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Naryu Virian
(lore page)
Home Settlement Narsis
Fort Amol
Vivec City
Location The Flaming Nix, Sathram House, Mournhold Sewers
Mournhold Mages Guild
Jarl's Manor
Firemoth Island, Ashurnibibi
Race Dark Elf Gender Female
Health 39959
146,590 (During "Payback")
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Morag Tong
Naryu Virian in her Morag Tong leathers as worn on Vvardenfell

Naryu Virian is a Dark Elf assassin and member of the Morag Tong.

Most players will first encounter her in Deshaan, where she is tracking the source of the Llodos plague. She will ask for your assistance several times as she tracks down and deals with the person responsible. You will meet her again at Fort Amol in Eastmarch, where she is disguised as a servant girl on a mission to assassinate a Breton illusionist by the name of Dhalen, and later in Mournhold with Thrush during Messages Across Tamriel. She also identifies a potential Pact agent in the Silent Mire: Seeks-the-Night.

She will also show up in the Gold Coast, on the trail of The Sweetroll Killer, as part of the content in the Dark Brotherhood DLC. Unlike many members of the Morag Tong, she does not subscribe to the traditional blood feud between the rival assassins' guilds, and the collaboration is consequently fairly cordial.

She later shows up as the mentor of a Redoran councilor's daughter in a series of quests around Balmora.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Ebonheart Pact[edit]

For Their Own Protection[edit]

Naryu in Narsis

When you enter Varlas House, Naryu is downstairs, on the other side of the room interrogating Evis Marys:

Evis Marys: "Please! I told you everything I know!"
Naryu Virian: "One more lie, and I'll make you stop talking. Permanently. Understand?"

After Naryu finishes talking, you are able to speak with her. Her response to you will depend on if this is a first time meeting or not:

First time meeting:
Encountered her on VvardenfellMorrowind:
"I have no intention of letting an amateur screw up my investigation.
Turn around now and walk away. Now."
"I swear I can't seem to finish a job without you showing up to complicate matters.
Just give me a moment, would you? I'm right in the middle of something here."
What's going on here?
"You're interrupting my interrogation, that's what. And just as I was about to get to my favorite part.
I have no quarrel with you. Not yet. So go away."
I'm working with Councilor Ralden and this looks rather suspicious.
"Listen to me closely. You and I are on the same side here.
I've been hired to track down the origins of the Llodos Plague."
Hired by who?
"That doesn't matter. We've linked strange shipments to this courier. He refuses to talk, but I've never met a man I couldn't break.
Take this letter to Councilor Ralden. It explains how vials of the plague were shipped into Narsis."
I don't think so.
"Why is everyone in this town so damned stubborn? I'm armed to the teeth and dangerous as all get out. And you're not scared? Not even a little?
Fine. You're lucky I don't feel like killing you today. Do what you will."
What are you talking about?
"Never mind. I'll do this another way.
Know this, however. We've tracked shipments of the Llodos plague into Narsis, but we don't know what happened after they got here. Narsis is in danger."

If she gave you the letter:

"That letter should convince Ralden that he needs to act.
We have the same goals. Remember that. Stay out of my way, and everything will turn out fine."

If you choose the latter option, she will drop the letter on the ground and disappear:

Naryu Virian: "Stay out of my way. You've been warned."
<Disappears in a cloud of smoke>
Evis Marys: "Um, could I have that letter back? I'd really appreciate it."

Unwanted Guests[edit]

Naryu as seen in the base game

After investigating the waterfall near the Lake Hlaalu Retreat.

Naryu Virian: "You don't give up, do you?"

Speak with her.

"Before you ask, yes, I've been following you. No, I have nothing to do with the missing people or the plague. And no, I'm not here to fight you.
There, that's out of the way. Feel better? Now let's talk about why Giron wants you dead."
Giron sent me to kill Maulborn troops and discover their link to the plague.
"Of course he did. Sending an overconfident outsider into camps full of Maulborn certainly sounds like a day at the fair.
And if they killed you, you'd never find out that he brought the plague to Narsis, would you?"
How do you know that?
"I've been watching Narsis for weeks. We even have an agent inside the kinhouse. Anything that enters or leaves Narsis is tracked, and those broken crates had Giron's name written all over them.
The question is, why? What have you discovered?"
<Show Naryu what you found.>
"This doesn't look good. There must be a reason why Giron wanted Narsis sealed and why he wanted you dead. Get back there and find out."

You can then ask her questions, though she will not be forthcoming.

Why are you helping me?
"The organization I belong to does two things: finds targets and eliminates targets. My target happens to be connected to the Llodos plague.
Our goals overlap. Let's leave it at that."
Who are you after?
"Not your concern. Just remember what I told you. We're on the same side.
And don't get yourself killed, hero. Narsis needs you."
What organization do you belong to?
"Sorry, we don't know each other well enough to get that personal just yet. Trust me, though. We both want to stop the Maulborn."

You can speak to her again after this conversation:

"Giron wanted you out of Narsis. You need to get back there and find out why.
Don't worry about those crates. The substance is diluted by now. If they ever find a way to strengthen the plague, that's when you should worry."

Tracking the Plague[edit]

Naryu has your next objective

In the center of Narsis after defeating Giron Sadri, Naryu can be found there and Varon will send you to talk to her.

If the councilor died:
If the councilor is alive:
"I swear I can't seem to finish a job without you showing up to complicate matters.
Just give me a moment, would you? I'm right in the middle of something here."
"All's well that ends well. Or as well as it's going to get, anyway. I'm glad to see you're still in one piece."
Varon said you had some new information.
"The documents you found in the Maulborn camp contained several names. A few appeared over and over.
After a little bit of digging, I connected one of them to our target."
Why are you telling me this?
"Because I also learned that Hlaalu troops have been ambushed by superior Maulborn forces at the Obsidian Gorge. Our target leads those forces.
We want the alchemist. Saving Hlaalu troops isn't part of our mandate. But maybe together …."
We could accomplish things.
"Now you've got it. Varon and I will join you shortly. We need to send our report and wait for our next orders.
Stay safe. I'll see you soon, my friend."


On the cliff with Hlaalu Archers, overlooking the Obsidian Gorge.

"Ready for a fight? Once the archers start shooting, the Maulborn will swarm this overlook.
Let me know when you're ready."
Tell the archers to start shooting. Target the crates.
Naryu Virian: "Archers! To your positions!"
Naryu Virian: "Once the arrows start flying, they'll be on us in no time."

First wave begins:

Naryu Virian: "Here they come!"

After Commander Arvys is defeated:

Naryu Virian: "We did it! All right, back to the cave."

Inside the caves after the enemy wave.

"Change of plans! Those crates the archers destroyed? The plague is spreading quicker than dragon's breath. Can't go that way."
How is it spreading quickly?
"Hey, I'm not an alchemist. I can only tell you what Varon told me.
That stuff is potent. It spreads like wildfire. As soon as it touches your skin, people transform into husks."

Speaking to her after the quest:

"Talk to Varon about the next steps. All my brilliant ideas at the moment just involve avoiding the plague."

Plague Bringer[edit]

After accepting the quest:

"Just because you can fight doesn't mean you're invincible. Remember that.
Not that I care. But be careful. Or not. Your choice, not mine."

After defeating Merdyndril and Captain Diiril at the Apothecarium:

Naryu Virian: "I told you, Varon. Our champion survives!"

Speaking to her:

"You're full of surprises. Not that I doubted you.
Thanks for your help."
Ready to tell me who you really are yet?
"You know, I think you earned the truth. But this is a pretty big secret I'm about to share. Are you sure you're up to the responsibility."
I won't betray your trust?
"I know you won't. Come closer. This is for your ears only.
Varon and I. We're part of the Morag Tong."
What's that?
"You're kind of an innocent, aren't you? The Morag Tong. Organized crime? A league of assassins? We used to be part of the establishment, but we're kind of on the outs these days. Some of the house leaders still employ us, though."
Oh, that Morag Tong.
"Keep your voice down! Just being associated with the Morag Tong can get me put to death. We're here on behalf of Mournhold, understand?
Now get out of here. We'll meet again, I'm sure."
Maybe we should stick with the mystery.
"I like the way you think! All right, we'll keep our secrets. For now.
But next time we meet, we're going to have a long, private conversation, you and I."

A Favor Returned[edit]

The next time you encounter Naryu, she'll be in front of the Tribunal Temple. Speak with her before you enter the complex to meet Almalexia.

"About time you showed up. I was going crazy waiting out here.
This place isn't exactly on my list of favorite places to hang out, you know."

If you haven't met her in Deshaan before, she'll lead with:

"So you're the one that everyone's talking about? I expected you to be bigger or something"

Either way...

Were you waiting for me?
"No, I just enjoy hanging around the Temple. I love all the gnashing of teeth and hypocrisy.
Yes, I was waiting for you. Look, don't get too excited. There's trouble brewing and I don't have a contract, so I can't officially get involved."
What kind of trouble?
"The Maulborn are in the city. I saw what they did in Narsis and I don't want to see the same thing happen in Mournhold. I'm not supposed to care, but I guess I'm getting a little soft.
You've got the clout to find someone in power and investigate."
Almalexia wants to speak to me.
"Wait, you got a date with the Sacred Lady? You really are something.
Look, tell her about the Maulborn. Maybe she'll let you look into this. I normally wouldn't think of using her, but this is important. And I know Almalexia cares about the city."
I'll speak with her.
"And I'll see if I can find out where the Maulborn are hiding. I'll meet you at the Flaming Nix, the cornerclub southeast of here.
Oh, and listen—don't breathe a word about me to Almalexia. Promise you'll do that and I'll help you save Mournhold."
I promise.

Speaking to her again after the conversation:

"You go on, meet up with the goddess. I'll see you at the Flaming Nix cornerclub when you're done.
Oh, and don't do anything I wouldn't do. Scratch that. There probably isn't anything I wouldn't do."

When you're finished in the temple, find Nary at The Flaming Nix cornerclub like she said. It's on the east side of Mournhold. She'll be leaning against a wall on the ground floor.

"Hello, hero. Good to see you got out of there in one piece. I understand that Almalexia can be a little rough on her toys.
While you were getting cozy with the goddess, I discovered something interesting."
What did you learn?
"The House Dres farm outside the city is on high alert. I saw the guards get violent with people for just walking by.
They're using a courier named Thauravil to deliver bribes to House leaders and city officials. I think they're hiding something."
What does this have to do with the Maulborn?
"I'm not sure, but I've got a bad feeling about the Dres farm and I think it's all connected somehow.
The Dres and the Maulborn. Makes a certain amount of sense if you think about it, doesn't it?"
So you want to check out the farm?
"You know me so well! But we'll need to get the courier's key. He's been picking up wine here, then delivering bottles around town. He tends to keep a bottle or two as he goes along.
We might be able to use that to our advantage."
What do you suggest?
"Poison! Don't give me that look. It's not lethal poison. It'll just put him into a nice, deep sleep.
Follow him, and when he takes a sip from his bottle and falls over, you can grab his key."

From here, you have two options which shape how you're going to get the key.

Following the Courier[edit]
Slip the poison in an open bottle, wait for him to fall over, and grab the key. Got it.
"Don't get too cocky, hero. House Dres has fallen far and its agents are on edge. If the courier thinks he's being followed, he might get spooked. You want him relaxed enough to start drinking, got it?
So keep your distance."

Speaking to her again:

"Quick, head downstairs and slip the poison into a wine bottle. One of the green ones with the House Dres sigil. I noticed some loose bottles on top of the crates in the cellar."

Letting her know the wine is poisoned:

"How's the wine downstairs? Did you find the special blend?"
I slipped the sleeping poison into the wine bottle.
"Good! Now we wait for the courier to come pick it up. We don't want to draw any attention to ourselves.
Stay close. There he is now. Closer, come closer!"
Where is he?
"No, eyes front! Look at me. We're close friends. Closer. I said something funny. You're laughing. He just passed by. He's got the wine.
Like what you see, hero? Of course you do. He's almost at the door. Keep watching me. All right, he's out. Go!"

