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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Ascend the Crystal Tower and put an end to Nocturnal's machinations.
Zone: Summerset
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Quest Giver: Valsirenn
Location(s): Ceporah Tower, Crystal Tower
Prerequisite Quest: A Necessary Alliance
Next Quest: A New Alliance
Reward: Staff of the Crystal Tower
Mystic Eye Psijic Cuirass
1 Skill Point
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Very High Experience XP
ID: 6126
Enter the Crystal Tower
I negotiated an alliance of sorts with Clavicus Vile and Mephala. They agreed to help us get into the Crystal Tower—mostly. Once inside, I need to find a way to stop Nocturnal before she uses the tower to remake reality.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Find Sotha Sil and speak with your companions.
  2. Attend the meeting in the Dreaming Cave, then enter the portal.
  3. Navigate the Fields of Regret to the entrance of the Crystal Tower.
  4. Fight the Guardian Atronach and speak to Sapiarch Nolyemal afterwards.
  5. Recover the missing parts of the ballista and destroy the debris blocking the corridor.
  6. Obtain a key for the library door and talk to Earl Leythen.
  7. Ascend the Crystal Tower.
  8. Defeat Nocturnal's Champion and speak with Darien Gautier.
  9. Confront Nocturnal.
  10. Defeat the shade of Nocturnal's Champion twice.
  11. Reforge Transparent Law and speak with Valsirenn.
  12. Speak to Sotha Sil in the Ceporah Tower to complete the quest.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

To start this quest, speak with Valsirenn. She tells you that Sotha Sil asked to see you in his study, and that you should divulge the details of your interactions with the betrayed members of the Triad upon.

Head into Sotha Sil's study and speak with him as Valsirenn asked. He muses on the nature of Nocturnal's plans before telling you to speak with your companions and meet him in the Dreaming Cave. He also reveals that you will need a burst of divine energy to repair the Heart of Transparent Law, should you succeed in climbing the Tower.

Now you should speak with your friends. This might be the last chance you have to talk to them before the assault on the Tower. Darien is sitting at a table in the Ceporah Tower's library, having a refreshing drink. You can find Razum-dar North of the Ceporah Tower, past the wayshrine. Valsirenn and Leythen, are spending time together, mourning their daughter at her shrine near the entrance to the College of Sapiarchs.

The Dreaming Cave[edit]

Once you've spoken with everyone, you must return to the Dreaming Cave and ready yourself for the events to come. You have one last chance to talk to all of your companions before the end. Talk to Sotha Sil when you're ready to proceed.

Barbas: "I'll lead you through the Fields of Regret to reach the Crystal Tower."
Darien: "Hey! That dog just talked!"
Leythen: "I can establish contact with Mephala. She's ready to appear if you're willing to lower the defenses."
Sotha Sil: "Oriandra, Valsirenn, assist me. Let us open a path and not keep the Prince of Secrets waiting."

The mages channel their magic, and the way is open in a burst of deep red mist. Mephala has arrived.

Mephala: "Sotha Sil, the false god. I should have expected to see you.
Sotha Sil: "Lady Mephala. Will you honor the agreement you made with this mortal?"
Mephala: "I am always true to my word. Now, send forth the mortal who consistently avoids the tangles of my webs. We have much to discuss."

Speak with Mephala.

"You are strangely consequential, for a mortal. In my calculations, I somehow overlooked your significance. And yet, that has worked to my advantage, for now we have a chance to thwart Nocturnal. And that will be something to savor."
So you'll attune us to the Resolute Diamonds?
"I can attune the diamond keys, but that won't be enough to keep you safe. Using the secrets she stole from Sotha Sil, Nocturnal has infused the Crystal Tower with boundless energy. It makes the tower's connection to reality … increasingly unstable."
What else do we need?
"I must turn the Resolute Diamonds into more than just keys. They must become an anchor, something to lock you to this reality. Without such a weight, you will be lost as the tower rapidly shifts from one plane to the next.
And in exchange …."
Tell me what you want.
"Two trivial concessions, nothing more. First, just as Vile sends his Hound, I want you to take my earl, Leythen, into the Crystal Tower. And second, I wish a private meeting with Sotha Sil after reality has been saved.
Do we have a deal?"
I can only speak for myself. Attune the diamonds as you have said and Leythen can come with me.
"Two Resolute Diamonds … imbued with the power of Mephala! Now they merge into a single gem … one Resolute Anchor to serve as both key and safeguard!
Do not lose this. Only its presence will keep you and your companions anchored to reality."
Thank you, Prince Mephala.
Mephala: "Remember, if any of you stray from the protection of the Resolute Anchor, you'll be lost in the nothingness between realities.
And know that I will be watching."
Darien: "Can she do that? I hate being spied on!"

