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Veya Releth
Home City Balmora
Race Dunmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) House Redoran, Morag Tong
Veya Releth

Veya Releth is a Dunmer assassin and a daughter of the prominent House Redoran family. She is a Morag Tong apprentice turned trainee currently apprenticed to Naryu Virian. Born to Eris and Tavya Releth, she and her older brother Ulran would sneak out as children to see Naryu training with her blades, growing very close to her. Following Ulran's unexplained exile, she left her family to secretly join the Morag Tong.

On Vvardenfell, Veya Releth murdered Captain Brivan and her father before being confronted and defeated, saving the lives of the Redoran council. Although High Councilor Meriath assumed Veya was killed and the matter was concluded, she was merely gravely wounded, so Naryu was able to bring her back to the Balmora safehouse. Ashur healed her and Naryu made the decision to send Veya to Summerset, parting ways at Vivec City's docks.

Although her mentor's intention was for Razum-dar to take her under his wing on the island of Summerset, Veya abandoned that path after Nocturnal comforted a despairing and lonely Veya in her dreams of Evergloam, promising her that they would "fix the world together". She took the name Tundilwen and became Nocturnal's Earl in the Court of Bedlam.

She later wielded Dawnbreaker, which her mistress stole from Darien Gautier and corrupted, much to his consternation, and fought with it during a last ditch attempt to stop Nocturnal's plans to rewrite reality with the Heart of Transparent Law in the Crystal Tower's mausoleum. Nocturnal brought her back as a powerful shade at the final confrontation atop the Crystal Tower.

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Fleeing the Past[edit]

Of Faith and Family[edit]

After meeting Veya in Mallapi Cave, the councilor sends the Warclaw mercenaries in to find Veya. Naryu appears again.

Naryu Virian: "She can handle herself just fine, hero. Veya, grab your things. It's time to go."
Veya Releth: "Go? Why? What's going on?"
Naryu Virian: "The Warclaws are marching toward this cave, along with half the House Redoran soldiers in Balmora. We need to go now."
Veya Releth: "Damn it, they must have followed us! I'll get my stuff."

After leaving the caves and distracting Councilor Eris by giving a report to him, you meet up with Naryu and Veya at an Ashlander camp; Veya eager to find her brother.

Naryu Virian: "Well, those certainly aren't Ashlanders, not with those tails!"
Veya Releth: "This is... disturbing..."

After speaking to Veya, Naryu tries to dissuade her from entering the camp:

Naryu Virian: "Veya, I don't think this is a good idea. We're trying to keep you out of House Redoran hands, remember?"
Veya Releth: "You're not my parent, Naryu! I can take care of myself, even if "the Mother of Blades" doesn't think so."
Naryu Virian: "Damn it, Veya! You know I hate that title."

As you progress through Kudanat Mine you'll hear Warclaws discussing burning bodies and before long you'll discover the corpses of Ashlanders and sadly Veya's brother.

Veya Releth: "Come on! Wait...what's that smell?"
Naryu Virian: "Veya! Stay back. You don't need to see this."
Veya Releth: "What happened here? Oh gods, they murdered these poor Ashlanders!"

A Purposeful Writ[edit]

Family Reunion[edit]

Veya Releth
Location Redoran Garrison
Race Dunmer Gender Female
Health 234226
Reaction Hostile
Other Information
Faction(s) House Redoran
Morag Tong

Veya may be at the Vivec City docks after the completion of the quest, where you can speak to her:

"Naryu thought you might stop by. You probably hate me and I completely understand. I'm still glad you showed up though."
Do you think you can put this all behind you?
"I lost my brother, I killed my own father … I probably went crazy there for a while. I don't think I'll ever put this completely behind me. But I'll do what Naryu asks. I'll go away, finish my training. Try to make a new start."
Where is Naryu sending you?
"To Summerset, but don't tell anybody. She was quite adamant about that. She's given me a letter of introduction for some highfalutin Khajiit. Works for a queen or something. Anyway, he's going to be my new mentor."
Well, good luck to you, Veya.
"Look, I'm sorry. Ulran's death made me crazy―that's no excuse―but I'm never going to forgive House Redoran for the attitudes that brought us here. I'm done with them. Take care of Naryu. I don't want her to get hurt because of me."


