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Help a masked vigilante root out injustice in Suran.
Zone: Vvardenfell
Objective: Suran — Help the Scarlet Judge foil Marshal Hlaren's plot.
Quest Giver: Avo Elarven, The Scarlet Judge
Location(s): Suran, Bal Ur, Marandus, Inanius Egg Mine, Arano Plantation, Master Kharekh's Residence, Mistress Dren's Residence
Reward: The Scarlet Necklace
Regalia of the Scarlet Judge
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard Experience XP
ID: 5862
The Scarlet Judge's Lair
According to a masked vigilante known as the Scarlet Judge, a corrupt marshal named Hlaren is oppressing the citizens of Suran. I must aid the Judge in rooting out this corruption.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to The Scarlet Judge.
  2. Locate a prisoner at Master Arano's plantation.
  3. Kill Overseer Torvayn.
  4. Gather testimonies from the prisoners.
  5. Investigate Mistress Dren's manor and Master Kharekh's manor.
  6. Find the Scarlet Judge at Ules Manor.
  7. Raid the Iron Hound camp at Bal Ur.
  8. Find the Scarlet Judge in Suran.
  9. Gain access to Suran Prison.
  10. Talk to the Scarlet Judge.
  11. Find Warden Libo near Marandus.
  12. Talk to Constable Gretga in Suran.
  13. Infiltrate Inanius Egg Mine and recover the evidence.
  14. Confront Marshal Hlaren.
  15. Meet Constable Gretga outside the mine.
  16. Talk to the Scarlet Judge.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Meet the Judge[edit]

As you make your way into the city (either from the north or south), you'll come across a winded Dunmer Avo Elarven:

"Please, help. You must help!"
What's happened?
"Bandits … they attacked my father's wagon on the road to Suran. They're stealing everything we own!
My father's a proud mer … they may kill him! You have to help us!"
Stay here. I'll save your father.
"Thank you! Please hurry. I'll follow … as soon as I catch my breath."

Go inside the town, you will encounter a masked warrior The Scarlet Judge, standing amid the dead bandit, with Avo's father Goval Elarven doubled over alongside. If you talk to Goval first:

"Those damned ruffians! If the Scarlet Judge hadn't arrived, I fear those bandits would have been the end of me.
I appreciate your efforts as well. Thank you, stranger."

Speak to Scarlet Judge about, or if you skipped the previous steps, you can start the quest by speaking to him:

"Keep your weapons sheathed, citizen. The situation is well in hand, I assure you."
What happened here?
"Bandits. I commend you for springing to this mer's defense, but you should be cautious.
I'm investigating some … irregularities in Suran's justice system. I fear the town's lead constable, Marshal Hlaren, may be arresting people without cause."
Is there any way I can help?
"Hrm. You did answer the call of a citizen in peril.
Very well. I need evidence—testimony. Many of the marshal's prisoners are toiling on plantations outside Suran. Talk to them. Gather some proof of Hlaren's corruption, then meet me at Ules Manor."
I'll gather any evidence I can find.
"The plantations are crawling with Iron Hound mercenaries. I'll draw them away as best I can, but do hurry. They won't leave their posts for long."
Who are you exactly?
"Ah, you must be a recent arrival.
I am called the Scarlet Judge. Vanquisher of evil and guardian of the oppressed. I am this island's protector—bound by oath to avenge injustice and safeguard the helpless."
Do you serve the Tribunal, like an Ordinator?
"No. My oath is of a personal nature.
I revere the Three, but my relationship with the rulers of Vvardenfell is … complex. Ordinators are bound by restrictive Temple law. It makes them slow to action. Clumsy. I have no such restrictions."
So you're a vigilante?
"I've been called savior and menace. Hero and villain. If you'd call me a vigilante, so be it. My only concern is the lives and welfare of those I protect.
Wherever Vvardenfell's laws cannot or will not act against injustice, there you will find me."
If Marshal Hlaren is corrupt, why hasn't she been arrested?
"Other than the fact that she's in charge of the constabulary? This is a Redoran city. House Redoran demands certainty in all things. Hlaren's deputies won't sanction an arrest unless there is overwhelming evidence.
We have no proof, only suspicion."
So if we gather proof Hlaren is colluding with the plantation owners, her constables will act?
"Yes, precisely. House Redoran does not suffer this kind of misconduct lightly. Once we prove Hlaren's crimes, the House will turn against her."
Who are these Iron Hounds?/Tell me more about these Iron Hounds.
"Cold-hearted mercenaries. Swords for hire without virtue or scruple. They serve the plantation owners and, I suspect, Marshal Hlaren.
The Iron Hounds will hurt anyone for the right price. The plantation owners pay them very well."

