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Help the Redoran councilor's daughter investigate her brother's death.
Zone: Vvardenfell
Objective: Balmora — Help locate the Redoran councilor's missing daughter.
Quest Giver: Ashur
Location(s): Balmora, Arenim Manor
Prerequisite Quest: Of Faith and Family
Next Quest: Family Reunion
Reward: Executioner's Helm
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard Experience XP
ID: 5933
With the revelation that Veya's brother is dead, Councilor Eris has asked me to keep his daughter away from Balmora and House Redoran while he looks into what happened. In the meantime, Ashur asked me to talk to Veya.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Ashur outside the Redoran Kinhouse.
  2. Talk to Veya in the Morag Tong hideout.
  3. Find Naryu outside Arenim Manor.
  4. Find a way into the manor.
  5. (Optional) Avoid killing the Redoran soldiers at the manor.
  6. Search for information about Ulran.
  7. Tell Naryu about your findings.
  8. Question Councilor Dolvara, then search her quarters.
  9. Consult with Naryu.
  10. Return to the hideout and tell Veya what you found.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]


After finishing Of Faith and Family, Ashur will again be waiting for you outside the Redoran Kinhouse. As you head down the stairs from the house, he will call to you.

Ashur: Outlander! Over here!
Naryu told me what you found in the Ashlander mine. I can't imagine what Veya must be going through right now, but she shouldn't be alone. That's why I came looking for you.
Why me? Isn't Naryu with her?
Naryu has responsibilities to tend to. Morag Tong responsibilities. Understand? She left me to keep Veya company, but I'm not very good at spouting words of comfort and solace.
Unless I can kill something. I'm very good at that.
So you want me to talk to Veya?
You do understand! And Naryu implied you were as dense as the ash storms coming off Red Mountain. Good to know even the Mother of Blades can be wrong.
Veya's upset, and not just about her brother. She wanted to go with Naryu.
All right. I'll go talk to Veya.
One other thing. Naryu's job concerns House Redoran. That's why she didn't want Veya to accompany her on this one. Veya's grief-stricken, angry, and ready to lash out at anyone and anything. So keep your head low and try not to upset her.
Sounds like you had some experience getting on Veya's bad side.
I have experience getting on a lot of people's bad sides. Women, especially, find me exasperating. Irresistible, but exasperating. It's a gift.

Ashur will also tell you that Naryu's target is possibly connected to Ulran's death, and that Veya is in the safe-house you tracked down in the last quest. To get back there, go through the archway to the south of Ashur, then head down the alley immediately to your left. You'll find the Abandoned Cellar, lit by a red lantern.

Inside, go to the back of cellar, behind a screen, Veya will be sitting on a bench. She is a bit startled to hear someone, but relaxes slightly when she recognizes you. This doesn't mean she's happy to see you, though.

Did Ashur send you to check up on me? I swear, the next person that treats me like a child is going to find my dagger in their stomach!
Gods, I'm not mad at you. I'm just annoyed at everybody right now!
Do you want me to leave?
No. I don't think so. It's just been difficult. Finding poor Ulran in the Ashlander camp.
I need to be doing something. Sitting down here in the dark, hiding. That's not going to solve anything.
But Naryu told you to stay here.
I know, but Naryu's writ. It involves a Redoran councilor—exactly the opportunity I've been waiting for! The councilor knows who set up my brother. We need to talk to her before Naryu executes the writ.
Do this for me and I promise to stay here.
All right. Where can I find Naryu?
Well, Naryu wouldn't tell me any specifics, but she trained me well. It wasn't hard to sneak a glance at the writ before she took off.
Her target's at Arenim Manor, out in the swamp. Not far from that smelly cave, actually.
I'll go to Arenim Manor and see if we can delay Naryu's kill long enough to learn anything.
I appreciate you agreeing to see what you can learn at Arenim Manor. My father used to say it was used by councilors as a retreat, but Mother always told me it was where they conducted business that required a certain degree of privacy.

Veya will also tell you that she agrees with her brother—someone orchestrated the incident with the Ashlanders in order to get rid of Ulran. If you mention that you told her father, Veya is shocked that he was upset and didn't know already. But she refuses to play along with her father's request to lay low and avoid the House. She wants vengeance for her brother.

Arenim Manor[edit]

Leave the cellar and exit the city through the southwest entrance. Turn to the northwest and head up the hill and into the swamp. Cross the swamp to Aleft, then head just a little bit north, and you'll find Naryu.