Appears only with Summerset

Lost in Translation[edit]

Veya Releth
Location Ebon Stadmont, Cathedral of Webs, Crystal Tower
Race Dunmer Gender Female
Health (?) (The Crystal Tower)
Reaction Friendly → Hostile
Other Information
Faction(s) Court of Bedlam
Veya wielding Duskbringer

She snuffs out Leythen's connection to you, causing his projection to dissipate.

Earl Tundilwen: "Now that Leythen's gone, we can talk freely."

Speak to her.

"I never expected to see you again, but you shouldn't have come here. These words of power, they aren't meant for mortal eyes.
I'm an earl in the Court of Bedlam now. So believe me when I say that Leythen isn't being totally honest with you."
Veya from Balmora? You're Nocturnal's earl? How did that happen?
"That doesn't matter. What matters is that I want to maintain the balance of power among the Daedric triad. If Leythen translates the language and gives Mephala the secret, she'll gain an advantage that could threaten my Prince, Nocturnal."
It sounds like the triad of Daedric Princes isn't as united as we thought.
"Speculate all you want. I'm here to give you a gift. Nocturnal has authorized me to provide you with the meaning of the mysterious phrase.
It's in all our best interests for the Ritemaster to remember where he hid the Heart of Transparent Law."
So what do the words mean?
"The phrase the Ritemaster remembers, the words he keeps hearing, it's a spell to retrieve something hidden.
When the time is right, he just needs to repeat the phrase to reveal the Heart's hiding place."
I'll let the Ritemaster know.
"I wasn't sure how I'd feel if I saw you or Naryu again. Balmora seems like a lifetime ago, and I'm a new person since committing myself to Nocturnal's service.
I wish you weren't involved in this matter."
You knew exactly when and where to contact me. How?
"Artaeum is only as isolated as it allows itself to be. Fire the abyssal pearl allowed the Sea Sload and Mephala to invade the Psijic island. Then you took Leythen, an earl in the Court of Bedlam, prisoner.
We know your moves before you make them."
What does the triad of Daedric Princes hope to achieve?
"Our Princes plan to do away with the laws imposed by other powers. They want to remake Nirn, reshape it to better suit their every inclination.
Of course to do this, all obstacles must be cast aside- including the other Daedric Princes."
And what does the Court of Bedlam get out of all this?
"The Court isn't evil. We wouldn't be a part of something that didn't add to the greater good. When our Princes are done, war and sickness will be eradicated. There will be true peace.
And godhood for the Court, as befits beings of our stature."
(If you spared Veya in Family Reunion) You were suppose to start a new life in Summerset. I don't think this is what Naryu had in mind.
"A new life? More like a new prison! Serving at the feet of a Khajiit to become a slave to the High Elf Queen? No, that's not an existence I could bear.
I follow the shadowy paths of Nocturnal now. She gives me the freedom to be who I really am!"
(If you killed Veya in Family Reunion) You're supposed to be dead. Naryu killed you in Balmora.
"Naryu is a liar and a coward. She pretends to be a cold-hearted killer, but she couldn't bring herself to spill my blood.
Instead, she sent me away. Shipped me off to protect me, she said. To save me. More likely she just wanted to save herself."
How did you wind up in service to Nocturnal?
"I felt abandoned, lost. That's when Nocturnal offered to comfort me. Not the Morag Tong. Not a Khajiit guardian. Not even you.
Nocturnal gave me a purpose and a family. She gave me something to believe in."
You know we're going to stop the triad of Daedric Princes.
"Belief doesn't make something true. You stopped me once, but I'm stronger now. More powerful. As for the Princes, you're barely a speck on a flea that gets casually brushed aside after a minor irritation.
Do what you must. This only ends one way."

She has the last word as she disappears.

Earl Tundilwen: "Tell the Ritemaster. It's a spell of retrieval."

A Necessary Alliance[edit]

You will encounter her again in the Cathedral of Webs.

Earl Tundilwen: "It pains me that it had to end this way, but my Mistress will not be denied."
Leythen: "Butcher! How dare you pretend to care about the men and women you slaughtered!"
Earl Tundilwen: "Every action I performed was in the service of Nocturnal's grand plan."
Darien Gautier: "Leythen, she has my Dawnbreaker. Ask her if she'll kindly return it."

Leythen will attempt to draw information out of the Earl of Nocturnal.

