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Discover what happened to Redoran councilor's exiled son.
Zone: Vvardenfell
Objective: Balmora — Help locate the Redoran councilor's missing daughter.
Quest Giver: Councilor Eris
Location(s): Balmora, Mallapi Cave, Kudanat Mine
Prerequisite Quest: Fleeing the Past
Next Quest: A Purposeful Writ
Reward: Warclaws Battle Bow
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard Experience XP
ID: 5919
Even though I confirmed that Veya is safe, Councilor Eris continues to press me to arrange a meeting between him and his daughter.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Ashur.
  2. Use the map Ashur gives you to find Naryu.
  3. Steal the registry from Lord Drono's townhouse and bring it to Naryu.
  4. Go to the swamp to look for Veya.
  5. Talk to Captain Brivan.
  6. Find Veya, and help her get back to her cave.
  7. Talk to Veya and Naryu.
  8. Escape the cave.
  9. Talk to Councilor Eris.
  10. Meet Veya and Naryu at the Ashlander Camp.
  11. Search the camp.
  12. Find the mine key, then enter Kudanat Mine.
  13. Search the mine for prisoners.
  14. Listen to the Speaking Stone you found.
  15. Talk to Naryu and (optionally) to Veya.
  16. Return to Balmora and report to Councilor Eris.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Getting Your Hands Dirty[edit]

This quest starts as part of the same conversation with Councilor Eris from the end of Fleeing the Past.

When next you see her, tell my daughter that I want to talk to her. Veya can set the terms, but I expect her to stop running away when things don't go her way.
I'll convey the message, but I need to know exactly what you and Veya argued about.
Veya has always felt shackled by the rules of House Redoran, hobbled by the many duties and obligations it presses upon its subjects.
After the situation involving her brother, she decided she wanted nothing more to do with the House. Or with me.
So your strict observance of rules and obligations caused this rift between you and your daughter?
That may be an oversimplification, but I suppose your statement is accurate.
I walk a narrow path between House Councilor and loving father. Unfortunately, the former often supersedes the latter. That's why I want to speak to Veya again.
I'll try to arrange a meeting as soon as I can.

Leave the Kinhouse. Ashur will be waiting for you outside.

Ashur: Well look at that. Naryu said I'd find you here, and damn it all if she wasn't right.
Did I mention how much I hate being a messenger? Makes me wish I had a writ so I could kill something.
Anyway, Naryu wants to talk to you. Said you'd know what it was all about.
All right. Where do I need to go?
Here. This should explain everything. Sort of. It's a map. We change locations every other day, for security reasons. Just in case it falls into the hands of House Redoran or someone else with an ax to grind with our organization.
What do I do with this?
Never had to use a map before? Amateurs! This one leads to a key to one of our safe-houses. And another map.
The first map? It depicts a particular town. Kind of like this one, hint, hint. The rest, you'll have to figure that out on your own.
I'll try to decipher the map.
Look. I know you're helping Councilor Eris. But if that map falls into House Redoran hands, I'll probably have to kill you.
Nothing personal, mind you. We're already having a bit of trouble with the house and we'd rather not make matters worse.
The first map
Where it's pointing you
The second map
Where it's pointing you

If you want to annoy Ashur, you can ask him if he always carries messages for Naryu. Otherwise, end the conversation and you'll see an on-screen prompt to use the map. It shows a boat on a river, with a set of stairs, and an arrow pointing between them.

From the Kinhouse, go out to the main road, cross the northern bridge in Balmora, and then go down the stairs next to it. Head back to the north, and you'll notice the quest marker pointing you to a broken crate. Inside it are another Morag Tong Map as well as a Morag Tong Key.

The second map shows a tree in front of a two-story building, with an arrow pointing to an alley behind the building. From the broken crate, go back to the southwest gate of the city. Turn around, and you should see a big tree. Go to the building behind it, and find the small alley lit with a red lantern. Right next to the lantern, you will find a door leading to an "Abandoned Cellar".

The cellar is not completely abandoned, since Naryu is there.

