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Location Varies
Race Altmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Psijic Order
Valsirenn in her Psijic robes

Valsirenn is an Altmer member of the Psijic Order. You will first meet her while investigating the Monastery of Serene Harmony in Shimmerene.

After completing the main story of Summerset, Valsirenn will become the new Ritemaster of the Psijic Order, and appears in game as Ritemaster Valsirenn.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

The Queen's Decree[edit]

Valsirenn undercover in civilian clothes

After finding the Abyssal Pearl in the Monastary, She'll catch you red-handed and say:

Valsirenn : "Unusual knick-knack for an Aldarch's office, wouldn't you agree?"

Speaking to her, she'll tell you:

"I noticed you skulking around while I was engaged in some skulking of my own. I suppose we both came to the monastery with a similar purpose in mind."
And what purpose would that be?
"The sequestered newcomers. I came to find out what happened to a friend. I assume that's what brought you here as well?"
"A house of worship shouldn't be used as an internment camp. And it shouldn't be locked to the public, either."
I saw a pearl like that. There were strange creatures nearby.
"Interesting. I've never seen anything quite like it. I find it intriguing and a bit disturbing."
"But we aren't here to discuss curios—strange creatures notwithstanding. We need to find out what's happening with the missing newcomers."
How did you happen to get past the sentry, by the way?
"The sentry doesn't appear to have stopped you, so I could ask you the same question. Let's just agree that we both have our methods."
"Curious, but I feel that there's more going on in Shimmerene than the usual politics and community relations."
What else could be going on here?
"That's the question, my cautious friend. We have a newly appointed Aldarch and a disgruntled Kinlady, both opposed to the Queen's decree. What's their connection to the missing newcomers?"
"I was about to explore the undercroft. Care to join me?"
I'll meet you in the undercroft.
Valsirenn : "A curious pearl. I wonder where the Aldarch acquired it?"
Valsirenn : "Probably not important. I'll meet you in the undercroft and we can see what's going on with the newcomers."

As soon as you enter the undercroft, she'll say:

Valsirenn : "Something's wrong down here. I sense magic. Vile magic."
Valsirenn : "Cages? These people did nothing to deserve such treatment."
Valsirenn : "There's someone alive over there. See if you can help her."

A few minutes later, you'll hear her exclaim:

Valsirenn : "Is that a … Skaafin?"

Once you've freed Minone Aloette, you can speak to her:

"A Daedra? Here? And that's a Skaafin, if I remember my Daedric recitations correctly. Very curious."
What's a dead Skaafin doing in a monastery devoted to the Eight?
"An excellent question, and one I hope to find the answer to. From the evidence before us, it appears this Nord killed the Skaafin before he succumbed to his own wounds. Good for him."
"I found this key on the creature's belt, so we can open that door."
That's where the prisoner said the monks took the rest of the newcomers.
"Then I suggest we pick up the pace. We need to determine what's actually happening down here and who's behind all this."
"Without answers to those questions, we won't be able to decide on our best course of action."
What about your missing friend?
Valsirenn : "I'll explain everything later. For now, we need to hurry."

Once you've entered the Undercroft Great Hall, you'll hear her say:

Valsirenn : "Daedric cultists?"
Valsirenn : "I'll deal with the pearl, you hold off these creatures!"
Valsirenn : "The pearl's magic attracts these creatures. Hold them off while I complete my spell!"

In the Undercroft Labyrinth, she'll tell you:

"Those poor people. This wasn't just about newcomers and opposing the Queen's decree. That was Daedric magic back there! I just wish we had arrived a few moments earlier."
What happened to the pearl? Did you destroy it?
"I promised to explain what I know. I suppose that now's as good a time as any."
"I'm a member of the Psijic Order. Our Ritemaster sent me to investigate a warning we received about a plot involving Summerset. My inquiries led me here."
The Psijic Order?
"The Psijic Order is an ancient magical monastic society. We served as advisors [sic] to the rulers of Tamriel, but that was before we removed our island home from the world. Now this threat has drawn us back."
"But why are you involved in all this?"
I'm working with Razum-dar, one of the Queen's Eyes. But what happened to the pearl?
"An Eye of the Queen? Interesting."
"I diffused the Daedric magic and transported the pearl to Artaeum, the Psijic island, for safekeeping and study so we can learn more about it. But we can discuss this further once we get out of here."
All right. Let's go.