After finishing your convetsation with the judge, Avo will have caught up:

"I'm certain the Scarlet Judge can handle things from here. Please, accept our gratitude."

You can choose to speak to Goval again:

"Thank you for rushing to my aid, stranger. Fortunately, the Scarlet Judge had it well in hand. I'd hate it if you were injured on my account.
You should take a moment to speak to the Judge. You probably have a lot in common."

Meet Victims[edit]

Go to Arano Plantation, you'll find three prisoners there. All three will demand you deal with Overseer Torvayn first.

Biene Diel can be found at the northwest of the plantation:

"Please, I'm working as fast as I can! I can't work if you hurt me!"
Can you tell me what's going on here?
"Isn't it obvious? We're being worked to death! I won't say more while Overseer Torvayn is watching. I can't say more!
If you want answers, you'll have to deal with him first."
"You're going to get me in trouble with Overseer Torvayn. He'll kill me if he catches me talking to you. Please, just go!"

Once you've "retired" Torvayn, she'll be glad to talk to you:

"Did you just …? Is Overseer Torvayn really dead?"
Yes. Are you a prisoner here?
"Prisoner? Slave more like. I swear, I don't belong here!
That marshal, Hlaren, she says I murdered a beggar the day I arrived in Suran. I can't even bring myself to kill a fly, let alone a person! There's got to be some mistake!"
Why aren't you in prison? Is there anything you can tell me about Hlaren's plans?
"Master Kharekh's building a new prison in Suran, but it isn't finished yet. In the meantime, they make us work out here in the fields. Hlaren visits Kharekh's house twice a week. Maybe you could find something there?
You have to get me out of here!"
I'll check out Kharekh's house and bring your testimony to someone who can help.
"Please, you've got to hurry. Torvayn was a monster. I don't want to meet whoever they send to replace him!"

Friga Bearfist cam be found at the southwest of the plantation:

"What? I'm working here."
Can you tell me what's going on here?
"What's going on? Ha! They're working us like snowblind oxen, that's what's going on!
You want to know more? Kill that smoke-skinned bastard, Overseer Torvayn. He's always itching to execute someone, and I think I'm next."
"Bah! I've got enough stripes on my back. Torvayn's just itching to toss me in a shallow grave. You bury a hatchet in his face, then we can talk."

Once you've "retired" Torvayn, she'll be glad to talk to you:

"Ha! Well, I'll be a skeever's drunk auntie! Did you really cut down Overseer Torvayn? Certainly won't miss that horse's arse."
I'm looking for people who were falsely arrested. Were you?
"Falsely? Hm. Guess that's a matter of perspective. I punched a Dark Elf. But I promise you, that wormy little snowback had it coming. I'd punch him again if I got the opportunity!"
So, you were sentenced to hard labor for punching someone?
"Well, maybe that someone was Master Arano. And maybe the punch broke his jaw in three places. But that's what he gets for asking me to "service" his guards.
Hlaren told me I can shorten my sentence by working here. You telling me different?"
Marshal Hlaren may be lying.
"Shor's Blood! I knew that Elf was skeeving me out! Oh, when I get my hands on her …."
I'll bring your testimony to someone who can help.
"If you plan to bring down Marshal Hlaren, you'd best get on with it. I'm feeling the urge to punch someone again."

Ghamosh cam be found at the due east of the plantation:

"Stay your lash, slaver. I work. Whipping me will not motivate me further."
Can you tell me what's going on here?
"Can I? Yes. Will I? No. Not until Overseer Torvayn is dead. He's already spotted you, I know it. If he finds out I've spoken to you, I'm as good as dead.
Kill Torvayn. Then we can talk."
"I'll not suffer another lashing from Overseer Torvayn. He may well kill me the next time. Off with you."