Naryu Virian: I expected you hours ago, hero. It's not polite to keep an assassin waiting.

She is crouching near a tree, daggers out, watching the manor.

I was wondering how long it was going to take Veya to convince you to follow me. Bet she thought I didn't notice when she glanced at my writ, didn't she?
Where is my overly curious apprentice, by the way?
Veya stayed in Balmora. She wants me to see what your target knows about Ulran's exile and murder.
I know Veya wants answers, but this is my job. There are rules, especially where the lords of the Great Houses are concerned.
There might be a way to deal with this, though, provided you're willing to help.
What do you need me to do?
First, don't kill any Redorans. That's a violation of my writ and could have serious consequences for both of us.
Second, you sneak around and search for anything that pertains to Ulran's exile while I figure out how to deal with the councilor.
All right. I'll see what I can turn up.

The councilor Naryu is targeting is Councilor Dolvara, who has been secretly working with House Dres to continue the slave trade - something which is outlawed by House Redoran and the Ebonheart Pact.

The manor is northwest of where you and Naryu are. Beware, as the area around the manor, and the manor itself, are restricted areas, meaning you'll earn a bounty for trespassing if seen. Additionally, Naryu made it clear that you should avoid killing Redoran soldiers. If you killed Redoran soldiers at the manor, you'll hear Naryu's complain:

Naryu Virian: What are you doing? You can't just go around killing Redoran soldiers! My reputation's on the line here!

Swim to the eastern side of the manor, then sneak over to the main gate. You'll find a copy of The 36 Lessons: Sermon 30 there, and Naryu will catch up with you.

Naryu Virian: The front door's guarded like a bank vault. Maybe there's another way in through one of the buildings by the docks.

The docks are to the east of the main gate, and lead to an unlocked, unguarded door to the Arenim Warehouse. The upper floor of the warehouse is deserted. There is a staircase leading down.

Naryu Virian: "This looks promising. Might even lead to the wine cellar. I could use a good bottle of wine…"

At the bottom of the stairs is a Redoran Blademaster on patrol, torch in hand. There are plenty of crates to hide behind, though. Continuing through the cellar, you will find another Blademaster, a Redoran Soldier, and a hiding spot. Once you have passed those two, you'll find a door to the Arenim Basement. The basement is an unguarded room with some ingredients, some barrels, and a ladder. Climb the ladder and exit the trapdoor into Arenim Manor.

Naryu Virian: See what you can find pertaining to Ulran. I've got a dagger and writ with Councilor Dolvara's name on them.

In the room to the east of you, on a desk in the back corner, you will find the Council Meeting Summons.

Naryu Virian: If we don't find anything, maybe we can ask for an invitation to the upcoming council meeting. I'm sure they'd be happy to answer our questions.

There's also another hiding spot in the room, if you need it. Go past the dining table and around the corner to the right, and you'll find a table with the House Redoran Advisory on it.

Naryu Virian: So House Redoran issued an advisory against the Morag Tong? Fat load of good that's going to do the councilor.

Head up the stairs and to the door at the northeast end of the hallway. This brings you out to the Manor Balcony, where you'll find a desk with a Letter to Councilor Dolvara on it. The letter, from High Councilor Meriath, talks about the situation with Ulran, Brivan, and the Warclaws, and urges Dolvara to calm things in Balmora down before the council meeting.

Naryu Virian: Damn the luck! I was hoping for a quick stab-and-go, but it seems the councilor might actually know something about Ulran.

Talk to Naryu to find out what her plan is now.

So Councilor Dolvara does know something about Veya's brother. Damn it all!
Now I suppose you want to actually talk to her before I execute the walking pile of pond scum?
Don't we need to find out what she knows about Ulran?
Of course we do! I specifically waited for you to arrive because I figured that would be the case.
Still doesn't mean I'm happy about blurring the line between helping Veya and performing my duty as a Morag Tong.
What do you think about the other information we found?
We discovered that the next meeting of the High Council will take place at the consulate outside Balmora, the Warclaws, and the Ashlander abuse aren't completely sanctioned by the House, and Dolvara was present when Ulran was exiled.
Not a bad haul.
And that all means …?
That means we have to get Dolvara to spill her guts before I spill her guts!
Just keep your wits about you, hero. Dolvara wields her feminine charms the way I wield my daggers. Don't let her seduce you into doing something stupid before I end her.