Returning to Naryu if you've failed to follow the courier:

Making Naryu Do It[edit]
[Persuade]You're extremely clever. You must have a more effective way to get the key.
"You had to go and sweet talk me, didn't you?
Fine. Go downstairs and borrow a bottle of wine for me. I'll do the rest."

Speaking to her again:

"Just get me that bottle of wine before I change my mind.
I think I'm going to need a nice, hot bath when this is all over."

Returning to Naryu with the wine:

"Did you get it? I'm going to need that wine if this ruse is going to work."
Here's the wine you asked for.
"All right, all right. Why are you always so close? Stand back and let me work.
I'll lure him upstairs. You wait a moment, then follow us. When I give the signal, go ahead and snatch the key."

Step back and watch. Naryu will call over to the courier.

Naryu Virian: "Hey, handsome! Did you send this fine bottle of wine to little old me?"
Thauravil Dres: "What? Are you talking to me?"
Naryu Virian: "No, I'm talking to the other good-looking House Dres guy over there. Look, if you didn't send this to me, just say so and I'll show my gratitude to somebody else."
Thauravil Dres: "Well, I'm the only House Dres courier who delivers wine in Mournhold, so that bottle must have come from my supply. And it certainly looks good next to you. You mentioned gratitude. How thankful exactly are you thinking?"
Naryu Virian: "Why don't you come upstairs and find out? Someone has to help me drink this wine."

They'll head upstairs together and enter the room on the left-hand side from the top of the stairwell.

Naryu Virian: "Kneel down, lover. Let's have some fun."

When Thauravil kneels, Naryu gives him a whack right in the pressure point, knocking him out.

Thauravil Dres: "Well, that was fun! Hey! Didn't you see my signal? Go get the key!"

Speaking to Naryu after her game of charades is over:

"Now I need that bath. A nice long soak with a few glasses of this fine wine.
Don't worry. I'll catch up and meet you at the farm."
Need someone to help you drink that?
"Hmm, tempting ... but you've got a job to do right now. Definitely some other time, hero. I'll see you at the farm."

No matter how you get the key, when you uncover the trap door in the Dres Farmhouse, Naryu will enter the room with her hood back up.

Naryu Virian: "I made it! Did you miss me? Find anything exciting before I got here?"

Speak to her.

"Well, well, well. See that? That's an impressive trap door for a simple farmhouse cellar.
I love it when my hunches pan out!"
What do you think we should do?
"Isn't it obvious? Open the door! They must be hiding something good down there.
Let's go see!"

The Mournhold Underground[edit]

"I'm surprised House Dres managed to do anything with the Ordinators on high alert. Not much gets past them, even when they're not looking for trouble."
What do you think we'll find behind the trap door?
"Part of me hopes that all we find are a bunch of old crates that nobody cares about. But I've got one of those feelings. And I'm pretty sure it involves the Maulborn."
Do you still want to help me?
"What I want and what I do are usually very different things, my friend.
Let's just get down there and see what's going on. With any luck, we'll be done before the cornerclub serves tonight's flaming nix stew. And the drinks will be on me."
Then let's get this over with.

Speaking to her again before entering the sewers:

"What are you waiting for, an invitation? We've got a trap door to explore!"

Entering the sewers:

Naryu Virian: "About time you got here. What took you so long?"

When you reach a certain point in the tunnels, Naryu will stop.

Naryu Virian: "No, this can't be right. Damn it! These tunnels were supposed to be sealed off. Well, into the fire and all that. Follow me."

You have the opportunity to ask Naryu some questions before jumping down.

"This isn't good. I wish my partner Varon was here. He'd know what to do. Wait, no I don't. Varon would wring my neck for being down here.
So, um, fair warning. This could be bad. Real bad."
What are you talking about?
"This cave system. It links directly to the sewers beneath Mournhold. Well, to part of them. The sewers are more extensive than you'd think.
That's why I couldn't find the Maulborn! They can move through these tunnels without being noticed."
You seem to know a lot about these tunnels.
"Let's just say I've spent more than my share of time sneaking around beneath cities. If you've seen one sewer, you've seen them all."
But how can the Maulborn avoid the Ordinators?
"Protections were placed down here to hide people. People with blood on their hands. People like ... me.
If they found a way to activate the Daedric wards again, then the Maulborn have a virtual hidden highway to use against us."
Daedric wards? What aren't you telling me, Naryu?
"That's not relevant right now, hero. Stay focused! Find the Maulborn and figure out what they're up to. Then we can talk about my sordid yet extremely intriguing past."

She moves further into the tunnels.

Naryu Virian: "Come on, let's see what's down here."

When you enter the large chamber with alits in it, Naryu will voice her disgust.

Naryu Virian: "Alits? Really? Search around. There should be a door somewhere nearby. I'll keep an eye out."
Naryu Virian: "The door won't open? There's got to be something controlling it. Look around a bit. And watch out for those creatures. They're … ugly."

Speaking to her after dropping down:

"I'm just going to wait right here. I've got an unnatural aversion to alits and I'm not afraid to admit it. Just let me know when you've found that hidden door."

Speaking to her after examining the door:

"Alit grease! That's a great idea! Who knew those slimy beasts were good for something? But don't be stingy. You probably need a lot of grease to turn that lever.
Oh, and there are two more levers you need to throw or the door won't open."

After you open the door, Naryu will laud your efforts.

Naryu Virian: "Good job! I knew you could do it. Meet me inside."

When you enter the tunnels ahead, Naryu will be leaning against a wall. Speak with her.

"The wards. They're active! That's impossible.
No one outside my ... organization ... should have been able to activate them. If the Maulborn are using this base, the entire city is in danger!"
Your organization? Could they be involved?
"No, they can't be. Maybe a splinter group or something. I don't know what to think. Not all of us exactly see eye to eye on our current situation, but to join up with the Maulborn?
That's just idiotic."
<If you've met before> So this was a Morag Tong base?
"It used to be. But we haven't used these halls in a long, long time. Not since we fell out of favor."
What's down here?
"That's just it. Their shouldn't be anything down here. Not anymore. Sure, in the past, when the wards were active, we used this place to come and go as we pleased. There wasn't a better hiding place for a group of dedicated assassins-for-hire."
Who else could activate the wards?
"I suppose anyone with knowledge of the Daedric arts might be able to activate them. I'm not an expert on magic, you know.
I need to warn somebody. Varon needs to know about this."
What do the wards do again?
"The wards use Daedric magic to protect these tunnels from scrying magic. Even works against the Tribunal, from what I've been told. Anyone down here is practically invisible to the city above."
So what should I do?
"Do what you do best. Rush in swinging weapons and tossing magic around like there's no tomorrow!
If you find whoever activated the wards, get them to tell you what's going on down here."
I'll figure out what's going on down here.
"I know you will. That's why I ran into you on your way to the Temple. I'll drop the Ordinators an anonymous tip. Maybe even get word to your beloved goddess. Hopefully someone'll show up to give you a hand.
Just don't die on me, hero. Got that?"

Speaking to her again after this conversation:

"If the Maulborn figured out a way to reactivate these wards, they have more powerful allies than we thought.
Now be careful and get your shapely butt moving."

The Pride of a Prince[edit]

Naryu disguised as a serving girl

She is disguised as one of Gelds Indoril's servants. You must speak with her to get anywhere in convincing the Dunmer to return to the moot.

If you've met her before:
If you haven't met her before:
"Oh, whatever may I assist you with? Perhaps you need your pillow fluffed? Or maybe you need me to cut up your food for you? Wait, I know you. From Deshaan!
Don't say a word. No one must know who or what I am."
Why are you dressed like a servant? I thought you were an agent with the ….
"Shh! No one needs to know that.
Varon gave me my first solo contract. It's a special one. The target's around here somewhere, but I haven't pinpointed where just yet. So … I'm in disguise. Not my first choice of garb, but it works."
Can you help me? I'm trying to convince Gelds to work with the Prince.
"Gelds is an idiot and the Prince is … well, he's a royal idiot. Bringing those two together might hurt more than help with any problems you have here.
But since you asked so nicely, I can help. Might even get me closer to my goal."
What can you do?
"I can be rather convincing when I need to be. Especially in this attire.
The jarl keeps some of his best wine locked away in the barracks. Snag a couple of bottles for me. Just be careful in there. The guards don't like visitors."

You can ask her further questions after receiving your task.

"While I hate to hide such good looks, you're going to need a disguise. A guard uniform.
I saw one of those idiots splashing around in the river not too long ago. If he's still there, you might be able to borrow his armor."
Any tips on getting in there? You know, as advice for a friend.
"For a friend, anything. One of the guards hates cats. Earlier, I saw a cat run into the building. The guard chased it for an hour.
Bring a cat with you. It might prove useful. I saw a bunch of them following the Argonians around. Try over there."
"If Gelds sent you over here to have me fetch something, tell him to go jump in the river."
But aren't you a servant?
"Assistant. Not slave. I already broke a guard's hand for getting a little too friendly. Put a little fear in them and now everything's perfect.
So, what can I help you with? And if you say "staying warm" your hand is the least of your concerns."
I need to convince Gelds to return to the Prince's meeting.
"This obviously wasn't the Prince's idea. That Nord is a whiny little s'wit who's had everything handed to him on a silver platter. He'd never stoop to ask for help from one of the "lesser" races.
What is this really about?"
I can't go into details, but King Jorunn needs everyone back together.
"The King is a respectable man. He has more sense in his pinky than the Prince does in his whole body. It's hard to imagine they come from the same stock.
So sure, why not. I'll help you."
What can a servant do to help me?
"Assistant. By the Three, no one listens around here.
And let's just say I have ways to convince Gelds to go back to the table. That's all you need to know for now."
And what do you want for your help? / What's in this for you?
"I want a bottle of wine from the barracks. That's where they keep the jarl's personal stock. I'm tired of drinking this cheap piss they provided us with.
Just watch out. The place is off limits and the guards tend to deal harshly with intruders."
I'll do what I can.

You can ask her a few questions before performing your duties.

"The barracks are off limits, so you'll need a disguise. A guard's uniform should do nicely.
Try by the river. No matter how cold it is, the Nords seem to love going for a swim. Sometimes they even remember to take their armor off, first."
[Persuade]Anything I need to know once I'm in there?
"Well, since you asked so nicely! One of the guards hates cats. Really detests the creatures. I saw the guard chase a cat that ran into the barracks for more than an hour.
So bring a cat along. I saw a lot of them hovering around the Argonians."

Speaking with her again:

"A little sneaking, a little destruction. Do what you need to in order to get that wine from the barracks.
Just don't get caught."

Returning with the wine:

"Do you know what that s'wit had me fetch while you were gone? Food from the other tent! As if walking ten feet would kill him.
I got the food, though. Added a special berry, too. His stomach will appreciate it."
Here's the wine you wanted.
"I knew I could count on you. Reliability is an admirable trait.
This will taste good. Probably make taking orders from that barking dog over there a bit more tolerable. And it should be enough to get the job done."
What job?
"To get Gelds nice and comfortable. Then I'll convince him that what he just drank was poisoned. Lucky for him, I have the antidote. Of course.
He'll do whatever I want to get it, and that should be very entertaining."
That's how you're going to convince him to return to the meeting?
"Of course. How did you think I was going to convince him?
Now do me a favor and stay alert out there. I've seen enough shadows and sheepish grins to know that something isn't right in Fort Amol. But that's why I'm here now, isn't it?"

If you've met her previously, she has something to say if you choose to speak with her once more.

"Be careful, you hear?
I'd hate to see someone I … respect … get hurt."

Speaking to her near the Dunmer camp after the quest:

"It's unusual to stand here in the open, all visible and vulnerable and everything. I've spent my life lurking in the shadows. Staying out of sight.
It's kind of nice, actually."

The War Council[edit]

Naryu arrives right in the middle of Lord Vurlop's cute little speech.