Once you've "retired" Torvayn, he'll be glad to talk to you:

"I saw you strike down Overseer Torvayn. Well fought, friend. If ever an Elf had it coming, it was Torvayn."
Will you tell me how you became a prisoner?
"I was taking a deposit to the bank. A week's worth of coin—fairly earned. Marshal Hlaren accosted me and seized it. Accused me of stealing from some farmer outside town.
The farmer's dead of course, but who needs witnesses when an Orc's to blame?"
Have you seen anything I can use against her? Anything specific?
"Maybe. These damned Dark Elves think I'm nothing but an animal—some don't even think I can speak. Makes them careless around me.
Mistress Dren's been shouting about the quality of her "laborers." You might find something of value in her manor."
I'll search her manor and bring your testimony to someone who can help.
"I'd walk softly if I were you. You're one false accusation away from joining us here."

Meet the Iron Hounds[edit]

Both maners are two-story, Hlaalu-style buildings found to the west of Suran. Many generic Iron Hounds are guarding there, but breaking in and looting the two buildings are not considered crimes. You'll find Letter to Kharakh gra-Bagrat in Master Kharekh's Residence, and Letter to Marshal Hlaren in Mistress Dren's Residence.

After completing your investigation, you'll find the judge at Ules Manor:

"Ah. True to your word. I knew I could trust you.
I led the Iron Hounds on a merry chase, but I doubt they'll stay scattered for long. What of your search? Did you find any evidence of Hlaren's corruption?"
I found evidence that may implicate Marshall Hlaren.
"I see my faith in you was not misplaced. We will discuss your evidence and more, but not in this hall.
You trusted me and helped me gather the evidence I needed. Now I shall trust you with the secret I have carried for years. Come. Follow me."
Lead the way.

The judge will turn to face the bookcase behind him which turns out to be a secret door. once inside his private lair, he'll continue:

"My mentor used her wealth to better others, not herself. Having inherited her manor, I now do the same."
So what do we do about Marshall Hlaren?
"This evidence proves Hlaren's guilt, but there's no telling how deep the corruption goes. There's only one person I'd trust with this information. Constable Gretga. I fear I must ask more of you."
What else do you need?
"My observations of Hlaren suggest paranoia bordering on obsession. If she suspects that anyone is moving against her, she'll no doubt summon her Iron Hounds.
If a melee breaks out in Suran, innocents will suffer. That's something I can't abide."
So what's the alternative?
"If Constable Gretga's going to arrest the marshal without a fight, we'll have to distract her mercenaries. I'll deal with the constables. You raid the Iron Hound camp in the Daedric ruins outside Suran.
Burn their weapons and destroy their supplies."
I'll make sure the Iron Hounds stay distracted.
"Your bravery does you credit. Fight well and return safe."

Go to Bal Ur, make trouble for Iron Hounds by burning Weapon Caches and smashing Supply Crates. The Iron Hounds will make reaction randomly:

Iron Hound: "To arms! We're under attack!"
Iron Hound: "Fire! Fire!"
Iron Hound: "Find that damned saboteur!"
Iron Hound: "Useless! No one leaves until we clean up this mess!"

You might also encoubter the leader of this group of mercenaries, Captain Cedus:

Captain Cedus: "That's the last mistake you'll ever make."

After returning to town, Constable Gretga will beckon you over.

Constable Gretga: "You there! You've been selected for a random search! Come here at once!"
Constable Gretga: "Follow me, quietly, away from the gates. We have a judge in common."
Constable Gretga: "This'll do. Just keep your voice down."

Speak to her. She'll inform you the Judge has be captured and taken to the city's prison and tortured in order to get him to recant his accusations on Marshal Hlaren. You need to find a prison key:

"Sorry about this cloak and dagger nonsense. I can't be seen talking to anyone even remotely suspicious right now. Marshal Hlaren's watching me like a hawk."
Why is Marshal Hlaren watching you?
"She's on the lookout for anyone who might be colluding with the Scarlet Judge. I'm a friend of House Redoran, but that'll only get you so far in this town. Especially with Hlaren's Iron Hounds prowling around.
But look, we've got bigger problems."
Like what?
"There was an ambush. Somehow, Marshal Hlaren found out the Scarlet Judge was coming. Must have been one of the plantation owners - damn their eyes! I.. I wasn't fast enough.
They've jailed him. And if I know Hlaren, they plan to do much worse."
How do you know he's still alive?
"Hlaren needs him to recant his accusations. Publicly. Probably got one of her Hounds working him over right now, trying to squeeze out a confession.
The Judge'll hold out as long as he can, but everyone breaks eventually. We've got to get him out."
How do we do that?
"I'd let you into the prison myself, but Hlaren doesn't trust me with the keys. I've got the respect of her constables and the House, but my hands aren't dirty enough for her.
You're going to have to find a key."
Any idea where I might find one?
"Constable Kren will snatch up a bribe without batting an eye. If you're short on coin, try convincing Suran's locksmith, Remas, to cut you a deal. Or you could talk to Dredyni down at Desele's. She might know something. Just be discreet, all right?"
How do you know the Scarlet Judge?
"Oh, the Judge and I go way back.
The two of us, along with the former marshal, kept this town safe for decades. But when the marshal died and Hlaren took over, well... everything sort of fell apart."
How did you come to work with a vigilante?
"Ha! Is that what we're calling him now?
It wasn't too long ago slavery was legal in Morrowind. Buying and selling people was legal, right here in Suran. That sound right to you? The Judge keeps us honest. Sometimes, the law just gets in the way."

Meet the Citizens[edit]

You've got three options to find a key to Suran Prison:

First, you can bribe the corrupted Constable Kren, who can be found drinking downstairs at Desele's House of Earthly Delights:

"Bah! I'm drinking here. Bugger off, f'lah."
I heard you're the person to talk to about a tour of Suran's prison.
"Now who told you that? I'm a decorated constable of Suran, not some damned tour guide!
Off with you, or you'll see that prison from inside a cell."
I can pay.
"Oh, can you now? Well, that's a whole different discussion. If you've got the coin, I don't see any harm in letting you pop in for a look around.
So, what do you say? Willing to make a donation to the city's constabulary?"
How's this? [leveled gold]
"Oh, yes. That'll help a great deal. You're a generous sort, and we do love generosity here in Suran. Feel free to take a tour any time you like. This key will get you inside.
Anyone asks, say you found it in a gutter. Wouldn't be the first time."
Shouldn't you be working?
"With that busybody Marshal Hlaren and her Iron Hounds interfering with the watch, there's no work left for an honest constable!
On the other hand, I guess we could use a vacation …."
"Move along, now. Wouldn't want anyone to arrest you."

Second, you can intimidate a locksmith Remas Belan, who can be found upstairs inside his tower:

I'm told you created the keys for Suran Prison.
"I create a great many keys, for a great many doors in Suran and beyond. I'm a well-respected craftsman!
But wait, why do you care if I create keys for prisons? You'll find no prison keys here, you ruffian!"
[Intimidate] I'd like a key to Suran's prison. Would you like to keep your knees intact?
"Now now, there's no need for violence! You're one of those Iron Hounds, aren't you? A pox on the lot of you!
I have keys I made for the new recruits just this morning. Take one and get out. If anyone comes to harm in that prison I'll …. Just go!"
"I gave you what you wanted, Hound. Now get out of my house.
I don't care how much the Marshal is paying you. I won't tolerate any more disruptions of my work. Good day!"

Third, you can make a deal with Dredyni Imayn, who can be found at Desele's House of Earthly Delights:

"You're new in town, aren't you? Yes, I'd recognize your face otherwise.
What brings you to Suran? Here to tour our idyllic plantations? Sample our Redoran wines? Or are you looking for something more … stimulating?"
What do you mean by 'stimulating'?
"Like an exquisite gem, Suran has many facets. Many angles. In truth, we have something for everyone.
Looking to expand your mind? I can recommend someone to help you. Looking for someone to warm your bed? I can recommend someone for that, too."
What about getting me a look inside Suran's prison?
"Fascinating. Most people come to me asking how to get someone out of prison, not how to get someone in. There's an inebriated constable downstairs who will set you right.
Just make sure you tell Kren I sent you. He and I, we have an arrangement."
I already know about Kren. Do you have any other ideas?
"My, you're well informed. I like that.
I can tell you Constable Mirel went missing a few days ago. Word is he ran afoul of some skooma dealers down in Mazhnch 
Mirel had a key to the prison. Find him, and he may let you borrow it."
Why are you helping me?
"Mmm, perhaps I took a liking to your lovely eyes. Or perhaps I simply hate Marshal Hlaren enough to make her life difficult. You choose.
Oh, and if you change your mind about that entertainment, come look for me. I'll cut you a great deal."
"I do hope Constable Mirel is all right. He's a reliable customer and I do appreciate reliability.
Still, he never could handle his sword. Unfortunate business."

