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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Discover the source of the Llodos Plague.
Zone: Deshaan
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Objective: Quarantine Serk — Discover the truth behind the Maulborn curative.
Quest Giver: Aerona Berendas
Location(s): Quarantine Serk
Previous Quest: A Letter for Deshaan
Next Quest: Quest For the Cure
Concurrent Quest: Proprietary Formula
Reward: Plague Mask
Very High Leveled Gold
Aerona and Dethisam
The virulent Llodos plague spreads throughout Deshaan, and the town known as the Serk suffers under the effects of the ravaging disease. A group known as the Maulborn arrived to help, but some of the townsfolk are dubious about their true intentions.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Aerona Berendas.
  2. Talk to the Serk townsfolk.
  3. Find the old graveyard key to enter the Maulborn quarantine.
  4. Find Dethisam.
  5. Uncover the secret of the Llodos Plague.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Aerona Berendas needs help finding her brother, Dethisam. He was checking on the townsfolk affected by the Llodos Plague the day before but disappeared.

The first house on the left belongs to Bili Hlan. Her place is a mess, and she's vomiting. She saw Dethisam and can provide more information about the plague. The next house is Ornis Verobar's. He is Aerona's uncle, and tells you that Dethisam seemed concerned about the Maulborn. The Maulborn apparently sealed themselves in their quarantine and refused to provide any more curative. The next house is Grell Flan's, but he has turned into a Plague Husk.

Having visited all of the villagers, the two of you decide to check out the Maulborn quarantine. Aerona tells you that her brother gave the Maulborn the key to Serk's old graveyard so they could set up their quarantine, and that she's seen some Maulborn coming and going through a back door. When you approach said door in an attempt to find the key, The Maulborn standing guard attack you. The key is in a Maulborn Pack next to the door. Take the key and enter the quarantine. There are plague husks everywhere. Pass through into the Serk Catacombs.

Inside the Serk Catacombs, you discover that the Maulborn are trying to turn the townspeople into violent "husks." Further inside, you and Aerona find Dethisam on the floor, consumed by plague. He reveals that the Maulborn are the source of the Llodos Plague and want everyone to become infected. The Maulborn curative is actually the source of the disease.

You can choose to convince Aerona to leave her brother's side or convince Dethisam there is still time for him to be cured.

Enter the plague production chamber. As you enter, there is a bottle of Plague Husk Scent on some crates. Using it will allow you to pass the Plague Husks, unless you attack them. Destroy the Maulborn research and stock piles in the last room.

Reunite with Aerona at her uncle's house. The town alchemist is working on a cure for the plague, and Aerona thanks you for your help.

Quest Stages[edit]

Bad Medicine
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Aerona Berendas wants me to help her find her brother, the town consul Dethisam. She thinks he may have gone to check on the afflicted townsfolk before he disappeared.
Objective: Talk to Serk Townsfolk
We've talked to a few townsfolk and witnessed the effects of the Llodos plague firsthand, but we're no closer to finding Dethisam. Aerona is growing increasingly anxious about her brother. I should talk to her.
Objective: Talk to Aerona
Aerona says that her brother gave the Maulborn a key to the old graveyard when they first arrived. She's seen the Maulborn using the back gate, so our best chance for finding the key and getting into the quarantine is to head over to the back gate.
Objective: Find the Old Graveyard Key
The Maulborn attacked us, but I found the old graveyard key. Now we can enter the Maulborn quarantine and find out what they're hiding in there.
Objective: Enter the Maulborn Quarantine
We're inside the Maulborn quarantine. I should see what I can discover about the Maulborn's activities here.
Objective: Investigate the Maulborn Quarantine
Objective Hint: Uncover Evidence Against the Maulborn
The Maulborn are producing the Llodos plague in one of the deeper chambers, but the chamver directly ahead of me is filled with plague husks. I need to find a way through there so I can reach the production facilities.
Objective: Enter the Plague Production Chamber
I need to destroy the Maulborn production facility. I should destroy any research I find, as well as the stockpiles of Llodos plague that have already been produced. And if Nostrum Breva is present, I should eliminate her.
Objective: Destroy Plague Stockpiles: 0/3
Objective: Destroy Maulborn Research
I destroyed the Maulborn production facilities. Now I should get out of the quarantine and make sure Aerona escaped safely.
Objective: Exit the Maulborn Quarantine
☑Finishes quest I need to find Aerona Berendas and make sure she made it out of the quarantine safely. I'll check to see if she's with her uncle.
Objective: Talk to Aerona
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