmora, you'll hear the voice of an agitated Naryu:

Naryu Virian: "Get your arse over here, hero. We've got a situation and it's not good."

Meet her inside Balmora and speak with her:

"I leave you and Veya alone for a couple of hours and everything goes to Oblivion in an ore cart!
Why did Veya leave the safe-house? And why is House Redoran tearing the city apart to find her?"
Veya couldn't wait, so we went to find the soldiers who were scouting the old fort.
"You did what? I suppose you thought that was a good idea?
Well, the damage is done. At least tell me you found something to make this debacle a little more palatable."
We learned that Brivan gave the order that led to Ulran's banishment.
"That explains why Veya broke into the kinhouse. I'm not sure what happened in there, but she certainly stirred up the Redoran soldiers.
Veya might still be inside. Or she might have given them the slip. She could be anywhere by now."
I can get inside and try to talk to her.
"If Veya kills Brivan without a writ, the Morag Tong and House Redoran will both want her head on a silver platter. You check the kinhouse. I'll grab Ashur and see if we can pick up Veya's trail in the streets.
Don't let me down, hero."
"What an absolute mess! I knew an apprentice was going to be difficult, but this is ridiculous.
Still, I don't want to see Veya get hurt. Let's find her before we both wind up with our names on a writ."

On your way to the Redoran Kinhouse, you'll hear peasants talking about Veya, and Corporal Lliran barking oders:

Corporal Lliran: "Scour the streets. Search the buildings. Veya Releth does not leave this city!"

Then you'll see a group of House Redoran Soldiers disperse and go search Veya.

You can also talk with Tereri Redoran on the matter. Right after you enter the kinhouse, you'll see a dead Redoran Soldier in front of you and Idros Bereloth kneeling next to the corpse. You can speak to him:

"The young woman … she killed them all. Didn't say a word. Just walked in, drew her blades, and cut down every soldier who tried to stop her.
And her eyes! I never saw such rage as I saw in her eyes."
Where did this young woman go?
"She headed upstairs. To Captain Brivan's apartment, I think.
I can't believe she killed all these soldiers!"
She didn't harm you?
"No. She totally ignored us. Just the soldiers. Nobody else was harmed."

As you go through the ground floor you'll find more corpses of dead Redoran Soldiers and the three residents of kinhouse next to the stair: Lleris Tharen, Valvesu Faveran and Vaveli Raledran.

Go upstairs, this floor is empty except more corpses of Redoran Soldiers. Open the door leading to Kinhouse Terrace, go upstairs and enter Captain Brivan's Apartment. Near the staircase you can find a note pierced on the wall.

As you go through the stair you'll hear the voice of Beyte Malrom, the wife of Captain Brivan:

Beyte Malrom: "What's the meaning of this? Where are the soldiers?"

Speak to Beyte upstairs:

"If you're looking for my husband, I'll tell you the same thing I told that brazen young woman. The council is meeting outside Balmora and Brivan is protecting the councilors.
Now if you don't mind, I've had more than enough excitement for one day."
The brazen young woman, what did she say?
"I could barely make sense of the nonsense she was spouting!
It was Veya, Councilor Eris's daughter. Everything she said was a ramble. Something about my husband betraying her brother. That my Brivan had to suffer just as she was suffering."
She didn't harm you, did she?
"She had a knife, but no, she didn't harm me. She said her brother wouldn't hurt an innocent. That I wasn't responsible for his death.
Do you have any idea what she was talking about because I certainly don't!"
Where is the council meeting you mentioned?
"You shouldn't get involved. That young woman will hasten her own death if she thinks she can get past my husband and his soldiers!
But if you insist, the meeting is taking place at the garrison north of Balmora."
You might want to seek shelter somewhere else. Veya left a trail of dead soldiers downstairs.
Beyte Malrom: "Dead soldiers? They were just protecting the kinhouse. I'll … I'll go stay with my sister in Vivec."

Beyte will cross the room to the dresser:

Beyte Malrom: "Brivan is the finest soldier I know. He'll set Veya straight, I'm sure of it."