Sorry about all the subterfuge, but we can't be too careful when it comes to security around here.
Can I meet with Veya now?
Don't be so eager, my darling. It reveals too much about your ultimate intentions.
But yes, Veya would very much like to meet with you. You intrigue her. And your connection to her father could prove beneficial—once she knows she can trust you.
And how do I prove she can trust me?
Redoran records. House officials keep track of everything! Incidents, commendations, births and deaths—whether important or mundane, they detail it all in their registry.
Veya believes the registry contains information about her brother Ulran.
She wants me to steal the House Redoran registry?
Don't sound so offended. You had to know your hands were going to get dirty eventually. You are dealing with assassins and politicians, after all.
The local keeper of records, Lord Drono, is away, so security at his townhouse should be light.
Steal the registry from Lord Drono's townhouse, got it.

Lord Drono's Townhouse is on the eastern side of town, in the building directly across from the southern bridge. The door is locked, so this is considered breaking & entering. The inside of the townhouse is also a restricted area, meaning you are trespassing. There is one Redoran Blademaster on the top level of the townhouse, but he is easily avoided. There are two more NPCs downstairs. The House Redoran Registry is on a desk on the lowest level of the townhouse. It details important events with the House Guard, including the exile of Ulran Releth for "conduct unbecoming of a Redoran officer and noble" as well as Ashlander unrest around Balmora.

Return to Naryu in the Abandoned Cellar.

Still alive, I see. And since you're here, that means you weren't captured and hauled off to a Redoran dungeon. Good for you!
Were you able to acquire the registry? And does it contain any information about Veya's brother, Ulran?
The book mentions that someone named Ulran was stripped of his rank and exiled.
Ulran was exiled? That can't be right. He's an exemplary officer and a good man. Plus, he's the son of a councilor! Why in Oblivion would House Redoran banish one of their brightest stars?
That's what it says in the registry.
I can see that. There has to be more to the story, but I'm not sure how we get it.
Still, you proved you could be trusted and you admirably performed this task, so I suppose I should let you meet with Veya now.
Where's Veya?
There's an abandoned cave along the coast. It's in the swamp and smells like rot, which makes it the perfect place to hide.
Veya's supposed to wait inside, but she's bored. I know she's been sneaking out. You'll find her in the cave or just outside.
I'll go to the swamp and talk to Veya.
Get to the swamp and find Veya. She's eager for any information about her brother, so she's really going to appreciate getting that registry.
Just try not to be too charming when you meet her, hero. She has enough distractions as it is.

Veya in the Swamp[edit]

Leave the Abandoned Cellar and head out the southwest gate of the city. Turn northwest and go up and over the hill near the gate. From there, go down into the swamp, continuing to head northwest towards the quest marker.

The person waiting for you there turns out not to be the mysterious Veya, though. It is Captain Brivan, addressing a group of Khajiiti mercenaries known as Ferhara's Warclaws.

Captain Brivan: And you're sure it's Veya? House Redoran isn't emptying its coffers so you can chase your own tails out here.
Warclaw Ferhara: You pay the Warclaws well because the Warclaws are the best there is. We have the kitten's's just a matter of time before my warriors catch her.
Captain Brivan: Of course, Ferhara. Just make sure she doesn't get out of the swamp. I'll take my soldiers and guard the eastern paths, in case she eludes your warriors again.

Ferhara turns to her mercenaries and points them in different directions. Talk to Captain Brivan.

Ah, the councilor's lackey. I understand you've made significant progress in your search for Veya. As a matter of fact, so have we.
This whole ordeal will be over soon and then you can be on your way, outlander.
Over? What makes you say that?
My mercenaries have spotted Veya skulking about the northern portion of the swamp. Between my soldiers and Ferhara's Warclaws, the councilor's daughter will soon be home, safe and sound.
What do you know about Ulran's exile?
Veya's brother? It's a sad story. Killed one of his own soldiers to protect an Ashlander, of all things. I think they were being too lenient when they simply exiled him, but that's how they treat the privileged few.
Veya's brother killed a Redoran soldier?
Ulran always had an unnatural attraction to the Ashlanders and their savage ways. He felt an Ashlander life was worth more than a Redoran life. The Council didn't agree with his assessment.
This will all be over as soon as Ferhara finds Veya.
Who are Ferhara's Warclaws?
Khajiit mercenaries of the highest order. For members of a lesser race, Ferhara's warriors are surprisingly effective.
I employ them to bolster our forces. Between obligations to the Pact and other matters, House Redoran is spread thin of late.
Councilor Eris hired me to find his daughter, and that's what I plan to do.
As you say. Ferhara's Warclaws take their contract as seriously as you do, however. Get in their way and I can't guarantee your safety.
I'll keep that in mind.

