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Castle Kvatch
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Discoverable No
Dungeon Yes
# of Zones 1
Owner Count Carolus Aquilarios
Restricted Yes
Order Healer, Order Paladin, Order Battlecaster, Order Dragonstriker, Commander Marcus Scipio
Gold Coast
Crafting Stations
  • ON-icon-Cooking Station.png Cooking Fire
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This traditional Colovian fortress-palace has been the stronghold of the Counts of Kvatch since the days of Rislav the Righteous, early in the First Era. It has changed little in the past two thousand years.
Castle Kvatch

Castle Kvatch is a castle in the northwest portion of Kvatch. Its courtyard borders the city. An Underground Tunnel connects into the complex, and can be accessed from the shores of the castle's moat. A second entrance can be found inside the Castle Kvatch Gatehouse.

Related Quests[edit]


Castle Kvatch[edit]

Castle Kvatch Vaults[edit]

You will arrive in the castle vaults after taking the entrance inside the Castle Kvatch Gatehouse, one of two entrance options during the related quest. The vaults hold numerous containers of Provisioning Ingredients and there are two patrolling Order Crusaders. A Hiding Spot is halfway down the corridor, allowing you to avoid the first guard. The second guard is up a short flight of steps, and spends most of their time sitting next to a table. When they get up to leave, follow behind them and duck into the hiding spot until they go back to the table. A ladder at the northern end of the vaults leads up to the main castle.

Southeastern Wing[edit]

If you are coming from the Vaults, you arrive in a storage cellar in the southeastern wing of the castle. The passage ahead is guarded by more Order of the Hour soldiers. The northeastern room of this section is a pantry containing Strillian Desidenius and Valaria Caprenius. The armory to the south are where you will find Commander Marcus Scipio during the related quest. Domayoun and Jadier Corgine can be found in the barracks beyond.

Dining Hall[edit]

The dining hall is the large room in the center of the castle. It is full of Order of the Hour soldiers, but also contains a couple of hiding spots. A door to the south leads to the Entrance Hall, passages to the north lead to the Count's Suite and Dignitary Suite, Canodia Castorius and Vinnus Lentinus can be found in a chamber to the east, and Maliyah can be found in the kitchen to the west.

Entrance Hall[edit]

The Entrance Hall is not a Restricted Area. The Count's throne is here, guarded by a Kvatch Guard. A number of patrons can be found in the room, and a copy of The Saga of Captain Wereshark, Part 6 is on a side table.

Count's Suite[edit]

The Count's Suite is in the northeastern corner of the castle. A letter lies on the table by the fireplace, and a copy of A Kiss, Sweet Mother lies on the floor of his study.

Dignitary Suite[edit]

The Dignitary Suite is the room in the northwestern corner of the map. A wardrobe within leads to a secret passage out to the castle moat, and a copy of Rise of the Red Sails can be found on a table just outside the room.

Castle Kvatch Passage[edit]

You will enter through the Passage if you take the Underground Tunnel entrance in the castle moat. This will also likely be your main exit route.


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