Naryu Virian: "Move or call out and you lose your tongue. Simple, right?"
Lord Vurlop: "Wait! Don't kill me! I ... I can help you. Jorunn's still alive. You need me!"
Naryu Virian: "No one likes a liar, Nord. No one."
<Naryu sticks a dagger in Lord Vurlop's belly, killing him instantly.>
Naryu Virian: "Let's talk, hero. Why did I ever let Varon convince me to come to Eastmarch?"

Speak to her.

"Told you something bad was going to happen.
I didn't want you to walk into this trap alone. So I followed you. Good thing, too."
Do you know what's going on here?
"I've been tracking a Breton Illusionist by the name of Dhalen for a while now. The villain created quite a stir by assassinating a few nobles in Mournhold recently.
I discovered that he took a contract with Fildgor and tracked him to this region."
Do you know where he is now?
"Not exactly, but I'd wager he's inside the keep.
I'm not sure what we'll find in there, but you'll need to be quick. Dhalen's already a step ahead of us. The man bought Vurlop with the promise of gold. Who knows who else he's got on his side."
Are you coming in with me?
"I need to make sure our alliance friends are playing nice with each other, then I'll meet up with you.
After I get out of this damn dress and into some proper clothing. How do women wear stuff like this all the time?"
[Persuade] It looks good on you.
"I, well, thanks. Maybe I could get used to wearing such finery when things aren't so dangerous.
What am I saying? Get your arse in there and save King Jorunn!"

Speaking to her again:

"When you get inside the courtyard, you're going to need to find a key to get into the Jarl's manor.
Don't worry about me. I'll catch up with you soon enough. Just be careful in there, all right? Dhalen is dangerous."

The next time you see her will be in full Morag Tong garb inside the Jarl's Manor, talking to Sergeant Vkor.

Naryu Virian: "Are you an idiot? We're surrounded by the enemy!"
Sergeant Vkor: "The big bad Stormfists are outside? Maybe we should go upstairs so I can protect you, all proper like."
<Naryu knocks him out>
Naryu Virian: "People really frustrate me sometimes."

Talk to her.

""Maybe we should go upstairs so I can protect you." Who even says that? He could have complimented my eyes! Or my … never mind.
He's one of Dhalen's thugs. No sign of the King, though. Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing."
How did you get in here?
"Windows are wonderful things, my darling. No one ever remembers to lock them!
I'm sure you've crawled into or out of more than a few windows over the course of your adventures."
Where can I find King Jorunn?
"I found two doors in here, but they're both locked tight. I'm sure the King is behind one of those doors.
We just need to figure out how to open them."
I'll take a look around.
"I don't think you'll just find a key lying around, but you never know.
I'll check down here. Take a look upstairs and see if you can find anything."

Speaking to her again:

"Search around for any clues that might help us unlock those doors.
I'll look around down here and make sure that none of Dhalen's thugs get inside."

Speaking to her after unlocking the door to the Safe Room:

"Get in there and make sure King Jorunn and the others are safe."

You have the opportunity to speak to her again after killing Dhalen and finding the Alliance ambassadors (and King Jorunn) safe in the manor's vault.

If you haven't assisted her in the past:
If you have assisted her in the past:
"There you are. Alive and well, just like I left you.
I hope I didn't startle the ambassadors too much with that daring rescue I performed."
"I figured you'd be up here. Another contract completed by, well, you again. I wonder if the Tong is testing me or something.
Still, a success is a success, right? I hope I didn't scare the ambassadors too badly."
So it was you who saved the ambassadors?
"When you entered the safe room, I heard the ambassadors trying to be quiet upstairs. Next thing I know, Stormfist thugs are waving their axes around and attacking the manor.
I was about to leave the same way I entered …."
But you decided to be a hero.
"Well, I couldn't let you have all the fun!
Seriously, you have to understand. My organization used to be respected. Now we're hunted for what we were. What we represented. That has to change."
You told them you were getting help?
"I was talking about you, but I also figured more backup wouldn't hurt. Irnskar and his guards are downstairs. They rushed over as soon as the fighting started.
But King Jorunn … he didn't look so good. He's not going to make it, is he?"
I don't know. It's Daedric poison.
"Fildgor plays dirty. I wish I could help more, but I've already overstepped the limits of my contract. I need to get back to Mournhold. A new matter involving a rival group has become an issue.
But these people still need your help, hero."
[Persuade]If you ever need me ….
"Always the hero, aren't you?
I'm kidding. I'll find you again when I need your help. In fact, I'd like that. Now go. Save King Jorunn. He needs you more than I do at the moment."

Speaking to her again after this exchange:

"You've never let me down, so don't start now. Save King Jorunn, hero."

Messages Across Tamriel[edit]

Naryu will appear in the Mournhold Mages Guild hall during the quest.

If you've met her before and you speak to her before addressing Thrush, she'll recognize you.

"You again. I always seem to run into you right before I do something I'll probably regret."

If you've never done one of Naryu's quests:


After you talk to Thrush, the pair will have a conversation while you wait for Vanus Galerion.

Thrush: "Turns out I'm glad you came, Virian. I'm calling in that favor."
Naryu Virian: "You mean you called me here without knowing if you needed me, Thrush? Ugh. What's the favor?"
Thrush: "I need you to contact the other spy networks, the Eyes of the Queen of the Aldmeri Dominion and the Ring of Daggers in the Daggerfall Covenant."
Naryu Virian: "Contact. You do mean with the tips of my daggers. Repeatedly. Right?"
Thrush: "No, no, this is a diplomacy thing. No killing."
Naryu Virian: "Waste of a favor, Thrush. Should've asked for something your lackeys couldn't do. We're even after this, you know."
Thrush: "I know, but this is important. Thanks, Naryu."
Thrush: "I'll even ride with you as far as Auridon. Let's go."
Vanus Galerion: "Apologies for my lateness."

Dark Brotherhood[edit]

Appears only with Dark Brotherhood

A Cordial Collaboration[edit]

Find Naryu near the hidden entrance to Castle Kvatch

If you've never met before, her hood will be up and she'll say as you approach:

"Well, this is awkward."

If you have met her before, her hood will be down and she will instead say:

"What's a nice assassin like you doing in a place like this?"

When you talk to her to start the quest:

Never met before, her hood will be up:
Have met before, her hood will be down:
"I suppose you're wondering, "Who is this beautiful masked woman and what is she doing sneaking about Kvatch?" The answer is as clear as that cute little nose on your face. I'm here to assassinate someone.
We have that in common, if I'm not mistaken."
You think I'm an assassin?
"Don't play coy with me. At least not about this. I know you're with the Dark Brotherhood. I'm not, but I'm no threat to you. My target is a corrupt noble of House Hlaalu. He fled Narsis. Caused something of a scandal.
Care to give me a hand?"
You want me to help you kill someone?
"Well, this is your territory, after all. I don't want to rankle your superiors by making a social blunder.
You're new to the Brotherhood, right? Here's your chance to make a good impression. I'll kill my target and you can take the credit."
All right. I'll help you complete your assassination.
"Smashing! I do adore a cooperative accomplice!
Besides, this will give us a chance to get to know each other better. You do want to get to know me better, don't you? After all, who wouldn't?"
"Hello, hero. I'd say I'm surprised to see you, but I've been watching you for days. Acting surprised would be so disingenuous.
Let's just say I'm pleased to once again be graced by your company. You're exactly who I hoped to meet out here."
What are you doing in Kvatch, Naryu?
"I have a contract. It concerns a corrupt Hlaalu noble hiding in Castle Kvatch. A noble who has to die.
I know you work for the Dark Brotherhood now. Our organizations may despise each other, but you and I are friends. And friends help each other."
What kind of help do you need?
"This is your territory. I don't want to rankle your superiors by making a social blunder.
So here's my brilliant plan. I kill my target and you take all the credit. Lets me complete my contract while giving you the chance to make a good impression."
All right. I'll help you.
"Smashing! I always enjoy working with you! We have a certain connection, you and I. Don't you just find it to be so ... intense?"

The dialogue is the same after this:

Do you have a plan?
"I thought about entering the castle, but I have the kindn of face everyone always remembers - beautiful.
So I was thinking ... you go inside, sneak into Dathus's room, and open the secret passage. Then I hop in and take care of business!"
Why do you need my help with this?
"I don't. Not to deal with Dathus. But I do enjoy sleep, and that's hard to come by when the Brotherhood sends assassins in the night.
Better they never see me. If it comes down to it, I'd hate to have to kill anyone without the proper paperwork."
Tell me more about your target.
"Right to business? Oh, very well. Dathus Ildram of House Hlaalu is one of those blood-sucking creatures that needs to be crushed beneath a heavy boot.
He believed fleeing from Morrowind would put him out of reach. But here I am, contract and all."
What did he do to deserve death?
"Seems like bad form to spill all the gory details. Suffice it to say, he swindled some rather important clients and had the audacity to steal from House Hlaalu itself.
The last straw was when he closed two orphanages to open a cornerclub."

If you've met before, you can also say:

You're certainly looking good, Naryu.
"Of course I do, darling! What did you expect? That I'd get soft and fat after you abandoned me?
Seriously, I'm not sure I like that you joined the Dark Brotherhood. I trust you, of course, but your new "family?" Not so much."
"Wake, wake, my darling. You can sleep when you're dead—which will be sooner than you think."

If you talk to her again before you leave, she will say:

"I'll wait here while you sneak into the room upstairs. Just open the secret passage and I'll take care of the rest."

After you've opened the secret passage, Naryu will get to work:

Naryu Virian: "Wake, wake, my darling. You can sleep when youre dead—which will be sooner than you think."
Dathus Ildram: "What? Who are you? What are you doing in my room?"
Naryu Virian: "A better question would be, "Are you here to kill me?""
Dathus Ildram: "Guards! Guards!"
Naryu Virian: "The answer, of course, is most definitely, "Yes.""
Naryu Virian: "And that saves me the trouble of alerting the castle's defenders."
Naryu Virian: "Do me a favor, hero, and make sure someone notices you on your way out."

When you meet back up with her at the inn, you can speak with her and also catch up on things if you've met her in other areas before:

"That went surprisingly well. It's amazing what can be accomplished when trusted associates collaborate to get a job done.
House Hlaalu won't recover the gold he embezzled, but at least Dathus won't be tearing down any more orphanages."
Enjoying a nice beverage, I see.
"And you should join me! I find that a warm fire, a strong drink, and a hot bath—not necessarily in that order—help me unwind after a contract.
Besides, this is Kvatch. You can pray or you can pray. Or you can drink. I prefer the latter."
Did anyone see you leave the castle?
"Not a one, hero. But they saw you! Those striking features will be the talk of Kvatch for the next few days. I'd avoid the guards if I were you.
Our plan worked flawlessly. Now I won't have to look over my shoulder for the Brotherhood. Thank you."
So what's next for Naryu Virian?
"Back to Morrowind, I suppose. Or maybe I'll stick around the Gold Coast for awhile. See the sights. Take in the ambiance.
If you have some free time, hero, let's get together. Work on our mutual cooperation. Who knows? You might even enjoy it."

After completing the quest, she will say:

"Always a pleasure watching you work, hero. You never notice, but I come around to check on you from time to time. What can I say? You intrigue me.
And one of these nights, I'll sneak into your room, and—oh, purely for a social visit, I assure you!"

If you completed The Mournhold Underground, you can ask:

So what have you been up to since we stopped the Maulborn plague?
"Oh, you know how it is. A murder here, an assassination there. A girl needs to stay active!
But I wanted to thank you again for all the help you provided back in Deshaan. I won't forget that, hero. And I'll never forget you."
Why don't you stay here. The Dark Brotherhood could use someone like you.
"That's a sweet offer, hero, but I already work for a shadowy organization. Besides, I don't think I'm exactly Brotherhood material. Too much emphasis on pseudo-religious nonsense for my taste.
But no offense if you're into that kind of thing."

If you completed The Pride of a Prince, you can ask:

Do you still have that dress you wore at Fort Amol?
"I'm never going to live that down, am I? It did look good on me, though, didn't it? What am I saying? You have a way of making me act unprofessionally, you know that?
Well, keep it up. I kind of like it."