You can then find Constable Mirel's corpse near Suran and retrieve the key nearby:

<Someone killed Constable Mirel and looted his belongings. The dagger in his chest looks to be of Khajiit design.
Perhaps some of the constable's belongings remain close by.>

Meet the Judge, Unmasked[edit]

After you've found a Suran Prison Key, sneak into Suran Prison (you'll pass by Constable Drivam outside). Once inside, go downstairs to find the unmasked Judge, Melar Sadus:

"Ah, my friend. I see Constable Gretga found you. Please, forgive me if I don't stand up. The marshal's henchmen broke my knees as soon as I arrived.
It is good to meet you, face to face. I wish it was under better circumstances."
So you're the Scarlet Judge?
"One of them. The people of Vvardenfell see the Judge as one immortal guardian, but in truth many warriors have taken up the cowl. I was just the most recent.
These knees though … I fear my heroics are at an end. It's time to pass on the mantle."
To who [sic]?
"To you, of course.
Don't act so surprised. You've proven to be a capable warrior and a friend to the downtrodden and oppressed. Vvardenfell needs a Scarlet Judge. I can think of no one worthier. Unfortunately, my regalia is no longer here."
Where is your costume now?
"Warden Libo, the prison's overseer, took it as a trophy.
While they were interrogating me, I heard him mention a hunting trip to Lake Nabia. Find Libo and you'll find the Judge's regalia. Once you don the cowl, seek out Constable Gretga."
Do you think you can walk? I could try to get you out of here.
"Ha! A doughty and heroic escape? Usually I'd jump at the opportunity. But no, friend. Dragging a cripple out of here only increases the chance you'll be captured. Your mission is too important.
So long as I'm here, Hlaren's guard remains down."
Very well. Will you be all right in the meantime?
"There will be more torture, no doubt. I'm not so foolish as to think I can keep silent forever. But I'm certain I can hold out until you retrieve my regalia and deal with Hlaren.
I will survive. You focus on finishing this fight."
So you're not the first Scarlet Judge?
"I am not.
To the people of Vvardenfell, the Scarlet Judge is legendary. Supernatural. He can appear anywhere at any time, or even many places at once. They think it wizardry. Of course, the truth is far simpler."
There's more than one person dressed as the Scarlet Judge.
"Exactly. We're a small and diffuse group. When age or injury prove too much for us, we pass on the mantle.
The legendary Ervona Ules mentored me. She protected the people of Morrowind for over forty years. We battled together for twelve."
Where is this Ervona now? Do you think she could help?
"Sadly, she passed on years ago. Poisoned blade. It was … a very dark time.
But as she lay there dying, she charged me with protecting the helpless, just as I charge you now. The Scarlet Judge fights on."
"Don't worry about me, friend. It will take more than a few broken bones to make me talk. You'll capture Hlaren yet, I know it."

Go to Marandus, defeat Warden Libo and loot Warden Libo's Chest Key. Then use it to unlock Warden Libo's Trophy Chest nearby and retrieve Scarlet Judge's Regalia.

Meet Hlaren[edit]

After you've obtained the Scarlet Judge's costume (this will disappear upon completion of this quest and you'll get a permanent one) you can find Gretga on the same balcony you left her. If you're not wearing the Scarlet Judge costume, she'll ask:

"You're back. Did you find Melar? Were you able to get him out?"