Speak to her before leaving and she'll say:

"I hope Veya realizes that Brivan is loyal to House Redoran above all else. If he did do something to upset her, it was probably for a perfectly good reason. And he was certainly operating under House orders."

Leave the Redoran Kinhouse and you'll find Naryu again:

"Please tell me you found Veya. I can already feel the cold steel of the executioner's blade on the back of my neck!"'
Veya's going to the Redoran council meeting to confront Captain Brivan.
"Is Veya trying to get herself killed? You can't just barge into a Redoran garrison and ask the soldiers to stand aside while you murder their captain!
We have to get to her before she gets to Brivan."
Veya also left a trail of dead Redoran soldiers in the kinhouse.
"She murdered soldiers without a writ? This is a dark path she's decided to follow. And unless we play this just right, it's not going to end well for any for us.
Let's find Veya and put a stop to this. We can deal with any consequences after that."
I'll meet you at the garrison outside the city.

Speak to her again before leaving and she'll say:

"I can't believe my apprentice might be responsible for causing the Morag Tong to fall out of favor again. And she's not alone in this. I'm right there with her, about to plunge my career into the sewer!
I hope we can talk some sense into her."

To Redoran Garrison[edit]

Meet Naryu again outside of the Redoran Garrison:

"I don't like the looks of this. Brivan is using Warclaws to patrol the garrison instead of Redoran soldiers. Either House forces are stretched thinner than I thought or Brivan wants to justify the use of mercenaries to the council."
What do the Warclaws have to do with anything?
"Maybe nothing, maybe everything. We know Ulran refused to employ mercenaries — he hated counting on thugs to do the right thing.
I expect the Redoran council feels the same. Maybe Brivan's trying to show them what the Warclaws can do."
We might have to fight our way through the mercenaries.
"The Warclaws may be a blessing in disguise. I can explain killing these bastards a lot easier than trying to wipe Redoran blood off my hands.
Let's go stop Veya. I'm ready when you are, hero."
How do we get into the garrison?
"There's no stealthy way to approach this. The front door's our only option.
Then we track down Brivan, find Veya, bonk her on the head, and get her out of here before she does something I can't fix. Easy as gorapple pie!"

Speaking to Naryu again:

"I'll cause a distraction and try to draw away some of the Warclaws, then I'll meet you inside.
Just be careful in there. Alert too many of the soldiers or mercenaries and we'll have the entire garrison after our beautiful arses."

Once you enter Garrison chambers of Redoran Garrison, Naryu will appear:

Naryu Virian: "Glad to see we all made it. Now let's find Brivan before Veya skewers him."

Speaking with Naryu:

"Like many Redoran structures, this place is huge and designed to serve a multitude of purposes. We're going to need to split up to cover it all.
We must find Brivan and keep him alive until I can talk some sense into my damn apprentice."
What's Captain Brivan going to think about all this?
"He's going to be as mad as a bull netch and twice as ugly. Provided we can actually convince him we're here to save his sorry hide and that we're not part of a plot to kill him and the councilors.
Just another day at the fair, right, hero?"
Let's do this.

If you speak to her again:

"I'm working without a writ on this one. Find Brivan and make sure Veya doesn't kill him. Stay focused on that and we might just pull this off.
I hate spilling blood without a contract, but we might not have a choice. We just have to stop Veya."

After going through Ground Floor (ignore the first stair you encounter which lead to the cellar) and you'll find Naryu again next to the second stair you encounter:

Naryu Virian: "Nothing yet, eh? I hear voices behind this door, but it's locked tight. Keep looking, hero."

Speak with Naryu:

"I haven't so much as heard or seen even a whisper of Brivan yet. Just lots of snarling Warclaws.
If we can't get through this door, there's only one other way to go."
Where's that?
"It's always important to figure out where a target keeps its wine. In this case, down in the cellars. There's a staircase back where we first came in.
And if we still don't find Brivan or Veya, well, at least there'll be plenty to drink!"
I'll head downstairs and keep searching.
"And I'll figure out how to get this door open. Just in case.
You know, attending a House Redoran council meeting was always a secret goal of mine. Right after getting a lusty Argonian maiden to scrape my flesh raw with her abrasive tongue."