Barbas transforms in a poof of orange, taking on his Skaafin form.

Barbas: "Now it's my turn. Let me use the gift my master gave you and I'll get you to the Crystal Tower."
Sotha Sil: "Heed Mephala's advice and keep your companions close to the diamond. Without it, you would be lost in the darkness between realities.
Now, recover the Heart and restore Transparent Law. Just remember, you must find a relic imbued with divine energy."
Valsirenn: "Leythen, promise me you'll keep them safe!"
Leythen: "I promise Val."
Darien: "Oriandra, if I die saving the world, know that our brief time together has made me a better man."
Oriandra: "What are you talking about?"
Darien: "Shh, it's all right to cry. I'll do my best to return to you, I promise."
Oriandra: "What just happened? What's that crazy knight talking about?"

The Crystal Tower[edit]

And with that, the quest truly begins. Enter the Dreaming Cave portal. You will find yourself in Clavicus Vile's realm, the Fields of Regret. Navigate your way towards the entrance of the Crystal Tower. Looking over the cliff, you'll see familiar purple magic falling from the sky... Barbas is down there, observing the smoking anomalies. Pursue him. You can jump off the cliff and break your legs or use the path to your right.

Barbas: "Bother and bones! Nocturnal sends creatures into our realm? Not while Barbas is on guard! Skaafin, come forth!"
Leythen: "Where are you going, creature?"
Barbas: "I promised to show you the way. There, follow that path. That's the way to the tower. Now, I have a realm to defend!"
Darien: "I don't think I like Barbas very much."

Follow the path as Barbas instructed. Try not to get distracted by Nocturnal's minions. The Skaafin that Barbas summoned will deal with them. You may engage with a few Shrikes or Gloam creatures that get in your way on the path, and feel free to dispatch the Wraith-of-Crows at the base of the tower. Make your way over to the tower, where Barbas will appear to send you off. Speak with him in front of the Tower. The plan has changed: Nocturnal is invading the Fields, so Barbas has a new obligation, which is to protect his master's realm. He guided you through the Fields, so his purpose with you has been as fulfilled as it's gonna get.

Barbas: "Remember Mephala's warning: Stray too far from the Resolute Anchor, and you'll be lost between realities."
"Then let's get moving before the tower remakes this platform out of existence!"

Inside the tower is surprisingly intact. Leythen notes that you'll see more evidence of Nocturnal's tampering the higher you climb. There are plenty of urns and wardrobes to loot here. Defeat the Shadow Sapiarchs you encounter and head upstairs. When you come to a dead end, the tower will shift, creating a path forward. Proceed through the tower. Across this bridge is the Artifact Vault. You'll need to find your way out from here, as part of the ceiling has fallen in. Leythen notes the lack of Shadow Sapiarchs, and the door at the end of the hall slams shut. An Iron Atronach manifests before it as a woman's voice comes calling from behind the shut door.

Sapiarch Nolyemal: "Stay... stay back!"
Darien Gautier: "Really? A walking volcano?"

Defeat the Iron Atronach and speak with the Sapiarch, who appears to be fading. She tells you what happened in the tower, and when asked how to pass through, she mentions a broken ballista. After your conversation, Sapiarch Nolyemal begins to panic. Leythen kneels beside her.

Sapiarch Nolyemal: "I don't want to die!"
Leythen: "Let me help you. Clear your mind."
Sapiarch Nolyemal: "It's so hard … to concentrate …."
Leythen: "Think of your loved ones. Picture their faces and my magic will help you."
Sapiarch Nolyemal: "I see them. The pain … is fading. I can see—"
Darien Gautier: "She … she's gone."
Leythen: "Her last moments were peaceful. I saw to that."
Leythen: "The magic that held back the shadows is gone. They'll be upon us before we know it."
"I see them. The pain … is fading."