"Now there's a sight for sore eyes. The Scarlet Judge returns!
You wear it well! Better than Melar, even. But don't tell him I said that."
Melar refused to leave the prison. He urged me to defeat Hlaren as the Judge.
"Shor's bones, he's a stubborn one. Well, let's make sure he doesn't suffer in vain, eh?
Hlaren's gotten sloppy since Melar's capture. A combination of paranoia and misguided relief, I guess. She's making mistakes. Now's the time to act."
What's our next move?
"I did some snooping of my own while you were gone. According to Constable Kren, Hlaren ordered Inanius Egg Mine sealed today.
Bet you a pint that Hlaren's meeting with her plantation allies in that mine. She's probably carrying your evidence too."
How do I get into the mine?
"The front gates are barred from the inside, but there's an old service door near the back. It just so happens Dredyni had a spare key to sell.
Sneak in the back of the mine and recover that evidence. I'll meet you out front, ready to arrest Hlaren."
All right. I'll retrieve the evidence and meet you at the mine entrance.
"Best keep your eyes peeled in that mine. Inanius kwama are always ornery. Hlaren probably left some Iron Hounds to watch for intruders, too.
I hate to say it, but Hlaren probably won't come quietly. If you need to put her down by force, so be it."

Gretga entrusts you a Weathered Mine Key, use it to enter Inanius Egg Mine through Back Entrance. First retrieve three pieces of evidence that have been stolen: Evidence of False Arrest, Evidence of Collusion and Slave Testimony. Next as you reach an overlook you'll hear the following conversation between Hlaren and three local landowners:

Mistress Rilasi Dren: "These delays are unacceptable. How could you be so clumsy?"
Marshal Hlaren: "With respect, I wasn't the one who left an incriminating note on my dresser, Rilasi."
Master Kharekh gra-Bagrat: "This bickering accomplishes nothing. The Scarlet Judge is in prison, yes? The issue is well in hand."
Master Vilyn Arano: "You are mistaken. One of my informants saw the Judge prowling the streets just this morning!"
Master Kharekh gra-Bagrat: "Mauloch's jawbone. You said you captured him! You said you broke his legs."
Mistress Rilasi Dren: "What if he's not really a mer? What if he's a vampire?"
Master Kharekh gra-Bagrat: "He's not a vampire. Stop sniveling."
Marshal Hlaren: "Enough! I've dealt with the Judge. Your informants are wrong. Let's move on to more pressing issues, like how we move forward."

Approach and all but Marshal Hlaren run away:

Mistress Rilasi Dren: "What's this? They've found us! Run!"
Marshal Hlaren: "Think you can smear my honor? I'll have your head!"
Marshal Hlaren: "You'll never take me alive!"
Marshal Hlaren: "The Judge? No! You won't put me in prison!"

Once you've killed Marshal Hlaren, leave by the front door to see Constables Gretga and Constable Kren having captured the landowners:

"We caught these three trying to slip away. Should have seen their faces!
It's a big risk arresting Suran's most powerful landowners. I'm hoping you've got the evidence to make it worthwhile. Where's Marshal Hlaren?"
Hlaren's not coming. Here's the evidence that proves she colluded with the plantation owners.
"Resisted, eh? I had a feeling it might go that way. Hlaren was happy to send other people to prison, but going herself? That rattled her knees.
It's a shame she won't live to see the inside of a cell, but these three will—for at least a while."
What happens now?
"With Hlaren dead, command falls to the senior officer. For now, that's... well, that's me.
I'll send constables out to the plantations to liberate the slaves. In the meantime, I've got to take this evidence to House Redoran."
What about our mutual friend?
"Oh, Melar? Well, I took a hard look at the evidence. Far as I can tell, this was just one big misunderstanding. Kren and I released him just before we set out. You'll find him in town nursing his wounds, no doubt.
You should speak with him."
I'll do that.
"Kren and I will march these crooks back to Suran. They'll stay in the prison they were kind enough to finance.
It might be a while until they get a trial, but we'll be sure to keep them comfortable. Might even give them cots to sleep on!"

If you choose to talk to Kren:

"Ha! There's nothing finer than a fat cat in chains! Thanks for the assistance, f'lah."

Back in town, you'll find Melar sitting on a bench in the center of town. If you don't wear Scarlet Judge's Regalia he'll soon recognize and greet you:

Melar Sadus: "It's good to see you again, my friend."

Speak with him:
(If you're not wearing the Scarlet Judge costume)

"Forgive me for not rising to greet you. It is a beautiful day in Suran, and I believe I'll sit for a bit longer. A few months, perhaps?
I jest, of course. Today's victory was worth a few broken bones."