If you speak to her again:

"Never mind me, I'm just in a foul mood.
See what you can find in the cellars. I'll work on opening this door."

Back to the first stair and go down to Cellar. There are a lot of Warclaws mercenaries in this floor. Fight your way through Cellar and you'll find Warclaw Ferhara in the innermost hall:

Warclaw Ferhara: "Captain Brivan is on his way! Soon we'll have a permanent job in House Redoran, yes?"
Warclaw Ferhara: "Kill the intruders! They have interfered for the last time!"

She and her Warclaws will attack you on sight. Defeat them and Brivan will come running in the room:

Captain Brivan: "What's going on down here? It sounds like a—you! What are you doing here? Explain yourself!"
"What in the name of the Three are you up to? I thought you worked for Councilor Eris?
You better have a damn good reason for killing the mercenary leader. I ought to sound the alarm and let her warriors deal with the likes of you."
I came to warn you. Veya knows what you did. She wants to kill you.
"Veya? She's barely out from under her mother's apron and she presumes to judge my actions?
No matter. Whatever your motives, nothing justifies the blatant killing of Ferhara and her mercenaries. Councilor Eris can't protect you this time, Outlander."
What about your motives? Ulran's exile and death are on your head.
"Ah, now everything becomes clear. Veya learned something of her brother's fate and wants to retaliate? Then let her come!
But know this. I merely set the events in motion. I didn't conceive the plan."
Then who did? Tell me who's responsible for what happened to Ulran.
"You're looking for the responsible party? Then look no further than Councilor Eris. He wanted to prove his son's loyalty to the House. To show that Ulran's fascination with the savage Ashlanders hadn't corrupted him.
Well, look how that turned out."
This whole thing started as a test of Ulran's loyalty?
"A test Ulran failed. Eris was devastated when his son sided with the savages and his daughter ran away. He decided to resign his position. He'll make the announcement today.
Eris hopes to restore his family, but I think it's a lost cause."
Especially if Veya finds out that her father set all this in motion.

Veya will sneak up behind the captain and stab him:

Veya Releth: "That's for Ulran. Choke on your own blood, you bastard."
Veya Releth: "My father, the entire council, they're all guilty. They all have to die. I have to do this, so stay out of my way."
Naryu Virian: "Veya actually did it. She killed Brivan in cold blood."

Talk to Naryu:

"Veya killed Brivan. Without a writ. It was pure, focused rage. I never expected her to go through with it.
If Veya doesn't get herself killed up there, the Morag Tong will hunt her down and execute her. Like a rabid guar. Her and me both."
We can still save Eris and the rest of the councilors.
"I'm not sure they deserve to be saved, but that's what we have to do. Veya can't be allowed to kill the councilors. I ... we ... have to stop her.
It's more than me and Veya's lives on the line. Something like this could destroy the Morag Tong."
What do you mean, destroy the Morag Tong?
"The Morag Tong only recently began to find acceptance again. Veya's actions don't just reflect badly on me, they could be used to force us back into the shadows. Maybe even disband us altogether.
We're both going to have to answer for this."
What do you want me to do?
"We have to get ahead of her, cut her off, There's a door on the main floor, near the kitchens, that should allow us to come at the council meeting from another direction. I was able to get it open when I was scouting around up there.
Let's go."
"No more time to talk. Let's go stop Veya."

You'll find a stair just behind this hall, go through it and you can find a door leading back to Ground Floor, at this point Naryu will comment:

Naryu Virian: "Nothing's more important than reaching the council meeting. If the mercenaries get in our way, cut them down!"