It is time for you to make of the discorporated Sapiarch's suggestion. Navigate your way up the stairs and find the ballista the Sapiarch mentioned. You'll need to mow down a few Shadow Sapiarchs. As Leythen pointed out, the relic Sapiarch Nolyemal was clinging to reality with was the only thing holding them back. You'll soon come across the ballista she was talking about.

Darien Gautier: "The dying Sapiarch was right! That is a ballista!"
Darien Gautier: "It's not broken, it's just missing a few parts. Look around while I get the rest of it back in working condition."

Find the missing pieces. You must retrieve a crank, a rope and some ballista bolts. You'll find a coil of rope down the stairs in a room to the east. In a corridor next to that room, head south and down into the room where the ballista bolts are stored in a barrel. Across the hall and to the west, south of the staircase to the upper floor, you'll find a crank. Bring the parts upstairs and talk to Darien.

"That should do it. I just need a crank, a rope, and some ballista bolts!"
Here's what I was able to find.

With the ballista fixed, use it on the passage and blast through the debris blocking the way. It's the same as operating a siege engine in Cyrodiil. Interact with the ballista, aim the crosshairs at the debris, and fire. The debris is blocking the door to the south, across the hall from where you're standing. A Wraith-of-Crows will manifest on one of the broken parts of the tower wall across from the door, but won't attack you. Continue your ascent through the library.

Darien Gautier: "Now that's how to clear a path! I need one of those!"

It appears as if your party has ascended the tower and ended up in the Spiral Skein. Now you must find a way through the library. Up the stairs, you'll find a key pedestal. See if you can get it to work.

Leythen: "Yes, that must control the gate across the chamber. It appears to require a key, however.
Down there! That looks like a likely candidate."

Down the stairs in the back of the room, there's another key pedestal, holding the Library Gate Key. When you try to take the key, a projection of Nocturnal's Earl manifests upon the pedestal and steals it!

Darien Gautier: "Where did she come from?"
Veya: "Nocturnal's started to repair Transparent Law. Soon none of this will matter."
Leythen: "No, you mustn't do this!"
Darien Gautier: "You can't reason with crazy, Leythen. Besides, we've got company!"
Veya: "How observant, knight."

Veya summons two waves of Gloam creatures to keep you company. The first wave contains two Shadow Sapiarchs. The second, a Gloam Minotaur and the shadow of Custodian Simohil. Defeat them.

Earl Tundilwen: "Why do you insist on prolonging your pain, Leythen?"
Earl Leythen: "You know nothing about pain!"
Earl Tundilwen: "A pity. I thought we were the same. No matter. Your quest ends here."
Darien Gautier: "Enough! Just hand over the damn key!"
Earl Leythen: "She's just trying to slow us down. Meet up at the gate pedestal!"

Run back to the gate pedestal and try the key. Leythen notes that Earl Tundilwen must have done something to the controls, as the gate won't open. Speak with Leythen. He surmises that he can use his strength as a former Psijic to force the lock open, then teleport in after you and Darien have gone through the gate.

Leythen's last moments

Leythen will use his magic to activate the key pedestal.

Leythen: "The gate … it's opening! Go on! I can't hold this for very long!"

Run through the gate. The moment you cross the threshold, an umbral wind forces the gate shut.

Darien Gautier: "The gate! Leythen, watch out!"
Veya: "I have to stop you here. All of you."
Leythen: "I wondered if you'd actually show yourself instead of just projecting menacing images."
Veya: "A closed gate won't save them, Leythen!"
Leythen: "No, but this will keep you busy for a time."
Veya: "What? No!"

Leythen binds Veya with his magic and teleports off with her, away from the protection of the Resolute Anchor.

Darien Gautier: "Where'd they go?"
Darien Gautier: "Is Leythen … gone?"

Leythen then reappears: alone, visibly shaken, and enveloped by a strange dark aura.

Leythen: "That should keep her busy. For a short time, at least."
Darien Gautier: "Um, why are you glowing?"

Talk to Leythen. He overstepped his bounds, and couldn't make it back to the anchor in time. He had to do something to get rid of Nocturnal's champion for a while. Relish Leythen's last moments before he disappears.