The Sweetroll Killer[edit]

Confronting Louna

As soon as you enter Fermudh's House, you'll bump into another old friend:

Naryu Virian: "You really shouldn't break into a house that someone has already broken into. Where's your sense of honor, Razum-dar?"
Razum-dar: "Ah, of course! The Beautiful Darkness! Wait, is Naryu the Sweetroll Killer? Raz would be sad to have to kill you now."
Naryu Virian: "Well, I am a killer, but I'm not the killer. And what's that one doing here? This has nothing to do with the Brotherhood …."
Razum-dar: "Um, Raz is confused. You better talk to Naryu so we can figure out what's going on here."

Speak to her:

"If you and your Brotherhood comrades sent me that sweetroll, I'm truly disappointed. I thought you'd realize by now that I don't take kindly to threats.
Besides, it's hard enough to look good in tight leather without being tempted by tasty pastries."
What are you talking about, Naryu?
"No one knew I was on the Gold Coast. No one except you. Suddenly someone delivers a sweetroll with my name on it and a note predicting my untimely demise.
It looks like you betrayed me. Give me a reason not to run you through."
We're looking for the Sweetroll Killer. I didn't even know you were still in town.
"So you followed my messengers and found me instead? Ever since I received the threatening sweetroll, I've been looking into other targets, trying to figure out who knows me and why they want to kill me.
Well, why they want to kill me this time."
Find out anything that can help us? We're on the same side here.
"Everyone who received one of the menacing sweetrolls is traveling to Anvil for one reason or another. Seems to me if the killer is smart, that's where he'll make his move.
As a matter of fact, I'm headed there now. No one threatens me and lives."
Then Anvil is where we're going, too.
"Just don't get in my way. I'm still trying to figure out your game in all this. But we've worked well together in the past. Might as well take advantage of that.
I'll confer with Raz to make sure he and I see eye to eye, and we'll meet you in Anvil."
I'd never do that to you.
"You realize that our organizations don't exactly play nice with one another, right? The moment I leave myself open, they'll put a blade in my neck.
You joined the Brotherhood! You have to see how that makes me question our relationship."
I just want to stop the Sweetroll Killer. Especially if you're a target.
"I want to believe you. I really do. But until I figure out what you're really up to, I'll keep my feelings to myself. If you really care, your actions will speak louder than your words, any way.
Besides, I still want to know what you're doing here."
"I just want to find out who threatened me, kill them, and go home. Besides, they serve dreadful wine.
The cat and I need to have a private conversation. Set some ground rules so we don't kill each other. Then we'll meet you in Anvil."

Go to Anvil and meet the two behind Coastal Clothiers and Fabrics:

Naryu Virian: "I'm sure your apprentice just ran off. Probably better she's gone when the killer comes around, anyway."
Razum-dar: "Yarmia never flees at the first sign of trouble. Second, yes, but first? Plus she always comes back. Raz has a bad feeling …."
Naryu Virian: "We all have bad feelings. It's inevitable. I'll have my eyes and ears around town watch for her, if it makes you feel any better."
Razum-dar: "Raz appreciates that. And people say you're a stone-cold harlot. But not Raz."
"Raz's Wood Elf apprentice has disappeared. I've tried to reassure the cat, but my guess is that the Sweetroll Killer has started making his move.
If we're going to put a stop to this, we're going to have to move quickly."

Speak to Raz and he'll suggest you go and speak to Reman Mevavius again. Naryu will reassure you she'll help Raz:

"Go on and head over to the Gold Coast Trading Company. Find out what Reman hasn't told us about the Sweetroll Killer. We'll meet you at Engra's Hostel when you're done.
I swear, I'll be plucking cat fur off my leathers for a month after this job."
Do you know Reman Mevavius?
"Never met the man, but Raz filled me in on the details.
I had my eyes and ears around town do some digging. They confirmed that Reman visited with all of the targets right before he hired you."
He never told me about that.
"My guess is he never told you about a lot of things. That's why I want you to go and take a closer look at him. Get rough if you have to, but make sure he tells you everything he knows.
He might have the key we need to stop the Sweetroll Killer."
You want me to get rough?
"Oh, I'd enjoy a little rough play with you, hero, but for now I want you to go learn more about Reman. Preferably while holding a blade to his throat.
He met with all of the Sweetroll Killer's targets except me, and I want to know why that is."

Go and speak to Reman at the Gold Coast Trading Company. Return to your cohorts at Engra's:

"Damn the Sweetroll Killer! All of the targets we knew about have vanished. All except me, that is.
I'm beginning to really dislike this soothsaying maniac who makes his own predictions come true."

After speaking to Raz:

"Now I know what my contracts must feel like, having a constant target floating above their heads.
I heard what you told Raz. Let's get to that farm and put an end to the Sweetroll Killer."

Make your way to Louna's Farmhouse and your friends will have preceded you:

Razum-dar: "Raz thinks this place is too quiet. Good spot for an ambush, yes?"
Naryu Virian: "Oh, I certainly hope so! I could use a good fight right about now."
Razum-dar: "You send very mixed messages, Naryu. One moment you're flirting, the next you're stabbing. It's very confusing."
Naryu Virian: "That's only because you assume the two are different, Razum dear."

Defeat the waves of Fate-Bearers and Louna will ask you inside to negotiate. Inside the farmhouse:

"Don't let her talk her way out of this. Only one of us is leaving this building alive, and it isn't Louna."

Speak to Louna and you'll have to decide to kill her or set her free. If you saved all the victims:


If you didn't rescue all three victims:

"I can't believe you're even considering this. Did you hear how crazy she sounded?"
I guess I know what your opinion is.
"Damn right, you do. She's crazy as a cracked mudcrab! All her talk about fate and the future. And what she said about me. I don't have a daughter. I hate children! It's never going to happen.
Any way you look at it, Louna has to die."
What about the people she targeted?
"What about them? She's going to kill again. And she's going to come back for us. She thinks we're going to wreck the world! If we save a few now, how many more will she kill later?
I say end her life and be done with it!"
"There's nothing to consider. The crazy Dark Elf has to die."
Louna Dies[edit]

Everyone alive:

Razum-dar: "Well, that's one way to handle the situation."
Naryu Virian: "It's better this way. She can't hurt anyone if she's dead."
Razum-dar: "But what about her Fate-Bearers? Raz fears this might just be the beginning."
Naryu Virian: "We'll manage. One less of ... whatever they call themselves, is one less we have to deal with later."
Naryu Virian: "I need a drink. Join me at the Kvatch inn and we'll say a proper goodbye."

Needed antidote:

Razum-dar: "No! What are you doing?
Naryu Virian: "It had to be done, Raz. You let her leave and she just becomes somebody else's problem."
Razum-dar: "This is not how an Eye of the Queen does things. This is more like the Brotherhood or the Morag Tong."
Naryu Virian: "Get over yourself, cat. We saved lives today, including mine."
Naryu Virian: "I'll be in the inn at Kvatch for a while longer. Come and see me before I leave if you get a chance."

Later when you meet her at the inn:

"Well look who's here! Afraid I'd leave without giving you a goodbye kiss?"
That's an interesting outfit.
"After all we've been through and that's the first thing you want to say to me? To be fair, it's very comfortable and it looks great on me.
It's the uniform of my organization. They expect me to dress the part when I arrive back home."
Where is home, exactly?
"Vvardenfell. It's far from here, but I have friends and family there. It will be good to see them again.
Besides, I hear my organization has big plans in the works. Can't blame me for wanting to be a part of all that."
What about the Fate-Bearers?
"I haven't forgotten what the Sweetroll Killer said. Her words will probably haunt me for the rest of my life. But it's my life and I plan on living it. I'll deal with the Fate-Bearers when the time is right.
For now, I just wanted to thank you."
Can't you stick around a little longer?
"Don't get all sentimental on me, hero. We both have our paths to follow. Damn, that sounded like a Fate-Bearer, didn't it?
Look, let me leave you with a single kiss. One really good kiss. If you ever want another one, come find me in Vvardenfell."

After completing the quest:

"Just one kiss to a customer! But I promise something even better the next time we meet.
Now if you don't mind, I don't want you to see me eat this sweetroll. And don't judge me! After everything that happened, I deserve a tasty treat!"
Louna Lives[edit]

After making your decision you'll hear:

Louna: "I'll honor my word and show Razum-dar where to find the antidote."
Razum-dar: "And Raz will let you leave this land. But next time Raz thinks, not so much."
Naryu Virian: "I can't believe you people! How can you let a killer just walk away free and clear?"
Razum-dar: "Raz cannot let innocents die. Is your heart really that cold, Naryu?"
Louna: "Don't worry, assassin. We'll meet again."
Razum-dar: "Let's meet back at the enchanter's shop when this sorry affair is done."
Naryu Virian: "I thought you'd support me in this. Shows how much of the future I can see."

Speak to her and she'll only say:

"You let her live. I thought I knew you better than that. No one was saved today. We just put off the battle for another day.
Just go. I need to get back to Vvardenfell, anyway. I've had my fill of this tarnished coast."


Appears only with Morrowind

Broken Bonds[edit]

When you wake up after the crash:

Eoki: "This one's still alive, Naryu!"
Naryu Virian: "I can see that. Walk this way and let's make sure everything works after that dreadful shipwreck."

Talk to Naryu:

"Look what the sea coughed up! Welcome to Vvardenfell, land of Dark Elves, lava flows, and slaves of all descriptions.
Speaking of slaves, let me get those manacles off you."
How are you going to remove these bindings?
"Oh, you'll find I'm full of surprises!
I have just the thing. Hold still … there!"

If you exit the conversation and talk to her again:

"See, easy as charming a bull netch with a tasty nix-ox!
I think I might hold onto these for later, if you don't have any objections."
What is this place?
"You've been captured by slavers. Haven't you been paying attention? Maybe you hit your head when your ship crashed into the rocks and dumped you onto the Bitter Coast.
The slavers lured your ship in and took their pick of the survivors."
Are you working with the slavers?
"Slavers? Me? No, my allegiance leans in an entirely different direction.
Let's just say I'm here to help you escape this place. Then you can get back to what you were doing before the slavers so rudely sank your vessel."
So how do we get out of here?
"Not so fast, hero. I need to make sure you can handle yourself in a fight. Not everyone recovers from a near-death experience that quickly."
Your sparring partner
All right, let's test my fighting skills.
"Let's go over some of the basics of combat."
I'm ready.
I'm fine. I can fight with the best of them.
"Oh, you can, can you? Then let's see how you handle this."

Regardless of what you choose, you spar anyways.

Naryu Virian: "Hit me. I want to see what you've got."

Learning how to interrupt attacks:

Naryu Virian: "Try to block this one!"

After sparring, speak to her again:

"Impressive! You're just what I need to pull my plan together.
Most of the slavers are currently out on a raid. That means it's the perfect opportunity for us to make our escape."
What do you need me to do?
"Oh, not too much, really. I need you to find a set of slaver clothes so you don't look like one of the prisoners. Plus, we need the gate key or we'll never make it to the docks.
Here. Take my spare lockpick in case you need it."
What are you going to do while I get the gear and the key?
"I've got a few more things to check on before we can make our escape. You do your part, and I promise you, I'll do mine."
Any idea who these slavers are?
"An idea? Of course. I just need proof to satisfy my superiors. But don't worry. I'm sure I'll have things well in hand by the time we meet back up."
I'll go find some gear and the gate key.
I'd like to fight you again, just for the practice.
"If you insist. I do so enjoy getting physical with a good-looking specimen such as yourself."
We've got a lockpick. Why do we need a gate key?
"Some locks resist even the best efforts of a skilled thief. They're crafted using superior components and complex mechanisms. Like the lock on the gate. If I had all the time in the world, maybe I could crack it. But we don't have that luxury."
We've got a lockpick. Why do we need the gate key? (Only available once in the dialogue tree, the next option available about the gate key is slightly different)
"Some locks resist even the best efforts of a skilled thief. They're crafted using superior components and complex mechanisms. Like the lock on the gate. If I had all the time in the world, maybe I could crack it. But we don't have that luxury."
Any idea who these slavers are?
"An idea? Of course. I just need proof to satisfy my superiors. But don't worry. I'm sure I'll have things well in hand by the time we meet back up."
I'll go find some gear and the gate key.
What are you going to do while I get the gear and the key?
(Loops back to the first dialogue option about the gear and key)
"I've got a few more things to check on before we can make our escape. You do your part, and I promise you, I'll do mine."