Ferhara has been listening to your conversation, and has more to say to Captain Brivan now.

Ferhara: Ferhara assumes the councilor's minions will not present a problem for the Warclaws, yes, Captain?
Captain Brivan: The Outlanders have been warned, Ferhara. I leave everything else to your discretion.

You can talk to Ferhara if you want, but otherwise go search the northern part of the swamp for Veya. While Ferhara and the mercenaries standing near Captain Brivan are friendly, the other Warclaws you meet in the swamp will be hostile. You will find Veya crouched behind some rocks near a lighted section of path. As you approach her, she starts complaining about the Warclaws.

Veya: Stupid Warclaws. Now I know how the mouse feels.
By the Three! You really shouldn't sneak up on a person like that.
If you're working with those mercenaries, I assure you—you won't take me without a fight!
I'm working with Naryu. I have information concerning your brother.
Oh, right! Naryu mentioned something about that.
Look, I can't wait to hear what you learned, but the swamp is crawling with mercenaries. There's a cave to the northeast. We can talk there.
Lead on and I'll follow you.
Unfortunately, there's a mob of those beast-people between here and the cave. I was going to try to sneak past them, but every time I get too close I think one of them catches my scent.
All right. I'll deal with the Warclaws. You get to the cave.
You're going to tackle that mob of fur and claws? I'm impressed! Meet me in the cave when you're finished. I think we have a lot to talk about.
Oh, and try not to get killed. I really want to know what you came all this way to tell me.
I'll see you in the cave shortly.

Head directly northwest from Veya's hiding spot, and you'll find a group of three Warclaws.

Warclaw Warrior: I can smell the Dark Elf kitten. Look like we're the first ones here!

Defeat them and another two Warclaws will confront you.

Warclaw Champion: Warclaws! Let's flay this outsider!

Once you have defeated them, Veya will call to you from her cave.

Veya: Up here! Hurry, before more of them show up!

Mallapi Cave is up a hill to the northeast of where you fought the Warclaws. Veya is warming herself by the fire in the cave and will stand up when you approach her. Talk to her again.

What do you think of my luxurious accommodations? It's got dirt and rock, fungus and a paltry fire … all the comforts of home.
Anyway, you said you had information about my brother, Ulran? What did you find out?
According to the House Redoran Registry, your brother Ulran was stripped of his rank and exiled.
No, that can't be right.
Ulran's honorable and noble. He's a model soldier. What could he have possibly done to warrant being banished?
According to Captain Brivan, Ulran killed one of his own soldiers to protect an Ashlander.
What? My brother has always been interested in the Ashlanders. Even showed them a kindness the rest of the House doesn't approve of.
But for him to kill someone, especially one of his own soldiers, something terrible must have happened.
Any idea where we can find these Ashlanders? They may be able to tell us about the incident.
I know the tribe that Ulran liked to help. Brought them supplies and such. He'd go and visit their camp whenever our father wasn't paying attention. Will you go with me to talk to them?
Wait, someone's coming!
Get behind me.

That 'someone' is, in fact, Naryu.

Naryu: She can handle herself just fine, hero. Veya, grab your things. It's time to go.
Veya: Why? What's going on?
Naryu: The Warclaws are marching toward this cave along with half the House Redoran soldiers in Balmora. We need to go now!
Veya: Damn it. They must have followed us! I'll get my stuff.

While Veya is gathering her things, talk to Naryu.

Dealing with an arrogant, impatient, overconfident young woman … now I know how my mother must have felt!
We need to move. It won't take those damn cats long to find this place, not with their sense of smell.
What do you suggest?
The back tunnels. Better than heading out the front door and right into the main contingent of Redoran troops.
Councilor Eris brought additional soldiers from town. He's intent on getting his daughter and he may have the numbers to do it.
So the back tunnels it is.
One more thing. The back tunnels wind their way through territory that House Redoran recently acquired. We may run into some resistance, but it shouldn't be as bad as what's waiting outside the front of the cave.
We'll just have to be careful then.
"I'll slow down the main contingent of Redoran forces while you lead Veya out through the back tunnels. I'll find you once we're all clear of the House soldiers and their Khajiit mercenaries."

Head into the back tunnels. Veya will follow you. First, head down a long slope. You will hear a Warclaw say, "Search everywhere. Captain Brivan thinks the councilor's kitten might try to escape through these tunnels." Veya, hearing this, will say, "Damn! Those cats are harder to shake than a blind date!"