Go through Garrison Kitchens, this time the door leading to Garrison Meeting Hall can be opened. Pass the door, go upstairs and you'll be at a corridor overlooking the meeting hall. There you can see High Councilor Meriath downstairs in the hall:

High Councilor Meriath: "Everyone calm down! Councilor Eris will deal with this. We're safe in here. There's no need to panic."
Councilor Dalarn: "No need to panic? She's cut down every mercenary in her way! Her father won't be able to stop her."

Then go downstairs and you'll find the entrance to the meeting hall is barred by a locked gate.

Naryu Virian: "Veya's getting close. We're running out of time."
Naryu Virian: "Let me try to open this door."
Naryu Virian: "Come on! Stubborn, stupid lock …."

While Naryu tries to get the lock open, you'll be forced to witness the following scene:

Councilor Eris: "Veya, daughter. I'm so sorry. I never meant for any of this to happen."
Veya Releth: "Father, why? Does the House really matter more than your own son?"
Councilor Eris: "I needed to protect Ulran … to prove his loyalty. If I could do it all over again …."
Veya Releth: "But you can't! None of us can …. That's why I have to do this."

As Veya strikes her father, Naryu pleas for her to stop:

Naryu Virian: "Veya, no! That's an order!"

Once the councilor lays in a pool of his own blood, Veya addresses her mentor:

Veya Releth: "I'm not your apprentice any more. The House has grown corrupt, evil. That's why all the councilors have to die."

There does not appear to be a way to intercept Veya from attacking her father. Naryu fails to open the gate on time and only succeeds once Veya kills her father. At this point, you and Naryu get to enter the room, confront a permanently hostile Veya, and are forced to kill her (or so you think).

Veya Releth: "No more rules! No more secrets! House Redoran falls today!
Naryu Virian: "Enough, Veya! This isn't the way."

Once Veya is down (her character status will show up as dead), High Councilor Meriath will enter the room.

Naryu Virian: "Veya's down. It's over."
High Councilor Meriath: "So much bloodshed. So much needless death. If only Eris would have listened."
High Councilor Meriath: "Outlander, we should speak. I think we can help one another."

If choose to speak with Naryu first:

"She wants to talk to you, hero, not me. Best not keep the High Councilor waiting."

Speak to Meriath:

"The Morag Tong agent... she cares deeply for Veya, doesn't she?
It takes great courage to go against your heart and do what you know is best. You both did that by protecting the council. For that, you have my thanks."
What did you mean when you said we could help each other?
"A series of regrettable decisions led to this family tragedy, and most of them were made by Eris Releth.
I knew of Ulran's compassion concerning the Ashlanders. It was unorthodox, but not worthy of the punishment meted out. Eris was wrong."
I thought the entire council was involved.
"Eris convinced Brivan to test Ulran. Then the two of them decided to slaughter the Ashlanders. Oh, the council allowed itself to be convinced that exile was an appropriate punishment, but we were wrong to let it go as far as it did."
House Redoran doesn't want the Ashlander territory?
"I didn't say that. But we're not butchers. We do not hire mercenary thugs to wipe out an entire people.
This gathering was to deal with that. Eris planned to step down and we were going to demote Brivan for the part he played."
So what happens next?
"House Redoran behaved poorly. Morag Tong rules were violated. I suggest we make sure these details never see the light of day.
Leave the bodies where they are. We will say that Veya died protecting her father and the council from the Warclaws."
And what do we have to do in exchange?
"Cooperate with House Redoran and hold your tongues. It's as simple as that. I shall return to the council meeting and conclude our business. When we're finished, I expect you and Naryu to both be gone.
That is all, outlander."

Meriath will then return to the council.

You should then speak with Naryu:

"I'm not sure about this. It's a generous offer, but those are some big secrets to sweep under a rug.
Besides, Veya isn't dead. At least not yet. She's still breathing."
How is that a problem?
"The High Councilor thinks we killed her. The deal hinges upon all of us forgetting this sorry mess ever happened.
Besides, once Veya regains her senses, there's every likelihood that she'll try to kill the councilors again."
You don't think you can convince her to go along with this?
"When have I ever been able to convince Veya to do anything she didn't want to do?
There's a Redoran blood on Veya's hands. Once the Morag Tong ties those unauthorized murders to her, she's as good as dead anyway. And, more than likely, so am I."
So how do you want to handle this?
"I don't see many options. We can either finish off Veya now and go along with the High Councilor's deception, or we slip out of here with Veya and send her far, far away.
She broke her vows and deserves to die. I know that, but it still feels wrong."