"I was overconfident, I'm afraid. Valsirenn always said I was too sure of my own abilities. I just assumed I'd be able to get back to the protection of the Resolute Anchor before I was unmade.
Pity. I would have preferred a more heroic ending."
This was your plan all along?
"I had to do something to get rid of Nocturnal's champion. At least for a little while. Beyond that, I really did hope that a moment outside the anchor's protection wouldn't be fatal.
Just something else you can tell Valsirenn I was wrong about."
So that's it? There's nothing we can do?
"You can stop Nocturnal. I'd really rather not see you and the knight wind up with this fate. And, if all goes well, you can tell Valsirenn that … that I'm sorry.
Now, hurry. Nocturnal's earl won't be gone long."
Thanks for giving us a fighting chance.
"I should be thanking you. You had no reason to trust me, yet you did. And you gave me a chance to see my wife ... to reconcile with her in a way.
Now, go and beat Nocturnal. I have faith in you!"
After everything you did, this end is too good for you.
"Yes, that's the spirit! Show me the anger you've been hiding! I'm fading away quickly, while you're about to suffer an eternity at Nocturnal's hands.
Regardless, I must thank you. You gave me a chance. You let me see Valsirenn one last time"

Regardless of your choice, you can ask him one last question.

What should I tell Valsirenn?
"Tell her ... tell her I'm going to go be with our daughter.
Tell Val ... that we will ... we will wait ... for ... her ...."
Thank you Leythen.

With Leythen's final words, he collapses, dissipating into the all-consuming darkness.

Darien Gautier: "We should ... we should keep moving. There's nothing more can do here."

Continue on through the Tower Mausoleum. There's no time to mourn Leythen's passing. You have a world to save. Obliterate the gloam creatures blocking your path.

"Meridia's magic is gone. The blade isn't yours anymore, either."

Open the door to the Tower Summit Approach and climb the stairs. Earl Tundilwen interrupts your ascent.

Earl Tundilwen: "That's far enough! My Mistress can't be interrupted! Her work is too important."
Darien Gautier: "Give me the damn Dawnbreaker back!"
Earl Tundilwen: "Come and get it!"

Defeat Tundilwen. When you exhaust her energy, she will fall to her knees.

Earl Tundilwen: "I don't understand. Why didn't the sword protect me?"
Darien Gautier: "Because Dawnbreaker was never intended for you."
Earl Tundilwen: "Meridia's magic is gone. The blade isn't yours anymore, either."
Darien Gautier: "We'll see about that."

Darien tries to pick up Dawnbreaker, and Veya dies. Suddenly, the room is flooded with thick shadow. As the darkness rapidly closes in and consumes the Summit Approach entirely, Nocturnal can be heard.

Darien Gautier: "No!"
Nocturnal: "Join Meridia in my eternal darkness!"

Just as you start to think it's all over, a radiant flash of light bursts forth from Dawnbreaker, disintegrating the shadows and blinding you. Meridia's power may be gone from the sword, but there's one thing both Earl Tundilwen and her Mistress have neglected to account for...

Darien Gautier: "We are … not … dying … like this!"
Darien Gautier: "That worked? I mean … I mean … I mean, of course that worked. I just need a moment …."

Darien looks like he's out of breath. Panting, he rises from his knees and picks Dawnbreaker up from where he thrust it into the tiles. Despite the fact that the shadows have withdrawn, there's still a dark barrier lingering over the door, blocking your path. Speak with Darien and recollect yourselves.

"Nocturnal's earl was wrong. Meridia's power, it's not gone. Her magic remains strong and vibrant.
The vessel. The last Light of Meridia … it's me."
The vessel? The last Light? What do you mean?
"I finally understand everything Meridia told me. Her power, it's inside me. And with it I can remove the corruption from Dawnbreaker. I can fill the relic with divine energy again!"
Sotha Sil said we needed a relic with divine energy tot repair the Translucent Law crystal.
Darien cleanses Dawnbreaker
"Then this is even better. You can use the restored Dawnbreaker to save the world. I just won't be around to see it happen.
I finally understand. I'm the vessel of Meridia. Her champion. But you're the key to stopping Nocturnal and saving reality."
Darien, what are you saying?
"I'm saying that you've got this. Whenever a threat appears, you bring the champions together. You find a way to win.
And I'll be at your side for this one final battle, just not in the way I originally expected."
Darien... what are you doing?
Darien Gautier: "I'm returning the last of Meridia's power to the blade so you can stop Nocturnal. I wouldn't do this for anyone else."
Darien Gautier: "Thank you... for everything."