After you have exited the monastery's undercroft:

Valsirenn: "Living on Artaeum for a few centuries doesn't prepare you for physical activity."
Valsirenn: "Let the Eye of the Queen know what we discovered and I'll catch up with you later."

Talking to Valsirenn:

"We were warned that Daedric Princes had their eyes on Summerset, but I didn't expect that level of danger from what was supposed to be a simple investigation.
I suggest you tell the Eye of the Queen what we discovered. I'll catch up with you later."
How did you get involved in this? I thought you said Artaeum was sent away.
"We received word that there was the potential for trouble in Summerset, so the Ritemaster sent me to take a look.
Even so, Artaeum isn't a prison. We're Psijic mages! We can come and go as we like, just so long as it advances our studies."
Why didn't you tell me you were a member of the Psijic Order?
"I did tell you, once I ascertained I could trust you and the time was right.
When we make a rare visit back to Nirn, we try to keep a low profile. Rumors about our Order tend to make people uncomfortable and even nervous in our presence."
And what about that missing friend that you mentioned?
"A partial truth. Easier to remember than an outright lie.
Another member of our Order came to Summerset a few months back. We haven't heard from him, so I decided to look into both matters while I was here. Unfortunately, he continues to elude me."
You think he's hiding from you?
"No, not intentionally. We may be sages, but we're still just people. We can become restless, succumb to sorrow or frustration.
My friend may have decided that life on Artaeum was no longer satisfying. I just want to know he's safe."

After leaving Kinlady Avinesses party and finishing your conversation with Raz, Valsirenn will walk to the both of you.

Valsirenn: "I'm glad I found you. While watching the Kinlady's mansion, I saw her ladyship sneak out the back and leave the city."
Raz: "The Kinlady is meeting the Aldarch in the Coral Forest. Raz smells something and it isn't moon-sugar biscuits!"
Valsirenn: "Your reputation precedes you, Eye of the Queen. I am Valsirenn of the Psijic Order. And I agree that the Aldarch is more than a simple monk."
Raz: "We should work together, yes? But let's travel separately to avoid attracting unwanted attention. Raz will find you both at the Coral Forest."

Valsirenn disappears with a poof, Raz simply walks away. Go to the Coral Forest and team up again with Valsirenn to confront the Aldarch.

"One of Summerset's more unique environments, the Coral Forest. I used to love coming here when I was growing up."
"We need to find out why the Aldarch asked Kinlady Avinisse to meet him out here."
How do we find the Aldarch and the Kinlady?
"Based on what we saw in the monastery's undercroft, I'm hesitant to use magic to locate them."
"I suppose we'll have to find them through mundane means. Too bad the Queen's spy isn't here yet. I understand he's good at this sort of thing."

Approaching Aldarch Tilcalar's and Kinlady Avinisse's location, you'll hear the following:

Kinlady Avinisse : "Murder? That wasn't part of the plan, Aldarch!"
Aldarch Tilcalar : "You know nothing of the plan, you fool. Let me give you a taste of what the Prince of Bargains has in store for this pitiful world."
Kinlady Avinisse : "Your Prince? I want no part of Daedra! Help!"
Valsirenn : "The Aldarch! We'd better hurry!"