(If you're wearing the Scarlet Judge costume)

"Greeting, my friend. You cut quite the dashing figure in my old regalia!
Another spectacular victory for the Scarlet Judge, eh? I will miss donning the cowl, but it does me good to know that my final adventure helped liberate the people of Suran."
So you really plan to retire?
"Yes. But I do so knowing that the legacy of the Scarlet Judge is in good hands.
We Dark Elves are beset on all sides by greed and scheming malice. I fought it all my life, but now it falls to you. Keep up the work, and be the hero Vvardenfell needs."

The quest is completed at this point. Just then, Constables Kren and Gretga are marching the three conspirators through town:

Melar Sadus: "Ah, look there. The fruits of your labor."
Constable Kren: "Stay in line and keep those mouths shut, s'wits, or I'll throw you in prison without your clothes."

Constable Gretga stops and addresses her friend:

Constable Gretga: "It's good to see you alive, my friend. Very good."
Melar Sadus: "Indeed. Forgive me for not getting up."
Constable Gretga: "Don't take this as an excuse. You're walking again, or else."

You can choose to talk to Gretga for the last time:

"I wouldn't count Melar out, and neither should you. He's walking again, and probably going to be alive long after I'm pushing up roses. They build them tough in Vvardenfell."

Speak to Melar again and he'll tell you:

"I suppose it's time to find a new line of work. Perhaps I'll run for marshal. I couldn't do much worse than the last one, even on ruined legs."
Do you think you'll ever be able to walk again?
"Without the aid of a cane? I doubt it. Then again, I've always been a fast healer.
But honestly, Hlaren and her confederates suffered far worse. I'd say I got the better end of the deal, wouldn't you?"
What will happen to the plantations now?
"That largely depends on the whims of House Redoran. They have the final say on land disputes. If I had to guess, the properties will be kept in trust until suitable buyers arrive.
I only hope that the new owners have purer intentions."
What will you do now?
"Even without the use of my legs, I will serve Suran. Given the accusations that will soon come to light about improprieties in our government, the people will demand new leadership.
Perhaps I'll run for Marshal. You don't need legs to crew a desk."


  • The prisoners and Overseer Torvayn won't exist at the Arano Plantation before starting the quest or reaching the related objective.
  • In the notes for the prisoners' testimonies, it is written that Biene Diel claimed a Redguard slave was beaten to death. She however doesn't hint at this at all when speaking to her while acquiring said testimony.
  • The letters won't exist in the manors before starting the quest or reaching the related objective.
  • The quest item description of the Evidence of Collusion refers to Mistress Dren as "Master Dren", while the author of the letter as well as the name of the residence refer to Mistress Dren.
  • Captain Cedus won't exist at Bal Ur before starting the quest or reaching the related objective.
  • After destroying supply crates and burning weapon caches in Bal Ur, Iron Hounds can be heard screaming and alerting their allies to your presence. This however doesn't lead to any further reinforcements coming in to attack you.
  • Constable Gretga won't exist in Suran before starting the quest or reaching the related objective.
  • While Dredyni Imayn specifies to mention that she sent you to Constable Kren when speaking with him, no such dialogue option appears.
  • Constable Mirel won't exist outside Mzahnch before starting this quest or reaching the related objective.
  • It's possible to acquire the regalia without alerting and fighting Warden Libo.
  • Marshal Hlaren and her co-conspirators won't exist in the Inanius Egg Mine before all the stolen evidence has been gathered.


  • Upon entering and exiting Inanius Egg Mine, your character will perform the outfit equip animation, even if you are already wearing the regalia. ?

Quest Stages[edit]