The tunnels are filled with dreugh, but you will not encounter any Warclaws. Keep going through the tunnels until you get to a ladder. Climb up and you'll find yourself on a short cliff. Unfortunately, at the base of that cliff is Councilor Eris along with several House Redoran soldiers. Veya is not happy to see that.

Veya Releth: "Oh no, we're surrounded! And that's my father! What's he doing here?"
Captain Brivan: "Sweep the caves. If you spot Veya, report back to me. She's not to be harmed!"
Councilor Eris: "I prefer that you don't harm the agents I hired, either. There's no need for bloodshed."
Father ruins everything! I'm so close to finding my brother and he shows up to drag me back home.
Well, I'm not going back without a fight.
I'll cause a distraction so you can get out of here.
You—you'd do that for me? Thanks. I guess.
But what can you possibly do against all those soldiers? My father brought the whole damn army with him this time!
Your father hired me to find you and set up a meeting. I might as well give him a progress report.
Clever. Tell my father whatever he wants to hear. That might actually work!
Afterward, meet me at the Ashlander camp to the south. My brother would often visit that particular tribe. It's as good a place as any to start.
Will you meet with your father after you find your brother?
Once I find Ulran and make sure he's all right, I'll meet with my father. But that meeting will be on my terms, not his.
And tell him to call off his soldiers or I might change my mind. That should buy us some time.

Go down and meet the soldiers.

Captain Brivan: Halt! Who goes there?
Councilor Eris: Stand down. These Outlanders work for me.

Talk to Councilor Eris.

The captain reported that he had seen you in the area. There are also multiple reports that Veya has been spotted.
Tell me, have you seen my daughter? I won't sleep well until she's home, safe and sound.
I thought we agreed you wouldn't use any other outsiders?
I also said that the captain has his own resources. The Warclaws report to Brivan, not me.
Look, we're all just trying to get my daughter home safely. Now, tell me what Veya's thinking.
Veya will meet with you, but on her own terms. All these soldiers have scared her away.
It was a gamble, I admit. An opportunity I couldn't let slip away. You won't make me feel guilty about trying to find my daughter.
So, where and when will Veya meet with me?
Soon. She asked me to do one more thing and then she'll be ready to meet with you.
Very well. We'll do this her way. Veya can be as stubborn as her mother sometimes.
But tell my daughter that my patience won't last forever. Next time, I expect Veya to be with you—or I might just let Captain Brivan do this his way.
I'll let her know.

Councilor Eris commands the soldiers to let you pass. Head southeast to find the Ashlander camp.

The Secrets of Kudanat Mine[edit]

The Ashlander camp (an Zainab camp) surrounds the entrance to Kudanat Mine. It's roughly halfway between the cave exit and Nilthog's Hollow. Naryu and Veya will be waiting for you on a hill above the camp.

Naryu: Well. Those certainly aren't Ashlanders, not with those tails...
Veya: This is...disturbing.

Talk to Veya.

I can't believe this! Why allow the Warclaws to run roughshod over the camp like this? What's House Redoran thinking?
And what in the name of the Three have they done with the Ashlanders?
You're sure this was an Ashlander camp?
My brother often visited this camp. Took me along a couple of times. It used to be such a vibrant place, so full of life.
I know House Redoran wants to expand along the western coast, but I never expected they'd set the Warclaws loose like this.
Do you think your brother and the Ashlanders are still here?
If Ulran was here, he'd never stand for the Warclaws invading the camp. He told me the Ashlanders were the same as you and I. Different beliefs don't necessarily make people bad.
We need to see if we can find out what happened here.
I'll look around and see what I can find.
I really want to help, but Naryu won't hear of it! "We don't get our hands dirty unless there's a writ attached," as she's so fond of reminding me.
We'll hang around and wait for you to find something before we move in.
Stay out of the way of the Warclaws until I find out where your brother is.

After speaking to Veya, Naryu tries to dissuade her from entering the camp:

Naryu Virian: "Veya, I don't think this is a good idea. We're trying to keep you out of House Redoran hands, remember?"
Veya Releth: "You're not my parent, Naryu! I can take care of myself, even if "the Mother of Blades" doesn't think so."
Naryu Virian: "Damn it, Veya! You know I hate that title."
"I'll make sure Veya stays out of trouble. Just find whatever you can so we can get out of here before the Warclaws notice us."
Veya called you "Mother of Blades." Care to elaborate?
"She only calls me that to annoy me. It's an obscure Morag Tong title given to ranking female agents when they take on apprentices. She's just lucky that as her mentor, I'm not allowed to kill her.
You? You're not that lucky."