Talking to her again will give you the choice to continue sparring with Naryu.

"Let's meet back here after you acquire the clothes and the key. Then we'll free the rest of the prisoners and make our escape."
I'd like to fight you again, just for the practice.
"If you insist. I do so enjoy getting physical with a good-looking specimen such as yourself."

After you've spoken to Eoki and the prisoners flee, you'll find her at the overlook:

"I couldn't have done much better myself, hero. Good work down there! There's one more thing to do, if you're up to it.
Time is short, but I have something to tell you. You've earned that much at least."
What do you want to tell me?
"I'm an assassin, a Morag Tong agent here to complete a job. The writ I carry gives me the legal authority to end my target's life, no questions asked.
I'm here to kill Captain Svadstar, leader of this band of slavers. He's as bad as they come."
Why are you telling me this?
"Because I need your help. I can kill the captain and ten of his thugs without breaking a sweat. But the slavers' ship? It's faster and stronger than anything the locals can throw at it. If we don't scuttle the ship, they'll be right back to business."
Why should I help an assassin?
"Not big on gratitude, I see.
Look, I signaled Seyda Neen, but they won't get here in time to stop the slavers. With your help, we can end the slavers, save their prisoners, and sink their ship. Otherwise, the prisoners are as good as dead."
So what do you need me to do?
"Gather some fire salts and kindlepitch from the docks. With them, you can make a fire bomb. Not only will setting their ship on fire destroy it, it will flush Svadstar from his hiding hole so I can end him.
We'll meet after you gather the supplies."
I'll get the fire salts and kindlepitch and meet you at the docks.
Naryu on Firemoth

Once you have the items, you'll hear her shout:

"Over here! Get on board and let's go!"

If you don't have your Slaver's Jerkin on:

Naryu Virian: "Over here! Put your slaver's garb back on and get aboard."

If you speak to her directly before boarding:

"About time you got here. What took you so long?"

Aboard the ship you will not be able to speak with her, but she'll tell you to get below deck and set off the bomb as she goes after her target.

Naryu Virian: "The ship's under attack! Pretend you're part of the crew and maybe the slavers won't notice."
Naryu Virian: "Go below decks and use the fire bomb. I'll search for the Captain. Now move!"
Naryu Virian: "Nice! We make a great team. Now, let's get off this burning ship!"
Naryu showing the writ for Captain Svadstar to Governor Salvi

In the Census and Census and Excise Office:

Naryu Virian: "A moment, Governor. Here's my honorable writ of execution for the slaver captain." (Naryu will hand the writ over to the governor)
Governor Salvi: "Hmm. These papers appear to be in order." (The governor will read the writ)
Naryu Virian: "We're done here, hero. But don't worry, I'm sure we'll see each other again."

Fleeing the Past[edit]

Naryu in the Ashurnbibi ruins

When you enter Ashurnibibi, Naryu is standing on top of the water fall and greets you with "Well, you're not what I expected to find in a place like this." or "Hero, we really need to stop meeting like this!"

If this is your first meeting, she'll say: "You're not a cultist. At least, you sure aren't dressed like one.
You're walking into a dangerous place, hero. You must be here for a reason."

If you have met in the past, she'll greet you warmly:

"You have a habit of turning up at the most unusual moments, don't you, hero?"

Either way, you can say:

I came to find you to ask you—
"Questions? I don't have time for questions. I have a writ to complete!
Look, I can't keep these evil cultists waiting. You want to talk? Find me after I finish this job."
I'll find you.

Towards the end of the ruin, you'll find Naryu engaged in battle with the cultists. Join the fray and she'll comment: "A helping hand? How sweet." Once Olfrig and the cultists are dispatched, she'll run off as she remarks: "Excuse me, hero. I have to see an Orc about a writ."

The leader of the Malacath cultists, Curate Sneg, mocks Naryu until she reaches him and then begs for mercy.

Curate Sneg: "Don't kill me! I didn't mean to interfere with House Telvanni's plans! I made a mistake!"
Naryu Virian: "A mistake? Well, that explains everything! I'll just let the Telvanni know. I'm sure Mage Vaelin will understand."
Curate Sneg: "Oh, that's a relief! I thought for sure you were going to kill me!"

Naryu then stabs him and comments with "I am."

She'll then remark: "Ugh, I hate it when my leathers get wet! And this is a new outfit, too! Ah, well, I suppose we ought to discuss what you're doing here."

If this is your first meeting:

"You're obviously not one of the Malacath cultists, so I have one question—why the tusk are you following me and why shouldn't I just kill you and be done with it?
Yes, that was two questions. And an Orc curse. And a threat. It's been a long day."
I'm looking for Councilor Eris's daughter, Veya.
"Well, that's not what I expected. But you can just turn around and leave. You're not going to find her.
Veya's going through a difficult time right now and the last thing she needs is some House Redoran lackey adding to her pain and confusion."
Her father just wants to find her and know that she's safe.
"Really? Is that what Old Man Eris told you? And did he tell you about Veya's brother? About how House Redoran exiled their favored son? No? I didn't think so.
Veya needs answers and I promised to help her. So walk away while you still can."
If you don't let me help, you'll have to deal with others. They're hiring outsiders to find Veya.
"Outsiders? Is her father really that desperate?
Look, tell Eris that Veya's safe and you'll see her soon. But no more outsiders. If my organization gets skittish, they'll return to the shadows and take Veya with them. We'll only deal with you."

If not, she'll remark:

"I have to admit, when I saw you I thought, "what the tusk are you doing down here[sic]—pardon my Orcish.
Did you really follow me across the continent? That shows commitment. Kind of creepy, but still, a lot of commitment."
I'm looking for Councilor Eris's daughter, Veya.
"Well, that's not what I expected. But you can just turn around and leave. You're not going to find her.
Veya's going through a difficult time right now and the last thing she needs is some House Redoran lackey adding to her pain and confusion."
You know me, Naryu. I just want to assure her father that Veya's safe.
"I know you, hero. It's Old Man Eris I don't trust. He didn't tell you about Veya's brother, did he? How House Redoran exiled their favorite son? No? I didn't think so.
Veya deserves answers and I promised to help her. You need to just walk away."
If you don't let me help, you'll have to deal with others. They're hiring outsiders to find Veya.
"Outsiders? Is her father really that desperate?
Look, tell Eris that Veya's safe and you'll see her soon. But no more outsiders. If the Morag Tong gets skittish, they'll return to the shadows and take Veya with them. We'll only deal with you."

Regardless, you can ask:

Is all that really true? Will you set up a meeting with Veya?
"Well, it's not exactly a lie. And I don't want things to get out of hand.
I'll arrange a meeting, provided Veya agrees. You let Eris know she's safe. Get him to stop hiring freelancers before someone gets hurt. I'll send word when we're ready."
<Only if you've met before>[Persuade] This isn't how I imagined our reunion turning out.
"Were you imagining a hot bath, a bottle of wine, and a secluded cottage with a roaring fire? Me, too! Instead, we're up to our arm pits in the usual muck and mire. Just like old times!
All this and things are looking up for my organization, too!"
What was that between you and the Malacath cultists?
"That was poetry in motion! Not only is my organization getting choice assignments again, but we're starting to recover some of our prestige.
Specifically, these Malacath cultists interfered with House Telvanni, so they had to be dealt with."
And the Orc you just killed?
"Oh, him? No one special. Just the leader of this particular band of mad cultists. His name was on the writ, so I had to end him.
It's what I do, after all, and I do it so well!"
What organization are you talking about? / Your organization?
"I suppose if you're in for a sliver you might as well be in for the log.
I'm with the Morag Tong and what you witnessed was a legal murder. According to my writ, the Orc had to die. So I killed him. Now if you don't mind, I need to get back to Veya."
Why do you care what happens to Veya?
"Veya and I have a history. Her brother, too. They were good kids. Liked to watch me train. Now I feel responsible for her.
When she came to me looking for help and asked to join the Morag Tong, who was I to refuse?"
You let her join the Morag Tong?
"That was her decision, not mine. Veya's good with a blade and tracks like a Nord ranger. She's a natural at this and it gives me a chance to keep an eye on her.
So now I'm her mentor and she's my apprentice. I wouldn't have it any other way."

Of Faith and Family[edit]

Ashur will send you on a scavenger hunt of sorts to locate the Abandoned Cellar where Naryu is hiding out:

"Sorry about all the subterfuge, but we can't be too careful when it comes to security around here."
Can I meet with Veya now?
"Don't be so eager, my darling. It reveals too much about your ultimate intentions.
But yes, Veya would very much like to meet with you. You intrigue her. And your connection to her father could prove beneficial—once she knows she can trust you."
And how do I prove she can trust me?
"Redoran records. House officials keep track of everything! Incidents, commendations, births and deaths—whether important or mundane, they detail it all in their registry.
Veya believes the registry contains information about her brother Ulran."
She wants me to steal the House Redoran registry?
"Don't sound so offended. You had to know your hands were going to get dirty eventually. You are dealing with assassins and politicians, after all.
The local keeper of records, Lord Drono, is away, so security at his townhouse should be light."
Steal the registry from Lord Drono's townhouse, got it.

If spoken to before heading out: "You can find Lord Drono's townhouse right here in Balmora. He's away on business, but that doesn't mean you don't have to be careful. Just get in, get the registry, and get back out again.
I'll be here, anxiously awaiting your return."

Acquire the registry and return to the Abandoned Cellar:

"Still alive, I see. And since you're here, that means you weren't captured and hauled off to a Redoran dungeon. Good for you!
Were you able to acquire the registry? And does it contain any information about Veya's brother, Ulran?"
The book mentions that someone named Ulran was stripped of his rank and exiled.
"Ulran was exiled? That can't be right. He's an exemplary officer and a good man. Plus, he's the son of a councilor! Why in Oblivion would House Redoran banish one of their brightest stars?"
That's what it says in the registry.
"I can see that. There has to be more to the story, but I'm not sure how we get it.
Still, you proved you could be trusted and you admirably performed this task, so I suppose I should let you meet with Veya now."
Where's Veya?
"There's an abandoned cave along the coast. It's in the swamp and smells like rot, which makes it the perfect place to hide.
Veya's supposed to wait inside, but she's bored. I know she's been sneaking out. You'll find her in the cave or just outside."
I'll go to the swamp and talk to Veya.
"Get to the swamp and find Veya. She's eager for any information about her brother, so she's really going to appreciate getting that registry.
Just try not to be too charming when you meet her, hero. She has enough distractions as it is."
This place looks comfortable. Why hide Veya out in the swamp?
"Veya would face too many temptations here in Balmora. Friends, favorite places, familiar sights and sounds. Not to mention the proximity to all things House Redoran. Even the most thick-headed House Guard would eventually stumble over her."
Well, thanks for trusting me with your secret hiding place.
"Oh, don't thank me, hero. As long as you're useful and don't betray us, then we're engaged in a mutually beneficial arrangement.
Cross us in any way, however, and you'll never see my blade before it plunges into your heart."
Do you know Veya's brother well?
"Well enough. Ulran and Veya used to sneak out to watch me train. I have a way with blades that fascinated them to no end. Eventually, a fondness developed between the three of us.
And to think, I never even had a nix-hound growing up."
Doesn't being in the Morag Tong make such relationships difficult?
"It's not like personal relationships are against the rules, though I suppose they are sort of frowned upon.
Anyway, my assignments always brought me back to Vvardenfell, so we were able to keep in touch and visit even as they grew older."
And you don't think Ulran could do something terrible enough to warrant exile?
"Anything's possible. But the Ulran I know holds honor above all else. I can't believe he'd do something so dishonorable that the House leaders would demand his exile.
We need to find out more about what happened."
Why does Veya keep sneaking out of the cave?
"Veya's young, bored, and stubborn. That makes for a volatile combination. She wants fresh air and freedom. I can't blame her for that.
I can blame her for assuming I'm not aware of her little excursions. I thought I trained her better than that."
Do you think she's in any danger?
"Danger's a relative term. Especially when you're dealing with relatives.
Veya can make her own decisions. If she wants to risk getting caught by House Redoran, that's on her head. Especially since she knows they've been searching that area."