Darien stands before the corrupted Dawnbreaker and grips the handle. He begins to glow, and is consumed by a flash of brilliant light. Darien is gone, and in his place is Dawnbreaker, radiating glorious power once more. Dawnbreaker is cleansed. Take the blade. Darien may be gone, but he's still with you. Now continue your ascent. Beyond the door is your final destination. You've reached the apex of the Crystal Tower, the eternal twilight of Evergloam stretching vastly beyond the horizon. Climb the final set of stairs to the summit. Nocturnal is bathed in shadow, actively corrupting the Heart of Transparent Law. Now you must stop Nocturnal. Confront Nocturnal with Dawnbreaker's might.

Nocturnal: "The tower crystal is almost whole. You are too late, mortal!"
Nocturnal: "You are too late. Once the crystal is made whole, I shall become infinite!"

Use Dawnbreaker's power and dispel the shadows.

Nocturnal: "Meridia's power won't help you against me!"

Defeat the Daedra Nocturnal summons to oppose you.

Nocturnal: "Rise, my champion! And this time, succeed where you last failed!"

Nocturnal summons a limp Veya, and transforms her into a wraith-like abomination. Defeat Shadow Veya. Use Dawnbreaker's power whenever you can.

"No … the tower crystal … was supposed to be … mine …."
Shadow Veya: "Finally! My true purpose! I will not fail you, Mother!"
Nocturnal: "You strength is impressive, but Transparent Law is almost whole. Now rise again, my champion!"

Shadow Veya is summoned once again. This time, she's larger and more powerful.

Shadow Veya: "You can't stop me. I only grow stronger as we bathe this world in darkness!"
Nocturnal: "Witness my unbridled power!"

Nocturnal is putting all of her energy into taking you out. Defeat Shadow Veya with the help of Dawnbreaker's divine energy and Reforge Transparent Law to end this!

Nocturnal: "No … the tower crystal … was supposed to be … mine …."
Nocturnal: "No!"

The Heart Restored[edit]

The shadows have been driven away, the tower's crystal reforged and gleaming ruby red in the sunlight. Nocturnal's influence has been purged from the Crystal Tower. The skies are blue, clear as Summerset's burbling waters. A portal is opened behind you, and a familiar face steps forward.

Valsirenn: "The Crystal Tower … its defenses no longer keep me out! Are you here, my friend?"
Valsirenn: "You … you did it. I knew it!"

Talk to Valsirenn. She is elated that Nocturnal has been thwarted, but still wants to know where your companions are. She seems upset by the news of Leythen's passing. Valsirenn is also concerned that she was able to walk in without a key, but notes that you can deal with that later. For now, you need to tell Sotha Sil what happened.

Return to Artaeum and meet Sotha Sil in the Dreaming Cave. Speak to the Clockwork God to end the quest.


  • The reforged Resolute Diamonds gem that Mephala gives you isn't added to your quest items.
  • The falling debris in the tower, indicated by circular AoEs, only stun you briefly and don't inflict any damage.
  • The ancient ballista and its missing parts won't exist in the artefact vault before reaching the related objective.
  • Upon looting the ballista bolts, the barrel they are placed into also disappears, instead of only the bolts.
  • Despite how it sounds, there is no time limit to get to the opened gate while Leythen is holding it open.


  • Darien Gautier retains his follower icon even after he stops following you while he stays at the ballista while you gather the missing parts. ?
  • After crossing the gate that Leythen holds, Darien gets to the other side with you but he clips through the closing gate as he does so. ?