The Scarlet Judge
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
A frantic Dark Elf requested my aid in saving his father from marauding bandits. I should hurry to this innocent's defense.
Objective: Save Avo's Father
I've encountered a mysterious, masked warrior. I should speak with him.
Objective: Talk to the Masked Warrior
Latest start The Judge wants me to speak with one of Marshal Hlaren's prisoners. They could provide valuable insight into Hlaren's misconduct. They should be laboring in a field nearby.
Objective: Talk to a Prisoner
Marshal Hlaren's prisoners refuse to speak to me—fearing reprisal from the cruel Overseer Torvayn. I must kill him if I'm to learn more about Hlaren's plot.
Objective: Kill Overseer Torvayn
I've killed the vile Overseer Torvayn. Now, I must gather testimony from the prisoners.
Objective: Collect Testimony From Prisoners: 0/3
The prisoners I interviewed confirmed the Scarlet Judge's suspicions and indicated there may be hard evidence nearby. I should look for some documents to verify their claims.
Objective: Investigate Mistress Dren's Manor
Objective: Investigate Master Kharekh's Manor
I've discovered ample evidence of Marshal Hlaren's corruption. I should take my findings to the Scarlet Judge at Ules Manor.
Objective: Meet the Judge at Ules Manor
The Scarlet Judge disappeared through a secret passage in Ules Manor. I should see where this passage leads.
Objective: Talk to the Scarlet Judge
The Scarlet Judge fears that Marshal Hlaren's Iron Hounds will wreak havoc on Suran if we move too quickly. I must raid the mercenaries' camp to sow discord and confusion in the ranks.
Objective: Go to Iron Hound Camp
Objective: Smash Supply Crates: 0/4
Objective: Burn Weapon Caches: 0/3
I've dealt a heavy blow to Marshal Hlaren's Iron Hounds. I should seek out the Scarlet Judge in Suran to plan our next move.
Objective: Find the Scarlet Judge in Suran
I've been approached by a Nord constable on the streets of Suran. I should see what she has to say.
Objective: Talk to Constable Gretga
Marshal Hlaren's henchmen have captured and imprisoned the Scarlet Judge. I must find a way to gain access to the prison.
Objective: Find a Way Into Suran Prison
Objective Hint: Talk to Constable Kren
Objective Hint: Talk to Remas Belan
Objective Hint: Talk to Dredyni Imayn
I've acquired a key to the Suran jailhouse. I must infiltrate this prison and find the Scarlet Judge.
Objective: Enter Suran Prison
Now that I'm inside the prison, I should find the Scarlet Judge.
Objective: Talk to The Scarlet Judge
I've agreed to take on the mantle of the Scarlet Judge. Unfortunately, the Judge's regalia has been confiscated by the prison's overseer, Warden Libo. I must travel to the Warden's hunting camp to steal it back.
Objective: Find Warden Libo's Hunting Camp
I've arrived at Warden Libo's hunting camp. Now I must find the Judge's regalia.
Objective: Collect The Scarlet Judge's Regalia
I have become the Scarlet Judge. I should return to Suran and find Constable Gretga to plot our next move.
Objective: Talk to Constable Gretga
Optional Step: Don The Scarlet Judge's Regalia
Marshal Hlaren and her confederates have gathered in the Inanius Egg Mine for a secret meeting. I must infiltrate the mine, find the confiscated evidence, and track down the corrupt marshal.
Objective: Enter Inanius Egg Mine
Marshal Hlaren must have hidden the evidence she confiscated in the mine. I should search any area used for storage as I explore the mine.
Objective: Retrieve Stolen Evidence: 0/3
Objective Hint: Retrieve Evidence of Collusion
Objective Hint: Retrieve Evidence of False Arrest
Objective Hint: Retrieve Slave Testimony
I have found the evidence Marshal Hlaren confiscated from the Scarlet Judge. Now I must find the marshal herself.
Objective: Find Marshal Hlaren
I've found Marshal Hlaren and her co-conspirators. It's unlikely that the marshal will come quietly. I should be prepared to end her dirty dealings with lethal force.
Objective: Confront Marshal Hlaren
All the incriminating evidence is accounted for. I should give it to Constable Gretga.
Objective: Give Evidence to Constable Gretga
Finishes quest☑ Marshal Hlaren is dead and her co-conspirators are in chains. I should find the former Scarlet Judge, Melar Sadus, and inform him of our success.
Objective: Talk to Melar Sadus, the former Scarlet Judge
* Any text displayed in angle brackets (e.g., <Alias=LocationHold>) is dynamically set by the game and will be filled in with the appropriate word(s) when seen in game.
  • Not all Journal Entries may appear in your journal; which entries appear and which entries do not depends on the manner in which the quest is done.
  • Stages are not always in order of progress. This is usually the case with quests that have multiple possible outcomes or quests where certain tasks may be done in any order. Some stages may therefore repeat objectives seen in other stages.
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