Defeat Aldarch Tilcalar then speak to her again:

"Razum-dar apprehended the Kinlady. They're at the west edge of the Coral Forest."
"What happened to Aldarch Tilcalar? Did he escape?"
Aldarch Tilcalar is dead. I heard him mention the Prince of Bargains.
"I think we can conclude that Tilcalar wasn't actually an Aldarch. At least, not with his connection to the Prince of Bargains, Clavicus Vile."
"Strange magic and creatures worry me, however. Hopefully, the pearl I sent to Artaeum can tell us more."
You think you can learn something from the pearl?
"You'd be surprised what a particular object can reveal—if you know how to unlock its secrets. "
"I need to return and tell Ritemaster Iachesis all that transpired here. If you're willing, I'd like you to come to Artaeum and confirm my story."
Who's Ritemaster Iachesis?
"The Ritemaster leads the Psijic Order from Ceporah Tower, on the island of Artaeum. This spell attunes you to a portal near Shimmerene, in the ruins of the Keep of Eleven Forces. It always leads to Artaeum, no matter the island's current location."
I'll go to Artaeum to talk to the Ritemaster after I check in with Razum-dar.
Valsirenn : "One more adjustment and … there! You are now attuned!"
Valsirenn : "Find me on Artaeum after you finish with the Eye of the Queen."

A Pearl of Great Price[edit]

If you speak to Valsirenn before entering the Rellenthil Sinkhole, she'll say:

"The Canonreeve's son certainly seems agitated about something. I wonder where he ran off to in such a state?
Well, I suppose we should go and take a look at this sinkhole the Canonreeve mentioned."
Why do you think the Canonreeve's son Nedoril and his friends gather at the sinkhole?
"That's a rather dangerous and unsavory location for a gathering of young Altmer.
The Canonreeve referred to them as malcontents who were proud of their heritage. Makes me curious to see what we'll find when we get there."
Do you think the sinkhole might be connected to the Daedric plot?
"I'd rather not speculate. We'll see for ourselves soon enough.
I just hope the Canonreeve's son hasn't gotten involved with anything too terrible. Children. They can be as frustrating as they are loving."
Do you have any children?
"I... I had a daughter. She fell ill. Even the best minds of the Conclave couldn't cure her malady. She... she's no longer with us.
Enough of that. Let's go see what this sinkhole has to show us."

If you don't go to the sinkhole immediately, Valsirenn will tell you:

Valsirenn: "I'll meet you in the sinkhole."

After Pennifen makes her abrupt exit of the sinkhole, Valsirenn will comment:

"That young woman was certainly in a hurry. And what was that about Nedoril and an attack?"
She said that Nedoril attacked someone, and something about creatures.
"Yes, well, let's be on our guard then. I don't think this sinkhole is completely natural. Its size concerns me. If the ground continues to fall away, it could swallow all of Rellenthil."
Do you really think this sinkhole is that dangerous?
"It certainly feels dangerous. And if it does figure into the Court of Bedlam's plans, well, I can't think of a more frightening event than watching Rellenthil get swallowed by a sinkhole.
Let's proceed and find out what's going on down here."

Continuing through the Rellenthil Sinkhole, Valsirenn will make several comments:

Valsirenn: "The walls and ceiling. They don't look stable. I'll try to reinforce the weak spots and catch up with you."
Valsirenn: "More of those yaghra creatures! Be careful."
Valsirenn: "The size of this place! It's almost as if someone dug up through the island."
"I'll teleport closer to the central area and meet you there."

After your encounter with Eldhon, you'll hear Valsirenn call you:

Valsirenn: "Over here! Keep quiet and tell me if you see what I see."