After meeting Veya in Mallapi Cave, the councilor sends the Warclaw mercenaries in to find Veya. Naryu appears again.

Naryu Virian: "She can handle herself just fine, hero. Veya, grab your things. It's time to go."
Veya Releth: "Go? Why? What's going on?"
Naryu Virian: "The Warclaws are marching toward this cave, along with half the House Redoran soldiers in Balmora. We need to go now."
Veya Releth: "Damn it, they must have followed us! I'll get my stuff."
"Dealing with an arrogant, impatient, overconfident young woman... now I know how my mother must have felt!
We need to move. It won't take those damn cats long to find this place, not with their sense of smell."
What do you suggest?
"The back tunnels. Better than heading out the front door and right into the main contingent of Redoran troops.
Councilor Eris brought additional soldiers from town. He's intent on getting his daughter and he may have the numbers to do it."
So the back tunnels it is.
"One more thing. The back tunnels wind their way through territory that House Redoran recently acquired. We may run into some resistance, but it shouldn't be as bad as what's waiting outside the front of the cave."
We'll just have to be careful then.
"I'll slow down the main contingent of Redoran forces while you lead Veya out through the back tunnels. I'll find you once we're all clear of the House soldiers and their Khajiit mercenaries."

After leaving the caves and distracting Councilor Eris by giving a report to him, you meet up with Naryu and Veya at an Ashlander camp; Veya is eager to find her brother.

Naryu Virian: "Well, those certainly aren't Ashlanders, not with those tails!"
Veya Releth: "This is... disturbing..."
"I'm not sure what's going on here, but I bet I'm not going to like the answer.
Talk to my apprentice. She's eager to find her brother."

After speaking to Veya, Naryu tries to dissuade her from entering the camp:

Naryu Virian: "Veya, I don't think this is a good idea. We're trying to keep you out of House Redoran hands, remember?"
Veya Releth: "You're not my parent, Naryu! I can take care of myself, even if "the Mother of Blades" doesn't think so."
Naryu Virian: "Damn it, Veya! You know I hate that title."
"I'll make sure Veya stays out of trouble. Just find whatever you can so we can get out of here before the Warclaws notice us."
Veya called you "Mother of Blades." Care to elaborate?
"She only calls me that to annoy me. It's an obscure Morag Tong title given to ranking female agents when they take on apprentices. She's just lucky that as her mentor, I'm not allowed to kill her.
You? You're not that lucky."

As you progress through Kudanat Mine you'll hear Warclaws discussing burning bodies and before long you'll discover the corpses of Ashlanders and sadly Veya's brother.

Veya Releth: "Come on! Wait...what's that smell?"
Naryu Virian: "Veya! Stay back. You don't need to see this."
Veya Releth: "What happened here? Oh gods, they murdered these poor Ashlanders!"

Naryu will be unhappy with the circumstances.

"Veya shouldn't have had to see this.
Even I'm finding it hard to believe that the mercenaries would slaughter these Ashlanders for no reason—not to mention the son of a House Councilor. It doesn't make any sense."
If he tried to defend the Ashlanders ….
"I suppose anything could happen in the heat of the moment, but to kill a Redoran—even an exiled one—that's presumptuous even for the Warclaws. I wonder if Eris knows about this?
I'm not sure how Veya's going to get her answers now."
I found this speaking stone on Ulran's body.
"I've seen these before. They use them in Eastmarch to record and send important messages. They're expensive and as rare as a sober Nord, but Ulran was always attracted to the contrivances of other cultures.
Shall we see what it has to say?"
If it can shed light on what happened here, I say yes.

Speaking to her before using the stone has her say, "Go on. Let's see what message Ulran left for us to find."

"I agree with Ulran's assessment. It certainly sounds like someone led him into a situation guaranteed to make him fail.
I can't believe he put this burden on Veya, though. What was Ulran thinking?"
You don't think we should continue to investigate Ulran's death?
"I didn't say that. I'm just not sure how to proceed. We're entering dangerous waters here, going up against House Redoran. And we don't even have a writ to protect us!"
So what do we do next?
"I'm going to take Veya and head back to our safehouse in Balmora. They found our cave, but the abandoned basement is still secure.
After that, I'm not sure. The Morag Tong has rules. If I break them, I'll have to deal with the consequences."
Tell me more about the Morag Tong's rules.
"We can't just kill with wild abandon. We follow a code. We only execute those whose names appear on sanctioned writs. If we kill respectable citizens without a writ, that's just murder.
So, without proof and a proper writ, my hands are tied."
I suppose I should let Councilor Eris know about his son.
"You do that, but be careful. We're not sure who in House Redoran is involved, and I'd rather not see you wind up like those poor Ashlanders. Veya and I still need your help to get to the bottom of all this.
We'll see you in Balmora, hero."

If you speak to her before heading back: "I'll get Veya back to Balmora and try to figure out our next move.
Stay alert when you meet with Councilor Eris. There's no telling who's involved in Ulran's exile and subsequent murder."

A Purposeful Writ[edit]

Naryu can be found outside Arenim Manor, where she possesses a writ to assassinate Councilor Dolvara.

Naryu Virian: "I expected you hours ago, hero. It's not polite to keep an assassin waiting."
"I was wondering how long it was going to take Veya to convince you to follow me. Bet she thought I didn't notice when she glanced at my writ, didn't she?
Where is my overly curious apprentice, by the way?"
Veya stayed in Balmora. She wants me to see what your target knows about Ulran's exile and murder.
"I know Veya wants answers, but this is my job. There are rules, especially where the lords of the Great Houses are concerned.
There might be a way to deal with this, though, provided you're willing to help."
What do you need me to do?
"First, don't kill any Redorans. That's a violation of my writ and could have serious consequences for both of us.
Second, you sneak around and search for anything that pertains to Ulran's exile while I figure out how to deal with the councilor."
All right. I'll see what I can turn up.
"We need to be invisible. These things work best when no one but the target knows we're there.
If you get spotted, you're on your own. I even cough on anyone without a writ and the Morag Tong will have my head."
Do you often receive writs that call for the death of high-ranking House officials?
"It's unusual, but not unheard of. True, most writs taken out against the Houses target low to mid-ranking officials. The Grand Master is cautious when it comes to accepting such a high-profile writ.
Apparently, though, this target has been very bad."
What did the councilor do?
"Councilor Dolvara has been conspiring with House Dres to promote the slave trade and avoid scrutiny by Redoran and Pact officials. She played a dangerous but profitable game and her coffers were overflowing—until someone noticed."
What gave her away?
"I'm not privy to the laborious investigations that took place. In cases like these, though, the target usually becomes complacent and lets her guard down. She made a mess. Now I get to clean it up—for the good of Dunmer society."
Why do you think Ulran was really exiled?
"That's the question, isn't it? It nags at us the way the Torchbug nags at the Brave Little Scrib in those children stories. Once we discover who Ulran's Torchbug is, we'll have a clearer understanding of why they set him up and why he had to die."
You think Ulran's death was all part of the plan?
"I'm not saying that. Accidents happen. But they certainly made sure Ulran was in the wrong place at the wrong time—both in Balmora and again in the Ashlander camp.
In addition to whatever you can find here, we should also talk to Captain Brivan."
You think Captain Brivan's involved in all this?
"Brivan's name keeps coming up. At the very least, he was Ulran's best friend once. He might be able to shed some light on Ulran and what happened to cause his exile. And I really want to know what took place after Ulran left us that message."
Did you need to leave Veya behind?
"Veya's my apprentice and I'll decide when she's ready to take on a mission. She's been through a lot, and her actions reflect on me and my status in the Morag Tong.
She may not appreciate it right now, but I'm trying to keep the both of us on track."
So you're accountable for Veya's actions?
"That's how it works. Her actions are my actions. Veya goes out and executes three writs, I share the credit and get praised for training my apprentice.
On the other hand, if she kills someone without a writ, the Morag Tong takes both our heads."
Morag Tong rules are that stringent?
"They have to be. My order came this close to being eliminated. It's only recently that we've started to make a comeback—and only in Dunmer territory.
If we can't control the actions of our members, we'll be hunted down and destroyed for sure."

As soon as you head inside, Naryu will say the following as you complete the objectives:

Naryu Virian: "The front door's guarded like a bank vault. Maybe there's another way in through one of the buildings by the docks."
"See what you can find pertaining to Ulran. I've got a dagger and a writ with Councilor Dolvara's name on them."
Naryu Virian: "This looks promising. Might even lead to the wine cellars. I could use a good bottle of wine."
"If we don't find anything, maybe we can ask for an invitation to the upcoming council meeting. I'm sure they'd be happy to answer our questions."
Naryu Virian: "So House Redoran issued an advisory against the Morag Tong? Fat lot of good that's going to do the councilor."
Naryu Virian: "Damn the luck! I was hoping for a quick stab and go, but it seems the councilor might actually know something about Ulran."

If you killed Redoran soldiers at the manor, you'll in addition hear Naryu's complain:

Naryu Virian: "What are you doing? You can't just go around killing Redoran soldiers! My reputation's on the line here!"

Once information has given gathered, Naryu will meet you on the manor balcony.

"So Councilor Dolvara does know something about Veya's brother. Damn it all!
Now I suppose you want to actually talk to her before I execute the walking pile of pond scum?"
Don't we need to find out what she knows about Ulran?
"Of course we do! I specifically waited for you to arrive because I figured that would be the case.
Still doesn't mean I'm happy about blurring the line between helping Veya and performing my duty as a Morag Tong."
What do you think about the other information we found?
"We discovered that the next meeting of the High Council will take place at the consulate outside Balmora, the Warclaws and the Ashlander abuse aren't completely sanctioned by the House, and Dolvara was present when Ulran was exiled.
Not a bad haul."
And all that means …?
"That means we have to get Dolvara to spill her guts before I spill her guts!
Just keep your wits about you, hero. Dolvara wields her feminine charms the way I wield my daggers. Don't let her seduce you into doing something stupid before I end her."
"According to my sources, the councilor's expecting her contact from House Dres to arrive shortly.
I think this is the first time they're meeting in person, so maybe you can use that to get close to her."

Before you enter, she'll say, "Be quick with your questions, hero. When I slip in, so do my daggers."

After you speak with Dolvara, Naryu will enter the room.

Naryu Virian: "That's what you're wearing? All right, but it's your funeral."
Councilor Dolvara: "How dare you! I'm a lord of House Redoran! The Morag Tong …."
Naryu Virian: "The Morag Tong issued the writ with your name on it. You do remember that House Redoran frowns upon slavery these days, yes?"

or if you used the persuasion skill during your chat with Dolvara, then the following dialogue will take place:

Naryu Virian: "You aren't clever enough or pretty enough to avoid what's about to happen, Dolvara."
Councilor Dolvara: "What's the meaning of this? Who are you people?"
Naryu Virian: "I'm a Morag Tong with a writ that says you're a criminal and a traitor. That means I get to end your miserable existence."

After killing Dolvara, Naryu urges you to search the room.

Naryu Virian: "Take another look around, hero, and see if you can find anything else related to Ulran."
Naryu Virian: "Alik'r massage oils? Fancy! But that has nothing to do with Ulran."
Naryu Virian: "More proof that Dolvara was in bed with both House Hlaalu and House Dres."
Naryu Virian: "That's Captain Brivan's seal. I suppose our evil councilor courted favor wherever she could find it."