Go back into the manor. Find the door to the Councilor's Quarters and enter.

Naryu Virian: Be quick with your questions, hero. When I slip in, so do my daggers.

Councilor Dolvara is in the corner of the room, checking herself out in the mirror. She's expecting someone else, though.

Councilor Dolvara: Ah, you must be here about those pesky patrol schedules.
Councilor Dolvara: After all that clandestine correspondence, it's a pleasure to finally meet you in person.
Councilor Dolvara: Now, come closer so we can celebrate our partnership in a proper fashion.
Well, look at you! I'm impressed! The last person House Dres sent over was so much more … scruffy.
I have a meeting with House Hlaalu shortly, but I think I can spare a few more moments for you. To seal our partnership, you understand.
[Persuade] I'd love to spend some time with you! First, why don't you tell me about Ulran Releth?
The noble's banished son? Why does House Dres care about that? Never mind. Anything so we can get to the good stuff.
Ulran was tested and found wanting. Chose the life of a savage over his own soldier. We stripped him of his rank and exiled him.
[Persuade] Who tested Ulran? And who killed him?
Ulran's dead? Hmm. I hadn't heard. As to who was behind the test of Ulran's loyalty, what does that matter? He failed and paid the price for his poor choices.
What does all this have to do with our arrangement?
[Persuade] Oh, nothing. I was just curious. Now, weren't we about to get to know each other a little better?
I'm not here about that. I want to know about Ulran Releth.
Oh, you do, do you? And why in Oblivion would I tell you anything about that?
Because I need to know the circumstances surrounding his trial and exile.
You're obviously not my afternoon appointment. You'd best take your leave before I have my soldiers throw you into the swamp.
I'm not leaving until you tell me why Ulran had to die.
Ulran's dead? That's news to me. All I know is that Ulran was tested and found wanting. He decided that the life of an Ashlander was more important than that of a Redoran soldier. We stripped him of his rank and banished him from Vvardenfell.
Tested? Why was Ulran tested?
Everyone knew Ulran cared more about those savages than he did for members of his own house. But what does it matter who tested his loyalty? He failed and paid the price for his poor choices. Now, tell me what this is about before I get really angry.
I don't think your anger is going to matter in a moment.

Naryu interrupts you here.

Naryu Virian: That's what you're wearing? All right, but it's your funeral.
Councilor Dolvara: How dare you! I'm a lord of House Redoran. The Morag Tong ….
Naryu Virian: The Morag Tong issued the writ with your name on it. You do remember that House Redoran frowns upon slavery these days, yes?

or if you used the persuasion skill, then the following dialogue will take place:

Naryu Virian: You aren't clever enough or pretty enough to avoid what's about to happen, Dolvara.
Councilor Dolvara: What's the meaning of this? Who are you people?
Naryu Virian: I'm a Morag Tong with a writ that says you're a criminal and a traitor. That means I get to end your miserable existence.

Naryu then kills Dolvara, brutally slashing at her. Once she's done that, you can search the councilor's quarters for more clues. You'll find the Hlaalu Letter from someone named Avlela, talking about Dolvara's arrangement to keep the slave trade going.

Naryu Virian: More proof that Dolvara was in bed with both House Hlaalu and House Dres.

You'll also find a report from Captain Brivan on Dolvara's desk. Brivan writes that he has reassigned the soldiers that had been under Ulran's command, and sent one squad to the fort west of Balmora. He also reveals that Dolvara was the one who introduced him to the Warclaws. Discuss these findings with Naryu.

Naryu Virian: That's Captain Brivan's seal. I suppose our evil councilor courted favor wherever she could find it.
The good Captain Brivan appears to be more involved in Ulran's fate than I had imagined.
He never struck me as the type to use murder and deceit to get ahead, but that's the problem with greed. It causes decent people to make stupid choices.
It sounds like the captain is spreading Ulran's soldiers to the four winds to make a fresh start.
Or he's trying to hide something. The letter mentioned an intact squad sent to scout the old fort. You need to get out there and see what those soldiers know before Brivan gives them new orders and they disappear.
Should I let Veya know what we discovered first?
I suppose. She's probably pulled tight as a bow string waiting to hear something. Go talk to Veya while I present my writ to the authorities.
I can't wait to see the look on the Redoran magister's face when I tell him what his councilor was up to.