Head down the hill into the camp. You can talk to Emah-Ral, and can find the House Redoran Orders behind a tent on the southern side of the camp. After finding that, head west a little bit and go up a hill. Inside a tent there is Wise Woman Khamishi.

"If I'd realized how popular this camp was going to be with outlanders, I would have moved the tribe ages ago.
You don't appear to be one of the heretical invaders, but looks can be deceiving. What do you seek, stranger?"
I'm looking for Ulran Releth.
"Ah, Ulran the exile. He disgraced his family and lost his status but remained true to his heart.
Ulran is here. He tried to stand against the Redorans just as they detained me within this yurt."
Where's Ulran now?
"I assume they dragged him off to the mine. Along with most of the tribe who refused to let those Tribunal dogs walk all over us. Or should I say Tribunal cats in this instance?
Be wary. The mine will be as protected as the camp—maybe even more so."
Tell me more about this mine.
"It's a small hole in the ground, but it served us well until the Redorans and their Warclaws arrived. Now they toss my people inside and lock the door.
Warclaw Irgazzar 
[sic] carries the key, but there is a spare in the supply yurt."
I'll get the key and locate Ulran.

The Kudanat Mine Key is on a table in a tent north of where you found the House Redoran Orders. Alternatively, you can find Warclaw Irgazaar in the center of the camp and kill him in order to get the key. Once you have the key, enter the mine.

Go down the slope in the mine. At the bottom, you will hear two Warclaws talking.

Warclaw Banobani: We're just going to burn them? Even the Redoran?
Warclaw Zabaseh: The captain called them traitors and savages, so a good roasting is more than they deserve.

They are blocking your way further into the mine, so you have to fight them.

At the very back of the mine, you will find a room filled with Dunmer corpses, including that of Ulran Releth. On his body is Ulran's Speaking Stone. As soon as you have retrieved that, Veya and Naryu will run up behind you.

Veya: Come on! Wait...what's that smell?
Naryu: Veya! Stay back. You don't need to see this.
Veya: What happened here? Oh gods, they murdered these poor Ashlanders!

Veya runs to her brother's side, saying, "Oh no, Ulran! Ulran, wake up, please! You can't be dead, you just can't." She kneels next to her brother, crying. Leave her to grieve and talk to Naryu instead.

Veya shouldn't have had to see this.
Even I'm finding it hard to believe that the mercenaries would slaughter these Ashlanders for no reason—not to mention the son of a House Councilor. It doesn't make any sense.
If he tried to defend the Ashlanders ….
I suppose anything could happen in the heat of the moment, but to kill a Redoran—even an exiled one—that's presumptuous even for the Warclaws. I wonder if Eris knows about this?
I'm not sure how Veya's going to get her answers now.
I found this speaking stone on Ulran's body.
I've seen these before. They use them in Eastmarch to record and send important messages. They're expensive and as rare as a sober Nord, but Ulran was always attracted to the contrivances of other cultures.
Shall we see what it has to say?
If it can shed light on what happened here, I say yes.

Naryu uses the Speaking Stone, causing a projection of Ulran to appear.

Ulran: If you're listening to my voice, know that my time is short, and what I have to say is important.

Veya comes over to listen as well, saying, "Brother…is that you?"

Ulran: Everything that happened was a deliberate act to discredit me. I need to report the events so my sister can learn the truth about her brother.
You have to understand. I don't share my House's hatred and distrust of Ashlanders. So, during my normal patrol, when I heard that Ashlanders had come to Balmora and were causing trouble, I was dubious to say the least.
I arrived to find one of my soldiers arguing with the Ashlanders. He spat at them. Called them savages. When one of the Ashlanders objected, my soldier drew his sword.
Before I could intervene, my soldier's blade struck him down.
I ordered the soldier to stand down, but he ignored me and stepped toward the second Ashlander. I killed my own soldier. I had to.
Before I knew it, I was dragged before the Redoran Council and exiled. I never even got to say farewell to my sister.
I believe I was set up for this fall, but I don't know by who. I came to this camp for shelter, but House Redoran's reach grows ever longer.
Now Captain Brivan's here. I'm going to talk to them. Just in case, I made this stone for my sister, Veya.