You have the choice on whether to save Veya, or kill her. If you decide to let her live.

Veya deserves a second chance. We can worry about the rest later.
"You're ... you're right. If anyone's to blame for all this, it's me. I wasn't a good enough mentor. If for no other reason, Veya deserves a second chance. Look, you need to leave. We'll meet back in Balmora. And, hero? Thanks."
Naryu Virian: "Go on. I'll get her out of here before the council notices and meet you in Balmora."
"Get going. We'll meet back at the safehouse in Balmora."

If you decide to kill her:

You said it yourself. Veya deserves to die.
"Yes … you're right, damn it all. Veya spilled Redoran blood and now she has to pay. I'll take care of it. She's my responsibility.
You don't have to watch this. Go. I'll meet you back in Balmora after it's done."
Naryu Virian: "I need to do this alone. Now go. I'll see you in Balmora."
"I said I'd deal with this. Veya is my responsibility. It should be my blade that ends this.
Go. I'll see you back at the safe-house in Balmora."


  • Naryu's follower icon appears to be glitched. Despite dismissing the player and telling them they will reunite in Balmora, Naryu still continues to have a follower icon above her head. Her follower icon does not change to a regular quest icon.
  Workaround: None. Leave the room interior and travel to the Balmora safehouse as Naryu directed to complete the quest.


If you chose to save Veya, you'll find her, Naryu, and Ashur in the hideout. Ashur will have mended her wounds:

Ashur: "How many times have I told you not to stick your blade in your apprentices, Naryu? She'll live, but she can't stay here. Not after what she's done."
Naryu Virian: "I've got that covered. Veya won't be staying in Vvardenfell."
"Ashur did an outstanding job. For an assassin, he's got a gift for the healing arts.
Veya's going to live. Now I just have to convince her to listen to me this time."
Doesn't our agreement with the High Councilor assume Veya died at the garrison?
"And as far as she knows, she did. Now Veya needs to disappear. Otherwise, both Redoran and the Morag Tong will go after her. Believe me, nobody survives that kind of attention.
Veya didn't ask for everything that happened. She only wanted justice."
How is Veya going to disappear?
"I've arranged for a ship captain I know to meet us in Vivec City. From there, Veya will sail to Summerset and rendezvous with an associate of mine. He's kind of furry and a bit of an arse. But he's good people. He'll take care of Veya."
What's going to happen to you?
"As long as everyone sticks to the bargain, I go about my usual business. A writ here, a nice bath there, maybe a few intimate encounters along the way — to relieve the tension, you understand.
I just hope Veya's good with all this. She has to be."
Well, take care of yourself, Naryu.

(If quit the dialogue at this moment and speak to her again)

"I'm going to miss having Veya around. I was kind of getting used to having an apprentice. Oh well. And I think I'm going to miss you too, hero. I hope we can do this again sometime. Well, not this exactly.
You know what I mean."
Take care of yourself, Naryu.
"Always, hero. Oh, hey, I want you to have this. Something to remember me by until we meet again.
I hope you don't leave here with the impression that all Dark Elves are conniving dirt bags. Some of us are also kind of sexy. Like me, for instance."

At this moment, Veya will come out of unconsciousness and speak to Naryu:

Veya Releth: "Naryu? What happened?"
Naryu Virian: "Quiet, Veya. Rest now. We can talk later."
"Veya needs her rest. I don't want any of Ashur's stitches to split open before she's had a chance to fully heal.
If you want a last word with Veya, we'll be in Vivec City for a bit before her ship sets sail."

You can also speak to Ashur:

"This goes against every protocol, but I couldn't let poor Veya bleed to death.
I patched all the holes you people put in her and she should recover, given time."