(If you killed Redoran soldiers at the manor, the following dialogue will appear instead)

If you can slip into town, sure, Veya should be told. But you didn't take my advice. You killed Redoran soldiers. That's your trouble to deal with.
I need to present my completed writ, so I'll catch up with you and Veya later.
I'll go talk to Veya.

(Naryu's warning "If you can slip into town" appears to relate to your Justice bounty and heat levels rather than anything more specific about having killed a soldier. If you've returned to upstanding status then town guards will have no interest in you.)

Abandoned Cellar[edit]

Sneak your way back out of the manor, then head back to the Abandoned Cellar in Balmora. Veya will be training with the dummy there.

Back again? Took your sweet time. You didn't learn anything, did you? Not that it matters. Ulran's dead and nothing can change that.
We know where to find the soldiers who were with Ulran the day of the incident.
What good is that going to do? They won't speak to us. House before family and all that. Believe me, I'm more than familiar with Redoran honor.
Still, I suppose I know a few ways to get people to talk ….
I don't think you should leave the safe-house until Naryu gets back.
More rules? I thought we were beyond those kinds of limitations?
Look, I need to figure out who's responsible for Ulran's death. House councilors, Redoran soldiers, Ashlanders—whoever it is, they need to pay.
We also discovered that Captain Brivan might have had a role in Ulran's troubles.
Brivan was Ulran's best friend. Would he really betray my brother?
Regardless, I want you to have this, You could have handed me to my father and you didn't. Other than Naryu and Ashur, you might be the only friend I have left.

Take your reward and continue the conversation to start Family Reunion.


  • Upon entering the manor proper, Naryu instructs you to find information while she goes to execute her writ (which is also reflected in the objective description) but will remain as a follower anyway.


  • While in the manor looking for information, the objective "Search Arenim Manor" appears duplicated three times in the quest journal. ?
  • After completing this quest, the dialogue box that would lead to starting the next quest in line given by Veya briefly appears before you are forced out of it, requiring you to speak with Veya again. ?

Quest Stages[edit]

A Purposeful Writ
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Naryu had to deal with a Morag Tong assignment and left Ashur to watch over Veya. He was having some trouble with her and asked me to go and talk to her. She should be in the safe-house beneath Balmora.
Objective: Talk to Veya
Veya asked me to meet Naryu at Arenim Manor and see if I could find out what the councilor knows about her brother before Naryu carries out her writ. The manor is located in the swamp near the cave where Veya was hiding.
Objective: Go to Arenim Manor
I found Naryu outside the Arenim Manor. I should talk to her and see if she'll let me look for information pertaining to Ulran's exile while she executes her writ.
Objective: Talk to Naryu Virian
Naryu and I need to find a way to get into the manor. Then I can look for information regarding Ulran's exile and she can execute her writ against Councilor Dolvara.
Objective: Find a Way Into the Manor
Optional Step: Avoid Killing Redoran Soldiers
Now that Naryu and I have entered Arenim Manor, I need to see if I can find any information pertaining to Ulran's exile while Naryu locates Councilor Dolvara and executes her writ.
Objective: Search Arenim Manor
We learned a few things about House Redoran during our investigation of Arenim Manor, but the most significant detail might be that Councilor Dolvara participated in Ulran's trial. I should discuss this with Naryu.
Objective: Talk to Naryu Virian
Naryu has agreed to allowe me to question Councilor Dolvara about Ulran before she executes her writ.
Objective: Confront Councilor Dolvara
Optional Step: Avoid Killing Redoran Soldiers
Objective Hint: Interrogate Councilor Dolvara
Councilor Dolvara shed some light on Ulran's banishment before Naryu carried out her execution. I should take a quick look around the chamber and see if there's any other relevant information.
Objective: Search the Councilor's Quarters
Optional Step: Avoid Killing Redoran Soldiers
I should discuss what we learned in Councilor Dolvara's quarters with Naryu.
Objective: Talk to Naryu Virian
It seems that Captain Brivan may have played a role in Ulran's banishment and possibly even his death. I might be able to learn more from the soldiers scouting the old fort near Balmora, but first I need to return to Veya and bring her up to speed.
Objective: Talk to Veya
Finishes quest☑ I told Veya about the soldiers scouting the old fort. I should also let her know that Captain Brivan may have had a role in everything that happened to Ulran before we make our way to the fort.
Objective: Talk to Veya
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