You can talk to Veya now.

Ulran's not supposed to be dead. That wasn't the way this was supposed to end! What am I going to do now? Damn Ulran for leaving me that damn message! And damn him for dying on me!
Gods, I miss my brother.
I'm sorry for your loss, Veya.
I still don't understand. Ulran says someone set him up to fall. Who would do such a thing? And why would they do it? Ulran never wanted to hurt anyone!
It sounds like your brother was a good man.
So that's why they exiled him? That's why they killed him? He was too damn good? That's the problem!
We've got to find out who did all this. They won't get away with this. I won't allow it!
We'll find out who did this to him.
Oh, I'll find them, all right. And when I do, they'll pay for what happened to Ulran. I swear by Mephala's sacred web and the first blood my blade ever tasted, I'm going to avenge my brother.

Now talk to Naryu again.

I agree with Ulran's assessment. It certainly sounds like someone led him into a situation guaranteed to make him fail.
I can't believe he put this burden on Veya, though. What was Ulran thinking?
You don't think we should continue to investigate Ulran's death?
I didn't say that. I'm just not sure how to proceed. We're entering dangerous waters here, going up against House Redoran. And we don't even have a writ to protect us!
So what do we do next?
I'm going to take Veya and head back to our safehouse in Balmora. They found our cave, but the abandoned basement is still secure.
After that, I'm not sure. The Morag Tong has rules. If I break them, I'll have to deal with the consequences.
Tell me more about the Morag Tong's rules.
We can't just kill with wild abandon. We follow a code. We only execute those whose names appear on sanctioned writs. If we kill respectable citizens without a writ, that's just murder.
So, without proof and a proper writ, my hands are tied.
I suppose I should let Councilor Eris know about his son.
You do that, but be careful. We're not sure who in House Redoran is involved, and I'd rather not see you wind up like those poor Ashlanders. Veya and I still need your help to get to the bottom of all this.
We'll see you in Balmora, hero.

Return the Redoran Kinhouse, and report to Councilor Eris.

And so the outlander returns. As we discussed in the swamp, I expected you to return with Veya or present me with a time and place for us to meet.
Tell me, outlander, which is it to be?
There was a complication.
Complication? What kind of complication?
I ordered my soldiers to stand down and let you do things your way, but instead of results you bring me excuses!
Your son is dead. He was killed during the House Redoran raid on the Ashlander camp.
No. That's not possible. My son was banished, ordered to leave Vvardenfell and never return. Why would he disobey me and go to those savages?
Veya was with me. She confirmed it was her brother, Ulran.
Veya was with you? And you left her out there? By the Three, everything is unraveling no matter how hard I try to maintain control.
I need you to do something else for me if you would, outlander.
What else do you need me to do, Councilor?
Tell my daughter I'm sorry. Tell her she needs to stay away until I can calm things down. I don't want to see anything happen to her. Promise me.
And take this. Consider it payment for your efforts thus far.


  • During the objective to steal the records from Lord Drono's house, while the objective description states that you must do it without being detected, there is no stipulation in the objective requiring as such and no further impact occurs if you are spotted.
  • The House Redoran Registry won't exist in Lord Drono's house before starting the quest or reaching the related objective.
  • The group of Warclaws near Mallapi Cave won't exist before reaching the related objective.
  • You can skip the objective to speak to Veya after exiting Mallapi Cave by approaching the Redoran troops below. The objective will appear as "Failed" but the next objective triggers successfully nonetheless.
  • Emah-Ral, Wise Woman Khamishi and the House Redoran Orders note won't exist in the Ashlanders camp before starting the quest or reaching the related objective.
    • The ashlanders instantly disappear from the camp upon acquiring the key to the mine.


  • While in Balmora deciphering the maps, it's not required to actually check them as when walking into the designated search area, a specific quest marker appears pointing you to what you must interact with. ?
  • While in Balmora deciphering the maps, the quick prompt to use the maps will disappear while standing in various random spots in the city, for no apparent reason. ?