You'll find Valsirenn at an overlook where an odd scene plays on an opposite ledge, one on which she'll comment:

"You see that, right? My eyes aren't playing tricks on me? That's a Sea Sload! They haven't been seen in Summerset since ... well, it's been centuries, at least!"
What's a Sea Sload?
"A vile and dangerous species. Very powerful. The Sea Sload come from the distant underwater kingdom of Ul'vor-Kus.
Who's that hooded figure with the Sload? And look. More of those abyssal pearls. They're everywhere!"
Why are the Sea Sload dangerous?
"The Sload are a godless people, perhaps the most hated in Tamriel. And the Sea Sload are even worse! They employ depraved magic and have long coveted Summerset. They believe it once belonged to them.
They pillage, release plagues. They're horrible!"
Does this have something to do with the Court of Bedlam?
"The hooded figure could be a member of this so-called Court of Bedlam. At this point, nothing would surprise me.
That Sload has me worried, though. I can't think of anything worse than an alliance between those foul beasts and Daedric cultists."
Could this be the source of the abyssal pearls?
"They could certainly have a connection to the Sea Sload's submerged kingdom, but they appear to have been placed down here. Look how the yaghra are drawn to them.
I'll head for the Sea Sload. You deal with those abyssal pearls!"

Once you agree to destroy the abyssal pearls, the following scene will play out:

Nedoril: "Master, intruders in the cave!"
K'Tora: "Heed me, my creatures! Destroy the intruders!"
Valsirenn: "That young idiot! We need to get over there!"
K'Tora: "Witness the power of K'Tora of the Abyssal Cabal!"
Valsirenn: "Destroy the pearls! We can't let those creatures reach the surface."
"The Sea Sload and the hooded figure are gone. I'll try to determine where they disappeared to."

After destroying all the abyssal pearls, Valsirenn will call for you to follow her:

Valsirenn: "This way. Up here!"
Valsirenn: "Damn! No sign of where the Sea Sload disappeared to."

Speaking to Valsirenn will convey:

"Damn it, I wasn't fast enough!"
So that's it? The Sea Sload escaped?
"For the time being. Let's see what's through that opening."

Upon entering the final area of the cave, Valsirenn will remark on the final fight:

Valsirenn: "The Sea Sload left us something to remember it by. We need to dispatch that creature."

After exiting the sinkhole and joining with Razum-dar, Valsirenn will make her leave:

Valsirenn: "Sea Sloads! This is worse than the Ritemaster imagined!"
"Meet me in Artaeum after you talk to the Queen's Eye."

Buried Memories[edit]

"It's a good thing I followed you after I alerted the rest of the Conclave."
"I think I can counteract K'Tora's mind magic, but I'll need your help."
What's happening to the Ritemaster?
"K'Tora is using the power of the Orbs of B'Raken Drel to enhance his mind magic and lock the Ritemaster in a mental grip."
"From what I can discern, the Sea Sload is flipping through his memories as you or I would turn the pages of a book."
What are the Orbs of B'Raken Drel?
"An ancient implement, three matched orbs that our relic master believes originated in the Sea of Pearls. We long suspected they were connected to the Sea Sload."
"K'Tora thinks the power of the relic will keep us from interfering, but I have an idea."
So what do you need me to do?
"Take this wardkey. It will disable the protections on the repositories so you can locate the Ul'vor Staff and bring it to me. I can use the staff to breach the barrier and aid the Ritemaster."
"Just watch out for any lingering yaghra."
I'll find the Ul'Vor Staff.

After finding the Ul'Vor Staff:

"We're running out of time. Whatever the Sea Sload searches for in the Ritemaster's mind, I believe it is close to finding it."
"Have you brought me the Ul'Vor Staff?"
I found the Ul'Vor Staff.
"Excellent. And it appears to be in perfect condition. With the staff, I'm certain I can pierce the barrier and open a path to the mindscape where the Ritemaster struggles against K'Tora."
So we're going to enter the Ritemaster's mind?
"Not we. You. I need to remain here to anchor you to the physical world. And you're going into K'Tora's mind. We'll use the connection between them to put you where you can actually hurt the Sea Sload- within its own mindscape."
How can I hurt K'Tora in the mindscape?
"K'Tora's mindscape is the perfect place to hurt the Sea Sload. It's where he's most vulnerable. In a place where thoughts become reality, you'll be able to stop K'Tora once and for all."
"Now touch the staff and go save the Ritemaster!"
I'll enter the mindscape.