Quest Stages[edit]

The Crystal Tower
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Sotha Sil has asked to speak with me. I should go to his study in Ceporah Tower and talk to him.
Objective: Talk to Sotha Sil
Before heading to the Dreaming Cave, I should speak to my companions around the island. This might be my last chance to speak to them before we assault the Crystal Tower.
Objective: Talk to Your Companions
Sotha Sil said to meet him in the Dreaming Cave.
Objective: Enter the Dreaming Cave
Sotha Sil wants me to speak to him when I'm ready to start the assault on the Crystal Tower.
Objective: Talk to Sotha Sil
Sotha Sil has opened a path for Mephala into the Dreaming Cave. I should observe what happens.
Objective: Attend the Meeting in the Dreaming Cave
Mephala stepped out of the Dreaming Cave and called me forward. I should speak to the Daedric Prince.
Objective: Talk to Mephala
Mephala forged the two Resolute Diamonds into a single gem that serves as both an anchor and a key. I should wait while the portal to Clavicus Vile's realm opens.
Objective: Wait for the Portal to Reset
I should follow Barbas to Clavicus Vile's realm so he can show us the way to the Crystal Tower.
Objective: Follow Barbas into the Fields of Regret
Despite our agreement with Clavicus Vile, it looks like we're going to have to fight our way to the Crystal Tower.
Objective: Reach the Entrance of the Crystal Tower
Barbas wants to talk to me. I should see what he has to say.
Objective: Talk to Barbas
The Resolute Anchor serves as both a key to the Crystal Tower and an anchor to our reality. Since I have it, we should be able to enter the Crystal Tower.
Objective: Enter the Crystal Tower
We need to reach the top of the Crystal Tower to confront Nocturnal.
Objective: Ascend the Crystal Tower
A Sapiarch, and she's still alive. I should talk to her.
Objective: Talk to the Sapiarch
The dying Sapiarch mentioned a broken ballista. If I can find it and repair it, I might be able to use it to clear the debris that's blocking the path up the tower.
Objective: Find the Broken Ballista
The ballista isn't broken, it just needs to be reassembled. I should locate the missing pieces so Darien can put it back together.
Objective: Find the Missing Pieces to the Ballista
I gathered the parts to repair the ballista. I need to bring them back to Darien so he can put the siege engine into working order.
Objective: Bring the Ballista Parts to Darien
The ballista is ready. I should be able to use it to open the way forward now.
Objective: Use the Ballista on the Blocked Passage
We need to ascend the tower to confront Nocturnal.
Objective: Ascend the Crystal Tower
This appears to be the tower's library. We need to find a way to move forward.
Objective: Find a Way Through the Library
Objective Hint: Find the Key to the Pedestal
The library's gate is closed. We need to find a way through it if we want to continue.
Objective: Open the Library Gate
Leythen seems to know how this gate mechanism works. I should talk to him.
Objective: Talk to Earl Leythen
Leythen managed to get the gate open. Now we just have to get behind it before his magic fades.
Objective: Get Through the Opened Gate
Leythen wasn't able to get through the gate before it closed. I should talk to him.
Objective: Talk to Earl Leythen
Our only way is up. We need to find our way to stop Nocturnal.
Objective: Ascend the Tower
Nocturnal's champion stands in our way with the corrupted Dawnbreaker sword. We need to stop her before we can continue
Objective: Defeat Nocturnal's Champion
We retrieved the Dawnbreaker sword, but it has been corrupted by Nocturnal. I should talk to Darien to see if he can restore the blade.
Objective: Talk to Darien Gautier
We need to find a way to cleanse the Dawnbreaker.
Objective: Cleanse the Dawnbreaker
Darien sacrificed himself to restore the power of the Dawnbreaker. I should retrieve the restored sword.
Objective: Take the Restored Dawnbreaker
I have the Dawnbreaker in my possession. The only thing left is to climb the tower and confront Nocturnal once and for all.
Objective: Use the Dawnbreaker to Confront Nocturnal
I need to put a stop to Nocturnal and use the Dawnbreaker on the tower crystal when the time is right.
Objective: Stop Nocturnal
Nocturnal is weakened. I need to use the Dawnbreaker on the crystal called Transparent Law before she can recover.
Objective: Reforge Transparent Law
Nocturnal has been banished. The Transparent Law crystal has been restored, and for now, it seems the threat has ended. Valsirenn has been able to get into the tower though, so I should speak to her and find out what's happening.
Objective: Talk to Valsirenn
We stopped Nocturnal. We should leave and let the others know of our success.
Objective: Leave the Crystal Tower
Finishes quest☑ Sotha Sil awaits. I should speak to him and tell him of our success.
Objective: Talk to Sotha Sil
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