Talk to her again to sum up the information you have managed to gather:

"The good Captain Brivan appears to be more involved in Ulran's fate than I had imagined.
He never struck me as the type to use murder and deceit to get ahead, but that's the problem with greed. It causes decent people to make stupid choices."
It sounds like the Captain is spreading Ulran's soldiers to the four winds to make a fresh start.
"Or he's trying to hide something. The letter mentioned an intact squad sent to scout the old fort. You need to get out there and see what those soldiers know before Brivan gives them new orders and they disappear."
Should I let Veya know what we discovered first?
"I suppose. She's probably pulled tight as a bow string waiting to hear something. Go talk to Veya while I present my writ to the authorities.
I can't wait to see the look on the Redoran magister's face when I tell him what his councilor was up to."

(If you killed Redoran soldiers at the manor, the following dialogue will appear instead)

"If you can slip into town, sure, Veya should be told. But you didn't take my advice. You killed Redoran soldiers. That's your trouble to deal with.
I need to present my completed writ, so I'll catch up with you and Veya later."
I'll go talk to Veya.
"Go on. Veya should hear what we learned. We're getting closer to the truth but there's still something missing.
I'll meet up with you after I present my writ. Then we can find out what Ulran's soldiers know."

Family Reunion[edit]

Outside the gates of Balmora, an agitated Naryu will meet you:

Naryu Virian: "Get your arse over here, hero. We've got a situation and it's not good."
"I leave you and Veya alone for a couple of hours and everything goes to Oblivion in an ore cart!
Why did Veya leave the safe-house? And why is House Redoran tearing the city apart to find her?"
Veya couldn't wait, so we went to find the soldiers who were scouting the old fort.
"You did what? I suppose you thought that was a good idea?
Well, the damage is done. At least tell me you found something to make this debacle a little more palatable."
We learned that Brivan gave the order that led to Ulran's banishment.
"That explains why Veya broke into the kinhouse. I'm not sure what happened in there, but she certainly stirred up the Redoran soldiers.
Veya might still be inside. Or she might have given them the slip. She could be anywhere by now."
I can get inside and try to talk to her.
"If Veya kills Brivan without a writ, the Morag Tong and House Redoran will both want her head on a silver platter. You check the kinhouse. I'll grab Ashur and see if we can pick up Veya's trail in the streets.
Don't let me down, hero."
"What an absolute mess! I knew an apprentice was going to be difficult, but this is ridiculous.
Still, I don't want to see Veya get hurt. Let's find her before we both wind up with our names on a writ."

Outside the Redoran Kinhouse:

"Please tell me you found Veya. I can already feel the cold steel of the executioner's blade on the back of my neck!"'
Veya's going to the Redoran council meeting to confront Captain Brivan.
"Is Veya trying to get herself killed? You can't just barge into a Redoran garrison and ask the soldiers to stand aside while you murder their captain!
We have to get to her before she gets to Brivan."
Veya also left a trail of dead Redoran soldiers in the kinhouse.
"She murdered soldiers without a writ? This is a dark path she's decided to follow. And unless we play this just right, it's not going to end well for any for us.
Let's find Veya and put a stop to this. We can deal with any consequences after that."
I'll meet you at the garrison outside the city.

Speak to her again before leaving and she'll say:

"I can't believe my apprentice might be responsible for causing the Morag Tong to fall out of favor again. And she's not alone in this. I'm right there with her, about to plunge my career into the sewer!
I hope we can talk some sense into her."

Outside of the Redoran Garrison:

"I don't like the looks of this. Brivan is using Warclaws to patrol the garrison instead of Redoran soldiers. Either House forces are stretched thinner than I thought or Brivan wants to justify the use of mercenaries to the council."
What do the Warclaws have to do with anything?
"Maybe nothing, maybe everything. We know Ulran refused to employ mercenaries — he hated counting on thugs to do the right thing.
I expect the Redoran council feels the same. Maybe Brivan's trying to show them what the Warclaws can do."
We might have to fight our way through the mercenaries.
"The Warclaws may be a blessing in disguise. I can explain killing these bastards a lot easier than trying to wipe Redoran blood off my hands.
Let's go stop Veya. I'm ready when you are, hero."
How do we get into the garrison?
"There's no stealthy way to approach this. The front door's our only option.
Then we track down Brivan, find Veya, bonk her on the head, and get her out of here before she does something I can't fix. Easy as gorapple pie!"

Speaking to Naryu again:

"I'll cause a distraction and try to draw away some of the Warclaws, then I'll meet you inside.
Just be careful in there. Alert too many of the soldiers or mercenaries and we'll have the entire garrison after our beautiful arses."

Once you enter Garrison chambers of Redoran Garrison, Naryu says the following:

Naryu Virian: "Glad to see we all made it. Now let's find Brivan before Veya skewers him."

Speaking with Naryu:

"Like many Redoran structures, this place is huge and designed to serve a multitude of purposes. We're going to need to split up to cover it all.
We must find Brivan and keep him alive until I can talk some sense into my damn apprentice."
What's Captain Brivan going to think about all this?
"He's going to be as mad as a bull netch and twice as ugly. Provided we can actually convince him we're here to save his sorry hide and that we're not part of a plot to kill him and the councilors.
Just another day at the fair, right, hero?"
Let's do this.

If you speak to her again:

"I'm working without a writ on this one. Find Brivan and make sure Veya doesn't kill him. Stay focused on that and we might just pull this off.
I hate spilling blood without a contract, but we might not have a choice. We just have to stop Veya."

After going through Ground Floor and before speaking to Naryu:

Naryu Virian: "Nothing yet, eh? I hear voices behind this door, but it's locked tight. Keep looking, hero."

Speaking with Naryu:

"I haven't so much as heard or seen even a whisper of Brivan yet. Just lots of snarling Warclaws.
If we can't get through this door, there's only one other way to go."
Where's that?
"It's always important to figure out where a target keeps its wine. In this case, down in the cellars. There's a staircase back where we first came in.
And if we still don't find Brivan or Veya, well, at least there'll be plenty to drink!"
I'll head downstairs and keep searching.
"And I'll figure out how to get this door open. Just in case.
You know, attending a House Redoran council meeting was always a secret goal of mine. Right after getting a lusty Argonian maiden to scrape my flesh raw with her abrasive tongue."

If you speak to her again:

"Never mind me, I'm just in a foul mood.
See what you can find in the cellars. I'll work on opening this door."

Find and confront Brivan. As soon as you hear that Councilor Eris is the one that was responsible for Ulran's death, Veya will sneak up behind the captain and stab him:

Veya Releth: "That's for Ulran. Choke on your own blood, you bastard."
Veya Releth: "My father, the entire council, they're all guilty. They all have to die. I have to do this, so stay out of my way."
Naryu Virian: "Veya actually did it. She killed Brivan in cold blood."

After Veya had killed Brivan:

"Veya killed Brivan. Without a writ. It was pure, focused rage. I never expected her to go through with it.
If Veya doesn't get herself killed up there, the Morag Tong will hunt her down and execute her. Like a rabid guar. Her and me both."
We can still save Eris and the rest of the councilors.
"I'm not sure they deserve to be saved, but that's what we have to do. Veya can't be allowed to kill the councilors. I ... we ... have to stop her.
It's more than me and Veya's lives on the line. Something like this could destroy the Morag Tong."
What do you mean, destroy the Morag Tong?
"The Morag Tong only recently began to find acceptance again. Veya's actions don't just reflect badly on me, they could be used to force us back into the shadows. Maybe even disband us altogether.
We're both going to have to answer for this."
What do you want me to do?
"We have to get ahead of her, cut her off, There's a door on the main floor, near the kitchens, that should allow us to come at the council meeting from another direction. I was able to get it open when I was scouting around up there.
Let's go."
"No more time to talk. Let's go stop Veya."

As you move through the building, Naryu will say:

Naryu Virian: "Nothing's more important than reaching the council meeting. If the mercenaries get in our way, cut them down!"

Inside the meeting hall you'll hear:

High Councilor Meriath: "Everyone calm down! Councilor Eris will deal with this. We're safe in here. There's no need to panic."
Councilor Dalarn: "No need to panic? She's cut down every mercenary in her way! Her father won't be able to stop her."

Reach the gate...

Naryu Virian: "Veya's getting close. We're running out of time."
Naryu Virian: "Let me try to open this door."
Naryu Virian: "Come on! Stubborn, stupid lock …."

While Naryu tries to get the lock open, you'll be forced to witness the following scene:

Councilor Eris: "Veya, daughter. I'm so sorry. I never meant for any of this to happen."
Veya Releth: "Father, why? Does the House really matter more than your own son?"
Councilor Eris: "I needed to protect Ulran … to prove his loyalty. If I could do it all over again …."
Veya Releth: "But you can't! None of us can …. That's why I have to do this."

As Veya strikes her father, Naryu pleas for her to stop:

Naryu Virian: "Veya, no! That's an order!"

Once the councilor lays in a pool of his own blood, Veya addresses her mentor:

Veya Releth: "I'm not your apprentice any more. The House has grown corrupt, evil. That's why all the councilors have to die."

Fighting Veya:

Veya Releth: "No more rules! No more secrets! House Redoran falls today!
Naryu Virian: "Enough, Veya! This isn't the way."
Naryu Virian: "Veya's down. It's over."
High Councilor Meriath: "So much bloodshed. So much needless death. If only Eris would have listened."
High Councilor Meriath: "Outlander, we should speak. I think we can help one another."

Before speaking with High Councilor Meriath:

"She wants to talk to you, hero, not me. Best not keep the High Councilor waiting."

After speaking with High Councilor Meriath:

"I'm not sure about this. It's a generous offer, but those are some big secrets to sweep under a rug.
Besides, Veya isn't dead. At least not yet. She's still breathing."
How is that a problem?
"The High Councilor thinks we killed her. The deal hinges upon all of us forgetting this sorry mess ever happened.
Besides, once Veya regains her senses, there's every likelihood that she'll try to kill the councilors again."
You don't think you can convince her to go along with this?
"When have I ever been able to convince Veya to do anything she didn't want to do?
There's a Redoran blood on Veya's hands. Once the Morag Tong ties those unauthorized murders to her, she's as good as dead anyway. And, more than likely, so am I."
So how do you want to handle this?
"I don't see many options. We can either finish off Veya now and go along with the High Councilor's deception, or we slip out of here with Veya and send her far, far away.
She broke her vows and deserves to die. I know that, but it still feels wrong."

You have the choice on whether to save Veya, or kill her. If you decide to let her live.

Veya deserves a second chance. We can worry about the rest later.
"You're ... you're right. If anyone's to blame for all this, it's me. I wasn't a good enough mentor. If for no other reason, Veya deserves a second chance. Look, you need to leave. We'll meet back in Balmora. And, hero? Thanks."
Naryu Virian: "Go on. I'll get her out of here before the council notices and meet you in Balmora."
"Get going. We'll meet back at the safehouse in Balmora."

If you decide to kill her:

You said it yourself. Veya deserves to die.
"Yes … you're right, damn it all. Veya spilled Redoran blood and now she has to pay. I'll take care of it. She's my responsibility.
You don't have to watch this. Go. I'll meet you back in Balmora after it's done."
Naryu Virian: "I need to do this alone. Now go. I'll see you in Balmora."
"I said I'd deal with this. Veya is my responsibility. It should be my blade that ends this.
Go. I'll see you back at the safe-house in Balmora."