Quest Stages[edit]

Of Faith and Family
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
In order to arrange a meeting, I need to talk to Veya. Naryu said she'd contact me, but I should try to find her first.
Objective: Find a Way to Contact Veya
Ashur, who's also a Morag Tong agent, gave me a map that contains clues to lead me to where Naryu wants to meet. I should puzzle out the clues so I can find Naryu.
Objective: Use the Map to Find Naryu
I located the Morag Tong safe-house beneath Balmora. Now I just need to talk to Naryu and ask her where Veya is.
Objective: Talk to Naryu Virian
To prove to Veya that I can be trusted, Naryu wants me to sneak into Lord Drono's townhouse in Balmora and steal the House Redoran Registry without getting caught by Drono's security.
Objective: Steal the Redoran Registry
I acquired the House Redoran Registry. Now to get back to the Morag Tong safe-house and give it to Naryu.
Objective: Bring the Registry to Naryu
Naryu says that Veya is hiding in the swamp to the northwest of Balmora. She's supposed to be in a cave, but Naryu said she often wanders around the area. I should keep an eye out for any signs of her as I look for the cave in the swamp.
Objective: Go to the Swamp
I've come across Captain Brivan and a group of Khajiiti mercenaries out in the swamp. They also appear to be searching for Veya. I should speak to Brivan to learn what he's doing.
Objective: Talk to the [sic] Captain Brivan
House Redoran and its mercenaries have spotted Veya in the swamp and are searching for her. I need to find Veya before they do.
Objective: Search the Swamp for Veya
There's a group of Warclaw mercenaries blocking the way to Veya's cave. I need to deal with the mercenaries so Veya can safely get to the cave.
Objective: Defeat the Warclaws
Veya went into the cave. I should head inside and talk to her.
Objective: Talk to Veya Inside the Cave
Naryu entered the cave and brought a warning. It appears that House Redoran forces are closing in on the cave. I should talk to Naryu and figure out our next move.
Objective: Talk to Naryu Virian
I need to get Veya out of the cave by using the back tunnels. We may run into some resistance, but Naryu thinks the way will be clearer than going out the front door.
Objective: Escape Using the Back Tunnels
We escaped from the cave tunnels but there's a small army nearby. I should talk to Veya and see if she has any ideas.
Objective: Talk to Veya
I should talk to Councilor Eris and distract him and his soldiers so that Veya can slip away and get to the Ashlander camp to the south.
Objective: Confront Councilor Eris
I gave my report to Councilor Eris and asked him to give me a little more time to set up a meeting between him and Veya. Now I should go to the Ashlander camp and rendezvous with Veya.
Objective: Go to the Ashlander Camp
The Ashlander camp has been overrun by the Warclaws mercenaries, but I met up with Veya and Naryu. I should talk to Veya and see if she knows what's going on here.
Objective: Talk to Veya
Veya asked me to search the Ashlander camp. Maybe I can find out what happened to the Ashlanders and her brother.
Objective: Search the Ashlander Camp
The Wise Woman explained that many of the Ashlanders were locked in the Kudanat Mine. I can acquire a key from Warclaw Irgazzar [sic] or from the supply yurt.
Objective: Find the Mine Key
Objective Hint: Search the Warclaw Commander or the Supply Yurt
I acquired the key to the Kudanat Mine. Now to get inside and see what happened to the Ashlanders and Veya's brother Ulran.
Objective: Enter Kudanat Mine
Now that I'm inside the mine, I should look around and try to find the Ashlander prisoners or Veya's brother Ulran.
Objective: Search the Kudanat Mine
The Warclaws massacred these Ashlanders and they killed Veya's brother Ulran. I need to talk to Naryu and see if she can make sense of all this.
Objective: Talk to Naryu Virian
Naryu activated the speaking stone I found on Ulran's body. I should pay attention and see what kind of message he left for us.
Objective: Listen to the Speaking Stone
Ulran thinks he was set up to be exiled. His message indicated that someone sent the Ashlanders to Balmora under false pretenses, and that Ulran was summoned specifically to deal with the situation.
Objective: Talk to Naryu Virian
Optional Step: Talk to Veya
Ulran's dead. It appears that his loss of rank, exile, and subsequent murder were set up by some enemy—perhaps even someone inside House Redoran. I should return to Balmora and tell Councilor Eris what I discovered.
Objective: Talk to Councilor Eris
Finishes quest☑ I told Councilor Eris about the fate of his son. Now he has another task for me to do. I should talk to him and get the details.
Objective: Talk to Councilor Eris
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