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The Scarlet Judge
(lore page)
Home Settlement Suran
Race Dark Elf Gender Male
Health 133,800
15,000 (In Ules Manor)
Reaction Friendly
The Scarlet Judge

The Scarlet Judge is a Dark Elf vigilante determined to fight injustice in Vvardenfell. He has recently been investigating suspect corruption in Suran's justice system.

Related Quests[edit]


Before starting the quest, he will introduce himself if you talk to him:

"Ah, you must be a recent arrival.
I am called the Scarlet Judge. Vanquisher of evil and guardian of the oppressed. I am this island's protector—bound by oath to avenge injustice and safeguard the helpless."
[verification needed — see talk page]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

After running to save Avo Elarven's father from bandits, you will encounter a masked warrior standing amid the dead bandits:

"Keep your weapons sheathed, citizen. The situation is well in hand, I assure you."
What happened here?
"Bandits. I commend you for springing to this mer's defense, but you should be cautious.
I'm investigating some … irregularities in Suran's justice system. I fear the town's lead constable, Marshal Hlaren, may be arresting people without cause."
Is there any way I can help?
"Hrm. You did answer the call of a citizen in peril.
Very well. I need evidence—testimony. Many of the marshal's prisoners are toiling on plantations outside Suran. Talk to them. Gather some proof of Hlaren's corruption, then meet me at Ules Manor."
I'll gather any evidence I can find.

You can continue questioning the Scarlet Judge about himself and the situation:

"The plantations are crawling with Iron Hound mercenaries. I'll draw them away as best I can, but do hurry. They won't leave their posts for long."
Who are you exactly?
"Ah, you must be a recent arrival.
I am called the Scarlet Judge. Vanquisher of evil and guardian of the oppressed. I am this island's protector—bound by oath to avenge injustice and safeguard the helpless."
Do you serve the Tribunal, like an Ordinator?
"No. My oath is of a personal nature.
I revere the Three, but my relationship with the rulers of Vvardenfell is … complex. Ordinators are bound by restrictive Temple law. It makes them slow to action. Clumsy. I have no such restrictions."
So you're a vigilante?
"I've been called savior and menace. Hero and villain. If you'd call me a vigilante, so be it. My only concern is the lives and welfare of those I protect.
Wherever Vvardenfell's laws cannot or will not act against injustice, there you will find me."
If Marshal Hlaren is corrupt, why hasn't she been arrested?
"Other than the fact that she's in charge of the constabulary? This is a Redoran city. House Redoran demands certainty in all things. Hlaren's deputies won't sanction an arrest unless there is overwhelming evidence.
We have no proof, only suspicion."
So if we gather proof Hlaren is colluding with the plantation owners, her constables will act?
"Yes, precisely. House Redoran does not suffer this kind of misconduct lightly. Once we prove Hlaren's crimes, the House will turn against her."
Who are these Iron Hounds?/Tell me more about these Iron Hounds.
"Cold-hearted mercenaries. Swords for hire without virtue or scruple. They serve the plantation owners and, I suspect, Marshal Hlaren.
The Iron Hounds will hurt anyone for the right price. The plantation owners pay them very well."

After completing your investigation, you'll find the judge at Ules Manor:

"Ah. True to your word. I knew I could trust you.
I led the Iron Hounds on a merry chase, but I doubt they'll stay scattered for long. What of your search? Did you find any evidence of Hlaren's corruption?"
I found evidence that may implicate Marshall Hlaren.
"I see my faith in you was not misplaced. We will discuss your evidence and more, but not in this hall.
You trusted me and helped me gather the evidence I needed. Now I shall trust you with the secret I have carried for years. Come. Follow me."
Lead the way.

The judge will turn to face the bookcase behind him which turns out to be a secret door. once inside his private lair, he'll continue:

"My mentor used her wealth to better others, not herself. Having inherited her manor, I now do the same."
So what do we do about Marshall Hlaren?
"This evidence proves Hlaren's guilt, but there's no telling how deep the corruption goes. There's only one person I'd trust with this information. Constable Gretga. I fear I must ask more of you."
What else do you need?
"My observations of Hlaren suggest paranoia bordering on obsession. If she suspects that anyone is moving against her, she'll no doubt summon her Iron Hounds.
If a melee breaks out in Suran, innocents will suffer. That's something I can't abide."
So what's the alternative?
"If Constable Gretga's going to arrest the marshal without a fight, we'll have to distract her mercenaries. I'll deal with the constables. You raid the Iron Hound camp in the Daedric ruins outside Suran.
Burn their weapons and destroy their supplies."
I'll make sure the Iron Hounds stay distracted.

Speak to him before leaving and he'll complement you:

"Your bravery does you credit. Fight well and return safe."

While you to make trouble for Iron Hounds, the Judge will be captured and taken to the city's prison and tortured in order to get him to recant his accusations on Marshal Hlaren. Once in the prison, you find the vigilante unmasked, revealing him to be Melar Sadus.