Back at the hideout (Save Veya):

Ashur: "How many times have I told you not to stick your blade in your apprentices, Naryu? She'll live, but she can't stay here. Not after what she's done."
Naryu Virian: "I've got that covered. Veya won't be staying in Vvardenfell."
"Ashur did an outstanding job. For an assassin, he's got a gift for the healing arts.
Veya's going to live. Now I just have to convince her to listen to me this time."
Doesn't our agreement with the High Councilor assume Veya died at the garrison?
"And as far as she knows, she did. Now Veya needs to disappear. Otherwise, both Redoran and the Morag Tong will go after her. Believe me, nobody survives that kind of attention.
Veya didn't ask for everything that happened. She only wanted justice."
How is Veya going to disappear?
"I've arranged for a ship captain I know to meet us in Vivec City. From there, Veya will sail to Summerset and rendezvous with an associate of mine. He's kind of furry and a bit of an arse. But he's good people. He'll take care of Veya."
What's going to happen to you?
"As long as everyone sticks to the bargain, I go about my usual business. A writ here, a nice bath there, maybe a few intimate encounters along the way — to relieve the tension, you understand.
I just hope Veya's good with all this. She has to be."
Well, take care of yourself, Naryu.
"Always, hero. Oh, hey, I want you to have this. Something to remember me by until we meet again.
I hope you don't leave here with the impression that all Dark Elves are conniving dirt bags. Some of us are also kind of sexy. Like me, for instance."
Veya Releth: "Naryu? What happened?"
Naryu Virian: "Quiet, Veya. Rest now. We can talk later."
"Veya needs her rest. I don't want any of Ashur's stitches to split open before she's had a chance to fully heal.
If you want a last word with Veya, we'll be in Vivec City for a bit before her ship sets sail."

Back at the hideout (Kill Veya):

Naryu Virian: "More deaths, more blood on my hands. Just another day in the Morag Tong, eh hero?"
"Veya died quickly. I didn't want her to suffer any more than she already had. This was for the best. If I keep telling myself that, maybe I'll eventually believe it.
And my head's still attached to my beautiful neck, so that's something, right?"
You didn't have a choice, Naryu.
"There's always a choice. Veya could have chosen not to kill Redoran soldiers. She could have chosen not to kill her father. I could have chosen not to kill her. But, hey, it seemed like the thing to do.
Now leave me alone so I can finish my wine."
You upheld your vows and we stopped Veya before any other councilors were killed.
"What do you want, hero? You want me to say that you're right? Fine. You're right, damn it! We'll all keep more secrets and everything will go back to the way it was.
Look, I'd offer you some of my wine, but I don't want to."
At least we know what happened to Ulran. Justice was served.
"Really? Is this what justice feels like? My apprentice killed her own father and I killed her. We've got a lot of death, but not much else. Just another typical day in the Morag Tong.
Look, it may not sound like it, but I am grateful for your help."
Well, take care of yourself, Naryu.
"Always, hero. Oh, hey, I want you to have this. Something to remember Veya by. For an Outlander, I think she kind of liked you.
I suppose I kind of like you, too. Really, I'm not always this morose. Next time we meet, you'll see. Take care, hero."
Naryu Virian: "I need a nice, warm bath. I hear the one's in Vivec are spectacular. I'd ask you to join me, but there's barely going to be enough room for me and my hangover."

Divine Blessings[edit]

Naryu in Vivec City

If you have completed the Balmora storyline prior to the conclusion of Vvardenfell's main quest, Naryu will be present at the Temple Canton in Vivec City for Vivec's award ceremony during the quest Divine Blessings:

"I've never been fond of the Living Gods, so I consider this a punishment. The first of many meaningless tasks the Grand Master will give me until he determines that I've suffered enough for the Veya debacle.
Oh how I long for a nice, juicy writ!"

Vivec City Dialogue[edit]

After the completion of her questline in Vvardenfell, she can later be encountered around Vivec City.

If you suggested that Veya be spared, you can see both of them at the Vivec City Docks:

Veya Releth: "I don't have to go, you know. I can help clean things up around here. I know how to keep a low profile."
Naryu Virian: "This isn't up for debate. You're going."

You can then talk to Naryu about her decision:

"How did I know you were going to show up, hero? Can't get enough of my smiling face, hmm? I know she tried to murder a kinhouse full of councilors, but Veya deserves to see a friendly face before I send her away."
Are you sure sending Veya away is the right decision?
"She spilled Redoran blood without a writ. She broke the rules of the Morag Tong. As I see it, I don't have a choice. Veya needs to remain dead in the eyes of Vvardenfell. Otherwise we'll all have to pay for the damage she's done."
Isn't there still a risk in this plan of yours?
"Only if it fails, and that's not going to happen. Summerset is far enough away that no one will find her. Besides, Veya needs time to heal and make a fresh start. She'll be fine. Her new mentor is a pussycat compared to me."

However, if you told Naryu to kill Veya, she can be found near the Alchemy Station:

Naryu Virian: Come to check up on me, hero?"

You can then ask how she's doing:

"What? Did you think I was so depressed that I'd drink myself silly and fall into the ocean? Well, I'm neither drunk enough or motivated enough to walk that far.
And I prefer my water to be warm and full of bubbles."
You shouldn't blame yourself for what happened to Veya.
"Really? Who should I blame then? House Redoran? Council Eris? Ulran for doing the right thing and starting this whole mess? I know! I'll blame the Ashlanders. Everybody else does, so why shouldn't I?
Ah, maybe I just need another bottle of wine."
So what happens now?
"I go back to doing what I do best and hope the Morag Tong never finds out what happened.
At least the deal we made protects my people. We've worked so hard to climb out of the shadows and regain our position. I'm glad I didn't jeopardize that."
You did your best. Veya's own grief led to her downfall.
"Veya was a good apprentice. She would have made an excellent assassin. I just wish I could have done more to prevent what happened. At least—no, that's not something you need to know. At least not right now."
[Persuade] You know you can tell me anything.
"I can, can I? Well, aren't you the sentimental fool!
Ask me about Veya again someday. After some of the pain has passed. Then I'll tell you a story. I guarantee it's one that will keep you on the edge of your seat. But not today, hero. Not today."

She can also be found St. Delyn Waistworks if you completed the Sweetroll Killer quest on the Gold Coast. The Fate-Bearers will have enother message for Naryu:

"Do you remember that incident on the Gold Coast? That thing with the sweetroll and the Fate-Bearers? Well, I received another message."
Another threat? Is the killer back again?
"No. This was more of a warning. And a disappointing one, as far as that's concerned. At least the previous notes came wrapped in a tasty treat. This just came in an envelope. But it wasn't just for me. It was addressed to you as well."
What does the note say?
"Oh, nothing too terrible. Just that we may have altered fate's path, but one danger has been replaced with another. The flames have become shadows, "a spreading darkness that will consume the world." It's kind of beautiful. Creepy, but beautiful."
What do you think it means?
"Not a damn thing. It's just more of that Fate-Bearer nonsense. Spooky predictions designed to unsettle the reader. But Naryu Virian doesn't spook that easily. And neither do you.
Still, watch your arse around shadows for awhile. Just in case."

Naryu can appear outside on the Canton of St. Delyn, looking towards the Temple Canton if you have complete all the prior quests involving her:

"We keep managing to find each another, don't we, hero? Deshaan, Eastmarch, the Gold Coast. Even here in Vvardenfell. Gods, it feels like I've known you forever!"
It hasn't been that long.
"Do I need to remind you about all the things you helped me accomplish? We stopped a plague in Deshaan. We helped Almalexia in Mournhold. We saved the king of the Nords. We even stopped a killer that turned delicious pastries into a weapon!"
And we saved the Redoran councilors here in Vvardenfell.
"That's one I won't soon forget. Poor Veya. I was her mentor. I should have seen what was happening to her early enough to help. But I wanted to ask you something. Why do you keep showing up and sticking your beautiful nose in my business?"
Because your beautiful nose needed the help.
"You think my nose is beautiful? Hero, you're going to make me blush! Look, I know I've been kind of a tease, but I really do like you. And I appreciate that you've always been there for me. One day, when all the dangers have passed, well..."
"Do I really have to spell it out? When I'm ready, when you're ready, we'll find a quiet cabin in the woods, open an expansive bottle of wine, snuggle up by the fire ….
And then I'll probably stick a dagger between your ribs. It's who I am, hero."
Probably just a coincidence.
"Ha! I suppose that makes as much sense as anything.
Keep doing what you're doing then, hero. You haven't disappointed me yet. Just don't let that strict sense of duty get you killed one of these days. If you died, I'd probably miss you terribly."

Event Dialogue[edit]

Naryu Virian in Belkarth

Naryu Virian can be encountered at Belkarth Festival Grounds provided the Daedric War Storyline was completed. You can talk to her:

""Hello, hero. Fancy seeing you at a simple festival with absolutely nothing covert going on. Unless …."
If you're asking that does that mean you're not here on … business?
"Just passing through. You'd be surprised at just how useful random information about small towns or crafting techniques can be in my line of work."
Is that all you're here to do?
"Such suspicion. Are you going to search me for weapons? You'll find some. But I doubt even you would confiscate all the knives I'm carrying.
It may come as a shock to you, but I can do more than sneak around in the shadows."
I'm surprised the Tribunal doesn't have more work for you.
"They might, but I've never been good at listening to what the Mehra's say. I like playing the s'wit, it means I can surprise them later.
I never know where I'll be called to go. And I'd rather not become one of the Tribunal's toys."
But you saved Vivec and Sotha Sil.
"Exactly. Which is one of the reasons I'm laying low and talking to all the wonderfully boring people here. I'll be in Mournhold again soon, but I want to give the Living Gods a chance to find new hobbies."

Trailer Dialogue[edit]

Morrowind Announcement Trailer Dialogue[edit]

In The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind Announcement Trailer, Naryu says the following:

Vivec: "What do you ask of me, assassin?"
Naryu Virian: "Sanction to execute the Grandmaster for his betrayal of the Order."
Vivec: "Hmm… granted."
Vivec: "Kill him somewhere out of the way to avoid questions."
Vivec: "Return swiftly Morag Tong, and bring any allies you meet… Morrowind has need of you all."

Return to Morrowind Gameplay Trailer[edit]

In The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind - Return to Morrowind Gameplay Trailer, Naryu says the following:

"The Ashlanders say there is something in the wind… a storm building in the sky… chaos rising from below…"
"They whisper of the end of Morrowind… the end of us all…"
"Now is the time for arms… Now is the time to fight… Now is the time to return to Morrowind!"

Naryu’s Guide to Vivec City[edit]

In The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind – Naryu’s Guide to Vivec City, Naryu says the following:

"Vivec City, our largest city… larger by the day."
"As a Morag Tong assassin, I approve."
"Assassins love cities, especially cities as bustling and busy as Vivec."
"After all, where better to hide than among other people."
"Just watch out for ordinators, and know the fastest route to the outlaws refuge."
"Vivec, built to honor our living god's power, but did he have to build it under that large and ugly rock?"

Naryu’s Guide to Dwarven Ruins[edit]

In The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind – Naryu’s Guide to Dwarven Ruins, Naryu says the following:

"Dwarven ruins? Normally I keep away from them."
"The Morag Tong targets living people, not animated scrap heaps."
"And dotting ancient traps? A girl can get hurt."
"But you have met that ruin crawler Narsis Dren, and you know that someone is going to want us to kill that s'wit."
"And then we just have to go where the prey goes."

Naryu’s Guide to the Great Houses[edit]

In The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind – Naryu’s Guide to the Great Houses, Naryu says the following:

"Three of our Dark Elf Great Houses run things on Vvardenfell."
"House Redoran is in charge, or at least that is what they think."
"Greedy and sly House Hlaalu does the dirty work, and most of the building.
"Then there are the wizards of House Telvanni, weird and they still keep slaves
"When the houses come into conflict, they call upon us to settle it, Morag Tong, the assassins.

Naryu's Guide to the Wardens[edit]

In The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind – Naryu's Guide to the Wardens, Naryu says the following:

"Wardens. I wanted to find out what they're made of, so I asked one to show me what he's got."
"He started with frost magic, cute, and he could summon companions."
"Animals, is that all you could attract, I asked. So he showed me a warden's... true nature."

Naryu’s Guide to the Battlegrounds[edit]

In The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind – Naryu's Guide to the Battlegrounds, Naryu says the following:

"Battlegrounds, where people fight without even getting paid for it."
"This one's Ald Carac."
"Eagar aren't they?"
"Of course when a warrior is busy fighting, she might forget to watch the shadows. That's where I'll be."
"Battlegrounds, they have their uses."