Veya may be at the Vivec City docks after the completion of the quest, where you can speak to her:

Veya Releth: "I don't have to go, you know. I can help clean things up around here. I know how to keep a low profile."
Naryu Virian: "This isn't up for debate. You're going."
"Naryu thought you might stop by. You probably hate me and I completely understand.
I'm still glad you showed up though."
Do you think you can put this all behind you?
"I lost my brother, I killed my own father … I kind of went crazy out there for a while. I don't think I'll ever put this completely behind me. But I'll do what Naryu asks. I'll go away, finish my training. Try to make a new start."
Where is Naryu sending you?
"To Summerset, but don't tell anybody. She was quite adamant about that.
She's given me a letter of introduction for some highfalutin Khajiit. Works for a queen or something. Anyway, he's going to be my new mentor."
Well, good luck to you, Veya.
"Look, I'm sorry. Ulran's death made me crazy―that's no excuse―but I'm never going to forgive House Redoran for the attitudes that brought us here. I'm done with them.
Take care of Naryu. I don't want her to get hurt because of me."

If you chose to kill Veya, you'll only find Naryu in the hideout:

Naryu Virian: "More deaths, more blood on my hands. Just another day in the Morag Tong, eh hero?"
"Veya died quickly. I didn't want her to suffer any more than she already had. This was for the best. If I keep telling myself that, maybe I'll eventually believe it.
And my head's still attached to my beautiful neck, so that's something, right?"
You didn't have a choice, Naryu.
"There's always a choice. Veya could have chosen not to kill Redoran soldiers. She could have chosen not to kill her father. I could have chosen not to kill her. But, hey, it seemed like the thing to do.
Now leave me alone so I can finish my wine."
You upheld your vows and we stopped Veya before any other councilors were killed.
"What do you want, hero? You want me to say that you're right? Fine. You're right, damn it! We'll all keep more secrets and everything will go back to the way it was.
Look, I'd offer you some of my wine, but I don't want to."
At least we know what happened to Ulran. Justice was served.
"Really? Is this what justice feels like? My apprentice killed her own father and I killed her. We've got a lot of death, but not much else. Just another typical day in the Morag Tong.
Look, it may not sound like it, but I am grateful for your help."
Well, take care of yourself, Naryu.
"Always, hero. Oh, hey, I want you to have this. Something to remember Veya by. For an Outlander, I think she kind of liked you.
I suppose I kind of like you, too. Really, I'm not always this morose. Next time we meet, you'll see. Take care, hero."
Naryu Virian: "I need a nice, warm bath. I hear the one's in Vivec are spectacular. I'd ask you to join me, but there's barely going to be enough room for me and my hangover."

After the completion of her questline in Vvardenfell, Naryu can later be encountered around Vivec City.

If you suggested that Veya be spared, you can see both of them at the Vivec City Docks:

Veya Releth: "I don't have to go, you know. I can help clean things up around here. I know how to keep a low profile."
Naryu Virian: "This isn't up for debate. You're going."

You can then talk to Naryu about her decision:

"How did I know you were going to show up, hero? Can't get enough of my smiling face, hmm? I know she tried to murder a kinhouse full of councilors, but Veya deserves to see a friendly face before I send her away."
Are you sure sending Veya away is the right decision?
"She spilled Redoran blood without a writ. She broke the rules of the Morag Tong. As I see it, I don't have a choice. Veya needs to remain dead in the eyes of Vvardenfell. Otherwise we'll all have to pay for the damage she's done."
Isn't there still a risk in this plan of yours?
"Only if it fails, and that's not going to happen. Summerset is far enough away that no one will find her. Besides, Veya needs time to heal and make a fresh start. She'll be fine. Her new mentor is a pussycat compared to me."

However, if you told Naryu to kill Veya, she can be found near the Alchemy Station:

Naryu Virian: Come to check up on me, hero?"