Leythen: "Champion of Nocturnal, what magic is this? I've never seen anything like it."
Earl Tundilwen: "This was always the plan. Nocturnal's plan."
Leythen: "So Nocturnal did betray my mistress!"
Earl Tundilwen: "Your mistress is weak. Come with me and I'll show you what the true power looks like!"

Veya traps Leythen in shadow, freezing him in place.

Leythen: "This magic, it destroys everything! What good is power if there's nothing left to rule?"
Earl Tundilwen: "This is what the Court wanted all along. An end to the old ways. A new beginning."
Leythen: "I won't be party to the death of innocents! I won't—"
Darien Gautier: "Let him go!"
Earl Tundilwen: "Be silent, knight, or I'll let you taste the blade you once carried. I wish to speak to your friend now."

Talk to Veya and figure out what she has to say for herself. You'll have special dialogue for Veya (or "Tundilwen") if you met her before in Balmora in Morrowind.

"I'm sorry it had to come to this, but nothing can stop the magic of the pearls now.
My Mistress offers a small mercy. Leave her to finish her work and she'll kill the Psijics quickly. But if you interfere, you will all suffer before you die."
What are you doing with the abyssal pearls?
"The Sea Sload trinkets? It was an easy matter for my Mistress to alter the magic. To use their ability to siphon life energy and funnel it into the Crystal Tower.
In the end, your own world will provide the power that spells its doom!"
Veya, you can't let Nocturnal destroy the world!
"Stop calling me that! Veya died on a cold, hard floor in Balmora. I'm Tundilwen now, champion of Nocturnal!
As the Crystal Tower fills with power drawn from this dying world, it will provide my Mistress with what she needs to remake reality."
So why betray the other Princes?
"Mephala and Clavicus Vile are fledglings compared to my Mistress! Nocturnal existed before this reality was even imagined, and she will ride its destruction into the next!
This isn't an end—it's a new beginning!"
I'll find a way to stop you.

Once you have spoken with her, she will have the final word before leaving:

Earl Tundilwen: "Good luck with that. Now stay out of the way or death will be the least of your concerns."

The Crystal Tower[edit]

Tundilwen appears as you're ascending the Crystal Tower with Leythen and Darien.

Darien Gautier: "Where did she come from?"
Earl Tundilwen: "Nocturnal's started to repair Transparent Law. Soon none of this will matter."
Earl Leythen: "No, you mustn't do this!"
Darien Gautier: "You can't reason with crazy, Leythen. Besides, we've got company!"
Earl Tundilwen: "How observant, knight."

More shadowy creatures then appear, which you need to defeat. Tundilwen begins losing her patience.

Earl Tundilwen: "Why do you insist on prolonging your pain, Leythen?"
Earl Leythen: "You know nothing about pain!"
Earl Tundilwen: "A pity. I thought we were the same. No matter. Your quest ends here."
Earl Leythen: "She's just trying to slow us down. Meet me up at the gate pedestal!"

As you go through the gate, Tundilwen appears once more:

Earl Tundilwen: "I have to stop you here. All of you."
Earl Leythen: "I wondered if you'd actually show yourself instead of just projecting menacing images."
Earl Tundilwen: "A closed gate won't save them, Leythen."
Earl Leythen: "No, but this will keep you busy for a time."
Earl Tundilwen: "What? No!"

Leythen binds Tundilwen with his magic and teleports off with her, away from the protection of the Resolute Anchor. She will appear again after Leythen's demise.

Darien Gautier: "Nocturnal's realm... we've gotta be nearing the top of this thing."
Earl Tundilwen: "You thought Leythen could stop me? He's only delayed the inevitable!"
Darien Gautier: "Ignore the creepy voice. We have to keep going."

She will attempt to kill you at the Tower Summit Approach.

Earl Tundilwen: "That's far enough! My Mistress can't be interrupted! Her work is too important."
Darien Gautier: "Give me the damn Dawnbreaker back!"
Earl Tundilwen: "Come and get it!"

Defeat her When you exhaust her energy, she will fall to her knees.

Earl Tundilwen: "I don't understand. Why didn't the sword protect me?"
Darien Gautier: "Because Dawnbreaker was never intended for you."
Earl Tundilwen: "Meridia's magic is gone. The blade isn't yours anymore, either."
Darien Gautier: "We'll see about that."