The Tower Sentinels[edit]

Her greeting when accepting the quest from her:

"Ah, there you are! Glad to see a few of our standard spells of finding still behave in expected ways.
I could use your assistance if you have the time to spare."

After accepting the quest, either in Alinor or on Artaeum:

'"The Ritemaster continues to seek the memories that were forgotten or altered by the Sea Sload's mind magic. I still find it hard to believe that they actually compelled him to steal the Heart of Transparent Law.
We need to warn the Sapiarchs."
How is the Ritemaster doing?
"He's frustrated by the situation. He hates that the Sea Sload got the better of him, and that he can't remember.
The Conclave is working with him to restore his memories while we go to warn the Sapiarchs about the threat to the Crystal Tower."
Tell me more about the Sapiarchs.
"The Sapiarchs are the sages of Summerset. A college comprised of the finest minds in Altmer society. Each Sapiarch is devoted to a single area of expertise. Together, they maintain the greatest collection of knowledge in the world."
What do the Sapiarchs have to do with the Crystal Tower?
"The Sapiarchs serve as the curators of the Crystal Tower. A pair of Sapiarchs called the Tower Sentinels protect the two keys needed to open the way to the tower. We'll need their help eventually.
First, though, the Proxy Queen."
Why is the Crystal Tower so important?
"The Crystal Tower is a manifestation of ancient magic. It serves as a symbol for the Altmer. Its presence protects Summerset. The Sea Sload used the Ritemaster to weaken that protection, making their invasion possible.
Beyond that, there are rumors."
What kind of rumors?
"The kind that make the Ritemaster wary of allowing either the Sea Sload or the Daedric Princes to possess its power.
Legends say the Crystal Tower exists in every planar realm at the same time. It literally connects all realities."
So the Sea Sload have been controlling the Ritemaster all these years?
"No, I doubt K'Tora's magic could reach Artaeum once it was removed from the world. I think that's why the Ritemaster hid the island in the first place.
If not for the abyssal pearl, K'Tora would never have been able to exert its influence again."
If you needed help on this, why not bring Oriandra?
"While I head to Lillandril and you secure the Proxy Queen's permission, the Ritemaster had another task for Oriandra. He asked her to seek out the Eye of the Queen, Razum-dar.
He wants to make sure the Eye is kept informed bout the situation."
And who is the Proxy Queen?
"Queen Ayrenn's regent while she's away. Proxy Queen Alwinarwe oversees the governance of Summerset from the Royal Palace in Alinor.
I've never met her, but all reports indicate that she's fair if a bit set in her ways."

A Necessary Alliance[edit]

When you find Valsirenn in her study, she'll be interrogating Leythen.

Valsirenn: "Arrgh! Fine! Let our friend finish the interrogation."

You can speak with Valsirenn after the interrogation:

Valsirenn: "Leythen is a shell of the man I fell in love with. We can't trust anything he says.
No, we have to deal with this ourselves. And the key is reaching the Crystal Tower before Nocturnal can accomplish a similar feat."
Sotha Sil says that Nocturnal stole his secret for using life energy as a source of power.
"Just another horrible bit of news in an otherwise horrible situation."
All the more reason for us to get to the Crystal Tower. Last I heard, the Sapiarchs were attempting to rapidly attune two new tower sentinels. We need to see if they succeeded."
Where are the Sapiarchs attempting the attuning ritual?
"Likely at the Crystal Tower Gatehouse, northeast of Lillandril. The ritual usually requires a full year and a day to complete, but the Sapiarchs reluctantly agreed to try to speed up the process.
We should head out immediately."
I'll meet you at the Crystal Tower Gatehouse.