You can then ask how she's doing:

"What? Did you think I was so depressed that I'd drink myself silly and fall into the ocean? Well, I'm neither drunk enough or motivated enough to walk that far.
And I prefer my water to be warm and full of bubbles."
You shouldn't blame yourself for what happened to Veya.
"Really? Who should I blame then? House Redoran? Council Eris? Ulran for doing the right thing and starting this whole mess? I know! I'll blame the Ashlanders. Everybody else does, so why shouldn't I?
Ah, maybe I just need another bottle of wine."
So what happens now?
"I go back to doing what I do best and hope the Morag Tong never finds out what happened.
At least the deal we made protects my people. We've worked so hard to climb out of the shadows and regain our position. I'm glad I didn't jeopardize that."
You did your best. Veya's own grief led to her downfall.
"Veya was a good apprentice. She would have made an excellent assassin. I just wish I could have done more to prevent what happened. At least—no, that's not something you need to know. At least not right now."
[Persuade] You know you can tell me anything.
"I can, can I? Well, aren't you the sentimental fool!
Ask me about Veya again someday. After some of the pain has passed. Then I'll tell you a story. I guarantee it's one that will keep you on the edge of your seat. But not today, hero. Not today."


  • It's possible to acquire the key to the stronghold and access it before reaching the related objective.
    • Doing so skips Veya's dialogue when finding the last clue and when looking for the key.
    • Vatola Telem won't exist inside then.
  • The objective to find the Redoran soldiers in the stronghold pretty much completes itself as it is deem completed when Veya reaches the room, even if you aren't there with her, and she rushes to it right upon entering the stronghold.
  • Upon arriving in Balmora returning from the stronghold, Naryu Virian appears with an objective marker above her head, but the current objective remains to search for Veya instead of updating for something more specific to Naryu.
  • While the balcony railing looking over the council chamber appears jumpable, an invisible wall prevents doing so, in order to force you to watch the scripted scene at the gate downstairs.
  • While Naryu says that Veya is down (but not dead) after defeating her, her health bar will appear completely empty, which is normally used to indicate deceased NPCs.
  • It's possible to exit the garrison in the room where you fought Veya, without doing the objective to speak with the High Councillor. However, the door is one-way only so this is not advised.


  • The interior of the Redoran Garrison can be accessed before reaching the related objective to speak to Naryu outside. Warclaw Ferhara will already be found inside and can be slain ahead of time. Doing so skips a chunk of the objectives taking place there, as it triggers Captain Brivan arriving. ?
  • Inside the Redoran Garrison, if spotted by enemies and entering combat, nearby Warclaw Chanters are able to attack you through walls or even through the floor if you are on the floor below or above them. ?
  • Inside the Redoran Garrison, while the door to the Garrison Meeting Hall appears usable (light yellow text on prompt), trying to open it results in the "currently inaccessible" message in the top right corner of the screen. ?
  • Veya's dialogue as she leaves after killing Captain Brivan lacks audio to match the subtitles. ?
  • Upon exiting the cellar, Naryu becomes your follower but doesn't use the cellar door to join you and instead runs back through the entire cellar and back to the ground floor to reach your location. ?
  • The follower icon remains above Naryu after completing the decision concerning Veya, despite not being a follower anymore that this point. ?

Quest Stages[edit]

