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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Stop the Stormfists infiltrating the king's court.
Zone: Eastmarch
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Objective: Required for Cadwell's Almanac Fort Amol — Assist the leaders of the Ebonheart Pact.
Quest Giver: Thane Harvald
Location(s): Fort Amol
Prerequisite Quest: The Pride of a Prince
Next Quest: Lifeline
Reward: Skald-King's Favor
High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: High Experience
Lies and treachery at Fort Amol
Thane Harvald want Lord Vurlop and I to go into the keep and check on King Jorunn. We need to make sure that the King and his war council are safe.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Follow Lord Vurlop to the keep door.
  2. Talk to Naryu Virian.
  3. Loot the Jarl's Manor Key from the Stormfists.
  4. Talk to Naryu inside the Jarl's Manor.
  5. Find a way into the safe room.
  6. Talk to King Jorunn.
  7. Defeat Dhalen.
  8. Talk to Way-with-Words in the vault.
  9. Talk to Naryu Virian.
  10. Talk to Prince Irnskar.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Thane Harvald fears that the Stormfists spies may try to ambush the king. Lord Vurlop suggested you should make sure the king is safe. Lord Vurlop will unlock the door to let you in.

You can follow Vurlop to the door, or you can head there and he will follow. When you reach the door, it becomes apparent that this was a trap. Two Covenant Soldiers appear by Vurlop's side as the Nord nobleman tells you that you're going to die. Suddenly, Naryu Virian appears, dispatches the Covenant soldiers and stabs a fearful Lord Vurlop. When you talk to her, she reveals that she didn't want you to walk into this obvious trap alone. She has been tracking Dhalen, a Breton illusionist who took a contract for Fildgor, and believes he is inside the keep. She promises to meet up with you later, and if you have the Persuasion Perk you can compliment her on her dress.

Enter the Fort Amol Courtyard. You need to find the key to the Jarl's Manor. The courtyard is full of Stormfists, whom you can fight and take the Jarl's Manor Key off of. Once you have the key, enter the manor and talk to Naryu Virian, who has changed back into her Morag Tong gear. She has found two locked doors, but no sign of the king. She surmises he is behind one of them, but you will have to find some way to open them.

A crisis

Upstairs, in a northern room, is a Note to King Jorunn. The note tells you to look for a warrior blowing a horn. If you enter the main room, you'll see a large statue of a warrior blowing a horn. In front of the statue is another clue: The Quiet Room. Now, head downstairs to the room behind the stairs and examine the Argonian relic in the northeastern corner. It contains the Safe Room Key. The safe room is west of the stairs. Inside, is a purple projection of someone who looks like King Jorunn.

It's Dhalen. He reveals that Vurlop killed Guard Hloenor and that Fildgor will kill King Jorunn. Instead of Jorunn's body, they will find Dhalen the Breton's body—he is the one you are speaking to—and never suspect their brave king. You need to defeat Dhalen. He is upstairs behind the statue but will only appear after you kill fake Commander Yjarnn, who is to the left of the statue. When the Stormfists are dead, enter the vault on the eastern side of the second floor room. Talk to Way-with-Words. The king's meeting was absolutely rigged with Stormfist cronies, and one of them disguised as Jorunn's servant used a daedric concoction to poison Jorunn's meal. Way-with-Words and Dohna Indoril dragged the king upstairs into the vault when the fighting broke out, and if Naryu Virian hadn't arrived, they would all be dead.

You need to find help for King Jorunn. Talk to Naryu Virian outside the vault. You completed her contract when you killed Dhalen. She has to return to Mournhold, and you need to speak to Prince Irnskar, who has just arrived with Thane Oda Wolf-Sister. The Prince is at the entrance to the manor, flanked several Pact soldiers. He blames the Dunmer and the Argonians because they supposedly "did nothing to protect his father". However, you reply that a Dark Elf and an Argonian are taking care of King Jorunn in the vault. He considers you his ally, at least for now, and prepares to go see his father.

Quest Stages[edit]

The War Council
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Latest start I should head to the keep in Fort Amol. Lord Vurlop will follow me.
Objective: Accompany Lord Vurlop to the Keep
Lord Vurlop led me into a trap. Naryu Virian showed up just in time to help me. I should ask her what's going on.
Objective: Talk to Naryu
Hidden Objective: Find Out What's Going On
I need to enter the keep's courtyard and find a way into the Jarl's manor. Maybe one of the Stormfist troops is carrying a key.
Objective: Find the Key to the Jarl's Manor
Objective Hint: Search the Stormfists for the Key
I found the key on one of the Stormfist soldiers. I should be able to enter the Jarl's manor now.
Objective: Enter the Jarl's Manor
It looks like Naryu found her own way into the Jarl's manor. But I see only one guard. Where are the rest of King Jorunn's soldiers? I should talk to Naryu and see what she found out.
Objective: Talk to Naryu
The King and his war council must be behind one of the locked doors in the Jarl's manor. I need to search the manor for a way to unlock the doors.
Objective: Find a Way to Open the Locked Doors
Objective Hint: Find the Warrior Blowing a Horn
Objective Hint: Seek Out the Ancient Relic
Now that I have the key to the safe room, I should go inside and see if I can find King Jorunn and the Pact ambassadors.
Objective: Enter the Safe Room and Talk to King Jorunn
The illusionist Dhalen has taken the form of King Jorunn. The real King and the ambassadors must be behind the other locked door, upstairs. I need to find Dhalen and put an end to this charade.
Objective: Defeat Dhalen
Dhalen and his duplicates are dead. I should enter the vault and check on the Ebonheart Pact leaders.
Objective: Rescue the Pact Leaders
The King is dying. I need to leave the vault and find someone to help him.
Objective: Find Help for the King
I ran into Naryu when I emerged from the vault. I should speak to her.
Objective: Talk to Naryu
Finishes quest☑ Prince Irnskar and his troops are downstairs. I should let him know what happened.
Objective: Talk to Prince Irnskar
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