At the Crystal Tower gatehouse, Valsirenn is monitoring the new sentinels as they attempt to rapidly attune themselves:

Sapiarch Illmildil: "Don't lose... focus!"
Sapiarch Rundirwe: "The diamond key... it won't meld with me!"
Valsirenn: "Keep trying! We need to open these gates!"

Speaking with her after this exchange:

"Time is running out. The Sapiarchs still haven't completed their ritual, and now Nocturnal has launched an attack against them. I sent Darien and Razum-dar to defend the Sapiarchs, but the Daedra keep on coming!"
What do you need me to do?
"While the Sapiarchs here work to attune themselves to the Resolute Diamonds, other Sapiarchs perform their parts of the ritual at the north and south platforms.
Nocturnal has sent Daedra to disrupt the ritual platforms. You need to stop them."

After you've defended the ritual platforms, the ritual at the gate goes awry:

Sapiarch Illmildil: "The energy. Something feels wrong."
Sapiarch Rundirwe: "No. I think it's work- arrgh!"
Valsirenn: "Damn it, no!"

Speaking to Valsirenn after the accident:

"I knew this wasn't going to work. Speeding up the Sapiarch ritual was a long shot, at best.
We should have had the Conclave working on a solution all along. The Psijics could have figured out how to attune the Resolute Diamonds."
Isn't that still an option?
"You're right. Even without the Ritemaster, we can still do this. I can take the Resolute Diamonds and return to Artaeum immediately.
But... but... well, I'm kind of at a loss as to what we should do next."
We could try Leythen's suggestion and seek help from Mephala and Clavicus Vile.
"No, that was a bad idea the first time Leythen suggested it."
"I'll take the diamonds to Artaeum and get the Conclave working on them immediately.
Meanwhile, I need you to go to Alinor and warn the Proxy Queen. She has to make sure Summerset is prepared for the worst- just in case."
I'll go to Alinor and warn the Proxy Queen.
Your idea seems like the best option. Have the Psijics figure our how to use the diamond keys.
"I'll take the diamonds to Artaeum and get the Conclave working on them immediately.
Meanwhile, I need you to go to Alinor and warn the Proxy Queen. She has to make sure Summerset is prepared for the worst- just in case."
I'll go to Alinor and warn the Proxy Queen.

After you speak with her about what to do next:

Valsirenn: "Darien, gather the diamond keys. The Psijic Order will do what the Sapiarchs could not."

Once you have made a deal with Clavicus Vile, Valsirenn will contact you with some news:

Valsirenn: "Can you hear me? I have troubling news."
"The Golden Knight has taken matters into his own hands! He set Leythen free and returned with him to Summerset."
Why would Darien set Leythen free and go with him to Summerset?
"Who knows what all that time in Meridia's realm did to Darien's mind? He couldn't have gotten off the island without Leythen's help, and Leythen needed his assistance to circumvent the wards placed upon him. I need you to find out what they're up to."
Where did they go?
"I sense Darien in Summerset's northwest region. But Leythen's magic prevents me from identifying a more precise location.
Please. I need your help. The Resolute Diamonds are proving more difficult to unravel than I imagined and there's no one else."
I'll look for Darien and Leythen in northwestern Summerset.'

After this conversation ends:

Valsirenn: "I'll find you as soon as the Resolute Diamonds are ready to use."

Once you have found Darien and Lethyen and learnt of Nocturnal's true plans, you can return to Valsirenn back in Ceporah Tower:

"We've failed. The Conclave, despite its best efforts, wasn't able to attune the Resolute Diamonds. We can't use the diamond keys to enter the Crystal Tower.
But what about you? Were you able to track down Darien and the traitor Leythen?"
I found them. Leythen helped me determine Nocturnal's true plan. She wants to remake reality.
"Using the Crystal Tower and Sotha Sil's technique for utilizing life energy? Then we really are doomed. Without a way into the Crystal Tower, we can't even attempt to challenge Nocturnal, let alone stop her."
Clavicus Vile offered to let us use his realm to reach the Crystal Tower.
"Is that what the Psijic Order is reduced to? Forced to accept help from the same Daedric Princes that got us into this trouble in the first place?
Still, going to the tower won't matter if we can't use the diamond keys to get inside."