Family Reunion
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Veya believes time is of the essence, so we aren't going to wait for Naryu to return. I'll meet Veya at the old fort and then we'll try to find the Redoran soldiers.
Objective: Meet Veya Near the Hlormaren Stronghold
The Redoran soldiers sent to scout the old stronghold must be around here somewhere. We need to find them before they run into the cultists that occupy Hlormaren.
Objective: Search for the Redoran Soldiers
After a search of the exterior, we found signs of the Redoran soldiers and a dead scout, but not Vatola or the rest of his squad. Veya thinks they may be inside the ancient stronghold. We need to find a way to get inside.
Objective: Enter the Hlormaren Stronghold
Objective Hint: Get the Key from the Cultists
We entered the ancient stronghold. Now we just need to find the Redoran soldiers.
Objective: Find the Redoran Soldiers
We found Vatola Telem and what's left of his squad locked up inside Hlormaren stronghold. I should talk to him and find out what's going on here.
Objective: Talk to Vatola Telem
Vatola won't talk to us until we set him and his soldiers free. I need to find the key that opens the cells on one of the cultists.
Objective: Get the Cell Key
It sounds like there's some kind of trouble back at the prisoner cells. Now that I have the key that opens the cells, I should get back there as quickly as possible.
Objective: Talk to Vatola Telem
According to Vatola, Captain Brivan issued the orders that got Ulran exiled and led to his death at the Ashlander camp. I think Veya is going to Balmora to kill him. I need to reach her before she does something she'll regret.
Objective: Find Veya in Balmora
Naryu thinks Veya got into the Redoran Kinhouse to find Captain Brivan. She wants me to investigate, find out what happened, and see if I can locate Veya. Meanwhile, she's going to search the streets, just in case.
Objective: Investigate the Redoran Kinhouse
I need to let Naryu know that Veya is going after Captain Brivan at the Redoran council meeting taking place at the garrison outside of Balmora.
Objective: Talk to Naryu Virian
Naryu wants to stop Veya before she reaches Captain Brivan. I need to rendezvous with her at the Redoran garrison that's north of Balmora.
Objective: Meet Naryu at the Redoran Garrison
We need to get inside the Redoran garrison so we can find Captain Brivan before Veya reaches him and does something we'll all regret.
Objective: Enter the Redoran Garrison
We need to search the garrison and locate Captain Brivan before Veya reaches him.
Objective: Find Captain Brivan
Objective Hint: Talk to Naryu for an Update
Objective Hint: Search the Basement for Signs of Commander Brivan
I finished dealing with Ferhara and her Warclaws just as Captain Brivan walked in. I need to tell him what's going on before Veya arrives.
Objective: Talk to Captain Brivan
Veya killed Captain Brivan and learned that her father was behind the test that exiled Ulran and ultimately led to his death. She's going after Eris and the other councilors now. I need to tell Naryu what happened.
Objective: Talk to Naryu Virian
We have to stop Veya before she kills her father and the rest of the Redoran council currently meeting here in the garrison.
Objective: Stop Veya
We weren't able to stop Veya from killing her father. Now she's going after the rest of the Redoran councilors to avenge her brother. Naryu is determined to stop her and I agreed to help.
Objective: Stop Veya
Veya has been defeated and now the Redoran High Councilor wants to talk. I should find out what she wants.
Objective: Talk to High Councilor Meriath
The High Councilor offered to sweep everything under the rug provided we go along with her story. I need to talk to Naryu and see what she thinks about this.
Objective: Talk to Naryu
(One of these two options will appear depending on your choice to let Veya live or kill her)

We decided to give Veya a second chance and let her live. I should meet Naryu and Veya at the Morag Tong safe-house in Balmora and see if they need any additional assistance. or
We decided that Veya had to die. Naryu will finish the task. I need to return to the Morag Tong safehouse in Balmora and see if Naryu needs my assistance with anything else.

Objective: Return to the Morag Tong Safe-House
Finishes quest☑ (One of these two options will appear depending on your choice to let Veya live or kill her)

Naryu plans to send Veya away, somewhere where she can start over. I should talk to her one last time before I leave. or
Naryu seems to be taking Veya's death hard. I wonder if there's anything I can say to make her feel any better. I should talk to her one more time before I take my leave.

Objective: Talk to Naryu Virian
* Any text displayed in angle brackets (e.g., <Alias=LocationHold>) is dynamically set by the game and will be filled in with the appropriate word(s) when seen in game.
  • Not all Journal Entries may appear in your journal; which entries appear and which entries do not depends on the manner in which the quest is done.
  • Stages are not always in order of progress. This is usually the case with quests that have multiple possible outcomes or quests where certain tasks may be done in any order. Some stages may therefore repeat objectives seen in other stages.
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