Mephala might be able to help us attune the Resolute Diamonds.

"I opposed this line of reasoning when Leythen first suggested it, as bargains with the Princes don't often end well. But what choice do we have?
Still, thanks for finding a way forward. While it's a long shot, at least it represents a chance."

The Crystal Tower[edit]

When you accept the quest from her:

"I'll start making preparations for the Dreaming Cave. In the meantime, Sotha Sil asked me to send you to his study the moment you arrived. I'm not sure what he wants, but you should tell him about your interactions with the betrayed Princes."
Do you know why Sotha Sil wants to see me?
"Something to do with the Crystal Tower, no doubt. Sotha Sil has never been forthcoming, though for some reason it appears he's taken a liking to you.
But tell me, what of Darien and Leythen?"
Darien is on his way back, and he's bringing Leythen with him.
"Both decided to return? I'm surprised. Meridia's knight has a stake in this, but why would Leythen volunteer to return? It makes no sense to me.
Well, go and talk to Sotha Sil. Perhaps he can shed light on what we can expect in the Crystal Tower."
I'll go talk to Sotha Sil.

When you next see her during this quest, she'll be talking with Leythen.

Valsirenn: "You were a terrific father to our daughter, Leythen. I'll never forget that."
Leythen: "You were always Ealdaawe's hero, Val. I envied the way she looked up to you."
Valsirenn: "I'm sorry, Leythen. I should have been there with you. With her. At the end."
Leythen: "You were trying to save her. I know that. It was just… damn it, we need to win this, Val."

Speaking to her after their conversation:

"Things will never be the same between me and Leythen again, but I think we understand each other a little better now.
Funny how the approaching end of the world has a way of putting everything into perspective."
Are you ready for this?
"I've been a member of the Psijic Order for more years than I can remember, but this is the first time since my daughter's illness that I've been truly frightened of what's to come."
So this is your first time facing the end of the world?
"The world ends all the time. It's just that I'm more accustomed to that being a personal event and not a shared experience. The world ended when the Ritemaster died, for example, but only from his perspective.
If Nocturnal remakes reality…"
Let's go to the Dreaming Cave and make sure that doesn't happen.
"You have a way of instilling confidence, my friend. You're similar to the Ritemaster in that regard. If we can't have him at our side for this, I'm glad to at least have you.
I just hope we can see our way through this. I'll meet you at the cave."'

Speaking to her again:


Before you enter the Dreaming Cave portal:

Valsirenn: "Leythen, promise me you'll keep them safe!"
Leythen: "I promise Val."

After defeating Nocturnal, she arrives at the top of the Crystal Tower:

Valsirenn: "The Crystal Tower… its defenses no longer keep me out! Are you here, my friend?"
Valsirenn: "You… you did it. I knew it!"

Speaking to Valsirenn at this point:

"Transparent Law, it's whole again! I didn't think that was possible. And you stopped Nocturnal. You're back upon Summerset, my friend. The tower itself— it reformed!
But... where's Darien… and Leythen…?"
Darien sacrificed himself to restore Dawnbreaker so I could repair the tower crystal.
"Of course. When you restored the tower crystal, it most likely expelled Nocturnal back to her own realm. I'm a little concerned that I was able to walk in without a key, but we can figure that out later.
Now tell me what happened to Leythen."
Leythen gave his life so we could reach the top of the tower.
"Leythen… I'll… I'll mourn for Leythen later. I'm just glad he helped you. He would have made our daughter proud.
For now, you have to tell Sotha Sil what happened. Then we can inform Summerset that the island—the world—is safe again."
Let's go.

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